Jacinda Ardern junks Trans-Tasman travel bubble

The emergence of a COVID-19 cluster in South Australia (see next chart) has persuaded New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, to scrap the proposed Trans-Tasman travel bubble.

From The Guardian:

Australia and New Zealand are tackling the pandemic with slightly different strategies, leading to an impasse over a border reopening.

Australia is pursuing a suppression strategy, which involves locking down hotspots where cases reach a certain threshold, but New Zealand’s elimination strategy does not allow for the same risk tolerance.

“What’s happening in South Australia only further reinforces the importance of having a good understanding of how Australia intends to manage their internal borders when there are outbreaks,” Ardern said.

“If they have an outbreak but they are instituting strong border controls, then it’s manageable. But if they have a tolerance level for community transmission that’s higher than ours, then it is problematic.

“What this underscores is why it’s so important that New Zealand has not rushed into this.”

I’m not sure what Jacinda Ardern is referring to here.

The outbreak in South Australia was born by failed hotel quarantine and has led to the state being cut-off from the rest of Australia, alongside tightened restrictions. New Zealand experienced a similar hotel quarantine failure and outbreak in August:

Australia also has only 41 active local cases – a drop in the bucket for a nation of nearly 26 million people. And before the South Australian outbreak, Australia went a whole week without new local infection:

By comparison, local infections continue to simmer in New Zealand:

Australia’s and New Zealand’s approaches are more or less identical and equally successful in suppressing (but not eliminating) the virus.

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  1. NZ still getting imported cases and botch-ups going on…

    Meanwhile, I flew to Singapore overnight. The flight was virtually empty and of the few onboard, only 3 people entered Singapore. A surreal experience being at Auckland and then Changi with the place almost empty.

      • YeH. Auckland airport was largely closed, but even so, only one shop was open and I ended up buying a drink at a vending machine. That didn’t really shock me. I expected it.

        What I didn’t expect was Changi T3. There were a handful of people coming in and changing flights but essentially zero people coming into Singapore. Off a full Dreamliner, three people entered Singapore. What’s worse, their system to process arrivals was shambolic. Totally un-Singaporean.

        In NZ, the media – all either government owned (Radio or TVNZ) or reliant on government handouts (Stuff/Herald, TV3) feed you constant bullshit propaganda about how things are fine – even booming – and it’s total crap.

        • New Zealand – is rooted.
          Lost in their own little bubble.
          And any nation gullible enough to buy the Ardern spin and actually give a majority to Marxist government deserves what’s coming.

          That Michelle Obama like tobacco pouch like bump in Jacinda’s lower lip grows every day – as she lies, gulps and then pushes her elongated rat like front teeth down into her lower gums.

          The New Zealand economy contracted 12.2% in the June quarter – the largest drop ever since records began in 1987.

          As everyone know, New Zealand only sells 2 things.

          1. Passport stamps to the third world so they can be trafficked into Australia on the SCV racket.

          2. Milk powder to Chinese – where it’s marketed as the ‘white persons secret powder’ for straighter longer limbs, rounder eyes, less flat faces & a whiter skin. I kid you not. New Zealand milk is preferred by the Chinese to Australian, US or European milk as those other countries have too many coloured people, so their cow milk isn’t ‘as white’. Just like you buy the ridiculously fake claims of A2 milk being healthier, or Omega 3 milk for smarter children’s brains..

          NZ milk powder used to be pig food before the Chinese market was established in racial & evolutionary benefits of this wonder product (despite the Asian lactose intolerance and that it makes most Asians vomit or gives them diarrhoea..)

          👉So just wait until the Chinese figure out that NZ milk powder is the root cause of their national ‘little fat emperor obesity’ issue and the explosion of Type 2 diabetes in up to 47% of Chinese now.

          “China is facing the largest diabetes epidemic in the world, with around 11 per cent of its population suffering from the metabolic illness and 36 per cent pre-diabetic, according to studies. Jun 28, 2017

          Because diabetes… is a particularly strong co-morbidity precursor in death from the China Virus.

