Melbourne’s eased restrictions too little too late

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews on Sunday announced some token easing of Melbourne’s draconian stage 4 lockdown, with the 5 km travel limit extended to 25 kms, hairdressers allowed to open, some minor loosening of outdoor gathering limits, and the return of some outdoor sports like golf and tennis:

The changes to take effect on Monday include:

  • Scrapping the two-hour time limit for exercise and socialising
  • Allowing groups of up to 10 people, from two households, to gather in public outdoor areas
  • Reopening outdoor sports settings like tennis courts, golf courses and skateparks
  • Allowing outdoor swimming pools to host up to 30 swimmers
  • Allowing hairdressers to open
  • Allowing outdoor real estate auctions to go ahead, with up to 10 people, plus staff
  • Permitting non-essential outdoor home maintenance, with up to five workers
  • Resuming face-to-face consultations at many allied health services

Sadly, Melburnians must wait another fortnight, until 2 November, before they can return to some semblance of normality:

The Premier outlined how more restrictions will be eased in Melbourne on November 2.

From that date, people in Melbourne will be allowed to leave their homes for any reason.

Visiting people at their homes will also be permitted, but with limits. Up to two people, plus dependents, can visit a household, but only once per day.

Retail will be allowed to reopen, and beauty and personal services can return.

For the first time in months, hospitality businesses will be allowed to seat patrons, with a maximum of 20 people indoors and 50 outside.

Businesses are rightfully fuming at having to wait another two weeks – effectively 3.5 months since the hard lockdown began – before they can reopen:

Business expressed frustration that after more than 100 days in harsh lockdown, there will be a further delay with a complicated set of rules to remain in place.

“We are disappointed that Victoria remains closed for business,” Business Council of Australia CEO Jennifer Westacott said.

“This is an inexplicable and unacceptable delay for Victorians and small businesses who are hanging on by a day, not a week,” she said.

“Adopting a wait and see approach to easing restrictions is not an answer for people who face a bleak Christmas and businesses that are trying to get back up and running”…

Mr Andrews said the hard border between Melbourne and regional Victoria – the so-called “ring of steel” – would also remain in place, but he hoped it would be dropped by Christmas.

The situation in Melbourne has descended into farce. Victoria’s rate of COVID-19 infection has plummeted to a level that is well below NSW’s at the beginning of this second wave:

Sydney never shut down, whereas Melburnians will remain under house arrest, cut off from the rest of the state, until Christmas.

What will happen if NSW opens its border to Victoria next month? Will I be allowed to drive my car through the regional Victorian ‘ring of steel’ to holiday in NSW?

Moreover, if NSW’s COVID-19 infection rate is higher than Victoria’s, will Dan Andrews seal the border and preclude us from leaving?

The underlying reason why Daniel Andrews has not opened up is that he refuses to risk using the state’s contact tracing system. It was widely reported to be the worst system in the nation and failed dismally to prevent hotel quarantine breaches from spreading like wildfire through Melbourne and morphing into a full-blown pandemic:

Daniel Andrews has had seven months to bring the state’s contact tracing system up to par. Failure to open up is a reflection of the Government’s ineptitude, nothing else.

Leith van Onselen
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  1. They are trying to keep a lid on things until Christmas/NYE. Government knows that they can’t stop a 3rd wave so dragging things out until Christmas. Come Christmas people won’t do the right thing with social distancing/masks so we will probably see covid cases start to creep up again.

    • I’m a pessimist and a conspiracy theorist but I hadn’t thought of this. If your right it’s another disgusting example of the politicisation of this health issue. One F*** up after another but they have to be able to spin it so it’s not their fault. Obviously it’s the Victorian people’s fault, because Christmas, lockdown fatigue, non compliance, etc. (nothing that wasn’t entirely predictable from the outset).

      I said to my better half when this thing was still only in China, “it’s not the Covids I’m afraid of, it’s the government response that terrifies me”.

  2. Arthur Schopenhauer

    What’s with the Kiwis? We’ve been locked down for 3.5 months, can’t go more than 5km and the Federal Government is letting in Kiwis?

