Live US election coverage

I’m watching Fox News live because it will tell us quickly if Trump is close enough to launch his coup.

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  1. Get a load of the Aussie Dollar!

    Is Biden bringing back Bob Rubin?
    Is Donald going to smother Jerome and replace him with Jared Kushner?

  2. It will be Biden of course but I really would like to it to be Trump to enjoy CNBC, woke tears would be epic

    • Don’t you think the ‘True American’ Jock tears would be even better?

      Imagine it being expressed through loud pickups and automatic rifles being fired at nerds! All organised through #igottadosomething and #USNationalists

      • Those are actually are not the jocks. Jokes are Dems. I don’t dare mention binary gender. Reference The revenge of the Nerds.

    • I haven’t watched that crap for years ……… will there be tears or cheers………… and the usual self-righteous garbage?

      • They are insufferable, I cant stand these woke idiots, even if Trump win I would not check them, I would have my barrels of woke tears full from MSNBC

    • C Diminished Chord

      Project is for aspirational middle class house wifes who think they are “woke” and ultra left leaning while they sit by the pool laughing at working class bogans who don’t get why nominating your preferred pronoun is the most significant factor in the world right now – apart from the fact she is being paid less than men on her $260k critical race theory advisor role at “the bank”.

      I know lots – and lots – and heaps of them.

  3. Democrats realise they will lose PA and FL:
    Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon: “We continue to have multiple pathways to 270 electoral votes” says they can win 270 even without PA and FL.

  4. Board up all those window panes
    board up those glass doors too
    set fast dial to 911
    Oh babe, get ready for heaven

    Rack up all those AR’s there
    belt up the M42’s &
    prepare your death stare

    Tonights the night
    Gonna be far right
    but ‘tifa’s gonna smash us
    ’cause all extremists
    have the same headspace

    Washington burns
    all the states do too
    righteous idealogues don’t want
    to hear each others view

    So keep your head down
    & let them at it
    all us in the centre
    not worth giving a shit

    Tonights the night
    Gonna be far right
    but ‘tifa’s gonna smash us
    ’cause all extremists
    have the same headspace

  5. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Trump’s Twitter meltdown when he realises he’s lost and has to face a 2021 reckoning will be epic.

    (I have a small glass jar to collect tears if he wins though)

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Either way Mass media Is going to be enormously entertaining over the next week.
      Gunna by meself an ectra case of beer and enjoy.

      • The msm can’t lose – if Biden (Clinton 2.0) wins then they’ll have simply called it. If Trump wins, contrary to the expectations that they’ve set up, then they can feed off the resulting turmoil that they’ve helped create.

        The MSM are the enemy of the people and simply can’t be trusted – nearly every narrative they push is false or contrived.

          • The problem is that many commentators that I respect in regards to their views and skepticism on economic and financial matters, swallow the ‘Legacy Media’s’ narrative hook, line and sinker in respect of other popular media narratives that they push. So while I am largely unmoved by the ‘legacy media’ they still influence me indirectly through their role in influencing other commentators.

            I don’t understand why the skepticism with msm narratives ends at the economic, I can only speculate that rightful skepticism is abandoned when the media echo the morals and values on a topic, that polite individuals have been taught from a young age to unquestioningly accept.

        • @ Stewie, what will the Legacy Media do if Trump loses? They will see their ratings plunge. There are people on MSNBC, CNN et al who have revived their careers using Trump. I suspect Carlson and Hannity will still have good ratings.

          • It was no lose for the media.

            If Biden won then they simply appear accurate. If Trump won then they will have laid the ground work in sowing the seeds of doubt as to his elected legitimacy and effectively setting the US up for another 4 years of political and social turmoil, as Americans lose faith in their electoral system…. which is working fine, as opposed to their media.

        • Sorry Stewie, but the following is rubbish:
          “If Trump won then they will have laid the ground work in sowing the seeds of doubt as to his elected legitimacy and effectively setting the US up for another 4 years of political and social turmoil, as Americans lose faith in their electoral system…. which is working fine, as opposed to their media.”

