God bless America (because Australia’s MSM sure won’t)

Joe Biden is likely to win a close-fought US election. It is no great surprise to see the race tighter than expected. Trump is a formidable campaigner in the final days and Democrats were seriously hamstrung by their sense of responsibility regarding the virus. The senate was always going to be close.

Most importantly, US democratic institutions are holding up under a sustained assault from a would-be dictator and con man. The White House is making the absurd argument that states in which Trump is ahead stop counting of votes while they keep counting where he is behind.  There are no voting irregularities of substance reported. The Supreme Court will not help El Trumpo.  The Republican Party and media have largely hosed off his tantrum.

It is relatively rare for US presidents to be voted out after one term, having happened only five times. This is particularly pointed as we look around Australia today where the advantages of incumbency are obvious during a crisis. That Americans have tossed Trump on a record turnout because of his virus mismanagement is a great sign that its democracy is still capable of delivering engaged and rational results.

There’ll be ongoing information wars. The virus remains rampant and will make this worse. It has left deep psychological scars that are leading normally rational people down Facebook rabbit holes. Congressional seats largely sustained the Republican vote so ongoing deadlock is assured.

Looking forward, the Biden Administration has a policy platform to begin to turn the underlying drivers of US division around as he addresses inequality, albeit hamstrung by a Republican senate, though that may not be a bad thing either if they can work together constructively. There is some sign of that as the stimulus debate resumes.

I’ve read the broader Australian commentary on the election today and it is too nauseating to recount. Facts are overwhelmed by dumb self-righteousness and toxic identity politics. A plaintive lack of faith in the world’s greatest democracy underpins it all. As if our recent record of serial PMs, backstabbing and corruption gives us the right. As if the preservation of democracy itself is not always a fight.

At the extreme end of this is Hugh White who declares US power dead (presumably after a heavy drinking session):

So whatever the outcome, this election has grave implications for Australia. Economically, it means America will not regain its old place as a key engine of globalisation, innovation and economic growth. The slide from free trade to protectionism will continue, and the reforms required to rebuild globally competitive manufacturing will not happen.

China’s economy will overtake America’s to become the largest in the world on any measure, and it will continue to erode America’s technological lead. US leadership of the key international economic institutions will not be restored. Increasingly, China will set the rules and norms that govern the global economy. None of this is good news for us.

The strategic outlook is even worse. America’s global leadership faces major trials in Europe and the Middle East, but it confronts its greatest challenge in east Asia, where China seeks to take its place as the dominant regional power.

What drivel. Such inevitability is more reminiscent of CCP propaganda than analysis. The US is not going to abandon its Pacific backyard no matter what happens in politics. It makes no strategic sense to do so. Consider, America can keep China at arm’s length via the bulwark of its democratic proxies or it can fight it on its own borders. It makes so much strategic sense to do the former that it will continue whether we like it or not (thankfully we mostly do despite our whinging).

Today’s US election is a fight in which the forces of good are so far prevailing and it appears that they will do so in the end. So long as good people support the cause.

Cancel the Australian media on that front.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Indeed. Bring on the spending and let’s get the Dollar done.

    Let’s hope Trumpus has a change of heart and decides to concede.

        • PaperRooDogMEMBER

          Yes, it;s working well enough. I was more thinking about the complexities of their system and that each state has a different set of laws/rules etc. Though their whole system is a bit messed up (like ours) with the adversarial sort of politics that seems to develop with only two possible winners, most evident in their hatred of “socialism” by so many Americans when in fact they desperately need a bit of it (something like Australia has) & it would likely make the US better off overall. There are better examples of democracy such as in Australia, NZ etc

          • I don’t think that they are better examples of democracy. They are simply places that suit your politics better.

        • The people are divided, but the system actually works.

          I wouldn’t say it’s the worst in the world, but the system itself clearly has some fundamental issues that need addressing when the basic processes of casting and tallying votes are made difficult, called into question, and actively politicised.

          Lining up for hours and hours to cast a vote (especially on a working day – another problem that needs fixing) should not be considered acceptable, let alone normal, to say nothing of genuine concerns that postal votes would not arrive in time to be considered.

          The mechanics of executing an election should not be difficult, nor should the integrity of votes be realistically questionable, and calling any of it into question without seriously hard evidence should make someone a pariah.

          • right on the mark.

            They can send spacecraft out beyond our solar system, but can’t run an election in a manner to keep it free of political interference.

          • They’re in the middle of a hideous pandemic. What were you expecting. A direct internet vote. And seriously Dennis – get your hand off it.

          • It actually went better than I thought it would.

            These are long running issues. Those comments (with the possible exception of the excessive politicising) have applied since at least 2000.

          • I think it generally runs pretty smoothly. My experience in New York is that a voting booth is easier than the handwritten method here. The place is 50 different jurisdictions.

