Victoria could remain isolated until after Christmas

The NSW Government has signaled that it may not open its border to Victoria until after Christmas:

On Wednesday, 9News reported that NSW authorities were nervous about the prospect of a third wave in Melbourne, and would be waiting to make a decision on the border until after all systems in Victoria were properly tested.

According to the report, the “tests” would include getting a QR code in place at pubs and restaurants, seeing a reopening at Melbourne’s international airport, and introducing a functioning hotel quarantine system…

“We want to open that border (with Victoria) as soon as we can but what is really important to us is to see what happens once the Government eases restrictions down there. That’s the real test,” Ms Berejiklian said this week.

“I knew the real test for NSW is not lockdown, it’s easy not to spread the virus when people have limited mobility, but once you ease restrictions and people start moving around again and start working, that’s the real test and I think the residents of NSW would expect me and my Government to be responsible in how we deal with that.

“So we’ll take the border down as soon as we can, but we do need to wait to see what impact easing of restrictions in Melbourne and Victoria has before we decide exactly when that will be.”

As a Melburnian desperate to leave, this news is demoralising.

That said, I cannot blame the NSW Government for looking side-eyed at Victoria and being reluctant to open the border.

The Victorian Government throughout the crisis has shown itself to be incompetent. It was the only state to contract out hotel quarantine to dodgy private security, thereby seeding the destructive virus second wave. And its retrograde contact tracing system failed on multiple occasions.

NSW was collateral damage in these failures, with virus leaking into NSW via the Crossroads Hotel, among other infection points, resulting in NSW being shut off from QLD and other states.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian is also correct in her assessment that “it’s easy not to spread the virus when people have limited mobility, but once you ease restrictions and people start moving around again and start working, that’s the real test”.

It is up to the Victorian Government to prove to Australia that it has its virus management systems up to par and that it can be trusted not to spread the virus nationally.

Over to you Daniel Andrews.

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  1. This was always the plan. When the Vic/NSW border closed, NSW booked accommodation in the border town up to Christmas. Chooks are always hungry.

  2. I don’t recall but is the border shutdown along the actual border or is Gladys walking her talk and has some leeway into rural Victoria. After all her b!tching at Qld it would seem hypocritical if that were not the case.

    • Labor will probably won’t because of Gladys making her point consistently that the border should be open and that Deb would have opened it if Premier, kicking a LNP own goal. Same with Scummo and Dutton’s comments on the matter. They just entrenched the “Queenslander” call for Labor.

  3. Leith “It was the only state to contract out hotel quarantine to dodgy private security,” is not true. NSW quarantine Hotels are all staffed by private security……

      • VIC was similar public sector was on site, they blew the whistle very early. No one heard. To many chefs, all communal responsibility with no accountability. For all the talk of dictator dan all the failures point to him being wedged between tough practical policies and procedures and a seditious rw media / fear of police union power and a lw pandering to create jobs out of thin air. Amazing no one joined up the dots on uber drivers being the exact cohort you don’t want in that job.

        • ok – SIL works for NSW Health and she has been working in the quarantine hotels for months (her home visit job was put on hold due to COVID so she could opt in for this work instead). Maybe it is only those high risk or who need special support? A few times she’s had to don the full kit and transport positives to the hotel that deals with those. Some interesting stories and my take is that whilst I am no fan of NSW Gov they have done a pretty good job but the “returning travellers” have included many not so wonderful people who can’t be trusted to do the right thing.

  4. The problem is we don’t track people like they do in China, though I am sure the ASD has a small capability that way. People lie on their declarations and these lies only get picked up after the fact with our systems. The damage is done then.

    The last thing we need is our dodgy airlines going full tilt from day 1 pushing people into Cairns through Sydney Airport because there are limited health facilities there and other such places. They have to set up a way to start small and only ramp up when indicated by testing in these places.

  5. I’m sorry QLD but if you don’t open up to VIC at Xmas (when we have 1 case)

    You’ll be picking the dates off the calendar for your meals

  6. Vic trying to get nsw to open up. Nsw trying to get qld to open up. Qld telling both vic and nsw to shut up. What a mess

  7. Imagine fleeing Melbourne for NSW then they have a massive out break and go into lockdown. Unlikely but could happen.

  8. It was like Christmas holidays just over the border here the last school Holidays – Extraordinarily Packed. People from Syd, CBR, Albury took the chance while it was less swamped by the usual Melb crowd & the fact they couldn’t go OS.

    Now motels are working out just what to do? A Lot aren’t taking Vic bookings because they don’t know if they’ll be left holding an empty room if Vic isn’t open. Meanwhile potential visitors from other places have apparently asked who’s coming because they don’t want to come if the Vics are coming….. (More to do with overcrowding than the Wupox I think). So it’s not just you blokes that are left guessing…… And the mess just goes on & on…..

    The only ones that know what they’re doing are the locals, they’ll stock up & just stay out of the way for the usual 6 weeks.

    • I heard on the wireless this morning that Victorians are responsible for a large number of bookings here in QLD during the festive period. Presumably these have a non-refundable deposit on them.

      Many Melburninans can’t fathom not spending Christmas in Noosa. The humanity!