          The media will only be in a position to question Trump’s legitimacy if he is able to interfere with the counting of votes. If that doesn’t happen, like or lump it, his win is legitimate, no-one will have a sustainable argument.

          So far it’s Trump who has worked tirelessly to seed doubt about electoral legitimacy.

          • The media will only be in a position to question Trump’s legitimacy if he is able to interfere with the counting of votes. If that doesn’t happen, like or lump it, his win is legitimate, no-one will have a sustainable argument.

            So far it’s Trump who has worked tirelessly to seed doubt about electoral legitimacy.

            Unfortunately I agree, as I’ve written elsewhere tonight:

            For the record I watched that Trump speech where he implied he won – for a brief moment I thought he was going to stand back and allow the votes to continue to be counted instead of appealing to the court, but alas, I was wrong – I think this is a mistake. IMHO he doesn’t need to do this…

            Sadly he is playing into the narrative – he should have just stood back and allowed it to play out.

            At this point it is still speculation, so I’m not going to argue on what reality the media is going to settle on, or the actions that Trump or the Supreme Court will take.

            I don’t think the Supreme court will necessarily side with Trump, part of being conservative is an aversion to political or social adventurism, so they may well reject his appeals – I hope so, but at this point it is just speculation…. I’m just not sure that even if the court rejects his appeals and he still wins, that the msm will accept it or that it will become another “Russia” style distraction for the next 4 years.

        • Maybe you didn’t mean to imply what I think you have: ” IMHO he doesn’t need to do this…”

          Do you mean he didn’t need to do this because he would win and thus implying he should only attempt that if postal votes would cost him the election? I would have thought he shouldn’t, fullstop. Unless of course there was a truly legitimate legal reason to do so, for which there appears to be no evidence to support it.

          Btw, tonight isn’t the only time he’s called into question postal votes; he’s a serial offender in this area and has been for a long time.

          • I would have thought he shouldn’t, fullstop.

            That is my position – if he’d given the same speech and said he was going to stand aside and allow all votes to be counted I would have been pleasently surprised and it would have elevated him somewhat in my opinion. That he didn’t only suggests that he remains true to form.

            Don’t think I actually like the Trump – I never watched the Apprentice and I find his interviews and personality erksome. But just because I don’t like someone’s personal attributes, doesn’t mean I can’t put that aside to look at the substance of what he offers or what he offers in comparison to others. I reluctantly support Trump because I genuinely think the mainstream media are the biggest threat to the US and civil society than Trump, plus I thought Biden and his son we’re bigger crooks.

            You take choice you are given, not the one that you want – I would have chosen Tulsi Gabbard over Trump, but the media and the DNC ensured that the choice was going to be between Trump and Biden.

        • My choice was Bernie, though I’d have to admit I had to google her and from what I read I wouldn’t have argued against her. I never liked either Clinton and wasn’t a real fan of Obama.

          As to personal attributes, I don’t see how you can disregard them. Honesty for starters, morality (I’m talking his multiple sexual assaults), etc. To me they indicate the level of integrity that you have. For me, Biden would be a one term fill-in.

          • As to personal attributes, I don’t see how you can disregard them. Honesty for starters, morality (I’m talking his multiple sexual assaults), etc. To me they indicate the level of integrity that you have. For me, Biden would be a one term fill-in.

            Again don’t get me wrong – I have issues with those values, honesty, etc, in Trump, but I also see the same issues in Biden too, manifold times over, its just that I also see them being hidden by a polished professional political public persona and ignored or glossed over by a fawning msm media pushing for ‘their’ side as opposed to reporting fairly and neutrally.

            Regardless a lot has changed over night and it now looks as though Biden is going to sneak by with a win, so I was wrong and Trump lost. But go back to when I first called for a Trump win – in the face of calls for a Biden landslide. At the time I had nothing other than my maxim of ‘Every mainstream media narrative is false’ that lead me to think Trump was in for a chance, while the polls, the media, the commentators were all massively against him, saying it would be a Biden landslide.

