Victoria eliminates COVID-19

Victoria has recorded a 24th consecutive day with no new COVID-19 cases, and the state now has no active cases for the first time since February.

An elderly couple were the last remaining COVID-19 patients from the state’s second wave of infections. The man in his 90s was discharged from Monash Medical Centre on yesterday after recovering from illness, whereas his wife left hospital several days earlier:

From the Herald-Sun:

For the first time in 300 days, Victoria has no active coronavirus cases and the stateโ€™s hospitals are completely COVID-19 free…

It is the first time Victoria has not had a coronavirus patient in hospital since February 21…

Since then, another 20,344 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Victoria, including 2485 who were admitted to hospital. For Monash Health chief executive Andrew Stripp, seeing the last patient leave in good health underscored the effort of all Victorians…

โ€œItโ€™s extraordinary efforts of the community to get to so many days of double zero.โ€

As shown in the next chart, Victoria’s active COVID-19 infections peaked at 7880 on 11 August:

Thus, eliminating the virus after 16 weeks of hard lockdown has been a marathon effort.

Now the focus must shift to hotel quarantine. Because with the virus almost eliminated across Australia, further outbreaks can only arise if it is imported into the community from abroad through quarantine breaches.

Australia’s authorities must put all their focus and resources into this area. We cannot repeat Victoria’s mistakes that seeded the second wave.

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    • Possibly some asymptomatic spread or possibly some recovered cases still producing viral fragments …. I note that some cases thought to break our long run of 0s were found to be viral shedding from recovered cases. Hence we are up to 24.

  1. How long do we keep it up for though? Are we going to close borders indefinitely? There is clearly no plan beyond the immediate future except hope that someone solves the problem somehow.

    • Personally I wouldn’t mind if they do. I think many of the problems particularly the young face today are due to open borders; even if they don’t quite realise why that is. Pollution, job insecurity, local environmental issues, high house prices, etc.

  2. EAD virus psychos. There will be a lot of hospitality, retail and other small businesses everywhere across Australia having a much better christmas and summer period with free movement between all states.

  3. El Perdedor Trumpo

    Great job by the medical professionals in Vic, having a 90 year old discharged after recovering from CV19 is no mean feat.

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      Yeah they have had a slight bump in deaths but decreasing now.

      Interesting to see that deaths were very low for a long stretch from end of July despite the lack of social distancing and lockdown.

        • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

          Going to be interesting to see if they can keep the death rate low in the face of rising cases.

          If they can then their approach will be justified. Will watch with interest.

  4. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    Great news for Victoria! Now you’ve got a reprieve until December 7 when international flights resume and the merry go round of finger pointing can begin again when hiring of dodgy security staff to watch over the new covid19 cases once again fails. Let’s remember, all States post-SA only decided to ‘test’ them once a week instead of ‘whenever they felt sick’. That’s not exactly foolproof.