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    • Trump destroyed Biden, great debate, Biden slips up, Says he wants to shut down entire US oil industry, I get the feeling he didn’t mean to say that, then at some points checks his watch like he wants to get out of there, he also didn’t answer very well and I loved how Trumped kept saying do nothing Jo, you had 8 years, you did nothing

      • Debates expose so much re people seeing what they want to see. I thought it was yet another pretty even debate, which is a win for Biden. I dislike them both but again I felt the moderator was a bit more biased against Trump with regards to preventing Biden from having to respond to certain difficult questions.

  1. and now Trump has an opening if he is smart to take it. Joe said “I am going to shut the virus and not the country” – I wonder how can he do that. Comon Trump ask him.

  2. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Pretty clear Trump has no plan for Covid. Hasn’t since day dot, nothing has changed, no vaccine is coming, and he has packed SCOTUS to repeal Obamacare and leave 20m+ uninsured in the middle of a pandemic. Biden is right: Trump is all tip and no iceberg.

    • no one has a plan for covid. You realy think Joe can do what he said? He just said he can shut the virus but not the country. If you beleive that then I have a bridge to sell you. Seriously.

      • RobotSenseiMEMBER

        Biden’s not planning to rip away health insurance to a group the size of the Australian population in the middle of a pandemic. Fresh off getting jacked with the best healthcare in the world, he seeks to deprive millions of even the basics. What. A. Guy.

        • Yes Trump is a piece of work. He gets the best of care but for everyone else …. some of you are going to die, but thats a risk Im prepared to take. It is what it is.

        • Biden is playing to rip away the entire US OIL Industry, and it’s the Biden’s who to pack not Trump. Love how Trump started to include all the dodgy dealing of Hunter and Jo’s Brother. And yet another Biden biz partner just came out live saying Jo new everything, he has 3 mobile phones and other evidence that he is going to hand to the FBI There is also now a link to Kamala and the laptop somehow may now have a money laundering link. Hunters other x partner, the one in jail who many say was the full guy for the Bidens just gave access to 26,000 emails to show he’s not guilty and that the Bidens are guilty. DNI director John Radcliffe just came out and also said there is no Russia links to that laptop that was handed into the FBI in Dec 2019. Biden is screwed.

          • It’s not getting the traction you think coz I think even most Trump supporters know he’s not exactly squeaky clean either.

      • Noone has a plan for covid? Australia doing fine now. US has been wilfully stupid under Trump. Just doing basic things gets it better.

        • we were lucky. If Scott was calling the shots we would have been worse than US and the only thing we would have been alowed to do about covid would have been to pray.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            At least when you rock up to hospital here, the first question you’re asked is “what’s wrong?”, not “do you have insurance?”

          • Robot – your last comment has nothing to do with how things would have play out if the religious lunatic had it his way. Nothing to do with how many infections we would have been dealing with.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Yeah my apologies I misread your remark about what we’d be able to do here. Agreed that Morrison was completely off with his assessment and early intervention by state premiers was the key to our response.

      • MountainGuinMEMBER

        Yes Donald doesn’t really have a short term plan but what I took away from Biden is that he would not do shutdowns but would seek more social distancing and more mask wearing. Given the high levels of infections and the skepticism folks have for govt instructions, both are really pursuing a policy of letting it rip and hoping for minimal impact until a vaccine appears.
        Neither is showing leadership IMO.

    • Trump just smashed him on wall Street. And he us right. He doesn’t take their money. This is what you trump haters can’t come to term with

      • RobotSenseiMEMBER

        Trump is a stone-faced conman who ripped off tens of millions with his “Trump University” that had about the same credentials as a YouTube video. He should be in prison.

        • I am not arguing against that. You are probably right but he should share the cell with the Big Man.

        • So you’re saying that if someone took money say from Ukraina peddling influence, should go to gaol?
          Just saying… Burisma

          • Hey, at least you’re laughing!
            It is not the evidence that is problematic, it was drowning the investigation that is indicative…

          • but Russia, Russia, Russia is not a scandal loking for prrof. WHile clean evidence on a hardrive with Hunter snorting coke and under age girls emails discussing how get how much from the cake is scandal looking for proof. lol

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Let’s pretend (for sake of indulging this ridiculousness) that all this stuff about Hunter Biden is true. Or even half of it.
            So what?

          • “all this stuff about Hunter Biden is true. Or even half of it.
            So what?”

