Dan Andrews parties as South Australia into full lockdown

No schadenfreude from me. Via Domain:

South Australian Premier Steven Marshall has plunged his state into full lockdown for six days to get on top of the growing COVID-19 cluster.

“I have long said that COVID has challenged us but not beaten us. We continue to face our biggest test to date. We must rise to this challenge and rise we are stopping each and everyone of us united with a common purpose to beat this silent enemy,” Mr Marshall said.

New restrictions include:

  • Closing all schools, universities, takeaway restaurants, cafes and food courts;
  • Exercise will not be permitted outside the home;
  • Masks will be mandatory;
  • and regional travel will not be allowed.

Mr Marshall said he was “going hard” and early.

Readers will know I’m all for the lockdown hammer when it is necessary. But is it yet? Nope.

Where are SA’s contact tracers?

If it’s all about stomping it out for Xmas travel then it’s political, not medical nor economic…

It also looks like SA has experienced a Victorian-style quarantine failure:

CHIEF HEALTH OFFICER NICOLA SPURRIER: We made the link last night where we had a close contact of one of our security guard who was actively working part-time at the pizza bar and the Casa got last night also worked in the pizza bar at the same time as the person who was at the Stamford went and got a pizza.

We are absolutely certain without history taking that is what happened. That means to me, it cemented my fears that this virus is reading very, very rapidly. You have a short incubation period and you have three days as those generations move on”…

REPORTER: How is a security guard at a medi hotel allowed to then go and work at a public pizza place? Are there new rules that are going to be restricted on the jobs and those kinds of hotels?

SPURRIER: We say in medicine, it is very clear with the retrospect-o-scope, you look back and you think you could have done XYZ, but for me today I am looking forward about what we have to do here and now to get on top of it.

Did the South Australian Government learn nothing from Victoria’s hotel quarantine disaster?

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  1. Auckland was put into a full lockdown when they had just 4 cases. That was 4 cases total, not 4 per day. SA doesnt know the meaning of “go hard and early” LOL

      • When cases are in the double or triple digits and we are locking down, we clearly do have an elimination strategy. What else could it possibly be?

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        Did the South Australian Government learn nothing from Victoria’s hotel quarantine disaster?

        They have and they haven’t. They thought the contract tracing and procedures were up to scratch and they thought that they had learnt from Victoria. But when an outbreak occurred they found out that they were in disarray like Vic was in the early days.

        What they have learnt is to go hard and go early before everything get overwhelmed. This is the major mistake (well beside not owning up to the decision to use private security guards even if it was not him) that Dan did – he didn’t go hard early enough to stop everything getting out of control.

      • You do now. We didn’t have one either, until we did. Thats how politicians roll. Good luck.

  2. They wouldn’t be doing this unless they were really worried. I wonder what they found that has led to this. Someone infected went to the Christmas Pageant? This is a serious shutdown. Not even Victoria shut down construction.

    So much for contact tracing as the solution to ‘living with the virus’. Suck sh*t Scummo.

    • They can see which area is infected from sewerage system : the decision to go full lockdown must come from there.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Excuse me: ScoMo is busy galivanting around giving Shark 1 some serious time in the air and really doesn’t have time for this sort of small talk. And when he gets back from Japan, he will be having to quarantine for 2 weeks in The Lodge and may not even be able to do some DIY with the kids (hopefully, Jen got a good selection of jigsaw puzzles for him) – now that’s what I call tough and sacrifice.

    • The problem is the incubation period has shortened. Its now just a day or two, which is not long enough for someone to be tested, confirmed positive, then contact traced and all their contacts isolated. The original virus took 11 days, then the more recent strain was shorter at 5 days. I believe 5 days was the minimum time needed for a contact tracing strategy, but this new strain of the virus is much quicker. It may evolve to the point where contact tracing is pointless, everyone is already infected, and have passed it on, long before contact tracers turn up on your doorstep.