    The Kiwi arrivals have gone over like a lead balloon. Lots of talk about it in our Liberal voting neighborhood. Complete exasperation with the Federal Government for letting it happen.

    Leith, it’s a business lobby that is fuming, not all businesses. If the number of infections ramp up again, we’ll be furious but right now there is a great deal of relief it is coming to an end.

    I chatted to Bloke that works on the contact tracing team. Apparently, one of the problems they have is people not returning their call or messages and average, it has been taking 4 calls to get onto people, and then people are not being completely honest about their movements.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      The Kiwi bubble is a very thin edge of a Scotty The Impaler floodgate wedge where he’ll have Tudge come out and blame the states/territories (or at least the Labor ones) for anything that goes pear shaped.

    • Still, with supposedly 2,500 contact tracers, however many hundreds of police and ADF, surely, with now only a handful of cases, they could station one of these at every front door?

    • What do you expect when you hand out huge fines, and publicly vilify anyone who gets the virus?
      Look at what happened to that poor doctor back at the beginning of the year who was COVID+ after coming back from the USA and was outed publicly by the Health Minister!
      People ignore that NSW contact tracing works because the State is open and there *aren’t* huge fines.

    • I believe the arrangements under the bubble agreement were that once they have arrived into NSW they are treated no differently when traveling to other areas as anyone else. The fact that Dan has no clue what is going on suggests maybe he should spend less time time doing daily press conferences.
      If Kiwis can fly from SYD-MEL, then presumably people from NSW can too, are they being checked on arrival too wrt. their reason for travel to Melbourne? Shouldn’t be that hard to query people leaving a plane.

      • correct V, the Kiwis effectively become NSW residents once they clear immigration and customs in Sydney. Currently, there is nothing stopping any Australian resident from coming to Victoria. The restrictions are on the outbound movements only.
        Dan Andrews lost his stuff yesterday because as a micro manager with his whole identity invested in this covid response he suddenly realised that something could happen without him being consulted. Essentially it boiled down to hurt feelings about not being able to have a say. The follow up questions by reporters started to reveal the truth when they asked Andrews to articulate the difference between someone from NSW and a immigration cleared Kiwi (via Sydney) and he couldn’t give that distinction. Classic mental fragility coming to the fore.

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      Why are we worried about the Kiwis travelling to Oz, Covid is more or less eliminated there ?.

      Should also be opening up to the likes of Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan as well.

    • I dont see the issue if Victoria hasnt closed its borders. Once Kiwi’s land in Sydney then they should be treated the same as a Sydneysider wanting to enter Victoria. Most of them are returning Australian citizens and residents anyway because they would still have to quarantine in NZ if they come back.

      • I presume the issue is that as WA, Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia chose not to participate in the Tasman Bubble, these Kiwi’s arriving via NSW are effectively jumping ahead in the queue of Australian citizens stranded overseas. They are effectively putting additional strain on the hotel quarantine systems in those state when they show-up at the airport unannounced.

        Put to one side whether NZ is COVID free and therefore safe, as Victoria chose not to participate, they should be treated as overseas arrivals.

  3. TheLambKingMEMBER

    I worry about your analysis skills. Melbourne is not currently like Sydney.

    Melbourne currently has 137 active cases. BUT there are still 15 cases with unknown sources. So that is more than 10% of ALL known cases have an unknown source! So EVERYONE of those 15 cases has AT LEAST one other person out there infected (The person who gave it to them). AND everyone of those people will have infected 1-5 others (as they don’t know they have it.) So if we open up now we COULD be back up in the hundreds within a couple of weeks (because of compounding maths.)

    Dan has stated for about a month now that it is all about unknown cases. Give it a week and we will have them under control and be like the rest of the country (yes, I know, it was Dan’s fault to start with.) We will probably be there next week, but having everyone attend an AFL GF BBQ next weekend would be the biggest super spreading event of the year – so we will be at NSW ‘normal’ after that.

    • I agree with everything except for the “same as the rest of the country bit”. Each state is in a very different position right now.

      I’m worried about this here in Qld:

      Haven’t seen much mention of it on here, but for a state with a “closed” border and minimal social distancing/covid safety/testing this could be very bad and it all lines right up with increased cross border traffic from the nsw border bubble.