            Can we apply “So what” to the other “non-Biden” guy

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            No because he’s the one actually doing it. Who does he owe the $400m he is personally in debt to? America should know who has leverage over their candidates.

        • Conmen dont deliver. Trump has delived an economy running at full tilt before the virus. He has taken action on china. He has started less hot wars than any president in memory. Once again your tds has made you wrong wrong wrong.

  3. Still a mess of two old men pointing fingers at each other over who is more corrupt. I can’t take this anymore! Bye

    • Its no longer a contest of who has the best plan to run their country, its become a contest to show who is least effected by deranged president syndrome…

    • Sometimes it is the only way to deflect bias.
      Politeness can only go so much before it is stupid to be polite.
      Neville Chamberlain did not know that

  4. Gees, Trump is [all manner of badness] and should and deserves to lose BUT Biden is a terrible debater and just comes across as whiney.

    I would not be backing Biden too heavily.

    Trump could win this.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Biden doesn’t need to debate. He just needs to show enough functioning neurons to not off the rails, leave important decisions to experts, and not be Trump.
      So far he’s doing all those things. Make no mistake, nobody is voting for Joe Biden because he is bringing revolutionary ideas and a vision to the table. He’s just an inoffensive “I’m not the other guy.”

      • “So far he’s doing all those things”

        Does he?

        You cannot see that blank look in the face (eyes)??

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Again: nobody is voting for Biden because he’s a visionary. Biden can do what Trump can’t and get out of his own way. Trump is the single most dangerous person to be in charge of a healthcare and economic crisis: not only is he disinterested and incompetent, partisan and fradulent; he is so blinded by his own ego that he thinks he is the only one who can solve the problem, will surround himself in people he demands kowtow to his opinion, but discard them if they try and wrestle the controls away to avert impending disaster.

          • Again, I did not even imply he was a visionary (that would be outright silly), only that heis look is like a lost puppy, like that guy in the Twilight Zone episode “Where Is Everybody???“, like he can’t remember if he’s running for Pres or for Senate or… like he is tired and wants to sleep…

            Will Biden fix anything? Will not-the-Biden guy fix anything??? …. I do not care.

  5. What is with Americans’ fear of an Australian style system with universal cover + optional (cough not really optional in Aus) private for those who wish to have it?

    Genuine question.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      “Healthcare is not a privilege, its a right,” Biden said. “Everyone should have the right to have affordable health care.”
      “bUt sOcIaLiSm”

      I don’t know, America has some genuine fear of collective benefits that cover everyone. It’s a heavily-wired free-market thing I guess.

      • Yes I noticed that

        Why can’t this be reframed as a universal healthcare – equity / fairness issue?

        • They’ve tried. The right (including a large number of Dems) basically responds “But how is it fair to rip even more money from someone who has worked hard and been successful just to give it to someone who pays little or no tax and eats meth amphetamines for breakfast?”

          Edited to add: Anecdote – I had a neighbour who moved here from Texas and he thought Medicare was the greatest thing ever. But apparently it would never ever work back in the States, just because reasons (of which he couldn’t actually give one).

          • Lets face it, the USA is a country full of selfish people, selfishness and capitalism go hand in hand.

    • Yeah socialism ….

      What I’ve found is that Americans don’t like paying into a system that they don’t perceive benefits them.

      If someone without a job gets sick and needs healthcare and costs tax payer money they feel they don’t deserve the tax dollars because they are a bum without a job.

      Same with College they want people to pay their own way, but what they don’t realise is that by contributing a small amount into a system like healthcare, is like insurance you do it because 1 day something bad may happen. Not because it’s funding the unwashed to exploit it.

      American society is very much about the individual, about self, not about the greater good. They are like our Liberals on roids.

    • @swampy you kinda answered your own question in the way you reflected on how private cover in Australia is not really optional.
      US is riduculously larger than Australia and costs of free healthcare are astronomical, for little return. Yes people dont live forever. If you have seen death, you’ll know no amount of free access to healthcare saves everyone.
      You have to comprehend the thrust of the US is about pioneers, about competition, incentives, free markets and liberty. You mandate healthcare and you turn that philosophy upside-down.. again for little benefit. There’s a difference between access to healthcare and the best in healthcare. You can argue what you like. Seems obvious to me but, that free access to healthcare undermines all the other more desirable behavioral qualities/objectives US is seeking to achieve. Like investing in geniunely new medical research. Besides US does have medicaid as a safety net. Plus philanthropy towards others in need is also more prevalent in US.
      In Australia we just expect the government to cover everything – we end up with paying for stupid private cover that isnt really optional as you say – but we’re happy with that cause we’re sheep basically. You outsourced the provision of care to government when society you live in has abandoned values of caring for others. Funny though, we then grandstand, criticise government and demand Royal Commissions to tell us what we should’ ve able to figure out logically ourselves. Hard truths.

