Morrison readies open borders virus deluge

This is so mad that I’m not sure where to look, at the AFR:

Individual corporations could lease entire hotels, and universities could commandeer campus accommodation to quarantine foreign students, under plans being devised to safely and dramatically expand international travel and get the economy rolling.

And with Victoria on top of its coronavirus outbreak and in the midst of reopening its economy, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was hoped the state would soon resume quarantine duties, enabling the thousands of Australians stranded abroad the opportunity to be home by Christmas.

“The next big … game changer in that area will be for Victoria to open up to international arrivals for people to come back,” he said.

…In an interview with The Australian Financial Review, Nev Power, the head of the National COVID-19 Commission Advisory Board, said numerous options were under development to help restart business travel, bring in foreign students and mine workers.

They have learned nothing. As the virus spreads wildly through the northern hemisphere, we are preparing to do exactly the same thing that killed us this winter:

  • overloading virus quarantine;
  • outsourcing it to the private sector;
  • all to save a few vice-chancellor salaries and keep wages crushed.

This has economic and political disaster written all over it. Why would the Morrison Government even contemplate taking such risks with the country and itself after the Dan Andrews saga of this winter?

NSW is considering increasing the number of quarantine “health hotels” after a sharp increase in the number of overseas travellers arriving with COVID-19.

The development comes as the NSW government threatened to send states and territories a bill to cover quarantine costs, which are expected to hit $140 million by the end of the year.

The Premier also maintained her reticence to reopening the border to Victoria before the full effects of eased restrictions were known.

She said “everybody is on tenterhooks as to whether there will be a third wave and how will Victoria cope with that.”

And how you will cope with it, Virgin Premier. NSW can also screw this up. Just ask Daryl. The virus is running wild globally (with a few exceptions in North Asia):

And will get far worse yet over winter. That any of our leaders are thinking in terms of opening the international border reeks of a hubris so extreme that another wave here is inevitable.

The international border must remain shut and where needed fiscal policy fills the demand hole.

It’s very, very simple.

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  1. Morris is holding offshore Australians to ransom……

    My wife and daughter are amongst the #strandedAussies offshore.

    They have just called the Moscow Embassy and been told that the Moscow Embassy know nothing about the repatriation flights, or how to book or register for the London flights, and the embassy advised them to call ‘the airlines’. My wife called Qatar Airlines from Moscow and was told they dont know anything about them. I called (phone) QANTAS here and was told that they or I would need to arrange it through DFAT.

    Is there no end to the bullshit this nations feeds its own?…..

    There is not a single ‘Stranded Australians: Register Here’ link on the DFAT, QANTAS or ScoMo websites

    If you call 131313 (QANTAS) you get the message

    press 1 for upgrades
    press 2 frequent flyers
    press 3 for todays arrival times

    press 0 to hear this message again……

    and the QANTAS call

    and then eventually someone on the DFAT help line in Australia

    • The Oz Embassy in Moscow is a joke, currently manned by a skeleton staff of Russian nationals. The head of the Embassy has done a runner back here as have all the other Aussies working there, and virtually closed it down (the only Embassy in Moscow that has shown such craven cowardice). Reminds me of the Fall of Singapore, what?

    • You need to face the fact that your wife and daughter are second class citizens in modern Australia.

      Those that enrich the universities, or provide cheap labour, like Indian and Chinese migrants or students are ahead of them in the queue.

      My tip is: make a call to your local MP, and offer to make a donation if they help you get your family back.

    • Gunna,

      Sorry to hear this, sucks. I went through some trying times trying to reunite with my family (Russian citizens), we have endured 2.5 times longer than standard visa processing time for their visa type. The only thing that helped was to find some sort of contact inside the embassy (their case was being processed in Berlin, though, and not Moscow), and demand answers. After a second “can’t comment on individual cases” response, I informed them that I will be filing a complaint with the Ombudsman, and my Federal MP. Visas granted in four days.

      Very different case, but, as John Stander mentioned, raise hell. Actually, since you probably have good connections, how about a story published in a newspaper? I am sure there is a journalist who will be willing to publish it? Or take out an ad, full page, in a major newspaper?

