Labor can’t possibly see China Joel as the answer, can it?

Then again. Anything is possible in the age of stupid. Via the AFR:

According to those present, Monday night’s shadow cabinet meeting was the most explosive many have witnessed.

Anthony Albanese and now-backbencher Joel Fitzgibbon were “going hammer and tongs” over climate change policy, so much so that everyone else “was looking for a hole to climb in”, said one.

“It was f—ing big,” said another. “The worst I’ve ever seen”.

Coalition cheerleader, The Australian, couldn’t wait to make more of it:

Joel Fitzgibbon’s resignation from Labor’s frontbench sets the scene for a leadership challenge before the next election.

The key messaging from Fitzgibbon on Tuesday morning was strategic and damaging for Anthony Albanese, who has failed to control his Left faction MPs on climate change and energy policy.

The Hunter MP, and national convener of the Right faction, says Labor can’t do anything on climate change unless it wins elections. And the only way to win, was to present policies that appealed to blue collar workers in Queensland and Western Australia.

Not only is Fitzgibbon a climate troglodyte and self-serving Hunter Valley hack, but he’s also as dirty as they come on China, from a decade ago:

PRIVATE records of a Chinese-Australian businesswoman close to former defence minister Joel Fitzgibbon indicate he received substantial payments as part of a campaign to cultivate him as an agent of political and business influence.

The confidential papers of businesswoman Helen Liu contradict claims last year by Mr Fitzgibbon and his father, former Labor MP Eric Fitzgibbon that they had no financial or business relationship with Ms Liu.

Mr Fitzgibbon resigned from Cabinet last June after it was revealed his brother, NIB Health Funds chief Mark Fitzgibbon, had used his office to lobby for defence health contracts.

The minister’s political standing had already been weakened by his failure to disclose that he had accepted two first-class flights to China bankrolled by Ms Liu, a wealthy entrepreneur with high-level political and military contacts in Beijing. He was also renting his Canberra residence from the Liu family.

The documents obtained by The Age show Ms Liu recorded her 1997-98 payment of 850,000 Chinese yuan approximately $150,000 at the then current values to Joel Fitzgibbon under the heading “money paid including expenses and gifts”.

If the NSW right thinks Joel Fitzgibbon or coal or China cheerleading is the answer to their problems then they literally have rocks in their head. Both the China relationship and Australia’s coal shipments to it are doomed via global decarbonisation and decoupling.

No doubt, Labor needs to recapture some QLD seats to win. But the turn to the Coalition in that state is not coal-led. It is an afterthought.

What drives QLD most is a nationalist identity that is fed up with city-slickers telling them what to do, fed up with southern cockroaches telling them what to do, fed up with globalism, fed up with open borders and fed up with mass immigration. Climate change and coal had hardly featured in the One Nation manifesto until recent years. QLD elected “climate change moral challenge” Kevin Rudd in a landslide.

We all know that the NSW right loves a China bribe more than most but if it thinks that will get its man elected then it has truly, madly and deeply lost the plot.

Probably, this is all just muckraking at Murdoch.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Agreed. Look at the recent Qld election. A lot of the libs were surprised at how many ON and PUP voters went back to labour not the LNP. Reducing their anger and disillusionment to “coal” just goes to show how out of touch both sides are with regional Australia.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      “the only way to win, was to present policies that appealed to blue collar workers in Queensland and Western Australia.”
      Not much concern about blue collar workers in any safe ALP seat.
      Only the swing ones.
      Both the majors take their base for granted.
      That’s why they are both polling at all time lows (percentage of vote) on election days.

  2. Bill Hayden 1983 “I believe a drover’s dog could lead the Labor Party to victory the way the country is”
    Fitzgibbon could well be to the ALP as what Bill Hayden called it a “drovers dog” or worse, possibly a BA Santamaria
    Problem with the ALP is all those hipster inner city eco warrior types they have are just as bad as the neo classical economists inside the LNP.
    Both groups are quite prepared to throw the blue collar workers of Australia on the scrapheap. You get side show rhetoric distraction statements about jobs in emerging technologies, innovation etc, but zero substance from any of them delivering.

  3. TheLambKingMEMBER

    There is no coal export industry after 2030. It is to do with Climate Policy, but mostly it is basic economics. Labor need to explain to QLD that they have a transition plan and the LNP will hang them out to dry with their denial.

    • So the world has stopped making steel after 2030? Coal is not just coal to burn for power stations don’t forget.

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        So the world has stopped making steel after 2030?

        My key point was ‘export industry’. Yes, people will still be using coal. Yes coking coal will be the last hold out (probably) – but most of the big users have their own supply of coal so won’t need much of ours. And like RTM said there will be other ways to make steel. By 2030 there will be so much excess power during the day that hydrogen will be much cheaper than importing coking coal.

        Coal is a stranded asset. Banks didn’t pull out of financing fossil fuel because they are good corporate citizens!

    • Labor will never explain it properly to mere Queensland voters, it’s beneath their dignity. Instead, they expect Queensland to swoon in ecstasy, at the very mention of the Garnaut-Guardian-Murphy nirvana of “net zero emissions” and “Australia energy superpower”. To add insult to injury, would Queensland also like a a new serve of mass migration with that?

      Whatever odds SportsBet has for Morrison for 2022, take it now, he can only shorten, as it were. Probably the best alternative for Labor is still Chalmers, who is less useless than the Empty Chair, but I doubt he could win either.

  4. Nil talent on the ALP side of the chamber either.

    Maybe they could also get their energy policy out of the 1980’s and put nuclear power on the table?

    • …and a eviscerated public sector. All politicians are policy sock puppets. Government puppet mastery has been sub-contracted to KPMG, yet who exactly is Drool Fitz-a-gibbon relying upon for his policy advice? His own native talent and deft skill as an automotive electrician? Or perhaps the Liu family think tank?

  5. Anastacia shut the borders and the voting public loved her for it while the rest of the country lost their ‘nana over it.

    Pretty obvious blueprint.

  6. I'll Stir Fry You in My WokeMEMBER

    try again
    mind boggling that joel the gibbon is taking valuable oxygen when labor could be going after tudge and porter

    • Each side has their dumbass, mouth-breathing, knuckle dragging Neanderthal members. It’s just that Labor has fewer of them.

  7. PaperRooDogMEMBER

    So do our spooks regularly do bug sweeps, NBN gateway router checks etc in politicians rented houses, especially those rented from friends of the CCP?

  8. Fitznicely is from the Hunter where there’s lots of coal miners, and they no doubt bash his ear about the importance of mining coal. Because he’s a Very Dumb Bulb (like most politicians) he’s incorrectly extrapolated these views to the rest of the country. Stupid eh, but what can you do?

    If only Australia had a loyal opposition that represented the views of lots of Australians, and was honest and competent.

    His point about their views being irrelevant if they don’t win gummint is correct, he just doesn’t understand how to win gummint. Neither does anybody else in the ALP though, so they’ll never win gummint and this, as he says, is all irrelevant, just like the ALP as a whole.

  9. He really is a turd who should be expelled from the ALP, but if he can get rid of Albo and have Chalmers installed as leader, all will be forgiven. Albo is hopeless.