  6. Good to watch a proper debate where the moderator is not in.

    Trump is pretty good (he must have been on something/Roid at the last debate with his covid, he was not thinking straigh then), Biden is struggling.The Biden family laptop story is extremely grave but too late as so many have already voted

    I still hope he wins but without much illusion.

    • Oh… The laptop dropped off for repairs at some back water IT repair shop that happens to be run by a Legally blind person who cant recall what the customer looked like….. and this person happened to give the details to a pro trump person who happens to be facing fraud charges….

      • Dodgy origin but who care, the emails trails have been confirmed by senders, Biden’s lawyers tried to get the laptop back and the Biden teams has never denied the veracity of the content.The FBI is on it/sit on it since dec 2019.

        it so bad you wonder if the Hunter did not want to burry the Dad bid for the WH on purpose.Go to Jail stuff

  7. migtronixMEMBER

    Classic blowhard Trump

    “those Mexicans are all rapists and criminals”

    “Joe you really made it so tough on criminals in 1994 that was terrible”

    Who buys this crap?

  8. Uh-oh, Sleepy Joe has worn off all the substance stimulants and his tongue begins to become knotted – Rudi Giullalalalni

  9. Jeepers he is funny to listen to The Donald.

    That comedian dude on YT who impersonates him is so on point.

    • this is why I said this should be Joe’s moment but doesn’t look like Joe landed too big punches. Trump put him on the ropes at the end. Biden should have shined in this area. I am not sure how this is going to play out for Biden.

  10. oh dear god.. Joe why on earth you want to say that. He fckd up now and Trump is right. Pennsylvania and Texas have been won.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      No they haven’t. Those industries aren’t there in large numbers, it’s just wildcats and locals have never been that keen in PA, and Huston is not the demographic it once was…

  11. Entertaining perhaps. But the debate means nothing.
    It is the ground game has mattered for months. Antifa is the only enthusiasm backing Biden. The Bernie bros, millennials, Never-Trumpers won’t show up to the ballot box.
    Ordinary people are now receiving letters to their homes threatening them as “Trump supporters” who should watch out post 3 November if Trump wins, and make sure your house is insured… is where it is at.
    US has seen Antifa is no myth, and has in fact burned cities down. US has seen the deep state spy on Trump as an alternate candidate. While MSM have relentless, shamelessly protected the Clintons, Obama (they fawned over him), Bidens, Epstein etc etc
    I’d be surprised if the threats work. Freedom and liberty, law and safety will votes for GOP down the ticket.
    Dems are crazy mafia-styled socialist mobsters enabled by the media. Deserve to lose bigly.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      Literally hit every keyword in the Trump psyop bingo list. Nice, and good luck with that.

      • Despite running virtually unopposed, Trump received a record number of votes for an incumbent in the GOP primaries – I believe more than even Biden did. Each month this year has seen record levels of gun sales in total and to first-time owners and sustained shortages of ammo. Everything Biden does when he pops out in public is staged for TV cameras to look like he’s drawing a crowd when in fact he’s speaking to not even a couple of dozen people. Trump packs out multiple rallies per day with tens of thousands of people. Massive enthusiasm gap.

      • @migtronix you post a lot of out-there statements, no substance. How do you process what is actually happening on the ground? Should the lives of real people be threatened by one side in a democracy?

    • You have highlighted my rationale for a Trump win. With all the threats of violence and the media denigration towards anyone who prefers Trump to Biden the voice of the Moderate trump voters has gone silent. They won’t even own up to supporting him in the polls. I believe they are the real majority and the appearance of the blue wave is really just a very vocal minority with the MSM in tow.

      I’ll be handing out free pumpkin spiced lattes for the wokesters to cry into as a form of celebration if Trump gets a second term.

      • Can someone assist with this: Tab is taking bets on final electoral college vote numbers. Now the electoral college has 538 votes, and you need 270 to win. However you see this, it is going be close. Last time it was Trump 304 Hillary 227 and a handful to independents who got 1 each or so.