          • kodiak,

            what’s the internet or the pandemic got to do with it? I said they can’t run an election in a manner that stops the likes of Trump from attempting to interfere with the election in the manner he is. His behaviour is what you’d expect of a 3rd world dictator, you couldn’t pull that stunt here and it has nothing to do with the number of votes or how long it takes to count them. All appearance is of a bastardised process that will enable him to dispute it in court, regardless that he would likely lose the action.

    • Your doubts resonate with me, but look what the Greens did when they knocked off the Aus Climate deal when they chased absolutism. Nothing.

      I’m a 30 something we need to be more pragmatic.

      • You mean the bad “climate deal” that Rudd didn’t even try to discuss with the Greens until the last second, and has since been shown would have achieved basically nothing ?

        Or you mean the much better one 2 years later that was successfully negotiated between Gillard and the Greens, then passed ?

        Wanting something that actually works isn’t “absolutism”.

        • my toranaMEMBER

          Exactly I have it straight from that Greens office that Rudd never sought to negotiate. When will cult of Labor drop this pathetic story.

  2. GOP should stand back and watch the democrats tear themselves apart – there was some semblance of unity to defeat Trump, but the virtuous ideologues and moderates will be at each others throats before too long.
    Check out the passage of health care legislation shortly after Obama won – it was gutted by Democrats way before the senate had a go at it.

    • Republican brains trust will be happy if they keep the Senate and gain in the House. Mr Biden is going to be blamed for all the worst of the pandemic fallout as he is also incompetent. Demographics is destiny and they seem to have sewn up the Hispanic vote.

      They just have to have the courage to choose a bright young person to replace Mr Trump and not an aged machine operator. Mid terms in 2022 are well timed in terms of the pandemic and incremental gains then will set them up for a clean sweep in 2024 but all depends on the talking head they install.

      The flaccid performance of the Democrats here is mainly down to Mr Obama’s interference in the primaries in the service of his oligarch masters.

      • Biden is competent enough to realise he is not an expert on everything. Appoint smart people in the right roles and listen to advice before making decisions. That is leadership.

      • The democrats long term chart voter approval chart is declining forever. Possibly the most corrupt USA election ever. If Dems win, it’s second thine Martin Armstrongs computer has been wrong, the first was Al Gores loss to Bush which is well known to have been a stolen win. I don’t care it’s not my country, not my business, of course if Hillary is running overseas money extraction from us and moar war won’t like that but the money is running out, the collapse of eu means more into USA dollar and rising interest rates and that tears the thin empire silk apart. Let’s hear it for so called democracy.

  3. Aussie media and population vis a vis the US is ridiculous. So much noise. So little signal.

    • It is important to note that the US is the only country in the world about which you can make casual comments about the whole populace’s ignorance/stupidity or other deficiencies and have it waved through by the SMH-type comment censors.

      • In fairness, there does seem to be a disproportionately large number of dumb people there. Eg, the amount who believe Covid is all a giant conspiracy to oust Trump is truly stunning.

        • It’s probably more a function of having a large population and establishing a critical mass of certain personality types, so as to establish a sub-culture of people characterised by their wills rather than their minds…

          I’d say their % ‘stupid’ people (not that I like the label) is probably much the same as elsewhere.

        • Dude – look at your own media/ economy/ political leadership. You are in no position to throw stones. And the fact that you think you are speaks volumes.

          • He said that there is a disproportionately large percentage of dumb people there. That is inherently a comparison with Australia. You routinely post similar things, so there’s no surprise that you share his cultural prejudice.

          • Is it possible that there is a larger percentage of poor people in the US when compared like for like? (I’ll check later). For me, poverty and how it impacts education clearly creates “dumb” people.

            And before you get all heated up about it, yup, I openly hate on the US too.

          • Context kodiak: “Eg, the amount who believe Covid is all a giant conspiracy to oust Trump is truly stunning.”

            Your conspiracy theory issues runs way deeper than here.

  4. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    “What do you mean I have to play the final quarter? I’m w-i-n-n-i-n-g”

    Biden <$1.20. Matter of time.

  5. Progressives are by far the biggest threat to Australia, and they seem to be increasing in MSM. Anyone outside the bubble is cancelled.

    Dangerous for our country. dangerous for our kids futures, dangerous for the environment. They’re dangerous because they understand a fraction of the issues. They’re dangerous because their influence is growing.

        • What a dumb thing for anyone to say about anything so complex. I hope it’s because you’re only 18 years old.

          • There is nothing complex about anything. There are always solutions. Progressives typically do not deal with solutions. That kind of typifies my problem with them.

            My experience with arguing with progressives is, they’ll shut your argument down when they can’t counter what you’ve said. Usually with slander.

            So, when I say “doesn’t agree with me, hasn’t thought it through”, I’m actually being generous.