      Just get them out, from what I hear from family members, virus situation on the ground is not looking good, neither in Moscow nor in the regions.

  2. Yet another sign of the shocking irresponsibility of this government. Climate change denial, lax lending, and now on the pandemic : utter, inexcusably irresponsibility. 😡

  3. It’s about reading the room. Very few Australians want the international borders open. The virus is close to elimination here and the populous understandably want it to stay that way, given that worldwide infections are running at almost half a million a day. Scotty doesn’t have any political capital left and even with the empty chair as opposition, if he opens the borders and we get a surge in cases, he cannot possibly win.

    • Note the articles reference to “arrangements will need to be signed off on by state health authorities”.
      Scummo will lean hard on the states to sign off so that when things go wrong he can blame them.

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      That’s because Australians are closed minded idiots.

      Multiple countries around the world are in a similar situation in regards to eradication and we should be opening up to them: Taiwan, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam.

      Singapore now has a process where you can get multiple tests done in 48 hours if you are from a low risk country and you are into the community.

      We are becoming as useless as the US in how we view the world (Australia good – elsewhere bad).

      • So if we open up to those countries, how do we track if those people haven’t been to banned cities or countries prior to where they came from? Look at how quickly we messed with the NZers getting into Victoria.

  4. At some point Australia has to open up, without quarantines. We can’t remain isolated for decades. The virus will get through the population. Presumably we will have a vaccine of some kind and administer it to the elderly, immunocompromised, and healthcare workers (and anyone else that wants it).

    • Not right now we don’t. Not for some international student $$$.
      Not while COVID is exploding in the northern hemasphere winter.
      Now is the time to hunker down and not do anything stupid.
      Nev Powers can go fvk himself.

      • Spot on. If Scummo wanted to open up for a worthwhile reason it might be worth some thought.

        But for nothing more than trying to jump start the same old clapped out jalopy economic model under instruction from LNP donors with a massive conflict of interest? Fook orf.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      “At some point I will take a payment for posting sock puppet comments on a blog.”
      These sorts of comments ring hollow.

    • What you proposed makes no sense. Once a vaccine is available, any traveller coming to Australia must be vaccinated.

  5. People still can’t move between state borders. Opening up international borders to foreigners before we can even move interstate is nothing short of despicable.

  6. I don’t think the states are going to sign off on a lot of what is in that article. No one wants to be holding the can on another outbreak here, especially with the virus EXPLODING across the world.

    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      Caught a clip of yesterdays “debate” between Frecklington and Palasczuk. One of the so-called undecided voters was a bloke named Barry who played the victim because his so-called business of teaching English to foreign students was suffering by not having “international students”.
      His questions to the Premier and would be Premier was basically, if Canberra and SA are allowing a “trial” of international students, why isn’t QLD doing the same. Palasczuk basically said that it’s not safe to do so and sort of hinted that the quarantine they have in QLD wouldn’t be able to handle the intended numbers. She sounded like she wasn’t making it up either, maybe she’s fully aware of her quarantine limitations.
      Frecklington basically opened the QLD border to the trial because strong economy, jobs and growth.

      Poor old Barry needs to find another grift to make some cash.

      • This is another reason why Scummo is so desperately attacking Palasczuk and Andrews. He needs to get rid of non-compliant Premiers to make his plan work. This is also why I think Scummo is behind the media campaign to get Gladys. Gladys isn’t doing what Scummo wants. He needs to replace her with someone who will…

      • I’d love to be able to sympathise with poor Barry. But the truth is that a lot of people just can’t handle the fact that their life circumstances can change unpredictably, and they just want the sweet gravy train they were on to keep chugging along even when the track it was on has dropped off into an abyss.

        Go find something else to do Barry. You’re not the first person in the history of the world to have to do so.

  7. Arthur Schopenhauer

    The “Making Sense” podcast has an excellent interview with Yale Professor, Nicholas Christakis, on the current state of the pandemic and associated societal shifts.

