Morrison: Virus whipped. Unleash infected foreign horde!

Our wonderful leadership reverts to mean so fast:

Scott Morrison is setting his sights on bringing international students and workers into Australia as more states ease coronavirus restrictions and manage outbreaks.

Mr Morrison has reflected on publicly pushing to reopen the whole country by Christmas a few months ago.

His next priority is attracting university students and businesspeople here from overseas.

“There are some who want to stay where they are but we have to keep pressing hard, we have to keep leaning in,” Mr Morrison told a joint partyroom meeting.

What’s the upside with massive un and underemployment? The structure of our intake has nothing whatsoever to do with “businesspeople”. The chart is a bit old but it will have gotten worse, not better, as we debauched out intake:

As we know, the cheap foreign horde comes with lower wages, higher congestion and unaffordable houses. Now it brings the virus with it as well, instantly jeopardising everything that we have gained from the collective sacrifice of lockdowns. There are still weekly reports of quarantine breaches.

Do we have to spread the virus here ourselves to prevent Morrison from doing it?

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    • Imagine how you’d feel if you were one of the 30,000 Australians stuck overseas and Chinese and Indian students get in before you get home?

      • My wife and daughter are amongst the #strandedAussies offshore.

        They have just called the Moscow Embassy and been told that the Moscow Embassy know nothing about the repatriation flights, or how to book or register for the London flights, and the embassy advised them to call ‘the airlines’. My wife called Qatar Airlines from Moscow and was told they dont know anything about them. I called (phone) QANTAS here and was told that they or I would need to arrange it through DFAT.

        Is there no end to the bullshit this nations feeds its own?…..

        There is not a single ‘Stranded Australians: Register Here’ link on the DFAT, QANTAS or ScoMo websites

        If you call 131313 (QANTAS) you get the message

        press 1 for upgrades
        press 2 frequent flyers
        press 3 for todays arrival times

        press 0 to hear this message again……

        and the QANTAS call

  1. Bring em in I says, and crash the place totally so that the rebuild is on fresh and solid foundations.

  2. Display NameMEMBER

    20% slack in the workforce and we wheel in foreign workers. This is going to work so well

  3. so many now unemployed voted Lib.. because better managers and will keep house prices high, and will make banks lend ever bigger loans for these ibeciles to dig themselves deeper into debt. I can’t wait to see their reaction when they realise they’ve been screwed. If they can realise that.

    • No, the story is, pandemic caused our economic problems and first recession. Everything was going fine until then. We need the good economic managers to steer us through and get back to where we were.

      • kierans777MEMBER

        That’s the exact story that the Libs will be selling, and the public will be bathed in News Corp/Channel Costello media to make the reaming more palatable.

        And the ALP won’t land a blow because they’re so captured themselves.

      • I’m pretty sure Covid-19 is Labors fault, but also if Labor was in charge the deficit would have been much larger.

  4. Mining BoganMEMBER

    I’m guessing the Hungarian’s unhinged rant in parliament yesterday is a sign of the economic pressures they’re under. Desperation to get someone, anyone, spending is there for us to see.

    By the way, did someone on these pages tell a story about folk flying into NZ and testing positive after doing tests before the flight which came up negative? There’s a whole lot of what ifs packed in that.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Russian And Ukrainian fishing crew flying into NZ to man Southern Ocean factory ships.

      All tested negative on leaving. 17 positive on arrival.

      [Edit: Jobs that Kiwis could do.]

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      Is it the test they did in Russia or the test they did in NZ that is innacurate ?.

      Either way it’s not good for anyone…

    • There’s certainly signs of desperation on pool deck. I’m hearing lots of stories of people not getting any gov assistance, or being kicked off it at the end of Sept, and quite a few horror stories alluded to. If the amount of selfish and passive aggressive behaviour of the past week (which was off the charts compared to the previous 2 weeks we’ve been open) is any indicator among those who feel able to afford the $5 entry fee, there are a lot of people on edge atm.

      I continue my discretionary spending strike. I just did a quick tally of all my spending since April Fools day. $1750, and that includes health, a Father’s Day pressie, some wool for a knitting project (which is a gift), a KU and a few investment subscriptions (tbh I haven’t paid for my share of fuel since I’ve been back at work but that’ll be negligible). I am doing my bit to break the economy! I am looking forward to buying fish and chips to have at the beach one nice evening soon though. I’m hoping they haven’t changed their prices so that would be about $10. I have a friend who is doing exactly the same. She’s paying down her mortgage asap and while neither of us were big spenders before, now that we are extreme non-spenders, we are used to it and have no plans to change our behaviour.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        $1,750 in all that time? How povvo. That’s the price of a decent bottle of wine nowadays. Or a couple of Aussie ones if roughing it.

        • IKR! So povvo. I’m spending WAY WAY WAY less than I earn and my investments are WAY WAY WAY up on a year ago. If I keep at it like this in a year or two (depending on whether or not some of my stocks do a moonshot) I might get my land and a very small house with no or negligible debt. I’m so excited to find out my ex credit union bank does mortgages with a 50k minimum. I like the idea of aiming for that! 😀💃🥂

      • I’m in your camp of reining in discretionary spending.
        Couple of exceptions- how to books( I’m the home handyperson)
        – a backup sewing machine. I make all my own clothes, and my very good machine is 15 years old.
        Getting it repaired could take up to16-18 weeks I’ve been told. I did a small repair myself recently, got the bits from USA, took about 8 weeks to arrive. Can’t do serious repairs( it’s computerised)
        Hence the purchase.
        I think supply chain issues could be common, so I’m just checking tools etc across all the things I do.