            Even if Biden does eventually nut out a victory, I still feel as though my skepticism about the msm and the narratives they push is warranted.

  6. Why are you all looking for places to watch the wokeness breakdown and lose their collective minds in a Trump win when there will be plenty of bleeding from the eyes on MB? Both in DLS’s post election articles and the comments section. Trump is a [email protected] but he is still better than sleepy Joe and the Democrats lies and false narratives. Trump for the WIN! (Or the coup as it gets called around here)

    • Way to early to tell, and different network have different results, and PBS have Florida reporting at 77% with Biden 50.4 vs Trump 48.7.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Seems to be the consensus on Twitter too. Lots of early votes for Biden but the red wave of in-person voting expected to follow.

  7. Given the editorial licence and information control of election coverage by Twitter and Facebook.. I image there are a lot of lefties faced with a similar dilemma..
    Do you trust the media that has been claiming a victory for Biden for the last month, or check alternative and right leaning news sites that are tracking vote counting and not ‘feels’ for who will be president.

    That fox news is trusted for election day coverage but not for campaign coverage is fascinating.
    Next week, if they don’t go back to their usual data feed maybe some people will get to see some coverage of Bidens sons business dealings by reading news outside their echo chamber.. Crazy times indeed

  8. So the Fairfax sites look to be as up to date as anyone – they seem to be showing the same info as the US Fox News site.

  9. The amount of money being splashed ……….
    Kentucky (Pop 4.5m) just got called as a Republican win…. The Democrat Amy McGrath spent $70 m on her campaign.

  10. Current CNN tally Tump 37, Biden 30
    Current ABC tally Trump 97 Biden 203

    Denial may be a river in Africa, but Wokeness is a river in Australiam, and it flows through the ABC studios.

  11. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Texas is looking interesting. Maybe not so much for this election but certainly the trend would have to bother Republicans going forward, it is getting closer and closer.

    • Demographics.
      This is why an abortion ban makes no sense. The women getting abortions are not Republican voters.

      • Not just demographics. Plenty of mobile and rich dems are moving there (they fit the younger dem) because they are fleeing high tax counties in CA, turd on streets etc. The issue is they will turn Houston and other cities in Texas into the same thing. Amazing that they flee the results of their policies and voting preferences, but then try the exact same thing in the new place they go, like somehow the result will be different.

        • There is a reason why Democrats have been expelled from every country they’ve resided in for the past 2000 years.

  12. not sure if that s linked to US election but could be an hedge

    “Someone just moved almost $1 Billion in bitcoin (one of the biggest single transactions in BTC history) The most incredible thing is that the fee to do that…was $12.”

    $12 !!! I love BTC, I wish crypto could be used more widly LOL

    • People have been able to send millions or billions of dollars from one side of the world to the other for decades, there is nothing revolutionary about sending $1b to the otherside of the world.

      What is revolutionary is being able to send 5c to the other side of the world. BTC can’t do that – its only purpose and use is to hodl.

  13. Texas is super tight at about 50% counted. But the Don is pulling ahead as in person votes get counted in other states. Last 2 elections went Rep. so I think the Don has Texas.

  14. Trump needs North Carolina – with 70%+ counted and Biden having a 5% lead it is going to be tough for Trump to win this…

    • One of the sites was saying that NC, FLA and OH put in their pre-poll numbers as soon as possible so Biden would be expected to lead those states early (which he did). Trump has obviously won FLA quite comfortably so who knows how Ohio and NC go.

    • looks very tight in NC, but Trump will win that state. Real ones to watch are Pen and Ohio. Biden could have shot himself in the foot with the fracking talk. I read somewhere 1 million jobs are linked to it in PA.

  15. Such a big turnout this time – Biden already has more votes in NC and TX than Hillary did and they still have heaps left to count.

