Macro Afternoon

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Macro Afternoon

Kayaking in the Cook Islands, 2019: Photo by H. Becker

Stock markets are relatively buoyant across Asia despite Wall Street’s faltering steps on Friday night with Japanese markets closed and the economic calendar relatively quiet to start the week. Bitcoin is trying to push through the $19000 barrier while gold stabilises just above its recent lows, currently up a few dollars at the $1873USD per ounce level:

The Shanghai Composite is pushing ahead with a very positive session, up nearly 1% to 3409 points while in Hong Kong the Hang Seng Index its a case of just treading water with a scratch session, stuck at 26443 points. Japanese stock markets were closed while slow trading in the USDJPY pair is still keeping out of trouble but only just at the 103.70 level, ready to break below shortly:

The ASX200 is still pushing higher, this time closing 0.3% higher to the 6561 point level while the Australian dollar is having a very minor pullback as it remains floating just above the 73 handle against USD:

Eurostoxx and S&P futures are again lacking momentum as seen on the four hourly chart of the S&P500, with price hovering just above trailing ATR support at the 3550 point level, with the inability to make a new high last week weighing:

The economic calendar starts the week with a series of flash manufacturing and services PMI across Europe and the US, plus some more Fed speeches overnight that could again collide with the Trump “administration” stimulus ideas/golf tips.

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    • I was thinking yesterday I should give you an update. Yeah mate I hodled. As did the olds. Dad’s updating their trezors atm (had a discussion about his backup key, which he’d gotten confused about but i told him where it was safely stored and that it was a series of words). I topped up a bit of btc and eth with what spare money I had after they came out off the bear market, so I didn’t get the lows but much much lower than now. We haven’t talked crypto in the house for a long time as I think the olds were a tad p1ssed at me (dad esp) but we all stuckwith the game plan. So I’m feeling quietly vindicated on crypto and gold (they bought some of that in 12 based on my investment). I probably don’t have enough crypto, but at least I’ve got some. Now I just have to make sure it’s enough to get me a place in whatever the world looks like going forward. I’m finding it fascinating this move in pricehas been kinda stealth and has not been driven by retail. Super interesting times!

  1. Two tips for Christmas:
    1) Forget the past, you can’t change it.
    2) Forget the present, I didn’t get you one.

  2. gold tried twice today to break through $1875 and got pushed down real fast. Looks like there is decent resistance at $1875.

  3. Vic must now be the place to holiday considering anyone who could has conga lined out of there today. Lots of Vic & QLD plates heading north along the coast & Hume Hwy. Heavy radar presence trying their revenue luck along the hwy too….. Fish while the fish are running I guess……

  4. The confinement:

    Trapped within four walls
    For months no succour was formed
    And as the sand slipped
    Insensibly back and forth
    I was stuck in that hourglass
    Much to many of yours

  5. happy valleyMEMBER

    Saw an article in the SMH today about Cormann and his current serenading trip around Europe to grease up for the OECD MD gig. Apparently being flown around Europe on a Falcon 8 jet from the RAAF fleet on the Strayan taxpayer tab presumably? FMD.

  6. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    We don’t have to stand up to them.
    We just have stop buying their goods and Stop selling them our productive assets and Real-estate.

  7. I wouldn’t take it too personally. How many countries does China currently have disputes with? – the US, Canada, South Korea, Japan, UK, EU, Australia, country [X] etc. We’re just one out of a long list. Their narrative is, we will no longer trade with country [X], and we’ll take our business elsewhere, then proceeds to quote the same list of countries less [X].

  8. Landlord tells us today that they’re selling up (lease ends December). Mid-north coast NSW. Market has been going gangbusters with WFH lifestyle change and retiring boomer types pouring in from Sydney. Rental market for similar properties (3/4 bed homes) is tighter than a fish’s @rsehole.

    House will be going on the market for offers between $690-$720k according to RE Agent. Landlord has offered us first dibs. It’s a 4/2/2 on 834sqm.

    A bit on the higher end of what I want to pay, but it’s a lovely house. Missus is very attached. Mid 30’s/early 40’s FHB with one child (no more thanks) on almost $200k income, so very good for the area. Secure jobs (me in NSW public Service, missus in veterinary industry).

    Problem is we don’t yet have 20% deposit (missus only started working again last year after staying home with the kid and then cancer treatment which slowed our rate of savings a fair bit). Current rent plus our current weekly savings is more than enough to cover P&I. There are also a few other properties for sale in the area at similar prices or less (certainly don’t need as big a block of land or 4 beds, but we’ve been here for 3 years so the convenience factor comes into play).

    If my asset and cash-rich retired parents can guarantee the deposit (they probably will, but I hate asking), I don’t see why we shouldn’t jump in.

    • Pressured buy/move unless you’re lucky enough to get an investor buying it (unknown) sucks a tad (been moved on twice myself in the past). Keep a clear head mate, timing not of your choosing….. In saying that if most ducks line up & you’re close to ready – Whether it’s the best of times, or the worst of times – Comes a time…..

  9. For all the Labor haters out there:

    We’re as close to a two party system as you can get, both parties can get up to some shifty stuff, both parties have puppet masters. Why is the LNP the best one to have in govt?

    Which one has the best chance at reform and future building?

    I just cannot see any way possible the LNP can ever do the country good or be good. Forget minor parties and independents, that argument has been had. We have a choice of the two majors, that’s it.

  10. Gav: insipid and successful, life is bright.

    Mig: worthless pile of garbage, but corporations can bleed a peddle.

  11. How can you ignore bitcoin? How many times has it lost 80% only to claw it back?

    Did I fckn blink? I ask you

  12. The f#cking Asians wearing masks don’t even speak English!!! Personal experience from the last 30 minutes

    I hate this city

  13. V_brancy bonaza on Q and A!!!!!

    But they accidentally admitted a non v_brant lover into the sparse studio audience!!!

  14. You think the Indian grannies death stare?
    You should see me when I tell these illiterate Asians to take the mask off