US virus deaths launch

Sadly the pandemic is about to enter its next dire phase. Cases are still surging along with hospitalisations and, as they flounder, deaths:

Smoothed doesn’t look any better:

The mortality rate has probably bottomed now as the death lag closes:

El Trumpo‘s revenge is about to enter its final dark days as the economy remains too open to stop the virus as winter arrives.

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  1. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    2 weeks later and he hasn’t conceded. Nothing on his daily agenda; plays golf while America burns.

    How 71m thought he was best placed to manage them going forward is beyond me.

    • Even worse, is 23,000 voters across Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin had voted the other way, or if Jo Jorgensen hadn’t run, he’d be getting ready for his second term (probably by playing golf anyway).

    • For ~75% of those who voted for him, they did more so for the GOP than Trump; and most of those still did it for the culture war they feel they are in; there is one, but I don’t think it’s nearly big enough to justify voting for Trumpolini…

      • Trump had massive turnouts at his rallies even during a pandemic.

        I think you have it back to front. The people who voted for Biden weren’t voting for him but because he represented the Democrats.

        Biden can’t go several minutes without making an embarrassing gaffe. The guy obviously has some kind of neurological problem.

        • I respectfully disagree, based on what I have read, and what I have heard from GOP voters (family, friends and acquaintances).

          I don’t disagree that Biden isn’t a great candidate, given his age; however, I’d put most of it down to the slowness of seniority, not a fading mind – I know plenty of sharp, older people who are slow, but not diminishing, and some who have been slow but sharp until their deaths; Biden seems to fit the same mold. However, I concede it will be difficult for him to respectfully fulfill 2 terms, should he get that far.

          • Just go to youtube and punch in “biden” and gaffes”. Have a great laugh. Either he has a neurological condition or he’s a very stupid man. Trump’s a lot smarter.

        • Yep, one may make the odd gaffe as any 78 yr old does
          The other speaks like a 14 yr old school drop out who just saw his first penthouse centrefold. A true statesman.

  2. So is Biden going to implement a nationwide curfew or lockdown?

    Europe is doing the same numbers as the US. All anyone can do is talk about Trump though. Why not Modi or Jokowi?

    Is there going to be an article titled “Indonesian Virus Deaths Launch”.

    Or an article about Modi murdering 130k Indians by allowing the virus to run out of control. “Modi‘s revenge is about to enter its final dark days as the economy remains too open to stop the virus.”

    You would think the US is the only country suffering from this virus (very low death rate which you have to congratulate Trump for if you’re going to blame him for every case and every death).

    • “europe”, depending on where you draw the line, has more than twice the population of the US. So, “doing the same numbers” with double the number of people, isn’t a good thing

    • I’m not sure a president has the power to order a nationwide lockdown even if they wanted to. Yes there should be someone in the press having a massive go at the head of the Belgian government for example.

        • It’s about the vibe of it all. Numbers in Europe are worse, it’s a global pandemic, but Trump is the one with blood on his hands.

          • Yes, because he negleted his leadership overtly; others did, too, though I don’t think with as much bluster and denial, and many of them have changed since – Trump hasn’t. So, they’re not the same.

          • The US was one of the first countries to stop flights from China despite howls of criticism from Biden and the Democrats.

            The virus would have been much worse under the Democrats because they would have seeded the country much more quickly.

            It’s looking like Biden isn’t willing to implement lockdowns, so nothing would have changed under a different leader. Masks are proving to make no difference.

            The truth is Trump could have eradicated the virus but every flare up or quarantine breach would be met with shrieks about Trump incompetence for allowing these breaches to happen. There isn’t anything he could have done that would be good enough.

            What would have Biden done differently to Trump to suppress or eliminate the virus?

    • The Australian press and public engage in a sickening schadenfreude whenever Americans die. It’s probably good that nobody there notices.

      • This is not OK.

