How FriendlyJordies turned incredibly creepy

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Former prime minister Kevin Rudd says controversial Labor YouTuber FriendlyJordies should be treated as a serious journalist and has defended working with the satirist, as NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay appeared to distance herself from him after a week of stunts and off-colour remarks.

…Shanks’ remarks on his podcast a fortnight ago about the persecuted Uighur Muslim minority in China’s Xinjiang region, an estimated one million of whom are detained in camps.

“The reason the Uighur population is detained is because they’re causing trouble. That is actually the reason,” Shanks said, claiming they had been radicalised by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Jordies starred recently in a CCP propaganda video which is even more disturbing given they just lifted his material as is:

At times, MB has loved FriendlyJordies piss takes. His material on the corruption of the Australian political system and the war on youth is first class.

But this capitulation to Labor is not journalism. Just as what Murdoch does these days is not journalism. Both are fake news and propaganda.

It’s hard to measure whether Labor is as corrupt as the Coalition. But it’s certainly close when we consider its state branch’s history with property and resource interests. When we add its horrible relationship with the CCP it is almost certainly worse than the Coalition right now. And that is saying something because today’s Coalition is as bent as any party I can remember.

FriendlyJordies going to bat for Labor and the CCP today is the vlogger version of useful idiocy. It’s a great tragedy for a once-great pioneer turns into the very thing that he once fought against.

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  1. I think he is a Rudd stooge. That’s my guess.
    Ruddy currying favour in Beijing by pushing these messages through a mouthpiece in oz? Still trying to become UN Secretary General?

    • He will never stop. His ego is too large.

      It’s amazing that he thinks he’s qualified for a position of world leadership. Dog help us all.

    • Why does the media pay any attention to Mr Rudd.
      The time he lost his shit at an RAAF officer because they didn’t have a blow dryer for his hair says everything you need to know about this Labor party hack.

    • FJ had respect from all Australians but was to ideologically possessed and or Dumb to read the situation on chyna… it makes wonder if all his content comes from the same ideologically possessed place.

      • Ugh on the projections …. and the suggestions of being ideologically captured … by purists of a different view.

        A. He is a kid cutting his teeth that has dramas with massive corruption – private or public E.g. LNP are the king of the hill for quite some time, ALP is a bunch of amateurs in comparison.

        B. the same dynamics that some fat finger China over have been transpiring for yonks with septics – including social views or have you not noticed.

        C. I now direct your attention to what is happening is septic land and ask if that is your preference, not that means Oz has to genuflect to China or anything.

          • Where do you think we get our media notes and M.O. from … largest export from the septic land for yonks … biggest line item on C-corps balance sheet …. factual based information for people to used in life not …

            Commodity people hustling each other in a rat race to grasp the brass ring or miss the boat and be destitute for life … its like a freight train …

          • Well done, clowns. Did anyone read what I said? Most US media is turd, but there are some bright spots. Australia is the most feeble-minded media – at least in the English-speaking world.

            Strayan media was always more opinion over fact. The US seems to have caught up to the UK and Aus in that respect.

  2. regeag gaegagaga

    he has been on the labor party take for a long time now, he talks about his ambitions to make lots of $$$$ and not have to work very much any way he can on his other channel, where he’s a lot more candid about himself

  3. The Uyghur is causing trouble because they’re living in an open prison while the Chinese government destroys their culture and religion. That being said, the ‘CIA plot’ have some truth to it. A lot of Uyghur separatist was released from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

    Former ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was also an ex-prisoner of Guantanamo Bay. The CIA released him to cause trouble in Syria for Assad, but the ISIS focused on Iraq instead, and the rest is history.

    After what happened in Iraq and Syria, for the West to say they care about the persecution of the Uyghur Muslim is outright hypocrisy.

  4. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    He’s lost me if he doesn’t acknowledge his failings and repent on his advocacy of the CCP

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Authoritarian regimes love playing silly buggers with their naming.
        Just look at the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or the German Democratic Republic Or all those Western Plutocracies that claim to be Democratic.
        I suppose the Chinese should be complimented for not Bastardising the term Democracy.

    • Trump was a know quantity from before he ran for president, albeit after Bush Jr [I know who my base is fame] energized the Evangelical/Dominionism/cough Pat Robinson crowd to push his political aspirations [echos of scooter (pardoned by Trump IMO)] El Trumpo has become the new icon of ***the light*** Captains pick.

      Yet at as of not long ago the moderate republicans aka corporatist democrats have attempted to rewarm or rehabilitate Bush Jr image so they can bring them back into the fold, not going to happen now the prophecy has been updated ….

      Remember … Rapture is a good thing …

  5. I’d go the otherway and say you guys have gone soft ( what, with seeing everything in other media before its posted here ) and he’s picking up from most other mainstream media, which have really dropped the ball.

    you guys have been out in your own area but he’s moving well ahead, in his space…

  6. Imagine if someone said people of a particular colour deserved to be locked up because they made trouble. The lunatic left would make sure you lose your job and all future prospects.

    The left truly are sick and twisted trying to justify imprisoning millions of people in concentration camps for the crime of not being Han Chinese.

    • How are the Han a bunch of lefties anymore than the Anglophones that pushed west and what occurred for the crime of not being Anglophone.

      PS. the whole ME debacle since boarders were arbitrarily established post WWI and that one special case.