Another reason the OECD should bone Mathias Cormann

I’ve noted plenty already:

  • Mathias is the Morrison Government’s most radical supply-side nutter. He is not corrupt which might make this position forgivable. He actually believes in trickle-down economics, which leaves the room short of oxygen given Cormann is obviously intelligent.
  • Mathias has a record of deep climate skepticism having voted in favour of climate change mitigation in the Australian parliament.
  • Mathias has been a key part of an Australian Government that has gone out of its way to persecute refugees so that it can sustain public support for economic migrants from cheap labour jurisdictions to smash Australian wages (that is, more wholesome trickle-down at work).

In short, Mathias is perfect for the OECD if it would like to swing towards:

  • A supply-side agenda that will intensity class divisions, exacerbate secular stagnation and privilege corporate greed.
  • Become more climate change skeptical and slow mitigation policy whenever and wherever possible.
  • Harden its stance against refugee.

And on corruption, I may have spoken too soon. Via The Guardian today:

Mathias Cormann’s travel around Europe to campaign for the top OECD job may be costing Australian taxpayers as much as $4,300 an hour, based on records of previous flights by the same type of air force plane that he is using.

The Morrison government is backing the former Australian finance minister’s bid to become the secretary general of the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development but his prospects will depend on his appeal to European nations.

Cormann, who quit the Senate earlier this month, is travelling around Europe on a Royal Australian Air Force Falcon as part of his campaign, the Nine newspapers have reported.

The Dassault Falcon 7X special purpose aircraft, part of the RAAF fleet since early 2019, has a range of up to 11,000km. Defence says the Falcon usually has a crew of two pilots and one attendant, and can carry up to 14 passengers.

Sources familiar with RAAF travel arrangements pointed Guardian Australia to recent records of special purpose flights, which are commonly used to fly ministers and dignitaries around Australia including to attend parliament.

Add skyrocketing OECD travel bills to the outcomes.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    In what rational universe is government money being spent on a washed-up ex-pollie’s vanity project?

    • Yep, I strongly object to the Govt funding Cormann’s tour d’arselick. The only positive is that he’s there, not here..

    • Not his vanity. Paying the necessary bribes needed to move him on. Like Hockey he “earned” it while smoking a cigar.

      HnH was restrained in highlighting Cormann’s philosophical perversions.

  2. happy valleyMEMBER

    Cormann is no longer an employee of the Strayan government/taxpayer as far as I am aware, and the appointment to the OECD as far Straya is concerned seems tenuous to me? Therefore, Mathias please refund the cost of this exercise whether or not you get the job.

    Well-heeled Liberal Andrew Burne is MD/CEO and a major shareholder of Helloworld Travel (a major contractor to the Strayan gubmint for travel services) and Straya did give him an AO in June this year for his services, so I am sure Helloworld could have organised all of Mathias’ travel requirements in the style to which he aspires/is accustomed?

    Niki Savva’s book Plots and Prayers on the Turnbull coup gives some interesting insights on Mathias.

    • It’s quite some scummo loyalty fly-buys reward Cormann has scored for disengaging from the team Dutton Challenge: Round 2.

        • A gong? That’ll be bipartisan too. Wong called him a good man in Senate farewell tribute. Fake labour’s good man.

          If he doesn’t get the OECD job what have they got lined up for Cormann as a consolation prize? Where will the RAAF drop him off then as he surely won”t leave the jet without another parachute. The current gg has a few years left to go…

  3. So the scummo will pay all my costs such as food rent and travel while I’m looking for a new job ? Where do I sign up.

  4. Glad you backtracked on his capacity for corruption DLS. Possibly need follow suit on his intelligence.

    Anyone who is still a climate skeptic, and additionally supports successive governments that deliberately persecute and vilify refugees in order to sustain public support for high immigration for the purpose of smashing wages, is both corrupt and stupid.

    I guess that goes for all LNP politicians since Howard. Dirty, grubby, greedy and endlessly corrupt.

  5. Reminds me of the money spent to support Kevin’s bid for UN Secretary General. That didn’t turn out well for him.