        It’s hard for Aussies watch, though – as a stereotype Americans can be infuriatingly willful, and we actually don’t like seeing the ‘centre of the free world’ shafting itself (and us by extension)…

          • I do understand it. Please tell me about these effects. Anything that pertains to recent years. I’m all ears, clown.

          • Future projections of the liberal superpower losing influence in our region, and China and Russia seeing gaps and exploiting them; I am happy to admit they are projections of getting ‘shafted’.

            I’d also say that as the democracy of the US suffers, so do other democracies, as those with alternative preferences gain confidence and traction within other democracies (eg. rise and rise of other strong-man politicians around the world, and trend towards Nationalism, etc).

          • US housing bubble causes* GLOBAL financial crisis. Is it that hard to think of similar ripple effects that could come from US buckling under virus pressure…. .

            Far out, use your brain and put aside the fact I hate your country and you hate that I hate your country and actually think about it.

            Edit: replace with triggers

          • Australians should have been happy with Trump in terms of the China stance, then. But the young Brisbane bogan can’t muster a point. Because he doesn’t have one. And my tax dollars go to protect that knob? I just threw up in my mouth a little.

          • The credit bubble was global. Sorry, bud. This is why Peter Schiff’s thesis didn’t play out like he expected. Incidentally, the global credit crisis didn’t really hurt here, did it. Is Straya doing anything different in terms of credit? Do you hate your country. I’m beginning to hate you because of your hypocrisy – and that you are by and large mendacious pigs.

            Take some responsibility for the culture that you live in. Aussies aren’t the good guys.

            It must grate you that China foisted the virus on everyone and US pharma companies are going to deliver the vaccine that saves you.

          • Our “credit culture” is one of many American imports I hate, disagree with this or prove it wrong but whatever, for me the McDonaldisation of Australia goes hand in hand with all of this. You obviously didn’t read what I wrote in my last big message last time you had a tanty. I hate a lot of stuff about Australia, and I understand how we got this way. Our refusal to stand on our own two feet is one of the most disappointing things to me, as I clearly stated to you last time.

            You’re just a sad yank who thought you could be a great cultural conqueror in the antipodes but turns out the locals weren’t as keen on your benevolence as you thought we’d be and now you’re regretting your choices. Funny that, a yank going to a foreign land without thinking it all through and then regretting it, any historical examples perhaps?

            What’s funny to me is a lot of Australian’s I know hate when people move here and don’t assimilate (especially kiwis) but give a free pass to all the absolute trash yanks that have moved to my area. I’m sure if we went through your posting history here I could find you hanging on immigrants not assimilating, even though you’re doing the exact same thing.

            Anyway, like I’ve said from the beginning, I’m super childish with this, I love to obtusely stereotype and I’m fine with that. It helps that Murica keeps serving up more reasons to keep hanging it on you and your country. Have a good one

          • It’s better to remain silent and thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

            You show terrible immaturity when you make guesses about my life and history here. Don’t embarrass yourself.

          • You asked for it man, you’re behaving exactly like I described. Of course I know nothing about you, you’re posting under an anonymous handle and lately only post on yank centric articles and carry on like an idiot. Pot kettle chortle etc

          • I literally told you from the first time we clashed on this that I was and will be infantile about this. Does that excuse it, no. But you had fair warning lol.

            While we’re still going – I’ve lost count of how many time you’ve used some king of porcine descriptor for Australians. If you talked like that in your day to day life you’d probably cop a gobful, maybe get a slap and you deserve it. If I went to Murica and did the same how would that turn out? You’re a guest in this country bud, don’t forget it. I love all your American Exceptionalism boasts too, this is exactly what I’m talking about, “Ain’t ya gosh darn lucky the US pharma is gnna give ya the cure”. Jog on spud

          • You’re a citizen, what a spineless rat then. Citizen for reasons other than wanting to be a real part of the country/people – or what, a runaway Aussie that came home and regretted it. Either way you’re a sad person and don’t want you here.

