I’ve signed Kevin07’s media royal commission petition

Kevin07 has his problems but I can’t see how having a media diversity RC can do anything but good:

  • Reason: Our democracy depends on diverse sources of reliable, accurate and independent news. But media ownership is becoming more concentrated alongside new business models that encourage deliberately polarising and politically manipulated news. We are especially concerned that Australia’s print media is overwhelmingly controlled by News Corporation, founded by Fox News billionaire Rupert Murdoch, with around two-thirds of daily newspaper readership. This power is routinely used to attack opponents in business and politics by blending editorial opinion with news reporting. Australians who hold contrary views have felt intimidated into silence. These facts chill free speech and undermine public debate. Powerful monopolies are also emerging online, including Facebook and Google. We are deeply concerned by: mass-sackings of news journalists; digital platforms impacting on media diversity and viability; Nine Entertainment’s takeover of the Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald; News Corp’s acquisition (and then closure) of more than 200 smaller newspapers, undermining regional and local news; attempts to replace AAP Newswire with News Corp’s alternative; and relentless attacks on the ABC’s independence and funding. Professional journalists further have legitimate concerns around unjust searches, potential prosecution, whistle-blower protection, official secrecy and dispute resolution that should be comprehensively addressed. Only a Royal Commission would have the powers and independence to investigate threats to media diversity, and recommend policies to ensure optimal diversity across all platforms to help guarantee our nation’s democratic future.
  • Request: We therefore ask the House to support the establishment of such a Royal Commission to ensure the strength and diversity of Australian news media.

There’s enough coverage in there to discuss the bias of right and left media, as well as the disgraceful AFR. You can sign up here if you so decide.

370k now…

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Interesting how 6 months Later Murdoch rags were hounding the ALP as utter failures… I have long though the ALP was backed by Murdoch at that point because they knew the GFC was coming and wanted to blame it all on anyone who isnt LNP…..

    • It wasn’t just the Murdoch media that turned against Rudd. His entire party did. I don’t think there has been a PM in Australian history so publicly reviled by his own colleagues.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        Rudd is very accomplished. He destroyed the Labor party for many decades.

        It’ll be generations before Australia trust Labor again.

        • kierans777MEMBER

          The ALP is far from perfect. Population Ponzi addicts (which is the fault of KRudd’s Big Australia), way too close to the CCP, etc.

          But generations! Really! It is quite fixable with a few course corrections.

          I really don’t get what your bee is in the Labor bonnet.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            They are traitorous. I hate the individual liars more than I hate Labor itself.

            I never want to see another Labor government that still has Wong, Marles, Chalmers, Plibersek, Bourke…Rudd, etal in it, and I’ll push as hard as I can against Labor until that lot are gone, and frankly so should you.

            Those individuals allow LNP to do what they’re doing to us. Defending them is defending LNP, literally, and that IMO is indefensible.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            …”Population Ponzi addicts (which is the fault of KRudd’s Big Australia), way too close to the CCP, etc”…..

            Which undermines everything else they apparently stand for. The most dishonest party on the planet.

  1. Tricky area this. The petition is saying: I demand there be more media that speaks to my personal view of the world.

    In addition, who gets to decide what news is ‘fake’ and what’s not? Oh, that would be people who want to spike the guns of the media whose views they disagree with.

    This is all pushing toward state censorship. Nothing less.

    Already we have a story doing the rounds this morning that the Russians AND the Iranians are seeking to get Trump re-elected! No, really…

    Now, that is fake news — and yet it’s being perpetuated by the very people who are railing against …. fake news!!

    • Say the CCP bought every single paper in the country.
      Would you still say the State shouldn’t interfere?

    • I agree.

      Aside from Kevin’s obvious self-interest and that the Australian MSM sucks across the board, IMO the Murdoch obsession by some is almost deranged. Could easily push the same inquisition against Domainfax for the property bubble they’ve cheered on which has done just as much damage to the country, etc. And as we’ve seen with RC’s they’re a dog and pony show usually. Kenneth Hayne send his regards.

