ASX falls as virus impact grows

The AUD is down this morning. The hot money bet appears to be a weak jobs report:

Bonds are bid and XJO is off yesterday’s gains:

Big Iron is ignoring Dalian fireworks:

The Big Gas value rotation has flamed out:

Big Gold ouch. All the more so given BTC:

Big Banks are mixed:

Big Tech fading:

Virus damage is mounting, killing off inflation and stalling value. I’ll BTFD if we get decent puke.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Given how easy it is to make a vaccine to the virus as even the Russians and China can make one, I would say that the virus mortality is no longer important to the market.
    If anything, the longer the virus lingers around, the more shutdowns, leads to more Fiscal and monetary stimulus and therefore more of the same of what we have seen in the past 5 months.
    Asset prices to the moon!