          • You would never shut anyone down in an argument would you…….? But anyone who disagrees with you is wrong…… Your own logic destroys your argument, and you appear just as dumb and unprincipled as the people you despise. I’m sure you’re not dumb, and maybe just very emotional/irrational which is kind of understandable. It’s fascinating that you can’t see how complex the human condition is. If only everyone would just agree with you and just stop trying!?

          • Bento

            I’m angry. We deserve better leaders, and more control of MSM. Control probably isn’t a good word….more balance, less bias.

            Of course the human condition is complex. Competing interests.

            That means that when minority group XYZ wants ABC, usually someone else has to give something up. Yes?

            There’s a way we can all have it all, and you might have seen me mention it. We can have fairness, or we can have a big Australia. Once progressives include mass immigration, their cause immediately collapses into chaos. Everything else they fight for will be decimated.

          • You want it all? Not to give anything up? Better leaders and more control of media? Ok…. good luck with that objective. A recipe for constant disapointment. What have you done for your community apart from design anti-woke Utopia? Every day is a struggle, nothing is going to be easy and you have to make compromises. Has anyone ever sat you down and had this talk? You clearly aren’t married or you have a very compliant family who you dominate. By all means, fight for what you believe but that doesn’t mean “the other side” or “all progressives” or “the woke” or “whateverconvenientlazyfkinglabelyouthinkwinsyourargument” just has to bend to your will, absolutely, or it’s all broken. Smoke a joint and take a walk in the forest for a day or two.

          • Bento

            I’m the most chilled person you’ll ever meet. Everyone says that. I drink a controlled amount almost every day, sometimes more. I’ve got fantastic relationships with my wife, kids, friends and relatives. I don’t need to chill more. I’m over 50, very fit, healthy, rich and have one of the healthiest resilient minds you’ll encounter. I’ve got it all. I’ve worked productively my whole adult life, serving the community for much of it.

            My fight is for Australia’s future. The left and right are destroying everything we’ve got.

            You’ve misread who and what I am. Don’t feel bad. Most people on here do. Just because I don’t like team A, doesn’t make me a member of team B.

            I’ll say it again. Immigration rips to bits everything else progressives want. It can’t be argued against because it’s a fact backed by logic, yet the progressives persist. That’s enough to make anyone with a brain angry isn’t it?

          • You put people in distinct categories, yet distinguish yourself as fair, tolerant and regularly misunderstood …… righto! I don’t put you in any team, I just assumed you were a child…. my apologies for that.

          • Because I used the term progressive? Are you telling me the progressive leadership (Labor, Greens, MSM) are not all fighting to retain immigration?

            …”I just assumed you were a child…. my apologies for that”…

            See what I mean? You don’t have an argument so resort to slander.

            You know why progressives get so little of what they want? The leadership isn’t interested in progressive values. They’re interested in money.

          • Mate. I genuinely thought your style of argument displayed the naivety of a child. It’s not slander, it’s just what I could tell from such a simplistic “if only they could all see it my way” argument. I apologised for thinking you an 18 year old. Take it as you will. You haven’t convinced me, so you conveniently put me in “the other” camp. It’s not slander to call someone childish or foolish if that’s what I think. I bet you love your right to free speech, but anyone who disagrees is automatically “slander” or “censoring” you. Are you really 50 and chilled?! Really?

          • …”I apologised for thinking you an 18 year old”…


            101 leftist passive aggressive.

            So to summarise. Your argument is….. totes is 18?

            I have a very very solid grasp of my argument. Yet I’m 18? Do you actually have an argument or not?

          • If you can’t see the argument I have made, then you are either willfully ignorant or I’m a terrible communicator. I think I’m doing ok, so I’ll give up on the mindless pissing contest. Stay chilled!

          • “only everyone would just agree with you and just stop trying!?”

            So your argument is to TRY and give everyone what they want, while watching the progressive leadership bring in a tsunami of people who all also want what they want? Usually competing interests.

            Like I said, you haven’t thought it through.

          • TBW. If you’d like to know my position on immigration you could just ask. I’ve never shared my thoughts on the matter here, simply because I’m not an expert on what everyone should do and think. It’s a very sensitive topic, you may even find we have significant common ground here, although who would know, given you also deem it your responsibility to tell me what I think and argue with the convenient straw man you just made?! It’s not really fair of you to assume that, just because I think you are a child, I am a pro-mass-immigration lefty. Keep trying. Even at 50 you can learn new tricks!

          • Great. I feel like we’re getting somewhere.

            Sensitive topic. Why?

            Okay. I’d love you to answer 3 questions if you would.

            What is your view on mass immigration? Do the progressive leadership (Labor, Greens, MSM) agree with your position? If not, why are you okay with that?

          • “Sensitive topic. Why?”

