Students and tourists stuck near zero

The ABS yesterday released provisional short-term arrivals and departures data for September, which remains near zero:

All overseas arrivals to Australia in September 2020 (provisional estimates):

  • 16,700 estimated trips, 8,900 of these are Australian citizens
  • 8.3% increase compared to the previous month and a 99.0% decrease compared to the corresponding month of the previous year
  • 7.2% of all arrivals were New Zealand citizens, the largest group apart from Australian citizens returning home
  • 10.3% of all arrivals were those arriving on temporary other visas.

Arrival numbers crashed across all source nations:

Across all visa groups:

And across all states & territories:

Departures have also collapsed:

  • 49,800 estimated trips, 11,700 of these are Australian citizens
  • 18.2% decrease compared to the previous month and a 97.2% decrease compared to the corresponding month of the previous year
  • 18.2% of all departures were Chinese citizens
  • 19.7% of all departures were those leaving on temporary other visas.

No wonder the airline industry is dying.

Finally, international student arrivals continue to collapse, with annual departures down 50% (-312,420) from their January 2020 peak:

Expect the edu-migration industry to ramp up their lobbying to open Australia’s international border to the virus.

Leith van Onselen


  1. Amazing, this 99% colapse feels like it could continue without much real impact for years. They are already talking about not reopening to europe before 2022.I hope to be able to see my parents there before anything happens to them ( 79yo), facetime helps but it s not the same.

    What a is full of surprise.

    Even in Europe ICU are mostly empty

    • my toranaMEMBER

      You know you can apply to go visit them on com passionate grounds or if you want to make a case that you reside overseas. course cost and quarantine might what’s stopping you.

        • Don’t forget that the flight out is easy to get, however when it comes to the return flight the airlines send you the gfy message a couple of days before you expected to return. They don’t refund half the purchased ticket price (actually they don’t refund anything) and they politely suggest that for an extra $10K per person they can get you back on the flight that they’ve just told you they have no seats available on.
          You decide to try another airline wait a couple of weeks and repeat the process, rinse and repeat unit your bank account bleads and you wish you’d just paid the $10K they demanded.

    • Russia is just hitting is hospital capacity now and had a record number of deaths.
      Eastern Europe missed the first wave to some extent but are getting smashed now.
      Western Europe has stopped trying and its about to get bad. 22K cases in France today, 19K in UK. Death rate should be lower because they have already wiped out the nursing homes but those countries are looking a 500 deaths a day in a months time, and they still haven’t shut down so numbers will at least double from here.
      Europe had 130K cases and 1300 deaths today
      Winter is coming!

  2. There must be more international students about to head home after exams in November, and not be replaced by new arrivals. Incentives to hire people under 35 are for those off JobSeeker, and international students not eligible? So not much chance of them finding work to stay longer. More nervous landlords near universities to come

  3. Over half the 17,000 arrivals into Australia in Sept are non Australian citizens. Think about that.

    Over half were in fact third world PR & NZ SCV fleeing into Australia to suck up our Australia taxpayer welfare, and the TR… supported by the corrupted education industry to transit in using stopover destinations to mask their country of origin.

    While over 20,000 Australians citizens are still trying to get back into Australia.

    Fact 1.
    From March 2020 (borders closing / pandemic declared) over 367,000 people have entered Australia.
    189,000 were non Australian citizens.
    Mostly PR and then TR. nearly 60%!!

    Fact 2.
    Over 90% of the virus infected are ‘travellers’, mostly third world who then spread their virus contagion via the faux security guards etc into the vast migrant guestworker slums of Sydney and Melbourne.
    Then the migrant guestworkers in those slums infecting each other and then in bed pan or other services they infected aged care and elderly Australians.
    90% of the virus dead are elderly Australian citizens infected by community transmission, original source a migrant traveller or a migrant guestworker.

    The Foreign student numbers down..
    No Macrobusiness, that’s not correct.
    Might not be coming in but also not going back.
    They are still here…
    (As the stats in the exit numbers show).

    865,000 foreign students and partners onshore.
    803,000 on a primary visa onshore
    62,000 on a ‘partner visa’ onshore
    Source DHA & Aust Gov edu

    Each year the foreign student & partner number was going up 8-14%.
    It’s normally a 4 year visa – so say 650,000 4 years ago with about 60% (100-110,000) who go back as they couldn’t extend or churn their visa onshore so they go back to re- enter again on another visa category.