  16. If Trump steals Texas then it comes down to Pa where Biden still holds solid lead but it is early days in Pa. Plenty of opportunity for Trump to steal it.

    • he is stealing the odds too. 😁 Going downstairs to watch MSNBC – watching Rachel M cringe is truly priceless.

    • ABC news are so slow to react and report, odds are getting shorter and shorter for Trump 1.7 now.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          I think SportsBet were saying during the week they stood to lose $10m+ if Trump won.
          Presumably the wave of money this morning is scaring them more.

          • Interesting, they’re backtracking pretty quickly. Silly them for offering $2.5 in the first place on Trump.

            $1.28 now on Sportsbet…

          • “Why would they run a book like that?”

            Probably because they thought Biden was a total shoe in so have once again made a massive misjudgement.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            They run a book like that because everyone else does. Punters have access to so many books now; if they run a book too narrow they don’t get any action, too loose and they’re arbitraged up the wazoo.
            They’ve probably laid some of it in other markets too.

          • The90kwbeast

            They’ve hopefully been burned again.

            How long are they going to believe these bogus polls?

            Been saying Trump was way too long at over $3 sometimes.

            Not that I took it. I didn’t, it was just too hard to tell. When I compare it to $4 on storm I considered a near certainty, it just doesn’t compare.

            Either way…GGGOOOOO TTTRRRUUUMMMPP

            RobotSensei. good call.

            Tune into the Project for lots of long woke faces. It doesn’t get better.

  17. Trump has this in the bag, as I’ve been saying for weeks now. My USD/CNH long is doing ok at the moment.

  18. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    I don’t think there will be a winner today. Pennsylvania is going to be close close close. Ditto Michigan.
    There will be lawyers.

    • wow Trump mate.. Pa and Oh he is leading now. He is stealing all the states that he needs to steal in order to win.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Yeah the Trump bulldozer is slowly grinding to a win. Biden certainly hasn’t shown enough early votes to end any debate in those battleground states.
      This is going 2016 again.

  19. Joe may win but I don’t really see blue wave. I never saw blue wave to start with but at some point I started to think that Joe will get over the line. Now I see Don with a chance. If he gets over the line in Pa and Oh and from what I can see he is going to land Tx then I am not sure how Joe can win.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Nobody has won/lost a state they weren’t supposed to. But at the stage the polls have overcalled Biden again. Certainly the is no early break to reflect the supposed lead he had.

      But also: voter turnout great, no bollocks on the day. Election seems pretty fair. If that’s the way it goes, that’s the way it goes.

      • Dems were calling Va as a win until 1 hour ago. Now Trump has solid lead with 54% of votes counted. If Trump wins Va then Biden is in serious trouble.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Unless there is some massive wave of postal votes sitting out there (and I’m thinking 3:1/4:1 Dem/Rep split), this is as good as over in most swing states.

          • Big chunks of those postal votes are being counted already. So there are three lots:
            1. Early postal votes that gave Biden early lead almost everywhere.
            2. Today’s votes that allowed Trump to catch up and take lead in many states.
            3. Late postal votes that will favour Biden most likely. Problem for Biden is these are not many.
            If Trump builds enough lead in the states he leads those late postal votes will not make a difference.

    • C Diminished Chord

      I have no idea – but one thing is for CERTAIN the pollsters are now entirely out of touch. What was being put up on here for the last few weeks with a landslide to Biden is now just shocking in how far out of touch it was – and people were making such certain predictions.

      No idea – but how much does momentum carry in this election – Biden with the early votes and Trump with the in person votes ?

      I would like these elections to put up graphs with trend lines instead of tally’s.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Haha, yeah poorly.
      I hope out of this that the legal rubbish stays out of it, and that everyone can look back on it and go “well, there was record turnout, everyone who wanted to vote got to vote, the candidate who won the most electoral college votes is the president, that’st the decision, get on with it”. No need to go burning and vandalizing. You don’t always win in life. Build a bridge, sell your tears on eBay, etc etc.