      • You must be kidding, they (Fairfax, or whatever it’s called these days) don’t have anywhere near the reach that Murdoch across Australia.

      • At age 18 you are declared an adult by the State, but at no point can you be relied up on to make your own mind up about the veracity of what you read in the media. This is where the Gubmint steps in to assist.

          • Are you familiar with the term “propaganda” and how it’s been used throughout history?

            In Libertarian Opposites World it’s all but impossible to change anyone’s ‘natural’ thoughts and actions, despite doing exactly that being the basis of pretty much every large-scale military training program in the history of forever, propaganda, and basically all advertising (its obvious lack of effectiveness is why the advertising industry is so bereft of money).

          • Don’t be hard on yourself Dom, I’m sure you’ll eventually wake up to the rw conspiracy bs that you seem to follow!

      • Yep, the same FBI run by James Comey before he was summarily dismissed for trying to cook up allegations to have Trump undermined. Maybe there’s two FBI’s?

        • Your response is too funny by far. You do realise this is the same FBI led by a director selected by Trump and that Comey went close to three yrs ago.

        • No offence Dominic, but what does that even mean (We must live in a parallel universe)? The FBI has stated the case, it’s run by a man appointed by Trump, yet you claim it’s “fake news”. Are you claiming FBI employees are just going about doing / claiming whatever they want, regardless, I doubt it. Am I missing something here, or are you basing this on some sort of conspiracy slant?

        • Btw, your “Yep, the same FBI run by James Comey before he was summarily dismissed…….” By whom was he “summarily dismissed”? Well? Trump! You write that as if he was dismissed by a court, he was SACKED by Trump, which means absolutely nothing.

          Here’s some history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dismissal_of_James_Comey

          James Comey, the seventh Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), was dismissed by U.S. President Donald Trump on May 9, 2017.[1] Comey had been criticized in 2016 for his handling of the FBI’s investigation of the Hillary Clinton email controversy and in 2017 for the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections as it related to possible collusion with the 2016 Donald Trump campaign.[2][3]

          Trump dismissed Comey by way of a termination letter in which he stated that he was acting on the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.[4][5][6] In the following days, he gave numerous explanations of the dismissal that contradicted his staff and also belied the initial impression that Sessions and Rosenstein had influenced his decision.[7][8] Trump publicly stated that he had already decided to fire Comey;[9] it later emerged that he had written his own early draft of the termination letter,[10] and had solicited the Rosenstein memo the day before citing it.[11] He also stated that dismissing Comey relieved unnecessary pressure on his ability to engage and negotiate with Russia, due to Comey’s “grandstanding and politicizing” the investigation.[12][13] Trump was reportedly “enormously frustrated” that Comey would not publicly confirm that the president was not personally under investigation.[14] After his dismissal, Comey publicly testified to the Congress that he told Trump, on three occasions, that he was not personally under investigation in the counterintelligence probe.[15]

          You shouldn’t try to manufacture the narrative.

          Edit: Btw, he was slammed by Dems for his handling of the email saga, a past long term Republican.

    • Help or hurt?

      Iran Is Interfering in the U.S. Election Intimidating Voters to Hurt Trump, Intelligence Chief Says – https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/iran-is-interfering-in-the-u-s-election-intimidating-voters-to-hurt-trump-intelligence-chief-says/ar-BB1agWEX

      “Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said Wednesday that Iran is behind a voter intimidation scheme designed to hurt President Donald Trump…

      “We have already seen Iran sending spoofed emails designed to intimidate voters, incite social unrest, and damage President Trump,” Ratcliffe said during an FBI press conference on Wednesday. “You may have seen some reporting on this in the last 24 hours or you may have even been one of the recipients of those emails.”

    • Maybe they should just have to label anything they say that Opinion or Advertising influenced as such…. Massive fines if caught publishing none news without that declaration.