  3. It’s Adelaide. It’s only full lockdown from 9am to 5pm. Otherwise, there is no practical change.

  4. Anyone in South Australia who doesn’t want to be locked down just need to drive over to NSW. The border is still open.

  5. TheLambKingMEMBER

    Morrison on Labor Victoria’s covid outbreak-

    “…Victoria unfortunately dropped the ball letting the rest of the country down..”

    And on the LNP South Australia outbreak –

    “…I have always said that these outbreaks are inevitable ..”

    • kierans777MEMBER

      It would be interesting to contrast what the Adelaide News Corp pubs were printing about Victoria and compare it with what’s being printed now in Adelaide and other states. It would make a nice submission to the Senate Inquiry if nothing else. Are there daily 5+ page splashes blaming everything on the SA government like they did with Dan?

  6. happy valleyMEMBER

    Acting PM and LNP talking head McCormack was on TV this morning giving the standard line that LNP SA and everywhere is gold standard. Pfft. At what?

  7. Peta, Peta, Daniel Andrews beater.

    Where art thou? The hour is early but the need is dire!

    Do the needful!

  8. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    Let’s get real though, every single city in this country receiving international arrivals is facing this potential daily. Every single city in this country receiving internationals is, even if using police and ADF, also using large numbers of people from “large families” with “wrong cohort” characteristics in roles from cleaning to ‘extra security’ that appear to make them unable to follow simple rules around doing their job.

  9. TheLambKingMEMBER

    Readers will know I’m all for the lockdown hammer when it is necessary. But is it yet? Nope.

    And luckily those in charge are not listening to you or the banging on from the Murdoch press to not lock down.

    My parents live in Adelaide and they have not been doing any social distancing or taking any level of precaution (my 80yo mother had 50 people in her house for Cup Day!) No one is wearing a mask (even though I was pleading for my parents to wear them in public indoor places.) The testing and contact tracing can’t cope with the volume. THE ONLY WAY to stop this getting to Victoria (or worse) levels is to go hard and go early – and that mean locking down. This gives the ‘system’ a chance to catch up and bring in some people from interstate to help.

    In 6 days’ time and it was a false alarm, what harm has been done?

    • ” No one is wearing a mask (even though I was pleading for my parents to wear them in public indoor places.)”

      Genuinely curious why you were pleading with them to wear a mask?

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        Genuinely curious why you were pleading with them to wear a mask?

        Because this is a global pandemic with a virus that is wildly infectious, with no vaccine or treatment, which is life threatening for people of my parent’s age.

        And because we are in a mobile world with a wildly infectious virus on the lose there will be outbreaks in Australia, and it will be times where the virus is spreading uncontrollably and unknowingly continually in Australia until we have a vaccine.

        And mask wearing reducing the risk of catching and spreading viruses and bacteria. Every operating theatre in the world has every person wearing a mask because they work. I believe that while we are in this global pandemic every person should be forced to wear a mask indoors in public spaces or where social distancing outdoors is not possible (sporting events, concerts.) But every thinks ‘freedom’ is more important than public safety (like seatbelts, speed limits and alcohol limits while driving) .

        So by getting my parents to wear a mask in public during a pandemic was trying to reduce the risk of them dying with VERY little inconvenience.

        • That’s about what I thought. All the people working in an operating theatre are wearing masks to stop THE PATIENT from getting sick. Google what they wear when dealing with seriously infectious people to find out what it takes to stop others making you sick. Maybe just google whats being worn at the covid testing centres. What you should be begging for is for everyone your parents interact with to wear masks. Just your parents wearing masks will do little if anything to prevent them getting sick.

          • rubbish, virus can easily enter through the eyes.

            https://www.google.com/search?q=covid test&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiPwaH9-4ztAhULH7cAHRCRCo8Q_AUoA3oECB8QBQ&biw=1406&bih=889

            What is everyone in those images wearing?

            edit, can’t be bothered fixing link search covid test, images on google.