        Right now Tab is offering on final Trump votes

        300-329 votes $5.50
        270-299 votes $6.50
        240-269 votes $12.00
        210-239 votes $11.00

        Why is this not a sure thing arbitrage wager? Even if you think Trump is definitely going to lose, take the bottom two only and you would clean up?

        What have I missed here?

          • Yeah – I did some historical digging and see that it can vary wildly.

            In 1972 Nixon got 502 votes vs McGovern 17 votes (!) and that was AFTER the Washington Post had started publishing about Watergate.

            Reckon I’ll sit this one out and save my cash for Dan Murphy’s tonight

        • It’s not out of the question he gets less than 210.

          For what it’s worth, Sportsbet is only paying 7s on the 210-239 range so 11s looks good value.

  12. Gees ABC news is in full woke mode post debate

    Apparently you cannot be r_cist if you are not wh!te. Now Trump’s claim about being least r_cist in the room was patently ludicrous, but the idea that you cannot say that if there is a person of colour in the room is equally appalling.

    The commentators would do much better if they had a grasp of US history. The Trump claim about no-one having done more for bl_ck people since Lincoln would be shut down easily by mentioning leaders like JFK, LBJ or RFK. But it seems that that portion of US history is not taught in woke journo school. Just disgusting how light weight it has all become. Stan Grant might have a good local presence, but is way, way over his head trying to provide commentary on this stuff.

    • You should note LBJ was an avowed and known racist. He passed those reforms because he had to, not because he wanted to.

          • Biden is a congressman…. He doesn’t get to make laws by himself….. They get drafted and the entire Congress votes…. their system is so screwed up It’s even possible you end up having to vote against a bill you like because the riders on the bill are toxic….

            And for that matter, trump doesn’t make laws either …

      • I am aware. But it was actually the 1964 Civil Rights Act which moved things much more than the other pieces of civil rights legislation of that era. Yes it was Kennedy legislation, but he rammed it through against the wishes of a lot of Texans.

  13. Did Space get a mention? Had a quick long at the Artemis Space Program and it seems on par with JFK space program.

  14. I see a lot of nonsense on here:

    What has Joe Biden actually accomplished in 47 years in office? Calling Trump a white supremacist or racist is absurd and it is just a strategy by the Dems and their surrogates in media. The issue is people falling for it.


    – Passed a criminal bill in 1994 which has been responsible for incarcerating poor people (black and hispanic) in droves and many for non-violent offenses.

    – “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black”

    – Said he didn’t want his kids to grow up in a racial jungle on the topic of desegregation and busing which he did not support.

    – Mentor in the Dem Party was Robert Byrd a former KKK member. Byrd acknowledged this and apologised for youthful indiscretions – so fair play. However, lets imagine if this was Trumps mentor? It should also be pointed out it is the Dems who effectively founded and supported the KKK over the course of their perverse history.

    – What has Biden actually done for the black community with 47 years in office?


    – Passed the First Step Act. Actual Criminal Justice reform to undo what Biden helped usher in in 1994.

    – Music Modernisation Act.

    – Long term funding for HBCU’s

    – Actually wants more funding and training standards for police, because he understands bad shootings are usually down to crap training and not racism! The actual studies done support that there is no racial bias in unarmed shootings.

    This study is by a black Harvard professor where the conclusion was that cops are more likely to shoot if you are white and not black. Called this the most surprising findings of his career!

    – Opportunity zones.

    – Actually curbing illegal immigration and enforcing the concept of a nation state. Illegals compete with black and legal hispanic immigrants for low paid jobs. Black could otherwise get these jobs and use it to gain more experience into better jobs.

    Trump became a racist overnight! He wasn’t a racist to anyone when he was gallivanting all over the NYC social circuit, appearing in TV shows like Fresh Prince, rap videos and other Hollywood movies OR getting invited to White House dinners by Barack Obama!!! What has Trump actually said or done that makes him a white supremicist?

  15. Gezzzzzz …. its like watching cats chase the reflection from some reflective surface or light source around a room …

      • Are you suggesting I have or supported the Chicago school ever – ???? – you can search the archives of NC to answer that quire.

        LMMAO …. I’m in the MMT – PK sphere of sociopolitical economic thinking ….

          • In negative context … FFS I was pointing out the fallacies of the Milton share holder value meme years ago, et al.

            So that must be indicative of you mental and cognitive liabilities … please don’t project your dysfunctions on me.