Melbourne set to reopen on Sunday

With Melbourne’s COVID-19 infections plummeting:

Premier Daniel Andrews has finally ceded to common sense and flagged significant reopening on Sunday:

Victoria has broken the back of the nation’s coronavirus second wave.

Premier Daniel Andrews on Friday declared that restrictions in Victoria would be overhauled on Sunday.

Mr Andrews said there would be a “significant statement on Sunday” about opening up Victoria…

“We are very well placed to make some significant announcements on Sunday and they will be a testament to the absolute determination of the Victorian community to see this thing off, to do it properly and to make sure we got the numbers to such a low level that we have every reason to expect we can keep them low,” Mr Andrews said.

“This is a good number. This is a very clear sign that the strategy is working and that we are well placed to be able to have more to say about a program to steadily open up those safe and steady steps towards that Covid normal summer, a Covid normal Christmas and a 2021 that is vastly different to 2020.”

Let’s hope these are genuinely significant announcements and that we don’t see ridiculous rules like the banning of gyms in regional Victoria, where there is virtually zero virus.

Let’s also hope and pray that Victoria’s contact tracing system is up to par so that any future outbreaks can be nipped in the bud quickly and painlessly, like they have been in NSW, without the need for more lockdowns.

We cannot afford any more systemic failures by the Victorian Government.

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  1. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Any Predictions on where and when the next, lockdown inducing, outbreak is going to occur.
    I reckon Sydney has got to be on top of the list. Our bullet dodge was due to luck just as much anything else.
    Still early days for COVID.
    Without a continuation of mostly shut boarders it’s gunna blow up again for sure.
    Fingers crossed 🤞 I’m wrong.

  2. Speaking of gyms – just bought a house and will be adding a carport plus some storage for toys, but considering space for a home gym. Power-rack, bench, etc. Has anyone here done similar? If so, did you do a wall mounted or free standing power rack? The Wod Life seems to have some good stuff…

    • This is one for Boomy, but I used to love my Smith Machine. There’s barely anything that thing couldn’t work.

      • Yeah I consider a smith as I like it for one legged squats (I favour my RHS leg on the bike 54/46 according to my power meter) but I like the flexibility of a power rack plus truly free weighted. Paging Boom

    • I reckon a power rack + bench and I can do almost anything I need to. I’m looking to add the same because my old gym ripped me off during lockdown. Long story, but I cancelled my membership. So I’m gonna invest in a home weight rack and power rack.

    • wasabinatorMEMBER

      I set up a megatec rack/cage ironmaster bench in my garage last year and in hindsight was the best thing i have done in a long time health-wise. Got them from sams fitness, however literally everything like this seems well and truely sold out now funny enough

  3. Leith he is opening up on the same day as originally planned and absent a surge in cases we will be below 5/day by Sunday. We are getting a live test of contact tracing in Melbourne north now … but its of size similar to Sydney … so we are legitimately down to Sydney levels now. Next thing is to open and step up pactivity steadily while maintaining contact tracing. Business will need a way to log people when they come

  4. I wonder what approach Dan will take with his subjects when this lurgy takes off again? As all corona viruses always have throughout history. Until they fizzle themselves out. Just like this one is doing all over Europe again now.

    Will he go all draconian lockdown on us again? Or will we be trusted to do the right thing like the people of Sweden appear capable of. I guess we at least have summer on our side in the Southern Hemisphere which should buy us some time while we wait and see if any new treatments or therapies come on the market over the next 6 months.

    • If we keep our mask discipline throughout we stand a decent chance of avoiding lockdown. If not then we can get another runaway infection. Lockdown is the brake for the runaway infection.

      • Looking at Europe I assume you are aware that many of the places enjoying a resurgence have high levels of mask wearing?

        • Its not a panacea social distancing is still the king of the NPI’s. Along with less social mixing in the first place. Alot of places have no effective testing and tracing systems, no limits on movement, etc etc. Asking people to wear masks while ignoring all the other tools isn’t going to help much, its one of the final layers in the mix.

        • Like lockdowns don’t work? So all the healthworkers wearing PPE should just forget about it?
          And because people refuse to wear them correctly there is no point?
          At the very least, masks restrict the range of expelled air during normal breathing, coughing and sneezing. This means that the movement of the virus on aerosols is reduced.
          Try sneezing everywhere on a train carriage, then when everybody stares at you, claim that handkerchiefs don’t work.

          • Hospital and clinical setting with correct ppe and strict adherence to donning and doffing is supported.
            General community wearing body home made crap inconsistently and there’s ZERO point to it.

      • I’m cool with mask wearing in public places when other people are within a certain vicinity. It’s cheap insurance. I don’t know if the science backs it or not but to me it seems intuitive that it helps. Obviously lockdowns work too but they come at a much higher cost and I’m not convinced the benefits to society outweigh those costs. At some point people have to take responsibility for themselves and deal with the fact that life is unfair and society doesn’t owe the weak and vulnerable at the cost of other’s right to live their lives to the fullest. What’s the point of a perfectly functioning society full of individuals that don’t want to live in it. Disfunction and death have always been with us, it’s part of the price of liberty. I’m of the ilk that wants to live free or die fighting but that doesn’t mean I don’t volunteer or help the less fortunate. It does mean that I feel I inherently have the right to chose who and how much I’m willing.

    • If Dan decides to do nothing then those who stand with Dan will support him as they always will. So it’s an option as long as he retains his cult of personality.

  5. sydboy007MEMBER

    Come on Melbournians. Just follow the rules or you’ll have to stay in the lockdown corner