            It’s not the US pharma that burns me, it’s your attitude about it you friggin simpleton. You are perfectly representing the stereotypical American attitude I am railing against. F me dead

          • I’m taking the piss out of you with the pharma thing, moron. And yes, I’m a citizen. I simply didn’t leave my brain at the border at customs when I arrived. There are a lot of things wrong with Australia that are completely of your own making. Aussies are even more exceptionalist than Americans as far as I’ve seen. And you stuff more McDonald’s hamburgers down your foodholes per capita than any other people on earth. I reserve the right to tell you exactly how awful you are. The care factor is gone now. You are not a novelty to me like you are to the other seppos. I know exactly how ugly the Australian character can be. And if you don’t like it, you can get fecked.

        • +1 … Australia is a very long standing friend to the US, and seeing a friend self-harm is not a fun gig. Especially as it is possible to stop COVID is enough measures and leadership are applied.

          • Look at the most recent polls. Australia and the USA are not allies anymore. Time to discard ANZUS, just like NATO.

      • Trump was right to question America’s alliances around the world. If Americans knew what Australia really thinks of America (and this disdain goes back many decades before Trump ever arrived on the scene) they’d abandon the one way alliance where Australia derive all the benefits tomorrow. And rightfully so. Let Australia go it alone on China, let it cultivate alliances with Indonesia and Malaysia.

        • I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think of Australians as allies at all. And that’s exactly what I tell people when they ask me.

          • The US basically ignores Australia/UK/EU unless it relates to a US strategic need (location, resources, political allies in global forums such as the UN et al). Australia is closer to Asia than the US and are thus geographically important to have “on side”. Would be careful about dismissing the shared history of battles fought together, there are some deep bonds there and much blood spilt by troops in both uniforms. They were never our wars but we responded to both the UK and US when called upon with the hope that it would be reciprocated if needed.

            On a commercial note, the US is also the biggest consumer of Australian goat meat, 70% of exports apparently. Australians consumers love American tech and vehicles. Fair comparison right? (Joke).

          • I could probably live “unmolested” in most places in the world. Even in places that would be considered enemies.

          • you’re a goose. i’ll cheer you f1cking off.

            we don’t hate the US. we’re just not dumb enough to support the blind loyalty that our politicians seem to think necessary to keep the alliance healthy. even US pundits have questioned why Australia seems so willing to go adventuring in the ME. in the end, in the coming conflict, the US will make a decision that isnt based on loyalty or morals – it will be pure risk v benefits. auatralia has benefited from US hegemony while much of the world has reason to hate their bombs, their coups and their fake morality. i want the US in the region because its better the devil you know – and a devil with a similar culture. you simplify it to aussies being racist coz youre a simpleton and a whinger.

          • Actually you do hate the US. Recent polls show that is overwhelmingly the case. And i’s because you are hypocritical, bigoted swine. You are unable to take responsibility for anything.

          • I get REALLY tired of the “the US saved us in ww2” bs. They acted in their own interests.

            1. Aust lost way more military casualties per head of pop than the US, so we more than carried our fair share of the burden. 40k, pop 7.5m. US 420k, pop 140m. Near on 1.77 x US.

            2. Japan dragged the US kicking and screaming into WW2, sure, FDR was willing but couldn’t because of the lack of interest the American public had in joining the war (surprise, surprise).

            3. Why did japan bomb PH? Because of the US embargo on Japan as a result of Japan behaving like a western power and walking into other countries to take their resources (manchuria).

            4. Japan considered and rejected an invasion; would stretch their military and logistic resources too much. Army’s alto was to cut Aust off from the US to cause a surrender by Australia.

            I have had no issue with Americans, in the past I’ve said in general I like them more than my own countrymen, but with all the Trump / CV bs, that is changing rapidly.

            My biggest issue is with my own country, we have never had the gonads to stand on own own two feet, we just can’t seem to get away from the idea we need to be someones “bitch”.

            What our gov is doing now we should have been doing 20 yrs ago re foreign gov interference and that should have included the US influence here.