            Sensitive in this context because you assumed that this issue was my argument with you. You assumed like an idiot child. Anyone who assumes to know what I think, and argues with their own imagination has got to be a child or an idiot troll. Immigration is always a sensitive topic in any case, and should be treated as such without arguing like you know everything. Which is my beef with you. You think you know best, so I took issue with your unfounded confidence, and you argued with an imaginary foe.

            “What is your view on mass immigration? Do the progressive leadership (Labor, Greens, MSM) agree with your position? If not, why are you okay with that?”

            Immigration should suit the needs of everyone involved and needs careful planning, because there will always be tension. The simplest way I can put my view in comments on a blog is, it should be an ever-changing and respectful policy debate. There shouldn’t be a constant number and type of migrant intake each year is about all I could say with certainty. I don’t think ANY major political party has it right at the moment. I think our society and the developed world needs to do much better. You’re not helping in my opinion.

          • I’ve kept it civil. Not sure why you can’t do the same.

            “Immigration should suit the needs of everyone involved”

            All Australians involved?

            “it should be an ever-changing and respectful policy debate”

            Are you okay with there being no debate?

            “the developed world needs to do much better”

            In terms of what?

            Can I ask you whether you want to protect the environment, welfare and Medicare?

            Seems to me your position is confused.

          • Civil? You know it’s ok to disagree with someone and tell them you think they are an idiot right? Are you really that fragile and thin-skinned that your unquestionable superiority has been……questioned?! When you ask me questions, at least I try and answer them. If you want a different style, sorry.

            “All Australians involved?”
            you really can’t exclude the needs of immigrants from the immigration debate.

            “Are you okay with there being no debate?”
            There is debate. We are sort of having one, but you’re crap at it. There should be more and better debate in the wider community but the children keep shutting everyone down and assuming they know best.

            “In terms of what?”
            Developed countries that focus on endless GDP growth should think differently.

            “Can I ask you whether you want to protect the environment, welfare and Medicare?”
            I do

            “Seems to me your position is confused.”
            I admitted as much. It’s complex. I’m not an expert. I am but one commentor in a blog. I can’t trust someone as certain as you. You couldn’t even pick my politics without labeling me incorrectly. How would I trust your thoughts on anything if you misjudged me so easily?

          • Couldn’t pick it?

            I picked your politics perfectly. You’re deluded mate.

            “you really can’t exclude the needs of immigrants from the immigration debate”

            OMG. Please help me.

            Like 90% of the left, you don’t understand what’s happening BECAUSE there is no debate. All shut down by the progressives and elites.

            You are being scammed and you don’t even know it.

          • Deluded? Because I declare I am not a supporter of any political party, particularly on immigration matters, and I admit it’s a complex issue on which I am not an expert, and that the needs of immigrants are important in the immigration debate? Somehow that leads you to conclude that I’m of the progressive, woke, green leftist elite who supports the MSM crushing debate. Who exactly is deluded here? The progressive elites appear to be living rent-free in your head, and you are in danger of becoming deranged.

          • “and that the needs of immigrants are important in the immigration debate?”

            Do you remember this debate began with you saying “complex”, and I said it’s complex because of competing interests?

            So, if you add the needs of 8 billion potential immigrants into your considerations, do you think the environment, welfare and Medicare can survive?

            Like 90% of leftists, you haven’t given it a moments thought, but think you know so much you can tell me I’m an 18 year old idiot, but it’s not offensive. lol.

          • The “I’m offended” argument is what many idealogues cling to when they are losing an argument. I’m offended by your simplistic nonsense, mis-characterisation of my arguments and political views, and your accusations that I haven’t thought things through. Don’t stop though. I will defend your right to say these dumb things, just as you will defend my right to disagree with you so strongly….you do agree with that principle yeah? Or should my debate be stifled by the anti-woke elite?

            I’m more than ok that you are offended by my thoughts. So-flipping-what?

            “There is nothing complex about anything.” TBW 5/11/2020

          • Totes…”Of course the human condition is complex. Competing interests.”

            Get back to me when you want to have a debate, as opposed to picking straws and abusing me.

          • I would love to debate you, and like a fool, I may try if we ever met. It’s just because you’re so incredibly fascinating in your certainty. Your belief in yourself is a wonder to behold. I’m drawn like a moth to the flame to confident types. Like, really, how do you know so much and I know so little? How is calling me deluded and non-thinking acceptable abuse, and me calling you a child and an idiot unacceptable? I have so much to learn.

            I only hope to learn from those that are so blessed.

          • I’m confident in what I know, because, well, I know it. There’s plenty I don’t know (like economics for example), and am happy to say so.

            You’re so hung up.

        • Reply to BENTO
          Right thru this Bento you abused the man not addressed his message. Ad hominem attacks,
          Seems reasonable here to have discussion of ideas, variant ideas allows that.