  20. Hopefully DLS will now finally stop using those rubbish polls he has been referencing for months.

  21. Oh this is fun. Day trading that is….not the actual election result, which is going the way I’ve been thinking for awhile (Trump will win the electoral vote), although I reckon my wife’s prediction (Trump will win both electoral and popular vote) is firming even more!
    Can’t beat those deplorables….

    • “Can’t beat those deplorables….”

      Really? I thought the last time you mentioned he was going to win it was because he was going to cheat and steal the election through the courts:

      …Trump will win because of that last scenario – the death of RBG all but ensures a repeat of the 2000 Bush v Gore Supreme Court challenge.

      Honestly the only ‘deplorable’ attitude is looking down on people who see the world differently to yourself and thinking you are somehow morally superior to them because your contrived morals are continuously reinforced by a corrupt media class.

      Man Who Agrees With The Media, Universities, Corporations, And Hollywood Thinks He’s Part Of The Resistance…

      • Yes, Stewie, let’s clarify what I’ve been saying all along. A few days ago:
        Trump is going to “win” Hawkiss…aka he’ll steal it. You have to be Blind Freddy to not see this coming. Furthermore, I don’t have any faith that Americans can save their democracy. Its a kleptocracy now, through and through. The experiment is over.
        I’ll be shocked if he loses. Not shocked if he loses the popular vote though.

        I said this on the 28th of October:
        Trump will steal it, still sticking by that. Popular vote or electoral vote doesnt matter. He’s got it.

        I said this on the 20th of October:
        He’ll win by stealing it. I still haven’t changed my mind on that, as I just can’t trust the polls. Or the American voter.

        And this on the 7th of October:
        I’m still betting he will “win” in a stolen election. Can’t underestimate the fragility of the US political system.

        …and the 29th of September:
        The mirage has lifted on any chance of a Biden win – and with it any chance of the US coming back into the fold of western liberal democracies.

        The electoral college battle is over, Biden can only win about 32 more tonight to be at around 245. But that’s without a lot of postal votes to come forward after the election which could tip him over and swing currently “called” red states. But it won’t matter.
        Because given the current result as of now, Trump will declare a winner later tonight and try to stop any further counting. As he said all along.

        So, four more years for you Trumpists. Huzzah. Well done.

        • There is little to celebrate other than the repudiation of another fake media narrative.

          Both candidates sucked – but only one of them was supported by a corrupt media class, who went all in on trying to ensure their candidate got elected.

  22. I’m still waiting for DLS’s “NOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!” post. Still waiting…lol

    • Reading the lefty media outlet updates will be interesting. And yes, watching the project so we can all watch at how flabbergasted Waleed is.

    • C Diminished Chord

      The TyT (Young Turks) melt down last year was absolutely epic – just tuned in to Cenks live broadcast and he is going apoplectic.

      I really hate Trump – but the Dems condescending, virtue signalling wokeness just makes me vomit – the arrogance is off the charts.

      Its so horrific to see them squirm, but the Trumpeteers are going to be hard to accept if he wins as well.

      • I think the main issue here is that US Nationalism is out of the bag now. I think that’s the case whether Trump or Biden wins.

        The problem with it is that you don’t ‘notice’ it as a legal or democratic issue until the culture has shifted via a critical mass to faux-democracy, and it’s too late…

        Frogs boiling.

        • C Diminished Chord

          US has been the most ultra- nationalistic nation, the idea that it is a “Trump” thing is a left wing ruse.

          Just watched CNN claim the Trump votes proves the continued problems with white supremacists. Extraordinary levels of self delusion – it really does boggle the mind and it comes down to well intentioned left leaning morons thinking they are smart and have a better grasp on things simply because – they are left leaning.

          More idiots on the left right now than in all of Christendom.

          • Ultra nationalistic? I disagree. I don’t even think that about them now.

            I consider WW2 Germany and Italy to be ultra nationalistic, not the modern US.