    Over 120,000 will now have expired COe/visas but are still here – far offsetting those 35,000 or so Chinese New Year etc who didn’t get back in..

    The rest – no funds & all the other false doc, nonsense courses etc but with the virus … now openly working full time & not paying fees & no classes.

    Basically we have over an additional 150,000 foreign student or partner ‘Overstayers’ in breach of their visas.

    Hiding behind the virus impact and confusion to stay on.
    The other 700,000 – many not enrolled, or not paying fees, or if they are, on deferment or ‘online classes’ or other nonsense.
    No funds
    Begging for welfare like the PR (who are not Australian citizens btw but foreign passport foreign nationals)

    And like all the 2.5 million TR/SCV here – using the excuse of ‘no money’, ‘no funds’, ‘no flights’ etc to overstay, live and work illegally, steal Australian jobs and steal Australian housing.

    👉🏾Why aren’t they being rounded up and deported?

    They are in visa and COe breach

    They have no funds, well they never did, their self declarations or agent organised funds were always a lie.
    They aren’t attending classes and if they are pretending to – it’s online.

    👉🏾Why can’t they do these fake courses from their third world slums in China, India, Nepal, Bangladesh?

    Because they aren’t here for an education.

    They are only here to live and work illegally, to steal Australian jobs and housing, to repay their agent procurer loan debt and to send back remittances.

    Round them all up
    Exit the lot
    100 planes a day (well within our airport and spare plane capacity) @ 250 per plane would see 25,000 a day and 700,000 of them exited in 1 month.

    Every Australian should be demanding this.
    These foreign students have been a long standing social and economic impact to Australia.

    Now it’s time to clean them out.

      • my toranaMEMBER

        Non-citizens returning are mostly PR who have had equal right to return to Australia as citizens and who are probably equally as stuck overseas as their Australian partners and children or friends, whatever. Whether they’re counted in the ‘stranded Australians’ number or not, I’m not quite sure. some few temporary visa holders have been able to enter as direct family members of a citizen. That might pick up kids born overseas or a newish partner or a step child or whatevs (or a smuggled in slave, too) I’m not quite sure but it seems to be to allow for the imperfections of the world. In any event there’s not much to be outraged in the treatment of PRs in these stats on *returning* people – unless you think the govt could push harder for PRs to take up citizenship.

          • Agree. Get rid of the PR bullshit. There are lots of PRC citizens who have Australian PR, but refuse to take up Australian citizenship. You really have to question where their loyalty sits.

        • The ‘PR’ are foreign nationals.
          Foreign passport holding non Australians.
          Why do PR foreign nationals get Welfare & Medicare?
          Many of these Foreign Nationals PR have been offshore for years, once they got the PR & Medicare or Centrelink they return back to their country of origin for long stints (minimum days in Australia to stay on Welfare) to suck off the Australian taxpayer.

          Now returning back to Australia to flee their virus infected third world hellhole, and to suck up on the ‘doubled’ job keeper or job seeker welfare.
          Like flies to the sugar on the table.
          And as their third world countries get overrun by the virus, bringing that disease in with them.
          90% of the virus infected are ‘travellers’
          The virus is imported from migrants and travellers.

          But 90% of the dead are Australian aged.
          Infected by the migrants / travellers, spreading into our vast migrant slums in Melbourne and Sydney as an incubation hub and then via community transmission from these migrants living and working here illegally in the Uber / Deliveroo / bed pan black economy – to then infect our aged care, hospitals, public places and & kill Australians.

          The NZ SCV.
          Why are the Australian welfare benefits being extended to them?
          We have 680,000+ NZ SCV in Australia
          Over 40% or 280,000 are not even NZ born.
          The non NZ burn ratio up from 35,000 of 350,000 (10%) a decade ago when it was mostly Pacific Islanders or Poms.

          In fact the genuine NZ born are going back.
          The 1980’s wave of NZ born who stayed on NZ passports are now old, are cashing out their Australia super and going back to NZ.
          Offset by huge influx of non NZ third world who entered NZ as they couldn’t get into Australia or had been kicked out – did the NZ transit stop, got the passport stamp and then entered or re entered Australia on a permanent stay SCV with full work rights!