      • They do. Eventually that will lead to rebellion IMO, but not before they create a disaster we probably can’t recover from.

      • Yup – that is why my starting position with any mainstream media narrative is that it is always objectively false unless subsequently proven true. Even if Biden does sneak through with a win the narrative that it would be an overwhelming blue wave and Biden landslide, as has been the main narrative for the past 6mths, has been proven false.

        • This morning Australian MSM have been saying “Biden has gotten the most votes in history”.

          That’s true, but yesterday’s Trump vote comes a very close second.

          The message is always to boost the left, and damage the right.

        • No Stewie, you take the view that the msm “narrative” is wrong until proven right as it allows you to soak in the far rw fox / TC swill and not feel dirty.

          • Fox is just as bad as the rest of them.

            I get most of my TV news from ABC or SBS. I never watch Sky or any of the commercial stations news – which are little more than infotainment fluff and corporate propaganda. I mainly read SMH articles or the Guardian, the only time I read the Telegraph is for the comics. About the furthest far right figure I follow in terms of intellectual leadership is Jordan Peterson.

            But I will say this – outside of those news sources in terms of just normal daily fodder, I read a lot of other material from everywhere and everyone, but not any from any single source or information aggregator. I read mainly as a result of going searching for answers that are not adequately explained by the msm narrative – that is after all how I came across MB.

        • Errrggh…dude… if you think News Corp offer much of a counterpoint to the rest of the msm I have news for you.

          News Corp sit squarely in the Overton Window and barely do more than exist at one end of the narrow spectrum that debate is allowed to occur in, as a buttress against any true counter narratives or views that sit outside that window.

          • I think I can largely accept what you’re saying.

            My point was that saying the media is all overwhelmingly lefty in Australia isn’t really a good quality point of view.

            Do we want to have more media that is further to the right, say? More to the left? From a freedom of speech point of view…I guess so…but, eerrrgghhh…..

          • I don’t believe the media is overwhelmingly ‘lefty’ in Australia, nor have I ever said that or would I agree with that statement.

            I think there is narrow discussion spectrum buttressed by the ABC/SBS at one end and News Corp at the other, and a true airing of social wants, especially anything of a Nationalist flavour, are constantly hidden, ignored or ridiculed in order to promote the globalist goals of the unholy Progessive Corpratocracy of which both ABC/SBS, News Corp and everything in between, are guilty of being a part of.

          • Do we want to have more media that is further to the right, say? More to the left?

            Objective, independent, analytical. More reals, less feels.

    • You can’t just use the term and say progressive == bad. There are many things in this country that need to change, so we have to start somewhere. Dangerous, LOL!

    • Indeed. The Australian media landscape is certainly dominated by far left bleeding heart progressive outlets like the Australian, AFR, Daily Tele, Courier Mail, 2GB…

      • I'll Stir Fry You in My Woke

        Two observations

        If you’re going to hand out warnings, there are pllllenty of others you could be doing it to
        As a paying sub, please fix the spam bot, or stand some closed forums up please

        The Woke Wok

        • Just curious, how do you imagine things would change in the comments section if access were limited to Paid Members?

          From what I’ve read: A typical professional Astroturfer will manage between 5 and 7 independent identities on a given site or across all social media platforms . These identities are valuable to the Astroturfer so they’ll typically also have 3 or 4 throw away accounts. By requiring paid membership you would eliminate most of the throw away accounts, but is that really beneficial?
          The hardest part of being an Astroturfer (or so I’ve heard) is to maintain a consistent persona for each of the identities especially across multiple platforms. Equally difficult is to vary the writing style for each persona and keep these variations consistent but separate.
          What are others thoughts on this issue?

        • The hardest part of being an Astroturfer (or so I’ve heard) is to maintain a consistent persona for each of the identities especially across multiple platforms. Equally difficult is to vary the writing style for each persona and keep these variations consistent but separate.
          What are others thoughts on this issue?

          I’d agree with that. Writing styles and positions taken are difficult to disguise.

          Limiting to paid members only would cut some of it down, but the $$ cost isn’t a significant burden to anyone with an actual objective of disruption. I’m pretty sure the “free trial” accounts are routinely abused as well and that’s why the different account names cycle through regularly.

          There would probably be a quality loss by excluding non-members – some good comments come from them – but whether there’d be a net loss or gain is much harder to discern.

      • This is a bit unexpected. I haven’t been reading comments closely here for a few months, but I don’t see Tokes’ posting to this article warranting a caution.

        I have been dissappointed in Macrobusiness’s coverage of the election, as you seem to have uncritically adopted the narrative that Biden would win easily. Now we are in the situation of uncertainty, where is the self reflection? More importantly, we will all be looking for analysis on what happens next.

        I am not a fan of either side. I am just seeking unbiased, or at least thoughtful, analysis in the media and I am struggling to find it.

