Geoff Raby is an agent of foreign influence

This is a dangerous moment for Australia as the CCP apologists rally at the AFR:

Madame Fu Ying, China’s former ambassador to Australia and an influential figure in Beijing, also said China had a huge demand for Australia’s resources, that Australian wine remained popular with Chinese consumers and it was in both countries’ interests to work together. She rejected suggestions the relationship was “frozen”.

…But despite the conciliatory tone from the former top official, who retains a strong interest in Australia, she blamed the Australian media for creating an “unfriendly atmosphere” and stirring up anti-China rhetoric.

…”We should make more effort to increase contact, communication and co-ordination, and increase mutual understanding and trust in the process of solving problems and narrowing divergences, instead of resorting to confrontation and abusing language based on assumptions and hypothesis, thus hurting each other.”

Whilst I owned and ran The Diplomat, we interviewed Fu Ying who was the CCP Ambassador Downunder at the time. She is a smooth operator and, of all the CCP operatives I have met, the most cognisant of the power of ANZUS.

This makes Fu Ying more dangerous than most. She understands more intimately what it will take to undermine the alliance. It sure won’t be “wolf wanker” diplomacy. It will be the friendly face and the bribe, so effectively deployed by Fu Ying when she was here.

Enter her Australian friends, at Domain:

A former Australian ambassador to Beijing believes China is presenting itself as a responsible major power by making fresh diplomatic overtures to Australia and resisting the temptation to take political advantage of US President Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis.

“China wants a world where the Chinese Communist Party’s role is unchallenged and un-criticised,” he said. “Confrontation is a useful instrument for the Chinese [government] up to a point, but then stepping back and being conciliatory is also part of the strategy.”

…”I would say we should respond accordingly,” said Raby, who runs a business advisory firm in Beijing. “Others would say this is a perfectly satisfactory situation and there is no reason to walk back.”

Nowhere in the article does it mention who Geoff Raby works for. From the Register of Foreign Influence:

Registrant name Registrant (also known as) Activity type Arrangement status Foreign principal Foreign principal country/jurisdiction*
Geoffrey William Raby Other activity (former Cabinet Minister or recent designated position holder) Active Yancoal Ltd China

Mr Raby works for Yancoal Ltd, one of the sectors directly impacted by Chinese economic coercion. In fact, he works for just about everybody engaged with the CCP:

That none of this is mentioned in his enthusiastic endorsement of Fu Ying’s dubious olive branch, neither by himself nor Domain, goes straight to the heart of the problem with having friendly relations with the CCP. There is no friendly engagement with the CCP if you expect transparency. Indeed, it’s all about blocking out the sunlight so that the CCP can go about its business of quietly bribing the Australian elite away from the strategic and existential national interest. That is, to pay them handsomely to abandon ANZUS and the democracy that it explicitly supports.

There is nothing wrong with Australia/CCP relations today. They are exactly where they should be given the CCP is a blood-sucking autocracy intent on displacing our democratic guarantor with its tyrannical self. That’s the end of it. No black and white.

Geoff Raby has registered himself as an agent of foreign influence. That’s his business. Ours is to treat him as such.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Claud Bollinger

    Meanwhile China is trying to split Australia – “WAxit: Poll shows one-in-four want WA secession”

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      Don’t think you can pin that one on China, the movement has been around for 100 odd years.

      Seems to wax and wane depending on the price of iron ore and/or the perceived persecution of the West Coast Eagles by “those biased and corrupt Victorians”.

      More of a function of the giant chips West Aussies have on their shoulders than Chinese influence but god forbid you bring that up in front of any Sandgroper !.

      • Yes it’s been there for a long time, but you don’t think they’ll wedge that wide open to suit their needs? It’s possible they’re already at it considering DanManchu’s efforts over East.

      • Whatever. Tell me what does being in a federation with Melbourne add to the life of an average West Australian?

  2. Former diplomats like former politicians can be bought pretty cheap to push a line. Some Kompromat might also help.

  3. Ronin8317MEMBER

    The ‘Wolf Wanker’ is in charge of Chinese foreign diplomacy now. There is no ‘good cop bad cop’ routine : it’s will be all ‘bad cop’.

  4. Yes and he’s based in BJ.

    I’m surprised his clients allowed him to use their names and logos for his marketing. Mine all insisted on me signing a NDA.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      George Brandis’ apt description of John Howard as that “little rodent”, also fits the bill?

  5. China is going to learn the hard way that bribing openly corrupt politicians doesn’t buy you leverage. It’s like expecting a hooker to stay faithful to you because you paid them money.

  6. Nicely skewered DLS.

    The professional turd polishers have been paid by the vested interests as the Ying to balance the Wolf-Wanker Yang.

    According to Wiki Geoff Raby…” is an Australian economist and diplomat. He served as the Australian Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China from February 2007 until August 2011. He is now the chairman and CEO of Geoff Raby and Associates, a Beijing-based business advisory firm. Raby currently sits on the board of an Australian subsidiary of Chinese state-run Yanzhou Coal Mining Company.”

    Pig, snout, trough….disgusting display of greed and debased professional ethics.

    The Australian taxpayer spends a fortune on diplomats who live in castles glazed with money and self importance to make contacts with people of influence. When they retire they head back to the same publicly funded trough and begin to feed. If it was good enough for the goose pair Hawke and Keating, so old Geoff’s bit o Fu Ying propaganda is true to form – public servants becoming public enemies like the Aussie tradition maintained by Anna Bligh and the other scum sucking parasites who deserve our contempt.

  7. Clive – truer words never said!!! I’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with “agents” who have access to ex- politicians who claim to have strong ties to foreign government officials and related contracts!! Preference would be to access foreign procurement contracts directly and avoid this “blood leeching” exercise which demands up front fees out of whack with commercial reality and the most opaque method of communication and engagement.

  8. Astute geopolitical analysis by frustrated renters. Just quit the flag waving..because the flags are made in China..and you might be accused of collaboration:)

  9. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Interesting group of clients.

    Looks like quite a few companies keen on a bit of arms length engagement.