      Build the wall, lock out the Mexicans.

      • Yes, this is Anna’s first mistake, these big sport finals this month will stir up any virus here, just for the election boost. I hope we are also putting the kiwi’s in hotel quarantine and not rolling over. they will be able to come in the back door from the Territory as well.

    • Well put. Agree re the pathetically biased analysis – pointed out daily by members for weeks, if they even bother to read or comment now.

      Looking at the tragedy and mayhem unfolding overseas, and knowing that if it gets out again in Vic it will end up through the country within months, I for one applaud Dan Andrew’s and his health officials’ caution. Why throw it all away now for the sake of another week or two? Especially as the AFL and Xmas are looming large. Good on them for not caving under the immense pressure of Shifty, and Co, Hunt, the Murdoch press etc

      Unlike the death stare of LVO, the majority of Victorians are proud of our months of compliance, understanding just how much is at stake, and grateful, hopeful, and even excited now we’re so close.

      Also, so very tired of ‘draconian’ and the frankly idiotic comparison with Sydney.

      Here are a few alternatives to ‘draconian’:
      unpleasant/trying/difficult/unpalatable – as it is after all, a pandemic
      successful 🙂

      Moreover, the teensiest, weensiest smigit of empathy would not have gone astray.

      • Nice strawman there drt15. Instead of pointing to overseas, why not look at what has happened directly to our north (NSW)?

        VIC’s daily cases are well below NSW’s a few month’s back as are our active cases (NSW got to around 250).
        As for VIC’s public health team doing a good job, you cannot be serious. They failed hotel quarantine and they failed contact tracing. These are the facts. Only a biased person would ignore them.
        We strongly supported the lockdowns until a few weeks ago. But they have clearly gone too far.

        • Leith, I would have had more respect for your opinion had you cut Vic a little slack at any time, but your relentless criticism for months, combined with the irritating irrelevancy of the daily Vic versus NSW comparisons have been hard to stomach, frankly.

          Yes, mistakes were made both in hotel quarantine and in contract tracing, but this pandemic has been a steep learning curve for all countries, particularly early on, and by any standard, for VIC to come down from 750 cases a day a few weeks ago, to 1-2 now, is a significant achievement, which, as your headline tonight demonstrates, you cannot bring yourself to acknowledge.

          This has rendered your daily updates unbalanced, carping and unpalatable for many weeks, as many other readers have also indicated. Had you acknowledged the difficulties Vic faced with a large unwieldy immigrant population living cheek by jowl with poor or no English, the added problem of many rorting the job Seeker/Keeper with 2nd jobs they lied about etc, let alone Shifty and Co’s early insistence on keeping the warm bodies piling in, which could well have rendered us a covid infested mess on a par with the US by now, and their and Murdoch’s constant disgraceful gaslighting…. well, nuff said.

          We just needed a little balance.

          • drt15. I would have a little more respect for your position if you didn’t give a flippant pass to the Victorian Government’s half arsed handling of hotel quarantine and large under-resourcing and under-funding of public health agencies. Nor their iron fist rule over Melburnians during both the first and second waves – handing out ridiculous fines (more than the rest of the nation combined) for minor breaches of inconsistent and often illogical rules.

            If the Victorian Government had put half as much effort into hotel quarantine that they did into issuing fines, we would never have been in this mess.

            Compare the pair: NSW has taken more than 60,000 returning travellers into hotel quarantine without an outbreak, whereas Melbourne took in just 13,000 with a mass outbreak, more than 700 killed, and 3.5 months of hard lockdowns.

            Don’t be an apologist. This is the biggest public health and economic disaster in Victoria’s history.