        • Continued ridiculous posting and endless ranting. Totes is a fool and is constantly ruining the comments. Totes thinks we should defund the ABC because Landline is “woke”. Ridiculous. Nuff Said.

          (Totes is too smart to respond to me apparently but I laid some bait here, can Totes resist?)

  6. Pretty conflicted here your unicorn riding Joe BidXIn wins ‘forces of good ‘; but back to same old proxy russia, and iran war – whilst authoritarian giggles.

      • Agreed….they’re both bad parties…

        The current US election quickly became about the soul of US democracy itself. For many of the Dem-type people at least, it was a referendum on the ‘soul’ of their country’s democracy, and therefore on Trumpollini. For many, it actually wasn’t about much else this time.

    • Yup – better to kowtow to China and start exporting US jobs again, while opening borders so that labor has to compete against the lowest common global denominator, then have a President that lacks polished professional political acumen.
      ‘Muh’ feelings!

      • Sure, better things need to happen.

        But achieve the same via something resembling a decent democracy, then…not via a Nationalist who sprays acid, and tells people what they want to hear in order to accumulate power, happy to throw out the delicate democracy and re-cast in his own image. That’s worse.

        Further, individuals need to vote with their wallets more – like here, faux patriots need to stop buying rubbish from China and buy local as much as possible – the amount of poor white supporters of Trump decrying China whilst continuing to buy Chinese goods from Walmart would be astounding, and remarkably hypocritical. (Yes, we all do it!)

        As you’d probably appreciate, the market actions of an individual in an even greater ‘democracy’ than the political democracy – but we happily hand that over!

        So we want to make America/Australia great again? Then buy American/Australian! We don’t need to vote in Strong Men politicians to ‘get the job done’ – they are dangerous, poisonous individuals, and should be avoided as a rule.

        My 22222c

        • Fair enough – everyone is entitled to their view. I personally see calls of Trumps “Nationalism” as being over blown, you would never have seen a traditional Republican or Democrat take up the fight against China for instance.

          I also see Biden as more of a crook and a part of the establishment politico-media-military blob that has controlled Washington for decades, so while I would have welcomed a Trump victory I only see Biden returning the US back to the path of gradual decay ie a return to the status quo.

          The only thing that really concerns me is Kamila Harris – with Biden approaching 88 at the end of his term she has a better than even chance of becoming president before then. Kamila is imho a hollow woman, standing for nothing other than herself and whatever values that her sponsors demand in order to support her.

          Tulsi Gabbard exposed Kamila for what she was, destroyed her in the debates and was then asphyxiated by the msm and DNC for her efforts – the msm and the Corporate dollars behind the DNC (measured by the enormous outspend compared to the Republicans) is where I believe the true threat to American and civil society lies…. and their visceral hatred of Trump was the main thing that appealed to me about him.

        • But achieve the same via something resembling a decent democracy, then…not via a Nationalist who sprays acid, and tells people what they want to hear in order to accumulate power, happy to throw out the delicate democracy and re-cast in his own image. That’s worse.

          The problem is not Trump, it is the people he enables. His “nationalism” is just a show (though lots take it seriously because that’s the kind of leader they want). It ain’t Trump trying to “re-cast” America.

          Trump is in it solely for enriching himself and to a lesser degree his family. Outside of that he doesn’t really give a sh!t about what’s going on. Ie: he does what others (who have been suitably obsequious) ask him to.

          Consequently, the “swamp machine” has been largely grinding along in the background as before, only with even less attention paid, and because it’s the conservative arm of the machine it’s far worse for the average punter than the centrist arm.

        • Come on, Burbwatcher, with respect, the Poor White complaining about China and off buying at Walmart,
          1. Have a reason to be poor….lack of decent manufacturing jobs like in the 1960s
          2. As Poor cannot afford to buy better alternative non Chinese IMPORTs so off to Walmart they go.
          I understand their position perfectly, how about admitting the chain and whip? And interesting that trump Republicans have become the mass of poor white hispanic and black.

  7. Where are all the commentators who could not wait to see the Lefties crying today?

    Yet another strange silence. First the silence over the renewed lockdowns in Europe and Sweden’s stumble, then silence over the Trump defeat. What’s next, silence over global warming? We can only hope.

    • Calling a win to Trump or Biden at this point is a bit much.
      The reports of electoral fraud are only starting to surface.
      Trump may win in court or in recount.

    • it was still fun to see libtards soiling their nappies.He did well despite covid and media bias.Without covid it would have be a red tsunami.

      Anyway, the GOP will probably get both chambers in 2022 and Trump will be back in 2024 after the dems disaster LOL (against a very unpopular Harris)

      • l o s e r.

        enjoy the next 4 years of Biden – then Hunter for president 2024! A dynasty is being created! Yoooow!