          This NZ ScV loophole is our fastest growing third world corrupted visa intake.
          NZ allows the absolute detritus of the third world in, or those kicked out of Australia to re-enter.
          NZ decides who enters Australia.
          We are effectively their dumping ground for migration mistakes.
          What comes into Australia now as a NZ SCV is an Indian, Bangla, Pak, Middle Eastern, African, Chinese or south East Asian criminals, a whole pestilence of Fiji Indians booted out of Fiji, in via the Chinese Pacific islands passport scams, the eurotrash & lowlife.

          🔹The Aust / NZ SCV entitlement should only be fit genuine Australian or NZ BORN citizens.
          That was the original intent of the Tran Tasman Alnoor mobility agreement.

          👉🏾Why are foreign nationals non citizens being given equivalency or even priority over Australian citizens in being allowed into Australia?

          • I am such a PR for a long time already who for work and private reasons cannot take up AU citizenship. I pay the same amount of taxes and medicare fees as AU citizens, so it seems totally fair to also receive the same amount of benefits and medical care as AU citizens. To portray PR holders as leechers who suck benefits out of the system without contributing is a misrepresentation of reality.
            AU citizens who are resident (permanent or temp) of e.g. EU countries also get the exact same fiscal and benefit treatment as EU citizens. So it’s all reciprocal. The argument that the treatment of PR holders and citizens damages the system is invalid.

  4. Mr SquiggleMEMBER

    So, 16,000 in bound vs 49,000 outbound. Net 34,000 reduction? Give or take. Have I read it correctly?, Say, 400,000 net pa leaving. We’ll need that to happen for a few years to change anything.

  5. desmodromicMEMBER

    I don’t understand the ban on citizens leaving. Recently retired Australian friends have resided in Europe since 1998. Since last year, they return to Australia in the summer months to avoid the worst of the European winter and visit friends and family. This year the government stepped in and banned them returning in April. All applications to leave were rejected, so they adjusted their plans and are now booked to depart next April. However, even that remains uncertain and their residence in France sits empty. There is no French regulation stopping them returning, just an Australian (Dutton) regulation preventing them departing.

    • They don’t want all that job keeper / job seeker being spent overseas.

      Can you even imagine the rush on the airports if 3,000,000 Australians were allowed to live like kings in Indonesia with their free government money ? Well appointed and affordable villa and freedom in Ubud vs lockdown in a $600 per week St Kilda rat hole ? Not exactly a difficult decision.

      Not being able to get to Indo for a surf is doing my head in but I’ve consoled myself that at least the wave of 1mmigrsnts to Oz has flatlined…..or so I thought.

    • Yeah it’s a disgrace. SFM reckons it is a “non-issue”. Not many other countries have done this and those that have you wouldn’t put in the same category as Australia. I can’t understand why there isn’t more made of this. Suppose that’s what you get when combining a generally apathetic populace with no bill of rights.

    • Indeed, AU is the only Western country I’m aware of from which one is not allowed to leave (feels penal colony again :-)). Even New Zealand has not done this. Personally I think it was done to some degree to protect the AUD foreign exchange rate; the missing overseas spend now balance out the missing domestic spend of foreign visitors. AU residents’ overseas spend as travelers was even larger than the local tourist spend from overseas visitors.

      Still it’s a flagrant violation of basic human rights. Unacceptable in my opinion.

      The good news: if you intend to stay away for 3 months or longer, you’re allowed to leave:

  6. my toranaMEMBER

    It’s certainly interesting about the lack of departures but as I imagine some loans to get here are taken out overseas, I can imagine some people aren’t keen to meet the repo man at home.
    The point is, we had a *net increase* of students and migrants every year, over 250,000, that has stopped. the arrivals were more like 800,000 and 500,000 departing so alot of the traffic-congesting-churn has stopped as well.

    • You seem to believe that in these countries your good name is your bond.
      I hate to shatter your utopian world view but in general these loans are secured by either assets or the labour of those that remain at home. I’ve heard of cases where young Indian men take out loans to travel to Australia which are secured by their sisters being forced to work in the Indian sex industry. Apparently the sisters “work” only pays the interest on the loan, so if you want to get a sister back you must repay the loan.
      From what I’ve heard after a few years the sisters earnings potential decreases to the point that additional loan security is required and if this is not supplied then an accident might happen to you or someone close to you. It’s a foolish move to believe that being in Australia puts you beyond their reach.

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