          • Leith … Yes the entire quarantine outbreak is down to mistakes made by Andrews and his government, back in Feb-June. The fact it got to 700/day instead of 200/day is also their fault for being too slow with full lockdown. However … the issue now is to let the brakes off now or in a fortnight.
            Although our total cases in the last fortnight is now just under NSW levels, half of theirs is quarantine, ours are all local transmission. So the real metric is local transmission cases and mystery cases, and we are still at double but falling now.
            You will note NSW has multiple consecutive days of zero and then spikes … we are not there yet.
            In early August we saw that widespread mask usage flatlined the number of cases per day, and strict lockdown brought them down. So therefore when we release the brakes but maintain masks we are choosing a level of virus that we are trying to live with.
            Even with lags in case reporting I much prefer waiting the fortnight to get the mystery cases down AND get the domestic transmission down to NSW levels.

        • Couldn’t agree more @drt15. Leith’s entire commentary on this subject has been risible, and his apparent crush on Peter Credlin has been nothing short of embarassing. That he is lining up behind that blatant politicised journalism, and been doing his best to repeat it here has made me question his analytical abilities.

          • Beesem. Peta Credlin is one of the few people in the media actually doing their job on this issue. Few others have asked the hard questions.

            Don’t you find it curious that months into a Hotel Quarantine Inquiry, we still don’t know who made the key decisions on this $80 million program?

            The behaviour of the entire Victorian Government has been despicable. Zero accountability, collective amnesia, and repeated obfuscation. This cannot be allowed to slide.

            Yes I am angry. Three months of hard lockdowns is demoralising. Some of my friends will very likely lose their businesses and maybe homes. These are real people. You should be angry too.

      • What is the current CFR of Covid-19?

        I don’t care what it was back in March / April when the medical system was using the wrong treatment protocols.

        For those under the age of 65, this disease doesn’t seem to be much worse than the flu. If 40%ish of people are asymptomatic it’s not the destroyer of civiisation.

        Let those who want to live in fear self isolate. Keep WFH an option for those who don’t want to interact with others. I’m happy to wear a mask when inside in public, but see no poitn when walking outside.

        I’m sick of having to live isolated because of the fear of others.

      • You are an actual shill and a fraud.

        Draco: “Draco was the first democratic legislator requested by the Athenian citizens to be a lawgiver for the city-state, but the citizens had not expected that Draco would establish laws characterized by their harshness.”

        All of the alternatives to Draconian are….DRACONIAN!

        • Rubbish. Under the circumstances, the rules are not draconian but logical, humane, necessary etc.

          Perhaps one day you and the author of the inane repetition of ‘draconian’ day in day out for weeks may get a taste of what draconian actually is. eg:

          “The laws were particularly harsh. For example, any debtor whose status was lower than that of his creditor was forced into slavery….The death penalty was the punishment for even minor offenses, such as stealing a cabbage.”

          The laws were said to be written in blood, rather than ink.

          Suck it up princess.

 of draconian laws

          • migtronixMEMBER

            “suck it up princess” spoken like Draco….

            You think being fined for leaving your house is LESS draconian than debt bondage?

        • So I’m draconian for calling you a princess, but unprovoked, you can first call me a ‘shill and a fraud’…….

          Hmmm like many, you can dish it out but can’t take it when it’s returned. Princess 🙂

          PS and if you think it’s draconian to be allowed to leave your house twice daily in the midst of a pandemic, all the while being supported by your government, you should check in with the many millions who are right now literally starving, or have lost their lives altogether due to Covid. Or spare a thought for the ancient Greeks who were put to death for stealing a cabbage. Now that’s Draconian.

          Like I said, suck it up Princess.

          • migtronixMEMBER

            Being supported by what? I write the software you blowhard morons couldn’t do any of this without.

            FU drdouchestain

    • Rubbish LambKing. A few months ago, Sydney had more than 200 active cases. They were in a far worse position than Melbourne is now. But they didn’t lock down.
      Seriously, with only 135 active cases, why not put a police officer or ADF troop outside any infected household’s front door?
      This would be far less costly than closing down the entire city.
      What was that about analytical skills?

      • As many have said over the last few weeks:
        Sydney had a small number of initial infections, all traceable. Vic had many hundreds of ‘mystery cases’ – untraceable, as LamKing logically outlined, and which fact you’ve conveniently overlooked for weeks.

        It’s like comparing a BBQ with an out of control bushfire.

