ScoMo’s dodgy vaccine turns out dodgy

Recall the process of selection for ScoMo’s dodgy vaccine:

Today AZ released its stage three trial results and they are dodgy too, says SVB Leerink, via Bloomie:


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  1. Simple advice – Anything Scott M recommends; you just do the opposite and you’ll be fine. I am asking for anyone to list anything this guy have done or built that actually worked. Even the “stop the boats” is a marketing thing as he lets all the planes loaded with students in.

      • Pushing back against CCP is right decision. But even there he is doing it wrong way as he decided to do it in the public arena rather than through stealth. Now he triggered open trade war while we are totally unprepared.
        At the end he finds a way to screw things up because he is just incompetent and driven by ideology that does not include best interest of his country. He is pretending as if he is representing our interest but he actually acts in US interests. Especially when we went to UN and asked for covid investigation.

      • Jumping jack flash

        Smoke and mirrors.
        The guy is a puppet of the lobbyists, as are almost all politicians these days.

    • ” Even the “stop the boats” is a marketing thing as he lets all the planes loaded with students in.”

      No, that’s working as intended.

      • Refugees get housing, medical care and social security. Students pay fees and tax and get no social benefits. As well as that permanent residence is not guaranteed. It’s easy to see why students are preferred.

        • That would make sense except the number of students are at least 10-20x the number of refugees. So nah – a diversified pool of students with much smaller entry/limited working rights + the same/slightly larger refugee intake for refugees in real hardship and have a high chance of integrating is much better.

    • Robodebt is the Morrison initiative that has worked best.
      Boy did those dole bludgers suffer.
      Mission accomplished

  2. Then Qantas flags no international flights with them unless vaccinated. I feel like I am living in a dystopian future already. I am not against vaccinations. Well tested ones are fantastic.

    • I wonder if the, AJoyce, has shares in AstraZeneca, seeking future employment with them, or gets a commission per jab.

      I’m nowhere near being anti-vax, your correct, well tested ones.

    • PR Bullshit. The small detail they are not telling you is that the ‘vaccines’ don’t stop you getting infected they just stop you getting sick. Vaccinated people will still spread it.

      • Some of those international flights are long – they don’t want you dying on board! Qantas just wants bums on seats – they don’t care about the spread of a disease once there is a VACCINE!

    • adelaide_economistMEMBER

      While I completely get the psychopathic talking of one’s book as Mr Joyce does (just like so many other of his similar ‘CEO’ compatriots), it makes no sense to me how this rush to international travel return can possibly be viable – vaccine or not. Certainly not by ‘early 2021’ as they seem keen on and which would line up nicely with the start of the 2021 ‘academic’ year.

      How does a non-100% effective vaccine with less than 100% coverage actually work? They’ll be mass outbreaks within days of restarting international flights and are we all supposed to go into total lockdown – again – so that we can have more whinging international ‘students’ (and their enablers at the Guardian et al) demanding that Australia pays them welfare for the privilege of them being in this country.

      • Distribution speed? Even if they start to implement by Xmas, to get it distributed to the general population will take months.
        Reopening borders before the full population can be immunised would be daft … and given the number of anti-vaccers looking to free-ride on herd immunity, they’d need to get around the whole population to find enough takers to produce the herd immunity effect.
        And equally in Europe and USA … with their current case levels they will have to spend months manufacturing and distributing to get the herd immunity up enough for people flows to kick off again.

      • Joyce would seem to be talking up the situation and trying to pressure the gov. I get goss from the partner of a qantas exec and what I hear never matches the interviews and press releases.

    • If Alan is so keen forcing people to make private medical information public, perhaps he should have to put his HIV, HepC and Std results in the annual report.

  3. This RonniSalt character seems to have a lot of time to research AstraZ, and then Twitter bomb it all.
    One has to question motivation. Anti-big pharma? Anti-vacc?
    After years of seeing truth described as fake news, lies described as truth, and people citing random posters as “fact” if it suits their argument, my tolerance for some random twit tweeting is very low.
    I have plenty of questions in respect of this vaccine, given its speed of development, but I am looking for proper answers from Chief Medical Officer in Canberra, who has credibility.

  4. When the director of the OXFORD vaccine group comes out and cannot fully explain why a first LOWER dose produces better results and that “they don’t know the quantity or quality of the immune response” difference between dosages, it does look good.
    If they can answer those fundamental questions they your absolutely sure they don’t know the side effect, especially long term or if the vaccines wears off over 3 months, 6 months or a year.

    • AND that their claim of 90% effectiveness comes only from that lower dose – which was tested on only 2,700 people.
      Not sure I’d take a vaccine that only worked on 2,700 people. As you say, side effects unknown in that number…….