            With respect, I also disagree that Trump is more of the same in this respect; I think he is brazenly different, and I it seems clear to me that most Americans feel the same way: either: ‘Yey! A Strong Man!’ (many GOP supporters currently); or ‘Oh crap, this guy is different and dangerous!’ (many Dem supporters at the moment).

      • Gosh I forgot to watch them, I was focused on MSNBC (but they are boring this year).Fox did a great job I would say.

  23. Commodities to Boom

    Trump’s won.

    The public has spoken.

    Deal with it.

    Your gaslighting did nothing just wasted your energy.

  24. this is funny.. an hour ago I went downstairs to make cup of tea and had a banana with my dog while listening to MSNBC. And this is what happened. As the guy that was going through all states on a map he showed Arizona where Biden was (and still is) leading so Rachel prevented him to move to another state and was forcing him to keep talking about Arizona.
    2 minutes ago I went downstairs to make coffee and as I walked in the room I hear Rachel “let’s go to Arizona” and until I was there all I was listening was Arizona.
    My advice, if you want to know where Arizona stands just switch to MSNBC.

    • C Diminished Chord

      I noticed this as well.

      The Trumpeteers are freaking out because Cali got called with zero votes – while Texas and Florida are Trump certs and still not called.

      The Arizona thing is astonishing though – every left wing channel is focusing on it.

      CNN WAPO journalist just declared the results are proof of that America is primarily made up of white supremacists – literally saying if you do not vote Biden you are a white supremacist.

      Other talking heads literally ignored the rant.

  25. So it looks like the only path left for Biden is to somehow come back in North Carolina and win Iowa, Wisconsin and Arizona.

    • But there aren’t many more states for Biden to win. My math caps him out at 240-250.

      270 needed. Will come down to Pennsylvania – where Trump is ahead.

  26. Nearly all the swing states are leaning to The Don. FL and TX are in the bag and I don’t know they haven’t been called. The Biden lead looks way ahead at the moment because they’ve included CA. That’s 55 college votes right there!

  27. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Whatever the outcome, please don’t let it be decided on postal votes in Pennsylvania. Some counties there are not counting postal ballots until Wednesday due to the number of people voting in person, so we won’t know the result until Friday. That will be a long 3 days..

    When you look at the result by polling precincts, it really is ‘two America’. You have places that are +50 Trump right along side places +50 Biden. Gerrymandering has gone way too far.

      • RobotSenseiMEMBER

        I heard the metro areas (around Philadelphia) have stopped counting for the night and won’t start again tomorrow. So we’re not going to get an answer for at least a day, it not longer.

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        The postal ballot is counted later, and they’ll be pro Biden. So the final result will be a lot closer.

  28. Off topic but here is some real world annecdata from Hellbourne.

    Just got an email from work. We are now onto the 16th release of funds from the staff support fund. Our local council owned company which doesn’t operate on a for profit but a cover costs and a little bit extra basis did not get JK, though we were closed down by the gov and have been so for the overwhelming majority of this year. So the local council has now released funds 16 times to support staff as apparently there were quite a few who didn’t get any gov support and others who got kicked off JS once the asset test was applied. Only one of our facilties has reopened. When the indoor facililty reopens there will be a negligible amount of shifts compared to pre-Covid. It’s a little reality check getting an email like that.

      • Yes. My head is exploding trying to cope with all the wildly differing directions things seem to be going in. Having said that, by mid next year I’ll have purchased my land to buy something on. I’ve finally given myself a hard deadline. I’ll worry about funding a building to put on it later.

  29. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Betting odds have gone weird again, Trump has gone from $1.40 to $1.77 with AZ news.
    Good luck to those of you who still have positions.

  30. one thing I can’t believe that I am still trying to come to terms is that Fox is least biased of them all. Fox is not hiding that they support Trump but are not nasty to Biden and to the Dems. On the other side rest of the channels are just openly hostile to anyone that supports Trump.

    • The left has been like this for quite some times now. It’s the major reason why political events have gone they way they have in recent memory (i.e. polls being completely incorrect).