        • drt15. Another strawman argument that ignores the history. I never argued against lockdowns. In fact I argued to extent the Stage 4 restrictions until 27 September (see here). It made sense when the case numbers were so high. So please don’t rewrite history by saying “Sydney had a small number of initial infections, all traceable. Vic had many hundreds of ‘mystery cases’… which fact you’ve conveniently overlooked for weeks”. Because I never overlooked this fact – I argued to extend the lockdown when numbers were still high.

          But the situation changed weeks ago. Melbourne fell to Sydney levels (below 20 a day). The case for a hard lockdown died. To keep it going now is mass overkill. The numbers do not lie.

          • Leith, you are and have been doggedly determined to make daily simplistic comparisons between the situation in Melb and Sydney despite them being entirely different from day one. Disappointing.

            One looks for balance, rational argument and insight on MB, not bias.

            Had Andrews opened up now, as you advocate here there’s a good chance by Xmas we’d be back to out of control numbers.

            Although it’s been tough, for most it’s been bearable and survivable, unlike for many millions around the world who are literally starving due to the pandemic.

    • Hmm LambKing you make some good points, I think active cases are neither here nor there as you would think they were in Quarantine, if theses active cases concern you then you must have an issue with the state governments handling of active cases and I suggest you bring this up with your sitting member.

      As for mystery cases here you have a good point although I don’t know how many of these types of cases NSW has, could you please enlighten me?

      I think the planing of the who lockdown was exceedingly poor and this will continue, although I notice articles in nines press over the last week give the impression that there is an attempt to remove Sutton.

      Just as an aside, I watch Andrews’ Soap Box Sermon from a far have have noticed hi increasingly erratic arguments, I think the weekends discussion on these NZ tourists entering Victoria some what odd given he has kept Victoria’s borders open.

      • Way off the facts? How so? Please explain to us these “facts” that I have missed? I am waiting to be enlightened by you.

        I know several small business owners that are about to lose everything (business and home) because they cannot open. One is a close friend. If that is “emotive business bleating”, so be it.

        • Leith, look at the amount of unknown source cases, there is a massive difference. There are significant numbers of cases not being found in Vic because of this, and there is still undetected community transmission occurring. Not surprising given how out of control it was.

          It is sad, there are many doing it tough no doubt. But another resurgence and wave is not in any businesses interests! If anything, the big mistake in Vic was locking down too late, it was so out control at that point it’s extended the pain. Look to NZ for gold standard.

        • Well done Leith -stand up to the Fascist Left. Seriously, if Andrews is running social media campaigns with govt tax receipts this is fraud and should be called out. Shut off govt payrolls for a month or nine like Andrews has done with small business then you would see these commenters true colours. Further, a way to get to the bottom of these frauds and lies would be to include Jennifer Coate with the threat that if she colludes in the cover up then she can be included in the OH and S legal claims.

        • Leith Melbourne was much worse than Sydney due to seasonality.
          People with brown skin need much more sunlight to avoid Vitamin D deficiency, so it spread much more rapidly as soon as the cold hit.
          That was compounded but Melbourne’s public transport system which actually services the community, unlike Sydney.
          The aim of lockdown and continuing restrictions is elimination, first you get numbers down with a harsh lockdown, then you relax a little so people can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you still need to keep R0 below 1. Now between masks and contact tracing you can hopefully get rid of it. Then we can go back to normal.
          Yep it sucks that businesses are going broke, they should have been supported more. But commercial rents and wage cheaters were destroying them anyway.Something was always going to blow up the bubble in everything.

          As for getting numbers low enough then reopening, see the unfolding disaster in Europe. Hospitals are already being overwhelmed and its going to be 4 times worse than now if they ever act. I’m confident in a vaccine but elimination should be the goal. Anything else is playing with fire.

  4. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    It seems in Sydney you can only get da virus while queuing for food, otherwise fck it your fine. 😁🤪 people diligently space themselves 1.5m apart queued for a coffee but as soon as they get it fck it I’m good I’ve got a coffee fck this virus thing

  5. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Peter Schiff copped a roasting tonight on 60 mins.
    Always wondered how him and Marc Faber made money as they were always advocating ways to save it.

