VIC and NSW border may reopen by mid-November

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says it will take at least a fortnight after Victoria’s lockdown restrictions are “substantially” eased before any decision on reopening the state’s border can be made.

Meanwhile, the Tasmanian government has advised that NSW residents will be permitted to visit the island state from 2 November, assuming there is no surge in NSW coronavirus numbers.

Tasmania will be re-opened to travellers from South Australia, Queensland and the ACT from 26 October:

With NSW now reporting more COVID-19 cases some days than Victoria, Premier Gladys Berejiklian said it would take two weeks to determine if Victoria was safe enough to again allow its residents to visit…

Ms Berejiklian said the “real test” of Victoria’s ability to contain the virus would be what happens after restrictions are eased, including loosening controls on movement.

“Once you increase that to 25 kilometres as they’ve done, once you’ve raised other restrictions, you can then tell whether they are on top of their contact tracing,” she said.

“I would suspect it will be at least a fortnight after restrictions have been eased substantially to be able to assess how safe it is for us to open that border.”

Melbourne’s COVID-19 restrictions are scheduled to ease on 1 November. This means that Victorians could be permitted to travel into NSW mid next month.

This opens an interesting dilemma. If the Victorian Government retains its ‘ring of steel’ preventing Melburnians from entering regional Victoria, will Melburnians be allowed to drive into NSW in the event that the northern border is reopened?

Further, will QLD open to NSW if it opens to Victoria?

It would be a strange situation if Victorians could fly into NSW but not drive.

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  1. BoomToBustMEMBER

    Dictator Dan has 2 choices as I see it, voluntarily open up or have people get out anyway. We wont be sitting around this weekend no matter what the “rules” say.

    • I am thinking that DDan won’t want Victoria to open to NSW while there are cases, lest it get reinfected with the dreaded “Third Wave”.

    • Less Woke More BlokeMEMBER

      Judging by how many QLD-plated cars (insert joke about how the banana benders can’t drive) passed me on the Banglow – Lismore Rd death ride to work this AM, it ain’t closed.

      They’re bloody everywhere

  2. sydboy007MEMBER

    I think Dan is giving us a semi permanent trial of as socialism. There’ll only be big business and gift left standing after the lock down ends in 2022

  3. It would be great if all states could open borders to each other. That way more people could leave WA for the east and stop bothering me.

  4. NSW should not open the border … there are now too many crazy people in Vic

    Melbourne is currently in the middle of a large epidemic but it’s not covid19, it’s epidemic of Stockholm syndrome.
    One needs only few mins on social media to see that majority of the population shows strong symptoms.

    I’m afraid that the mental health issues coming out of this virtue signling political acts are going be so great and will last for a generation.

    Keep the border closed!!!

  5. Its strange times that we live in.

    I’m waiting for, and perhaps naively, the conversation to shift to how should we better handle this going forward.

    What are you thoughts on the following:
    The third last paragraph on page 9 of The Australian Financial Review dated 13 October 2020 in the article Collateral damage from Andrews’ cherry picking of ‘science’, stated “But the data is now definitive that the virus is only slightly worse than the seasonal influenza for the vast majority of people”.

    Whilst I agree we need to develop and implement processes and systems to better protect “the at risk people”, I think some of this has happened now with stronger state laws for hospitality (more stringent cleaning criteria), and supermarkets providing sanitisers to use on trolleys or baskets.

    The hidden move to push for more cashless transactions is worrying, but I think society has come along way since we got off the gold standard. No opinion here just a ‘will be interesting to see how this plays out’.

    • I thought when Angela Merkel suggested, weeks ago, that Europeans shouldn’t close their borders – that we were close to that conversation. I didn’t think Europe would approve more lockdowns but here we are. If infections start to rise significantly – politicians will react – unless you have a president like Trump/Putin.

      • Infections are becoming less relevant, it’s the death and injury rates which matter more. Look at JHU global data on death rates, they are flatlining for the most part. Infections only mattered when the trend lines followed one another.

  6. Gladys is just feeding the chooks. Basically all accommodation along the VIC/NSW border has been booked and paid for up to the end of DEC. Talk to any of the coppers on the check points and they will tell you they are not going anywhere until at least Christmas. Would be a brave pollie who gave this gift that keeps giving up.

  7. Mr SquiggleMEMBER

    If the border is really closed, how did all those New Zealanders get to Melbourne after flying into Sydney?