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Not gonna lie, watching the Fox News coverage has been refreshing as they are just calling this as it’s playing out. They’ve got the same data every other pollster has.

    • Big corporations that donate to BLM who are they boarding up to protect their buildings from?

    • Niko,

      The thing that I am surprised about is there so far has been no reports of violence and rioting across the country. I fully expected that to start as early as Monday.

    • On the other hand: it would be easy to predict that they who are ‘winning’ are comfortable and nice; and they who are ‘losing’ are more anxious and less nice….

      From what I’ve been hearing and reading, it’s also more understandable as the different groups see the stakes differently:

      – the GOP / Trumpettes see the election as more of a culture war;
      – Dems and the voters see this as more of an existential threat to their very democracy.

      Hence, again, the respective reactions are, therefore, quite understandable – the Dems see that they are losing much more than just another election…the GOP are happy to retain or even increase power, and be able to swing the culture more their way again…

    • Tucker Carlson is clearly a Republican, but in the last two years i have found him the most refreshing. There is a reason he is killing everyone in the ratings. He will have anyone on the program and has had some great interviews with ppl like Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard for example. He also called out alot of Republican party warmongering on Syria and Iran.

      • RobotSenseiMEMBER

        I’ve watched their election coverage and this channel would be watchable if it was 95% this and 5% hyperbole; not the other way around.
        Matter of perspective I guess.

      • “launch a coup”

        lol 🤣

        Some people should be rightfully embarrassed with their lack of objectivity in regards to this election and their over reliance on the MSM in terms of gauging the real electorate position, simply because it accords with their own personal views…. “Every mainstream media narrative is objectively false until…”

    • C Diminished Chord

      Hence why PA closed all the polls. Trump has said every step of the way he would be sending in every lawyer in the country to PA as thats where the Dems will try it on.

      They need an absolutely ridiculous swing of 10% to win it – but if they do and that swing comes about tomorrow every Trumpeteer in the country will lock and load.

      Think they need to consider the reality that the CIA, FBI are going to get restructured and the Dems are going to be in for a hell of a ride.

      Hunter Biden must be in a Yurt somewhere in the Volhynia-Podillia Plateau by now – I would be.

  31. Mining BoganMEMBER

    One does wonder though if at any stage some senior Democrats thought to themselves “I wonder how Bernie would have gone…”.

    • blindjusticeMEMBER

      yep, or Yang or Warren or basically any other option.
      Was Biden really the best they could offer???

    • not one.

      they don’t want power. they want donor dollars…that big healthcare $ fears the burn.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      I said the moment the Dems picked Biden that they lost the election. You don’t beat Trump with Trump Lite.

      • I think the Dems just needed a white male that was somewhat charismatic and younger than Trump – probably would have been enough to win via personality cult voting.

        Dems (like Labor) need to learn that much voting these days is one one Class President style politics, not idealism (you try and do idealism once you’re already in…).

        Trump is a better Year 3 Class President than Biden.

    • Yeah, Biden wasn’t a good choice.

      They keep trying to have substance…don’t. Just say vague, patriotic things, have vague tokenistic promises that appeal to peoples’ egos and sense of entitlement to what they have or aspire to.

      As I’ve said before: School Class President.

      It’s not hard.

  32. Is anyone listening to Joe’s speech? Oh dear.. he syas he is going to win GA, PA, NC, MI.. he is dilusional. He is behind in all those states.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      To borrow from yesterday, he’s 10 lengths back at the main straight.
      Can he win? Sure. Will he win? Well…


      And fat Trumpos tweet.. Theyre winning BIG apparently. And the only way Biden will win is because they are gonna STEAL the election! Because they’re rigging the “Poles” don’t ya know.

    • “he syas he is going to win GA, PA, NC, MI.. he is dilusional”

      Maybe they plan on stealing it with some last minute shenanigans?