      Would be a good start

  2. The RC is long overdue.
    I also think it should look into journalist training. The type of people attracted to journalism. I know there are ownership issues but there must be something about journalism as a career option which attracts these people who recast every news item around themselves. Should look into that.
    Findings hopefully will be that each owner has to declare their own politics and bias at the point of sale. Opinion is treated no different to policy or professional advice. Therefore only those across detail will advocate.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      I don’t think anybody enters journalism to become a mouthpiece. That happens once you get out the end of your degree and you start working, and you are told by your editor what to write, what will get published, and what stories to bury. Same as working in any industry, be it research, economics, arts etc – very few are actually free to produce what they want to and make a living.

      • The Girlfriend I had at Uni was studying to be a journalist…. Was extremely disappointed in what journalism really was after her first internship. the Editor she worked for made it clear “facts, truth and integrity dont sell newspapers”…. I think it was something along those lines… was 30years ago…

      • Nah, a lot of journalists are activists. They want to influence the agenda and change the world.

        Nor are they necessarily told exactly what to write. Rather, they voluntarily assimilate into the organisational culture. Groupthink is real, although it is probably stronger at some media organisations than others. Those who don’t imbibe the internal culture probably won’t last long.

  3. kierans777MEMBER

    I think the public are losing faith in Royal Commissions because the government don’t act on the recommendations. Aged care, banking, have all had systemic rot revealed that the Liberals refuse to clean up. Why would they actually act on any RC recommendations when News Corp is what keeps them in power. New Zealand shows us what is possible, and it scares the shit out of Liberals.

  4. happy valleyMEMBER

    DL-S – I signed the petition long ago, but the petition will prove an exercise in futility. If Scotty The Impaler said no 26 times to the banking RC, I can only imagine how long it will take The Impaler to get over the line on this one.

  5. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    I’d like to see an end to biased journalism by omission or otherwise. I’d like to see an end to highly paid BS media personalities.

    I’m all for a RC as long as EVERYTHING is on the table and not just what LNP and or Labor choose.

    • On the BS media personalities, I do not understand why people give them the time of day. A bunch of talking heads who generally have never worked in their field and hold a bare bones degree and people lap up whatever crap that rolls off their tongues.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        Yep. They are a reflection of our dumb society. We probably don’t deserve any better.

  6. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    The hilarious thing is it wouldn’t even occur to Rudd that 70% or more Australians would consider the ABC horrifically biased.

    That bloke is too woke to function.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        Who responds? The millions of us that hate it and didn’t even know there was a survey?

        Go and read, believe it or not, a SMH article on the ABC. Hundreds of comments about bias.

        If we think it’s biased, it’s biased. Australia is by definition in the middle, so should our taxpayer funded broadcaster.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Of course it is, its just biased to the left, and that’s totally acceptable.
      I turned on iView the other day and turned it off. Apart from the kids shows nothing looked like it was watchable.

  7. Michael West asked Newscorp if they claimed JK for Murdoch. Michael never asks such questions unless he knows what the answer is already.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Well, why wouldn’t they claim JK for him – he’s an employee worth keeping and there he is stuck in chin-ahflu central and is a man in the target age group.

  8. MB and others are evidence there are avenues for new media. Who cares about what Rudd’s defines as media concentration. Strayans should care more about freedom of speech (which we don’t have), than freedom of the media.
    The fourth estate is a liability to itself and to everyone who takes it at face value. It is only an asset when its output is credible.

    • +1

      Referendum over constitutionally protected freedom of speech >>> dog and pony show over some old bloke near death’s door who owns a bunch of dying legacy media that you’re under no obligation to read anyway.

  9. Anyone supporting anything Kevin Rudd proposes needs to have a good, hard look at themselves. Murdoch has never had so little influence. Nobody buys newspapers anymore and Sky News has about 100 viewers.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      That’s a great point. I’ve never agreed with anything Rudd stands for or says, I probably shouldn’t start now.

