More reasons the OECD should spike Mathias Cormann

Matthias Coramnn’s job application to run the OECD is not going well. I’ve noted many reasons why it is so inappropriate:

  • Mathias is the Morrison Government’s most radical supply-sider. He actually believes in trickle-down economics, which leaves the room short of oxygen given Cormann is obviously intelligent.
  • Mathias has a record of deep climate skepticism having voted in favour of climate change mitigation in the Australian parliament.
  • Mathias has been a key part of an Australian Government that has gone out of its way to persecute refugees so that it can sustain public support for economic migrants from cheap labour jurisdictions to smash Australian wages (that is, more wholesome trickle-down at work).

In short, Mathias is perfect for the OECD if it would like to swing towards:

  • A supply-side agenda that will intensity class divisions, exacerbate secular stagnation and privilege corporate greed.
  • Become more climate change skeptical and slow mitigation policy whenever and wherever possible.
  • Harden its stance against refugee.

There is also a question of corruption around his application, from The Guardian this week:

Mathias Cormann’s travel around Europe to campaign for the top OECD job may be costing Australian taxpayers as much as $4,300 an hour, based on records of previous flights by the same type of air force plane that he is using.

The Morrison government is backing the former Australian finance minister’s bid to become the secretary general of the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development but his prospects will depend on his appeal to European nations.

Cormann, who quit the Senate earlier this month, is travelling around Europe on a Royal Australian Air Force Falcon as part of his campaign, the Nine newspapers have reported.

The Dassault Falcon 7X special purpose aircraft, part of the RAAF fleet since early 2019, has a range of up to 11,000km. Defence says the Falcon usually has a crew of two pilots and one attendant, and can carry up to 14 passengers.

Sources familiar with RAAF travel arrangements pointed Guardian Australia to recent records of special purpose flights, which are commonly used to fly ministers and dignitaries around Australia including to attend parliament.

And today, it is revealed that he has been lying all across Europe if his past is any guide:

Australia’s former finance minister Mathias Cormann is continuing to talk up the importance of a “collective green recovery” on the campaign trail to be the next secretary general of the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

In a “vision statement” for the position obtained by Guardian Australia, Cormann says undertaking “effective global action on climate change is a must and we must get to zero net emissions as soon as possible”.

“Climate policy responses will increasingly need to factor into long-term planning,” Cormann says.

“As secretary general I will strive to make the OECD a place that inspires collaboration and action in support of a sustainable future”.

Cormann says the economic recovery efforts to Covid-19 are “a key opportunity to target support towards investments that drive the development and commercialisation of new technologies”.

…In 2011, Cormann characterised a carbon tax on Twitter as “not effective action on climate change” and “an act of economic self-harm which does nothing to help global emissions”. In 2016, he said Australia’s economy was “in better shape because we scrapped Labor’s carbon and mining taxes and implemented our plans for jobs and growth”.

Bandt has told ambassadors: “As finance minister, he tried to abolish the very same green finance bodies he will no doubt be promoting as evidence of his green credentials for the job.”

More recently, Bandt said Cormann has been a senior member of the Morrison government that has pushed for a “gas-led recovery”.

“Unfortunately, Mr Cormann’s record on climate change has been to block action at every turn during his years as a senior minister in the Australian government,” Bandt wrote.

Mathias is entitled to his voodoo climate skepticism but does the OECD want such a political shape-changer as its CEO? And why is the equally voodoo climate change skeptical Australian government investing Cormann’s election if it is going to humiliate it in return with an uber-green agenda?

Or will it demand in return that Matthias help hose off the OECD if he gets the gig?

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Cormannator ls also perfect for the OECD, if they want to swing towards Aussie-style 1.5% population growth. But here’s the thing. They know that’s stupid economic policy. No way will they go anywhere near it.

  2. When my contract at work ends will Centrelink fly me around Europe in a $4K an hour RAAF jet to look for a tax free $300 000+ a year job that I’m clearly unsuited to?

  3. The RAAF pilots are presumably on the payroll anyway, and unless the jet was competely sitting idle (unlikely given the penchant for the military to use their toys) then the extra “costs” of flying the Australian candidate around the OECD aren’t that much – especially given the waste that would occur day in / day out in the public service (Flex leave anyone??).

    Most scoundrels only care about govt waste when it is something they disagree with. if you want to save $Billions you could easily find. Trust me, I was an SES at 2 govt agencies (now back in private sector).

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Yes but when you’ve made a political art out of telling humble Joe Taxpayer that he needs to be a lifter, not a leaner, you deserve all the criticism you get.

  4. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    why is the equally voodoo climate change skeptical Australian government investing Cormann’s election if it is going to humiliate it in return with an uber-green agenda?

    Now that ‘America is back’ and the DNC globalists have returned it is perhaps inevitable that Australia will at least have to pay lip service to the ‘Green Economy’ and the intrusive UN environmental agenda. Crushing Western living standards by enforcing high environmental energy standards, isn’t about saving the world.

    It will simply allow Oil to be displaced to developing nations that cannot bear the burden of more environmentally friendly energy that Westerns would otherwise be paying, as these developing nations move through their own development cycle. Environmentalism is a ‘word spell’ used to motivate the masses to do the elites bidding.

    • if you have netflix go watch season 1, episode 1 of the fresh prince of bel air. Will Smith’s older female cousin was agitating for climate change in the mid 90s. The show played her as an out of touch do gooder. How times have changed!!