    • Less Woke More BlokeMEMBER

      Boom – had my first surf at Evans Head in 6 years (!) on the weekend. I’ve got sore shoulder muscles where I didn’t know I had them. The clubman on the lookout mentioning into the radio about some “fins” as I headed out did not inspire confidence.

  6. One of the difficult things for the Victorian government is how the other states are acting. All bar NSW are basically insisting on zero covid before opening the border. I think if the Federal government had taken the lead from the start then we could have avoided many of these internal movement issues. So Victoria basically needs to go for zero covid in order to be allowed to visit other states, where many have family members etc. I agree with the article, they have taken too long to open up, but with the insistence of the other states and not forgetting many Melbournians insisted on getting the numbers down to zero, the govt. were put in a hard position.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      > I think if the Federal government had taken the lead from the start

      But that would require leaders, visionaries, people with morals and convictions. Not a twice fired, failed market executive who forces bushfire victims to shake his hand, pisses off to Hawaii, and spends the weekends feeding the chooks (both the avian and media variety). National Cabinet was a good idea. But because Premiers rightly wouldn’t get on the stupid bus the driver chucked a fit and drove off. Even the Premiers of SA and Tas gave the driver the finger because the states knew they’d have to cleanup after the LiarFromTheShire’s mess.

      Frydenberg is a terrible Treasurer and a Thatcher/Reagan love child – but he’s at least got some passion and has stones to front up. He should just (politically) knife the useless simp at the top. The hat trick of getting sacked from the job.

      • Couldn’t agree more. I find it difficult to comprehend how people can’t see that the way covid has been handled (i.e. states basically doing their own thing) is not the biggest of all stuff-ups by the federal govt.
        I guess this just shows how much influence the MSM and Murdoch by association has on the public’s view.

        • I can’t see what the Federal govt. can do, short of immediately rectifying the underlying issue, that of aligning incentives. That is to devolve the power of income taxation to the states, and reduce/eliminate it’s share other than for national defense and limited other functions.
          This way a state can decide to lock down, but also face severe loss of revenues. The current situation where other states are effectively bailing out others is not sustainable.

          • kierans777MEMBER

            When I was writing my comment, I was thinking of the fiscal imbalance and how it’s being used as a weapon by the Commonwealth. We see that in how the feds since Abbott have denied Victoria their rightly deserved slice of the GST pie because Andrews cancelled the Abbott/Sukkar pet project the East West Link.

            The problem was that ScoMo was pushing to open up too early. “Schools are safe I can’t be any clearer than that” and all that jazz. The Premiers knew they’d have to clean up after the push to keep the population ponzi going so gave the simp the finger.

            The problem keeping the nation united is ScoMo.

  7. There was never any lockdown. There was the middle-class people hiding at home while they let the working-class people keep them fed and bring them things.

  8. I dont believe contact tracing in Victoria can ever be effective like it is in other states. Obviously there are too many people that originate from areas of the world where disease,lack of hygiene, and ignorance is a normal way of life for them, combined with a lack of care for others and a refusal to not congregate into large groups because thats what they did at their real homes. Add into that mix a hatred and scorn for local authorities and you have guaranteed a 3rd outbreak for Victoria in the coming weeks. There is no real choice. Victoria needs to be locked down with closed borders until the end of next year to be 100% sure that the rest of the country is safe.
    The only other options are to fence off and lock down the sections of Victoria where these sorts of people live, literally with fences and check points manned with armed authorities with orders to prevent movement of people out of those areas. Yeah it seems harsh but when you have gangrene the only option is to cut off the diseased limb to save the patient.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      The other thing to ask is how many of these groups of people are getting their news diet from the Herald Sun, and commercial TV? When people are fed trash repeatedly about how Dan is Satan himself and COVID is no worse than the flu and all the other rubbish before they get to the sports section how many people are going to feel like the rules aren’t worth obeying?

  9. When will Victoria take it’s share of international aircraft arrivals? A total joke everyone pointing fingers at NSW when other states are not handling the riskiest component of overseas arrivals.
    The premier needs to force the issue.