          • That’s a very long bow, dennis. Ridiculous revisionism, in fact. Give your “per capita” dead opinion to the people who lost their sons.

            And where were the strayans when the Japanese invaded Manchuria in the early 30s, starting WW2 in the Pacific? I don’t want to hear your BS stories about how morally superior you are when you were acting in your own interests too. It amazes me when Aussies try a deep dive into WW2 and do it through such an ethnocentric lens. I haven’t met one Australian yet that I thought had an even remotely complete view of WW2 in all of the theaters.

        • One sided? Australia is one of the few countries with which the US has a massive and growing trade surplus. Which we accept as a price of Pax Americana. When it comes to trade negotiations, the US has been America First for many decades.
          Yes American jingoism doesn’t travel well but that’s true for any Commonwealth country, but no-one has forgotten the contribution of the United States from World War 2 and since. You will note that in the last decade Australia has had to choose between China and the USA, and it has pretty resoundingly chosen the US. As a friend of the US, it has been painful to watch its elected President inflict internal damage on its institutions and make the US weaker, sicker and less respected than any time in the last hundred years. One hopes that the new President-elect is able to restore its health, although his predecessor seems determined to leave on the worst possible note.

          • Bingo.
            Australians applauded Trump when he stopped flights.
            Then we saw him say ‘it will just disappear like a miracle’ and the world collectively went wtf

          • Trump has been all over the mindless Aussie media for 4 years. It’s as if the guy was the leader of Australia.

    • Why do you go on about Trump, you obviously have no idea what’s going on over there or you wouldn’t need to ask about when Biden is going to to lock down the states; HE CAN’T, that is a state issue.

      • My point is Trump hasn’t done anything wrong with regards to controlling the virus because a total lockdown is the only way to suppress or eliminate the virus once you have been seeded with it.

        • Sorry CT, but that is just pure rubbish! You’re right, Trump doesn’t control the individual states, but either you, as I said, don’t know what was / is going on over there, or you’re deliberately ignoring it. Trump went against ANY talk of locking down and he encouraged his supporters to ignore the lockdown and to “take back your freedom” crap on SM. He supported republican states to do nothing and berated the Dems states that imposed restrictions. Have you forgotten the [email protected] who stormed the state parliament armed with assault rifles, two of which were involved in the plan to kidnap the same state Governor?

          Trump never had the power, but did everything to prevent / stop / disrupt any attempt at slowing the spread of CV as he didn’t like the impact on the economy and what I guess he saw that as an impediment to his re-election. Except as data has shown, not locking down has had just a big an impact on GDP.

          This is why many people here and elsewhere lay the blame at Trump’s feet, the DR would have been a lot lower if the US had have a better leader as President and its citizens would just for a moment get over their “freedums” bs.

          • Trump brought in travel bans from China in late January which were roundly criticised by the WHO, China, Biden and the Democrats.

            He then brought in travel bans to parts of Italy and South Korea, which were similarly criticised.

            Mid March Trump brought in total travel bans for the whole of Europe which was criticised by Biden.

            To quote Biden: “Banning all travel from Europe — or any other part of the world — will not stop it.”

            Let’s not forget that at that stage there were only something like 40 total deaths from the virus in the US.

            Trump was on point with his response and the country would have been in a far worse position under the Biden. The hospitals wouldn’t have had time to prepare. They would have been completely overwhelmed like in Milan under Biden.

        • And then what? You keep ignoring what he did to prevent its movement within the US, he did NOTHING, as I pointed out and you keep ignoring because it challenges your belief.

          He brought in the China travel ban for political reasons; end of story.

          Edit: “Trump was on point with his response and the country would have been in a far worse position under the Biden. The hospitals wouldn’t have had time to prepare. They would have been completely overwhelmed like in Milan under Biden.”

          lolololol. What, you mean like now? lololol
          Again, he did nothing, sat on his “big, massively big, hands, enormously big!”