    • No, that’s a lousy point.News Corp is still highly influential. You’re still stuck in the past thinking that News (news, even) is only print media. In addition, your first sentence is too silly for a response.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      Unfortunately the viewers of Sky News, readers of The Australian/Herald Sun, etc are substantially comprised of MPs, which therefore distorts the political landscape.

      • Yep, the Oz in particular is still THE most influential of all media. Herald Sun, Telegraph, Courier Mail and equivalents are influential too but indirectly, these are aimed at the Common person (each has a readability age of about 12); pollies just use them to sniff the wind and hitch on popular opinion.

        Edit – there’s a reason why News maintains the loss-making Oz.

  10. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    Has anyone considered whether Fairfax should be making daily pro property articles, without them being called an advertisement?

    Surely it breaches advertising standards? I’ve done a quick google and can’t find much info. Think I’ll contact standards.

    I would have thought that being an add supporting their own business, it should be clearly labelled as such.

  11. Jumping jack flash

    I signed it a while ago, but I agree with the sentiment that we have to be very careful of media because anything can be captured at some point and used as propaganda to push the views of whoever is in control of it.
    That includes so-called “public” media of course.
    And at least with privately owned media you know who’s in charge and what kinds of propaganda to expect.

    Everyone needs a paycheque. Everyone has enormous quantities of debt that they are on the hook for including those who work in media. Any disruption to their income and they’re literally out on the street.

    Keep your head down, service your debt, and don’t rock the boat in the New Economy?

    As I’ve said before, there are a LOT of people who benefit from keeping the masses enslaved by debt.
    There is no interest in changing that.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Then the mouth pieces deserve to be on the street.

      They have the microphone and watched it all happen. I hope they starve.

      • Jumping jack flash

        I dont really know what the solution is. It runs deep. Its a whole integrity issue and people have never been more desperate.

        I read stories of the grifting that was common during the great depression. This is grifting at a grand scale.

  12. Kaptain Krudd like so many others on the fake left would only allow such a RC to be about silencing the sections of the media they dont like. Thats what he wants, he does not want true liberal free speech or an exploration of ideas in a mature discussion. There is no doubt that the current concentration of media on both ends of the political spectrum is dangerous to us but KRUDD is only interested in payback for newscorp. I guarantee the ABC and its ilk will never be included and taken to task for its and the greens femi-nazi woke crap bullsh*t. Instead they will be held up as the example to emulate.

  13. Charles MartinMEMBER

    What’s old KEVIN07s angle here. Surely he’s not doing something in the interests of all Australians.
    What’s in it for Kevin?

    • Hey BlokeMEMBER

      Either abc or the age did a good story showing his angle & why timing is important for him now. Can’t remember name of the article though

  14. Hey BlokeMEMBER

    We know the path of royal commissions.

    They are now just another report to be thrown away once it’s done.

    Let’s say there was a bill to limit how much media an individual could own or otherwise influence (getting your family members to be shareholders etc) to say 10%. Phased in over a year or two so have time to divest at market prices.

    If Kevin was serious he could stand for office again to run the bill at the next election irrespective of whether Labor will run with it.

    Royal commissions are now a pacifier for the public.

    • Yes what do they achieve exactly? Some high up executives get some mud on their face for about five minutes, then the narrative moves on, no one cares anymore, and the report is put in the bottom drawer. I find it funny that people find RC’s solution for everything, a RC into this, a RC into that. And then complain a few years down the line that nothing changed. And then another RC is needed.

  15. robert2013MEMBER

    I read macrobusiness. Lots of people only read facebook. Sometimes I read ABC news. Sometimes I read zerohedge and the economist. Sometimes I read twitter. Murdoch’s papers are doing well enough to stay in business. Good for them. However, I ‘m pretty certain that most people do not read a newspaper and most young people never will. Murdoch does not dominate people’s information intake anymore and he certainly will not in the future. There is no need to do anything but wait.