        • 4 years !! Harris will not wait that long

          The Donald will be back, after 4 years of unpopular Harris/lockdown/identify politic, he will enjoy the come back 🙂

          • Nah, the duck is dead. He’ll be happy enough golfing and avoiding prison.

            Well then 3.5 years of Kamala before she passes over to a Hunter/AOC candidature and you all lose your minds. 🙂

            jokes jokes. but it sure does feel there’s lots of sore losers around here that were bragging about drinking lib tears a few days ago. pride goeth etc etc.

  8. Republicans need to reverse their stance on abortion and climate change if they want a future.

    • Woke Science pushed by globalists and falsified by empirical evidence. In the age of disinformation it is unwise to rely on anything pushed by the MSM, especially an emotionally charged doomsday narrative that uses the old beggars trick of manipulating peoples good intentions.

      At least Covid has stopped their 6 monthly junkets!

  9. Look, I am prepared to admit that Biden has won this. It was not the result I wanted, but too bad …

    But with his mental faculties, does anyone seriously suggest he will last the 4 year term? He would be 81.

    And it’s going to be a 25th amendment deal. The news of which he will not take well.

    So get ready for a messy change of power mid term.

  10. Consider, America can keep China at arm’s length via the bulwark of its democratic proxies or it can fight it on its own borders.
    You do realise DLS, that we are part of the bulwark of Democratic proxy’s, and there fore on the front line in this game, and will perhaps have to fight China on our borders ?
    In fact we have already begun to.

      • It’s a no contest.
        By the way congratulations to you and your countrymen for upholding democracy.
        Our children may just have a future.

    • This is not a WW2 island hopping campaign. China just buys influence. How much did it cost to buy out Hunter/Joe Biden? What would be the cost to achieve the same level of influence militarily?

      This is why we saw Critical Race Theory in the USA. Who are the people who will raise corruption issues inside the FBI etc.? Young white males who actually care about the country. Most of the rest are just along for the paycheck. Asian males are smart but they have the extended family to support so have no motivation to fight and risk for their adopted country, and can always return to their motherlands if things go downhill.

    • I wonder if Biden will cancel / water down the latest arms sales to Taiwan, that should tell us what we need to know.
      If he does we are in a bad situation in Australia,

  11. Trump looks to be gone …

    … and it only took the biggest democrat vote harvesting mail-in ballot operation the world has even witnessed!

    • There are reports of single batches of ballets, tens of thousands, with 100% of the votes for Biden. Its farcical.

      I guess ballot harvesters couldn’t even be bothered to inject some randomness to make their submissions seem more legitimate.

      This is why we need substantially higher salaries for politicians, at least in line with salaries for senior managers in the private sector. For example the salary for a Senator in only $207,000 in Australia which is the expected salary for a private-sector manager with 5 reports. This amount should be doubled in order to attract actual talent and discourage corruption.

    • Something undeniably odd going on in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania:

      “As reporters and commentators went to bed early Tuesday morning, all three states were too close to call, but President Trump led former Vice President Joe Biden by comfortable margins—far beyond what had been predicted in the polls. None of the networks called these states because enough mail-in ballots remained uncounted that it could swing either way, but Trump’s position looked good.

      Then, something strange happened in the dead of the night. In both Michigan and Wisconsin, vote dumps early Wednesday morning showed 100 percent of the votes going for Biden and zero percent—that’s zero, so not even one vote—for Trump.

      In Michigan, Biden somehow got 138,339 votes and Trump got none, zero, in an overnight vote-dump.”



  12. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I so hope Trump makes a come back in four years time. America will realise during that time the great strength Trump brought to their nation versus the weakness of Biden and his commie backing. Go Trump, we all still love ya bloke!!

  13. This is rich. DLS imitated Legacy Media in its partisan US election coverage. Parroted the polls the whole way through. MB is as one-sided to Biden puppet as MSNBC.

  14. OK, I’ve been specularly wrong on most things in relation to the election so far but…

    …it’s not out of the question that Biden wins Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia in which case he will end up with 306 EC votes which is exactly what Trump got in 2016.

    • And the spilt is popular vote is same – 3mil to Biden.

      Its almost as if Trump stole it last time….

  15. The sad irony is for all the talk of coups, it looks like the Dems just pulled one off. This went exactly the way they were signalling it would. Trump strong and then once mail in ballots are counted a Biden win. This is why they pushed mail in voting so hard. Unlike absentee voting it is easy to rig. Would have been better if they did win in a landslide to avoid the coming mess.

    If Trump runs again in 2024, he will romp home.