  33. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Biden wins Nebraska 2.
    He doesn’t need Pennsylvania anymore, just Michigan and Wisconsin.

    This is going to get ugly if the lawyers start getting involved.

    And lol: Twitter just blocked Trump’s tweet. Strap yourselves in, the election has just started.

  34. It seems as if Trump will be triumphant once again in 2020.

    Trump will not win the popular vote but seems to have the momentum to take enough swing states to get the required electoral votes (EV) to reach the required 270 EV to win.

    This is according to what I have seen on the Guardian website

    A few of the remaining swing states are a bit too close to be sure of this, so Biden is still in with a small chance.

    If Biden gets lucky enough to win then Kamala would take over from him during his term of office due to diminished mental capacity.

  35. I’m wondering what is going on in GA? Seems Trump is well in front, yet Democrats think they are going to win it? Can anyone shed any light?

    • It’s pretty close (about 120k votes) but there is still a bit of counting to do around the bigger cities where Biden is getting 60-70%.

      Also, I assume that there must be a bunch of prepoll or mail ins that maybe haven’t been counted yet.

      Would still be a long shot though. Betffair has Trump at 1.44 to win it which I guess is not no chance for Biden.

      • RobotSenseiMEMBER

        Yeah but that just shows where the money is.
        If any one of PA, MI, WI starts breaking for Biden, the money will flow thick and fast towards him.

  36. Spent several hours offline.

    The gloominess on the ABC (Aus) coverage that has replaced this morning’s woke smugness is quite striking.

  37. blindjusticeMEMBER

    Its a real dilemma, do I want to see woke tears or Trump throwing a tantrum losing?
    4 more years of trump entertainment or Biden going senile?
    Once civil war doesn’t break out it`ll be entertaining no matter what the result

  38. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Trump: “Keep counting in Arizona”
    Also Trump: “Election being stolen, stop counting!”
    Red wave, blue postals, we’re going to court!

  39. Trump states clearly that he wants legitimate vote counting to stop, since he’s technically over the line to win the electoral college (if you announce all results right now), but before the millions of postal votes come in.
    “We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we did win this election.

    “So our goal now is to ensure the integrity for the good of this nation, this is a very big moment, this is a major fraud on our nation. We want the law to be used in a proper manner.

    “So we’ll be going to the US Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any ballots at 4:00 in the morning and add them to the list, OK?

    “It’s a very sad — it’s a very sad moment. To me this is a very sad moment. And we will win in. As far as I’m concerned, we already have won it”

    I. TOLD. YOU. SO. Stewie Griffin et al….

    • To be fair just because he mentioned going to the courts over the mail in votes doesn’t necessarily mean he was going enacting a coup – I was watching Planet America: USA Votes Special last night (yes it may surprise you that the ABC and SBS are still the main TV news sources that I watch) they put forward some legitimate reasons why an objective commentator could have concerns over the mail in votes.

      Anyhow it is a moot point – it is increasingly looking like we were both wrong and Biden will win, which I’m sure will make you very happy. Me? I honestly don’t think it will make any difference long term, the black pill I have swallowed see’s both parties as being either side of the same coin, with neither capable of preparing us for what truly lies ahead as we slide down the other side of the resource abundance curve.

      My calling Trump to win was always and solely predicated on the media’s ‘overwhelming blue wave’ and Biden landslide narrative that the media has been running with non-stop for 6months and which I believed was false:

      “The contrarian in me demands me to come out and call it – Trump will win this election. There is a slim possibility for an even worse result, that it may result in another hung election, with accusations of vote rigging and illegal voting, etc, but imho the narrative pushed by the media is false, and the real underdog is Biden.”

      When I first made that call I had nothing other than my maxim of ‘every mainstream media narrative is false’ that lead me to think Trump was in for a chance, while the polls, the media, the commentators were all massively against him, saying it would be a Biden landslide.

      Even if Biden does eventually nut out a victory, which it looks likely that he will do, I still feel as though my skepticism about the msm and the narratives they push has been vindicated.