ASX rocket flames out

The Aussie dollar is still struggling this morning:

Bonds are strongly bid though it’s not showing up on the chart:

The XJO rocket has flamed out for now:

Big  Iron is seeing some profit-taking:

Big Gas has way overshot:

Big Gold is still being flushed. DXY is going to weaken next year so BTFD!

Big Banks have come off as well:

As Big Tech gets another blow into the bubble:

It’s all about yields at the moment. Up equals the value and cyclicals bid. Down equals the growth and tech bid.

Stocks can’t lose, except for this:

In my view, the US will be in an outright crisis in a fortnight as hospitals are overrun.

El Trumpo will have his revenge.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. I wrote something on another post this morning re financial decisions in this chaos

    Add into your decision at least if everyone is moving clockwise
    Take consideration of the possibility running anticlockwise, in the end in markets if everyone is running clockwise blind they are guaranteed to lose

    If you are running clockwise with everyone run clockwise with eyes in the back of your head

    It’s not always the case but always just think about it before you do anything

      • Separate the punters from the markets
        Punters are stressed to the max
        they know its a con, with their futures as the political and economic experiment.
        and be assured none of the politicians nor econoists have tried this before
        any thing could occur.

    • Yep, the financial crisis of 2027-9 will be one to watch, as per usual business cycles. Pity we’re in 2020.