          • TheLambKingMEMBER

            Mask wearing does a number of things:
            – it stops you infecting other people
            – it stops particles coming through in a statistically significant amount
            – it makes people remember to stay 1.5m away from you
            it stops you from touching your mouth and eyes because it makes you remember that we are in a pandemic

            Mask wearing, during a pandemic, should be mandatory in all indoor public places and all outdoor events where you cannot be 1.5m apart.

          • @Lamb king
            “– it stops you from touching your mouth and eyes because it makes you remember that we are in a pandemic”
            Given the number of times I see people adjusting their facemasks, and also touching their faces while wearing one, I beg to differ on that particular point.My real favourite is the people wearing one but having it pulled down so it doesn’t actually cover their nose or mouth.
            All the rest really don’t feed into just getting your parents to wear a mask.
            Never really argued the benefit of getting all people to wear a mask.
            1 final question. Flu kills hundreds of people every year that would be saved by these measures, so should they be in place permanently?

          • TheLambKingMEMBER

            Flu kills hundreds of people every year that would be saved by these measures, so should they be in place permanently?

            It probably makes sense to make visitors to hospitals and indoor visits to nursing homes have mandatory mask wearing. And any elderly person who doesn’t get a flu shot each year is an idiot.

    • I pleaded (well not quite) with my parents both mid 70’s not to wear a mask and never submit to flu vaccine. They haven’t and both in excellent health …even dad on a pack of Styvesentnor Winnie Blues a day. They’re both savvy & sceptical of media beat ups of almost everything. I will continue to never wear a mask, be escorted to front of line at hospital clinic for fracture caused by mask wearing Covidiot who could not see where he was going…Hospitals know it is bS and if one asserts rights they do not refuse treatment, quite the contrary. Very pleasant experience & surgeon apologetic for calling of security & general over reaction. Even funnier was militant admin person spouting covid non sense in face of evidence, refusing to view dhs website stating mask exemption not required to be produced all the while with mask pulled down to chin..Public servants in a righteous tizzy over the cold:))

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        even dad on a pack of Styvesentnor Winnie Blues a day

        Well, you must still be heartbroken with Trumps loss.

        And I love a bloke who while having a life expectancy of about 90, replying in an air conditioned room, on a computer via the internet, probably with glasses and wearing high tech fiber clothing, thinks science is rubbish and scientists don’t know what they are talking about 🙂

  10. Has anybody heard which country the overseas traveler returned from the media seems quiet on that one.

    • Correction – hitting anywhere in Oz, as the seasons change.

      Our IPA/LNP/Merdism friends are just dying (excuse pun) for a breakout so they can follow the proven USA route.

  11. Gees you lot are blind.
    The Adelaide test starts next month.
    Nothing can get in the way of that.

  12. The National Cancer Institute of Milan has detected the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Italy in blood samples taken in September 2019. Do we have a new starting date now?

    • Yep, that would concur with some information from France and also here in Switzerland. Cousin of my wife works as a nurse in a hospital and says they had an unusual number of severe pneumonia cases last October. Aparently it was quite infectious and a few hospital staff were getting ill too.
      Still no lockdown over here despite an 7-day average of 4,650 daily cases of positive tests. Will see how it turns out in the end but neighbouring countries with strict mandatory mask wearing etc. have higher daily case rates and new lockdowns than we have. Time will tell who employed the best strategy. People here are not overly eager or positive on the vaccines, only around 16% in favour the rest says politicians and the pharma companies representatives and their families first then we will see….


      I reckon just shut hospitals for a few years and let everything rip and we’ll see who’s standing at the end. But of battle royal could be fun.

  13. Maybe they should do a Sweden and advise people to limit their parties to 8 people? Because that is also called lockdown apparently. FFS the forced narrative is getting tiring. You can pick a side but stop manipulating the facts in your reporting to suit the agenda you chose from the beginning. Is it flatten the curve, hammer and dance or eradication? At least the let it rip crowd have been consistent (I’m not a let it ripper, I’m a Swedish approach fan).