          And their China virus will eventually overflow back into China, no border control will stop it and overwhelm the Chinese.

          In the meantime, everywhere else in the world, the spread of the China virus by the Chinese into Iran, Europe and the US, is now global and compounding.

          60 million ‘officially infected’ but the WHO says over 300 million or 4% of the world are or have been infected. And an effective low cost mass Vaccine well over a year away.

          And despite all this…

          Australia still hasn’t learnt or addressed the basics in the Chinese Virus transmission, incubation and community spread.

          90%+ of the virus infected will be migrant traveller and then the illegal or transitory migrant guestworkers living and working illegally in a host country.

          90%+ of the dead will be elderly citizens infected and killed by that migrant transmission.

          Pretty simple stuff.

          As example:
          The Adelaide outbreak that now threatens border closure and a SA lockdown.

          It was an Indian virus outbreak.
          Specifically an Indian migrant guestworker carrying the Chinese virus into the Australian community.
          To threaten & kill elderly Australian citizens.

          👉🏾An Indian Cash in hand worker picked it up the Chinese Virus in quarantine hotel cleaning (and that Indian suspected of handling some personal items of the original source an infected traveller – to get infected)

          👉🏾The Indian then spread it around to the other Indians also working cash in hand illegally.

          👉🏾These Indians in turn then infected the medical centre, the fast food and the wider community.

          The Indians lied or mislead their identity, as they were working illegally cash in hand, and they actively defied any contact tracing or testing.

          👉🏾Just like the Melbourne migrant cash in hand worker faux security guards.

          Melbourne outbreak.
          TR migrants organised into fake ID cash in hand labour rings – infected by incoming migrant, who spread the Chinese virus into our public housing slums – our taxpayer funded housing found to be infested with migrants on visa pretexts, living in illegal sub let cash in hand bunk share.

          Now did Australia learn anything here?

          That’s 2 states in a Chinese virus outbreak spread by transient migrant illegals.

          90% or more of the Virus infected are so called ‘travellers’ or returning non Australian foreign nationals coming in on a PR. Chinese & other Asians, Indians & Bangla fleeing their third world hell hole third & sneaking back into Australia to suck up our welfare.

          Then in quarantine – they spread their virus to cleaner or food services workers, often working cash in hand & falsified identities.

          And then those Indians and Asians or middle eastern then go into our aged care to do the bedpans, cleaning, fast food, Uber, Deliveroo, petrol stations, public transport and other or vectors to infect Australians.

          Killing our old and vulnerable Australians.
          90% of the deaths are elderly Australians.

          When are Australians going to get virus reporting statistics like the US or UK provide:

          Age, sex, physical description.
          Infection transmission chain.
          Name & pseudonym’s.
          Places visited or worked dates & hours.
          Ethnic origin, country of origin
          Citizenship or Visa category

          That’s what needs to be reported so it becomes obvious what the problem is.
          Stop all migrant intake
          Force testing & cleansing of the migrant slums.
          Repatriation / forced deportation of at least 2 million migrant guestworker TR / SCV who are foreign national, mostly on pretext visas and a social, economic and now a national bio security risk.

          • greedypuppyMEMBER

            Are you writing speeches for Malcolm Roberts? Having encountered a few Marxists over the years I can assure you neither Jacinda or her labour party are …but don’t let facts get in the way

          • You need to add that Flinders university had to close their Intensive English Language Institute from Covid positive cases. More fuel for the fire!!

          • Are you writing speeches for Malcolm Roberts? Having encountered a few Marxists over the years I can assure you neither Jacinda or her labour party are …but don’t let facts get in the way

            When you’re that far right, even a boring Centrist looks like a commie.

          • @greedypuppy
            Jacinda Arden political ideology.
            Morrisonville communist family influences and then young Labour Party organiser.
            Then a ‘researcher’ for Helen Clark NZ left wing.
            Then UK Tony Blair left faction wing back office.

            Elected the President of International Union of Socialist Youth.
            The international union of socialist youth (IUSY) states its core ideology and beliefs are Orthodox Marxist Socialism also known as Communism.