        • Sounds great. If I want new clothes I’m just losing some weight (which I have successfully done this year by fasting: I wanted to improve my immune system, the weight loss was an unexpected side benefit) and voila, instant new wardrobe from years ago. Apart from a few unavoidable basics I’ve been on a clothes buying strike since 2017. Screw the consumer paradigm, I’ve opted out and I don’t miss it in the least.

          • Thankx for sharing Poppy. It has been easy to save as there has been a cultural shift for many who have discovered (thanks to covid) don’t have to spend to be content. We will discover if this lasts in the general populace.

  5. happy valleyMEMBER

    “Do we have to spread the virus here ourselves to prevent Morrison from doing it?”

    Sadly, probably yes. SFM is the RWNJ we had to have.

    • Screwed if we do and screwed if we don’t. Loads of eager would-be migrants queuing up to come to covid-free Oz.
      I’m sure Scotty from marketing is already dreaming up another TV add…..

  6. This is the same guy who believed in return travellers self quarantining in their homes.
    When the next outbreak happens he will again blame Dan and journalism will again fall into line.

  7. ‘There are some who want to stay where they are but we have to keep pressing hard, we have to keep leaning in’

    WTF does ‘leaning in’ even mean in this context??? Does someone just tell him that these phrases will make him sound authoritative? FMD!

    • It certainly has sinister undertones – intended or not.

      In any event, the message I read into that is: We’re going to start to beat you if things don’t improve soon.

      • So SFM is a “Leaner” now and not a “Lifter” , someone in the MSM should point that out to him but would probably go over his head. Now that bin chicken is compromised you watch the first wave from overseas go directly to Sydney with out even a whimper.

      • We need a glossary of terms…..l
        lifter…..those who do what we want and go and take on tons of debt to keep bidding up the prices of houses.
        leaner…..those who don’t or can’t do what we want, eg don’t care which it is, aka loser.
        leaning in…….pushing hard for what we want until we get it, irrespective of what the electorate actually want.
        prices are softening…..prices are going down and getting cheaper.

        I’ll keep adding to this as a read the f*cked up phrases that seem to typify our narrative, oh dear even I’m doing it!
        No plain english speaking anymore people, you’ve got to sound like a phd to be listened to even if no-one understands what you are actually saying…or is that the intention? My confusion is getting confused….

      • That’s “leaning on”; this is “leaning in”, presumably as part of lifting. Totally different and acceptable.

        Didn’t you get the memo?

        • Apparently not. I’m not important enough to get those memos. I’m also obviously a bit slow too because I can’t deal with dropped words in a conversation

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      Scotty isn’t very bright you see. He has gotten himself confused with how they describe it at happy clapper camp vs the real world. Happy Clapper language says “leaning in”, whereas everyday people would describe it as “getting reamed”

    • C’mon Glenda,, and all of you guys (and girls)

      We have all seen ‘Leaning in’ before…..

      Recall those parties in the Uni days? Recall how there were always some pretty weird geeks at them?

      Do you remember the guy, who was believed to be a bit of a Christian nutter and was studying (for example) Economic Geography or Marketing or something sounding vaguely meaningless, and who slipped into lecture mode from time to time?

      Remember the time some female who was pretty meek and mild, and a fair bit shorter than he was, got sort of trapped talking to him as he began fulminating on the evils of socialism. How at some point in mid rant you sort of got the idea he might have thought he was in with a show, and started ‘leaning in’ and over, and talking down – and all she wanted to do was get down the passage so she could head home, but was too polite to depart mid lecture?

    • I’ve often thought MB should have a community dictionary or definitions page we can contribute to. Would be a riot.

  8. kiwikarynMEMBER

    No different to Jacinda Ardern. She is now allowing in international students (currently 250 post graduate ones have arrived) and immigrant workers (440 Russian fishermen). Did you think things would be any different? Doesnt matter which side of Parliament you sit on, absolutely none of them are prepared to stop immigration. Pacific Island seasonal workers will be next.

    • To do something different would require complex problem solving to diversify economies.

      Big Chomps and Happy Clappy aren’t deep thinkers.

  9. This is what I mean, Morrision would never have closed the state borders or restricted movement and the fact that voters give him any credit for containment is nauseating, to say the least.

    When movements, both internal and international are back to a post cv “normal” and there is any outbreak you watch Morrison fight any restrictions, he’s Trumpian to a very large degree.

  10. We all know ponzi reboot is the desired end game, but I often wonder how much of these announcements are designed to test public sentiment and/or get the lobbyists off their back temporarily.

    I can imagine having HRH, Willox and the rest calling your office everyday would pss even the most ponzified politican off.

    • Scummo is definately speaking to his owners with a lot of his comments. He intends on delivering though, that is for sure.

  11. The northern winter is going to be so terrible with COVID that it will be very hard for them to bring in big numbers without causing big problems. The West Australian is a Kerry Stokes rag and shouldn’t be seen as anything other than that.

  12. I’d like to thank COVID-19 for being the thorn in the side of Scomo’s treasonous immigration ponzi scheme for these past 8 months and counting… I’d like to think we can get another solid 12 months mileage out of it too from here, possibly 18+… time will tell!!! Cheers to the 25 million flat-line!