    • Ummmm …. why would you shift a known risky endeavour from a group with demonstrated competence to a group with demonstrated incompetence?
      VIC are getting up to their P’s on walking and chewing gum at the same time, and need to manage taking restrictions off and opening up the place while keeping daily cases low. NSW are still well ahead in terms of demonstrated everyday competence in quickly getting on top of outbreaks as they occur. VIC just spent a fortnight tracking down one breakout (Frankston/Chaddy/Kilmore/Shep) with most of the population still locked down. Much bigger thing to manage when everyone is out and about. Part of the issue appears to be fear of punishment, fair enough given very large fines Dan keeps serving up. Not just speed of contact tracing and insufficient scale COVID testing (massive lines in Shepparton over 2-3 days, what hope if doing a similar thing in metro Melbourne?).
      Comparing NSW to VIC even now still looks like First Grade vs Seconds.

    • He can’t say “One Day More” … he will sound like an escapee from Les Miserables.
      Although “This never-ending road to Calvary. These men who seem to know my crime will surely come a second time, one day more” feels right some days.
      But yes … in May we relaxed restrictions too quickly under Fed pressure and had a month of background infection. That mistake is forgotten due to the bigger mistake of Hotel quarantine failure combined with contact tracing failure.
      Andrews is not doing that this time, regardless of what the Feds say.
      Incidentally ignoring the Feds seems to be common across all states except NSW.

  10. Ironic that we are in lockdown with a handful of cases so we don’t become like other countries with 1000’s of cases that are not in lockdown. i.e. we are in lockdown so we dont get like other countries and therefore can avoid the need for a lockdown.
    The bar has been set far too low to balance health risk and the economy. The impacts will be felt for many, many years,

  11. Less Woke More BlokeMEMBER

    Maybe Victorians can’t be trusted to do the right thing – I don’t mean en masse of course.

    Then again, I had a lady press right up next to me at the check out in Evans Head – we’re talking elbow to elbow (and yes the risk is low here – no cases for weeks and weeks but it’s about just sticking to the rules ) – on the weekend, I had to look at her and say, “sorry could you just step back?”. My wife said I should have mentioned “due to covid” but now I think about it I should have said “I have covid” for a lark. Lulz amirite?

    • Wokey, pls try to hold back on your generalisations. Most Victorians can be trusted. But you raise a good point about personal space and I admit I did chuckle when you raised the possibility of telling her you had the virus. A missed opportunity for some golden fun there I reckon.

      • Less Woke More BlokeMEMBER

        I’ve family in Vic and am ex Vic so have no dog in the fight but offer observations from them including from brother in the MFB – some of his stories are frustrating about the goings on

        My point, poorly made, is that everyone is being punished because some groups can’t do the right thing (notwithstanding the quarantine handling). But, as my example illustrates, it’s a people problem everywhere, not a Vicco thing.

  12. Vic better get that contract tracing up to scratch. Here in NZ we are on our 4th border outbreak – this time its off a ship in port. I wonder how none of the other States have had border outbreaks considering how easily it seems to be slipping through the net in NZ.

    • You are lucky enough to have a case load so low that you can see how it gets in.
      I think WA have had one or two similar problems with ships as well.
      In VIC we can only dream of such problems being our biggest issue, but after 4 months of outbreak taking us to calamity and back, perhaps we can hope that the govt has a viable plan to keep the daily case count low as restrictions ease. Copy NSW maybe?
      We are also learning that the Feds here are not without flaw. Seeing Minister Tudge involvement in travel bubble doesn’t give confidence, from memory he was Mr Robodebt, a program where grand aspirations far exceeded ability and delivery simply produced undeserved misery. The annoying thing is that the Travel bubble stuff up looks like Fed Govt administrative incompetence, and for something that should not have been hard. Again aspiration exceeding ability but this time the aspiration was not large at all.
      Good to see Ms. Ardern got another run, her opponent looked like she had a political tin ear. To my mind Ardern’s mastery of crisis and disaster is so good that her real risk is that the next 4 years are pretty well disaster free, in which case her abilities in leading a team on more mundane matters such as economic management will be more visible … and I don’t know if those skills are up to the mark or not, all the events and disasters have obscured things.

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