            She has been described as Marxist in the media and colleagues & does not refute the description.

            Then Deputy leader of the hard left (Marxist) faction of NZ Labour Party.
            Made Labour leader in 2017, did not secure the majority vote but formed an alliance with the Greens and with Winston Peters, on his last legs and desperate to go out in a senior government role – the minority left wing Marxist led coalition given power.

            Describes herself as a ‘socialist progressive’


            Like I said – any nation that is silly enough to vote a Marxist led government into power deserves what it gets.
            Behind her rat face gulping out the lies and playing the gender & woke card is a very ugly champion of 1960’s style Marxist socialism that the New Zealand people will ultimately reject..

    • Yeah I agree. It’s frggn hilarious.
      All that talk about opening borders and turning on the taps of immigration “ANY MINUTE NOW”…. and we can’t even open borders to NZ a whole 8 months into this. Meanwhile states have closed borders to one state again.
      It feels good to know scotty will not be enjoying this.

      • “It feels good to know scotty will not be enjoying this.”

        This. Must be like death by a thousand cuts for that gormless slob and his handlers

        • chuckmuscleMEMBER

          Love it. I have a good laugh now as well when I read stuff like this. Interstate borders not being open is on of the least of this countries growing list of concerns. But I want my Port Douglas holiday!!!!

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        He’s taken Shark 1 for a spin to Japan (a bit like a Hawaiian holiday), so what’s happening back here is not probably front of mind. Plus Scotty The Impaler at 66% popularity and Gladys Gold Standard at 75% mean you can easily fool most punters 99% of the time.

  2. Many New Zealanders have become disenchanted with Ardern, very quickly.
    From the Jacinda of old; “Go hard’ Go early!’ on Covvid19, to the compassionate example shown to us after the mosque tragedy, we now see a Political Jacinda Ardern on our front pages and in front of the camera, and those who voted for her former self, are deserting her in droves.
    “It’s not my problem; I can’t do anything about that” seems to be her current catch-cry.

    • NoodlesRomanovMEMBER

      If only there was some democratic process held in October that these droves of deserters could have made themselves known.

    • Its no different to the last 3 years. All talk, zero action. Every promise broken – which is why she didnt make any this time round. If people want a talking head as PM while the country falls apart around her, so be it. They will get what they voted for. Meanwhile she is going to pump more free money into housing, so instead of a holiday, spend your time flipping houses. Much more productive.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        Reprise Scotty The Impaler, but what about the Game of Mates – is she big on that, because The Impaler is?

    • … isn’t it more like “yes we’re looking into that” and “we have been acting in line with our protocols” – which seems to change constantly. I don’t detect that people have become disenchanted with her, yet. But they will.

    • greedypuppyMEMBER

      yeah Janet -that high level of disenchantment was evidenced in the election 4 weeks ago -where even conservative country folks gave their party vote to Adern 4 to 1

  3. LOL – the bigger the sunk cost investment in lockdown, the greater will be the incentive to maintain it at all costs.


    ‘Staggering’ interest in Auckland property as Trade Me’s latest figures highlight skyrocketing prices … TVNZ


    … extract …

    … Trade Me Property spokesperson Logan Mudge said there continues to be strong demand for property in the region, with listing views up a “staggering” 22 per cent on 2019.

    “From what we are seeing, record low interest rates and the need for more space appear to be fueling the market in the region,” Mudge said.

    “After two lockdowns this year, Aucklanders appear to be in a race for space, with many Kiwis reconsidering their lifestyles and looking for bigger homes.”

    Those bigger homes, with more than five bedrooms, saw the largest jump in average asking prices, up 13 per cent to $1,534,350 in October, while smaller one to two bedroom units saw the average price rise 4.5 per cent to $641,450.

    “Supply simply isn’t meeting demand in the region with the number of properties on the market up just four per cent on October 2019,” Mudge said. … VIEW & READ more via hyperlink above …

    … as housing becomes increasingly unaffordable … Interest Co NZ updated Median Multiple Table for October … Auckland now a staggering 10.1 times annual household incomes ! …

    Median Multiples … Interest Co NZ