ScoMo swats away Chinese wolf wankery

Good stuff from ScoMo on Sunrise:

“Australia is a sovereign country, we make our own decisions according to the nation’s interest.”

“If there are concerns indicated by that unofficial document that came out of the Chinese Embassy (it is) that Australia acting in our interests — having free media, having parliamentarians elected and being able to speak their minds — is cause for concern.”

“As well as speaking up on human rights in concert with other countries like Canada, New Zealand and the UK in international forums.”

“If this is the course of tension in that relationship, it would seem the tension is that Australia is being Australia.”

“I can assure you, we will always be Australia and act in our interests, in accordance with our values.”

It’s not always a good idea to get your values and foreign policy confused, such as in the case of the Iraq war. But in this case it is the perfect response. As the Chinese list of demand shows, what it wants is to bury the relationship in secret corruption so that it can take control of the democracy and displace the US as hegemonic guarantor of a political system reshaped in its image:

That is clearly untenable to any Australian still breathing. To wit:

All we have done is allow the sunshine in and that has blown the relationship to pieces. What does tell you about its durability?

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Good stuff from ScoMo

    Can we have more good stuff please……… from other politicians too would be handy

  2. I reckon they’ve got 2 months to make a move. After that I’ll feel a lot safer knowing Biden is President. Not President Flip Flop.

  3. Don’t know if I’d give him that much credit. I mean, the document is just so blatant, what else was he going to say? Just doing the smart political thing really.

  4. Got to admit, I’m a bit surprised at LNP’s ongoing resistance with China recently.

    What’s going on? All show? They’ve read the electorate well?

    Not their usual sell out ways.

  5. Cop that Keating, Carr, Carr, Evans, Brumby, Andrews, Raby, Dastyari, Moselmaine….and other sell outs!

  6. The Communist Party of China is pursuing a foreign policy with one clear goal; replacement of the United States with a Chinese hegemony.

    We have a choice. We either submit to them, which would ultimately involve the loss of sovereignty, human rights, surrender of our assets and forced colonisation by then, or we stand up and say NO. To me the answer is clear. They – and their fellow-travellers in Australia and New Zealand – can get stuffed.

  7. ‘It’s not always a good idea to get your values and foreign policy confused, such as in the case of the Iraq war’
    Actually in the case of the Iraq war there was a difference between our stated values [‘freedom’, etc] and our real ones [‘we want to show how tough we are and keep a firm hand on other people’s wealth’].


    Outgoing WA Treasurer Ben Wyatt has used his valedictory speech in state parliament to urge the commonwealth to improve its strained relationship with China.

    Mr Wyatt described what he believed was “the rise of unhelpful public commentary” directed towards Australia’s most important trading partner.

    “It is only in recent times that some commentators and some of our elected representatives have decided we need to spend less time nurturing this relationship and more time attacking our major trading partner for not sharing our values,” he said on Wednesday night.

    Wyatt has reversed his decision and is now retiring again.
    Maybe he wants to leave while on top, given how dependent WA is on the Nazi china buying the iron ore.

  9. Best of all, it’s front and center in the msm, in an easy to understand format kindly provided by the ccp wolf d*icks.
    Along with an easy sound bite reply today, the plebs suddenly get a quick understanding of the sovereignty issue.
    Pressure now rolls to labor to stick with current policy towards next election and get annihilated or pivot. Oh the anguish!
    Own goal of the year goes to the ccp !!

  10. the CCP are running a modern-day holocaust in Xinjiang that would make Nazi Germany look like child’s play… so every democracy and decent nation on earth should stand together and condemn their bullshlt!!
    China will become increasingly isolated, and will have few allies on earth beyond Kim