        • Btw, where is the US in its CV DR per head of pop compared to Australia? There are no excuses, the US could’ve done exactly what we, NZ and most of Asia did.

          Edit: the reason the US is where it is, is because it’s lead by a loser with a personality disorder.

    • Because Trump believes he has the greatest mind and is the greatest leader of the greatest country on earth.
      That just invites taking the pi55 out of him…….. in the greatest way

  3. Poland, Germany and Russia are the ones to watch in Europe, their logarithmic death rate is moving from 10 per 100,000K Pop upwards very quickly.

  4. MountainGuinMEMBER

    Probably higher chance of expatriates and other travellers bringing cases to Aust and therefore increase chance of a quarantine breech.

  5. regeag gaegagaga

    thats a lot of dead people who would have lived for at least another 3 months without covid 🙁

  6. People are pushing the line that it will crest in March 2021 in the US

    But remember what Mr Biden’s team is looking like……..what is their priority really going to be ? Pelosi’s behaviour has also been terrible for public consumption about the virus.

    • Leading DEMS have told the Biden team that they are not allowed to pick anyone from the House, as they may only finish up with a majority of a few.

  7. In America they will build a shrine/memorial for those that sacrificed their lives to covid so freedoms and liberties burned bright on through the dark hours ….

    Those that survive but have long term morbidity issues will be the new leper class that social myths and memes to scare little kids to eat all their fast food and shop till you drop or become like them.

        • You are a cartoon at this stage. Just admit that Aussies are bigoted pigs when it comes to the USA and the American people. I can accept that. Can you?

          • I’m an American that served in the Military for 6 years and lived, traveled, and worked over a good whack of it.

            I don’t hate it, I strongly disagree with the neoliberal policies enacted since the early 70s and endless global conflicts.

          • Kodiak, a lot of it is Aussies needing and wanting the US to be better than it is; Aussies tend to lay into people when we want them to be better (not a good trait, sure, but I’m trying to explain that Aussies don’t dislike the US as much as you might think…)

          • I’ve lived here too long to believe that, Burb. Aussies are bigots and hypocrites when it comes to Americans. The vast majority of Aussies are unable or unwilling to see the negative in themselves. It’s easier to scapegoat someone else. I’ve seen this play into cultural character assassination for decades. It’s a common self-indulgent mythology that Aussie soldiers are more professional and kind to the local population then the seppos. I’ve always known that it was bollocks, but that myth will survive even given the recent Brereton report. I’ve thought of hundreds of examples like this in which Aussies erroneously describe the differences in the cultures and how they are superior in every respect. There is no self-awareness at all.

          • I’d disagree with you there Kodiak – I think you are referring to educated cosmopolitan Australians, of the type that plague this website, clutter our media and preach from our Universities. I imagine they would make up the majority of the type of ‘Australians’ you encounter in your time here. Remove yourself from the city and the cultural flotsam and jetsam that orbit as their outer suburbs and most Australians still feel a deep affinity to the US.

            They know the US saved our butt from the Japanese – they know that the real war for both Australians AND Americans was fought in the Pacific, as opposed to the repointed East coast narrative of the past 20 years that casts the European Theater as America’s main area of sacrifice and fighting.

            The average Aussie 50km from any CBD is probably just as ignorant of any American 50kms from one of their massive cities, but they share an affinity of spirit and civic mindedness and even shared history, that has more in common with each other across the ocean than their beige cosmopolitians co-citizens residing in our CBD’s pushing their corporate globohomo multicult views.

          • Look at Pew/ Lowy pools, Stewie. It goes way beyond the hipsters and pony-tailed tosser academics. I remember being in my office in Manhattan when the WTC was destroyed and the message boards at the ABC were gleeful. I couldn’t ever look at the people here in the same way ever again. The situation is actually worse now. And we no longer need to venture overseas to taste the salt. Reddit is singlehandedly redpilling a lot of American youth. A lot more seppos are wise to it now and it’s only going to get worse.