  8. Like I said, and was of course ridiculed, immigration will be back to 400k a year in no time.

    Immigrants create jobs. Everyone knows that because LNP, Labor, big business and MSM tell us that.

    Imagine in 6 months from now how much higher unemployment COULD have been without immigration?

    • – yep this is the stat we need. assume an extra 200k unemployed and pro forma the unemployment stat had the ponzi continued …

      • They’ll bring in 200k and declare no other government could have created 100k jobs in these terrible covid circumstances…..and no one will question it.


    Woke media struggles and squirms, but despite pleas and waiting to the upper levels of the Politburu that “the masses don’t need to know this”, this slips through:

    On Thursday, NSW is expected to announce at least one person has tested positive for coronavirus while not in self-isolation after a number of venue alerts were announced and Malek Fahd Islamic School confirmed one of their students had tested positive.

    Better censorship now! That’s what the country needs! If they can do it for debate on immigration, why not this????

    Oh the woke humanity!!!

  10. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I so hope this happens, so much! It will demonstrate how strong our profit driven neo-liberal lifestyle really is. And that’s strong as!!!

  11. How about people take personal responsibility for their actions, rather than casting blame on others including the government.
    The Federal government warned many many times, for Australians to come home, that borders would be closing worldwide and this would make it difficult for Australians to come home. But somehow the people who are preaching for others to take the virus seriously, didn’t take it seriously themselves and return home to Australia whilst they could.

    • How does that explain planeloads of ‘seasonal’ workers being flown in to Mildura to quarantine each week?

  12. I’d bet quarantine will be iron clad, and no virus gets out.

    The elites aren’t going to make a mess of their money train coming back.

      • Quarantine done properly seems pretty successful.

        It’s the shortcuts; tooling security guards, letting them out without testing etc etc.

        If done properly, there’s no reason it can’t work.

        I’d hate to see immigration start again, but it’s going to. Zero chance they’re (LNP, Labor, big business, elites, MSM) not going to start asap.

        • >> It’s the shortcuts;
          This is the key.
          The issue is, shortcuts is all they know. The longcut and “do it right” method will be too expensive and require too much attention to detail for the level of impatience their greed will allow.
          So it will be shortcuts. Hence virus will get out.

    • Pffft, we’re a culture that rewards mediocrity, cutting corners and fast bucks – we’re incapable of doing anything ‘iron clad’.
      the virus will get in, then it will get out, then they will let it rip.
      it’s what our masters want. it’s what our masters need. the only question is – who’ll get pinned with the blame? Danny boy dodged the bullet…I think Gladys is compliant enough to take the fall for the team before she scuttles back into obscurity.

  13. Employing simple logic: repatriating Aussies abroad would be more beneficial to the economy (end demand and taxes) than opening teh gates to a bunch of povvos from a 3rd world sh!thole who scraped together the funds for a flight and visa from family and friends and is willing to work for $7.50/hr.

    Naturally then, this is all about serving the Unis, owners of IPs and developers of blocks of units in the major metro areas.

  14. Now that Jacinda Ardern is an international hero, anything she does, Scomo is free to copy, and if anyone complains, he can just say “well NZ does it”. So we now have international students coming in, along with hundreds of foreign workers (and yes, their employers have taken over an entire quarantine hotel just for their workers). The next stage is to do away with quarantine altogether, with a return to home isolation.
    Where we go, so shall you.

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      Sounds like a very logical and practical response.

      Taiwan as an example has been free of Covid for 200 days so far. Unless of course we pick and choose which stats we believe.

  15. This is will go awry. The virus will almost invariably be reintroduced back into Australia. And ScoMo will be responsible.

    The hasty re-opening of the borders and a resumption of mass immigration could derail the Morrison government. All to please the universities, developers and the cheap labour lobby?

    • ScoMo was responsible the first time around – for all of it. If he’d had a spark of real leadership about him he would have shut the borders hard from the get go, then eased up cautiously once there had been time to think about and implement the measures needed to keep safe the citizens of this island nation he supposedly represents the best interests of.