    • Mate the closest thing this is to a coup is a small sports car (coupe for the uninitiated). The Election Day voters were predominantly Red and the mail-ins predominantly blue. You will note that in Florida that Biden got a big early lead which then vanished as the Trump dominated centres started getting their vote counted … but Trump isn’t complaining there, just for states where the order of counting and weight of votes is the other way round. Trump won in 2016 fair and square, and Biden has won this time fair and square. Period.

    • I doubt there is any fraud of any statistical significance.

      The technical election process is about as good and decent as it ever has been, which is generally reliable and trustworthy. Yes, I would have said the same if Trump won.

    • Not sure why you think absentee/postal votes are easier to rig. Think of all those military people out there in the world, how are they supposed to vote? Those who can’t get to a booth? Sick? Elderly? If a democracy can’t accept votes from all citizens, then it isn’t really a democracy. Just because more Democrat voters were clever enough to get in early and avoid the queues isn’t a reason to call it out as a big fraud. FFS I have voted via post for the last 10 years just because I don’t want to deal with polling booth morons.

      • Absentee ballot is different from a mail in ballot. An absentee ballot is requested by the person and they receive one ballot as they can’t be physically present, i.e. military. This is safe. A registered voter has to request one. Trump and his team do not care about these. They have no issue with these.

        What they are concerned with is the mail in ballots. This is similar, but a registered voter will get a mail in ballot to their address. Fraud is hard, but easier with mail in ballots. People were already posting on twitter about receiving multiple ballots to homes wiht one address. It is also a great way for anyone in the cemetery to case a vote.

        • Yes understand the difference, but also with postal, there are much more stringent rules regarding the return of those ballots e.g. multiple envelopes and signatures etc, and if the voter fooks it up, it is not counted. With a decent system accepting those votes, duplicates and other discrepancies etc should be easy to pickup. Even with absentee, what is stopping someone requesting a ballot for a dead person?

          • Grain of salt applies, but here is one way i didn’t even think of


            Again, some may not view it as a big deal as it is essentially a timing issue.

            The main issue, as the article alludes is counting mail in ballots w out having observers from the other team present. Another story doing the rounds was that GOP observers were sent home at midnight after being told ballot counting would stop for the day and start in the morning. The Dem observers kept counting.

            There is a reason Dems were staunch in wanting mail in ballots. Coronavirus had nothing to do with it. They don’t care about that. If they did they would say BLM rallies were irresponsible.

      • Possibly. Republicans, like Democrats are good at putting up candidates who have no hope of winning, that’s why i see Trump returning. An antagonistic media, security apparatus, members of his own party and a virus (plus his missteps) and it is still this close.

        I support a recount to ensure the mail in ballots are valid…if they are so be it. Some of these states are very close.

        • I don’t support a recount. It’s so divisive. And the enemy is all around him. He is likely to have already lost with Nevada and Arizona, but looking at Georgia, I think that he could lose there, too. GOP leadership should just tap him on the shoulder and tell him it’s time to leave and get back to the next redoubt as the democrats shoot themselves in the foot.

          • I agree that it is very divisive, but that’s what anyone harvesting ballots would be counting on – the other team conceding. I think recount Wisconsin and if it is above board and Biden wins it, he should then concede the others. If there is actual and clear evidence of malfeasence, then let’s see.

  16. Pretty much totally agree. I said in 2016 that I would have voted for Trump because I thought the system needed a shake-up.

    Now, I hope Biden hangs on to win.

    • I still think it needs a shake-up, and I was kind of rooting for Trump in 2016. Sadly, it turns out that electing an imbecile to the highest office in the land wasn’t the shakeup needed.

  17. I’ll sign up for a MB lifetime membership the day you phucks are right about the housing bubble. Something tells me I’m safe for another 8 years.

  18. It’s not fair!! Waaahhhh!!!
    You cheated!!! Waaahhhh!!!
    I’m not playing anymore!!!!!

    Have some self respect Republicans. Really. Show some dignity.

  19. Looks like its President Biden in 2020, until Kamala takes over later on during his term (assuming he does not keel over prior to his inauguration. Its interesting to watch the Guardian website where the numbers for PA are changing indicating that Trump’s substantial lead there is being eroded by postal votes to the point that Biden is likely to take that state if the trend continues. I am sure all these postal votes are legit, and its a sign of true democracy in operation.

    Australia will have to kowtow to China due to a lack of support from the crazies about to takeover the US (Trump is only half crazy, so there was still some hope for Oz while he was in control and not a lame duck Prez).

    The 2024 elections will be between President Kamala and Trump (ie Ivanka Trump).

  20. Credit where credit is due for the Hunter false flag that the Qrazy naive fell for. Throw some cheap chum into the water and have the Trumpettes wasting their time spreading news that voters don’t give a hoot about. Solid campaign strategy.

    Hunter for President 2024.

  21. 40k at the footy

    How is Trump a dictator exactly? How is he a con man?

    History will be very kind to Trump. He’ll be held with as high regard as Reagan.