Reinvented RBA whacks Australian dollar again

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Finally, ten years late, we are in the global monetary and currency game:

The Stance of Monetary Policy in a World of Numerous Tools

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Difficult to see how this will not end in a AUD dive and some serious inflation – apart of course from the intended house price inflation. Monopoly in live action !

  2. happy valleyMEMBER

    “And then TFF will be expanded again, and again, and again…”

    Indeed, the RBA virtually owns the housing pricing bubble (with a little help from useless APRA and a succession of federal gubmints), so it’s only reasonable that it life supports the banks?

  3. Aren’t you worried at all? If the RBA has ‘seen the light’ then perhaps it’s time to leave to the room?
    When the Last Bear turns into a Bull and all of that….

  4. Jumping jack flash

    Seems to me that this is a lot of scared words from someone who is scared stiff about this whole “unconventional” policy stuff and is trying to work through and come to terms with it.

    Never forget though that interest rate manipulation always was and still is completely unconventional as far as policy goes. It was the gateway drug, and it has finally lost its efficacy.

    Westpac Bill and the gang has the pressure on them to go harder. Kick it up a notch.
    It’ll come fellas, it has to.

  5. Under such conditions what should a FHB do ?? ? a serious question, please if any one can explain it.

    • Agreed. Personally I’m going to pull trigger now, but only because other personal circumstances are forcing it too (rental now in a construction zone, expanding family etc) and there doesn’t seem to be any significant price falls on the horizon .