        • I don’t know enough Australians to know or care, but the ones I know are bigoted about everything else so probably…

      • regeag gaegagaga

        hes more like james joyce with a keyboard where half the keys are glued together by a mixture of finger poo and dorito dust

  8. “A wall will not stop the coronavirus.

    Banning all travel from Europe — or any other part of the world — will not stop it.

    This disease could impact every nation and any person on the planet — and we need a plan to combat it.”

    Biden in March. He called Trump “xenophobic” in early February for banning travel from China, then was still against travel bans mid March.

    • What difference does it matter now after the coup us placed next to legal frame to make it appear legal by juxtaposition?

      Ask what __President__ Kamala would do/did…

  9. Interesting how the Democrats backed China and the Chinese virus to politicize as being a Trump issue.

    Facts on XImatosis or the China Virus.

    Obama gave funds to Wuhan labs the source of manufacture for what was a Chinese bio pharma scam to corner the market on a more virulent flu the Chinese has a cure for (stolen from Gilead); except their virus threw back to its sars splice, mutated & went out of control.
    And if you don’t think big pharma manufacture the new diseases & viruses that they then have ‘cures’ to you are very naive.
    Other facts.
    Obama had ran down the US PPE.
    Trump was the first major nation leader to ban Chinese then Iranians then Europeans etc as the Chinese spread their virus globally.
    To howls of ‘racism’ & other nonsense from the Democrats.
    Trump was the first to call out the WHO was in Chinese pocket in not declaring a pandemic
    Remember the WHO ‘there is no human to human transmission’ and ‘all infections can be traced to Wuhan wet market”
    Trump does not have control or authority of the US states police lockdown or community health, the state Governors do.
    The Chinese virus outbreak in the US was in the migrant infested slums of the Democrat blue states notably NY then California and so on.
    Just the same as the Australian outbreak.
    Traveler/ migrant borne.
    Migrant enclave incubation hub
    Transmission into the host nation.
    Kills the old and infirm, the obese and the heart compromised..

    Once the Chinese virus was established in those high density/ low or no doc migrant enclave urban slums in the US – that was the l incubator and transmission vector to the rest of the US.

    The Democrat Governors were entirely responsible for the Chinese Virus incubation & spread.

    Trump diverted billions into PPE, emergency response and federal assistance to these states.

    Trump called out that a vaccine would emerge and it has.

    Now let’s compare Joe Biden:

    A skeletal weak senile white elitist corrupt fool nominated as a figurehead of what are warring Marxist, national Socialist, racial separatists, climate alarmists and deviant anti Americans haters.

    Corrupt. The Ukraine payoffs. The $1.1 billion Chinese communist party bank loan, Biden flying in on Airforce Two to ink the deal.

    Creepy Joe.
    Hair sniffing and child groping.
    Black hater – his anti black crime bills put more blacks in jail than any other legislative measure.

    The sidekick – a hag faced raisin brained Tamil Indian & and victim of affirmative action – her entire career based on being the long time escort & companion of Willy the governor of California.
    An anti black hater who also passed draconian Californian state legislation to criminalise blacks.

    These are hardly figures of national unity or leadership.

    Even if Biden survives the court challenge on the election fraud – the Democrats will most likely lose the Senate.
    So what did the Democrats actually win?
    Nothing – a lame duck despised senile US President and a Tamil Hindu raisin brained opportunist as VP.

    Hated by the real majority of normal Americans.

    • Ugh republicans and democrats vote on the same page on economic matters … its only the sociopolitical brand image that they put on Kabuki for their respective market shares.

    • Please tell me more, I need more detail.
      “And if you don’t think big pharma manufacture the new diseases & viruses that they then have ‘cures’ to you are very naive.”
      Where can I find a list of these new diseases?

  10. Haha, Trump does Swedish model that everyone praises and yet it is his fault…
    Biden has a cahnce to rectify this by imposing daily prayers and mask wearing only