Donald Trump tests positive for COVID-19

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have both tested positive for COVID-19 and have been isolated in quarantine:

This came after the President’s adviser Hope Hicks tested positive:

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    • Please dearest Beelzebub, you have partially answered my prayers …. now answer them all the way 💀

    • Dead President…. T rump hoaxed out of office by covid death fake a$$a$$i nation required. Pop corn to see this red herring play out…House of Cards style although I think Simpsons were way ahead on trump winning election & covid cruise story – narrative – program. Thanks Dog for U tube con $ piracy nutters and their video making skills:))

    • If trump dies the world will go back to paradise again like it was in 2015 when we all held hand and sang.

    • There was a fat man got the virus
      We laughed – he sorely did tirus
      They put him on bleach
      His colour went peach
      Then he died – as if to inspirus

      • PaperRooDogMEMBER

        There was a fat man got the virus
        We laughed – he sorely did tirus
        They put him on bleach
        His colour went peach
        Then he died – as if to inspirus

        But then Biden came a ridin’
        star spangled geriatric saviour
        that covid passed over
        till dementia took him down
        who will be the next clown

  1. darklydrawlMEMBER

    Oh dear…. This could get, ummm. Interesting. Guess those ‘go get ’em tiger!’ pre election rallies are off now.

  2. From Twitter:

    I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in schadenfreude.

    If it doesn’t kill him it will help him win the election.

    • A big “If” there – obese 74 year olds are not the greatest demographic for Covid survival odds, but if he survives his trial by fire…

      • OF course, it could all be fake in an attempt to get out of the debates and get some sort of public sympathy.

        • Exactly, this could be FAKE NEWS, just so Mr President can claim Covid19 is not so bad after all.

        • Nah – those debates remained his big chance, he was banking on them imho. According to the CDC as a 70 year old he has a 94.6% chance of survival, being a fatso is probably going to reduce the base case a little, but chances are he’ll still be the Republican candidate come election night.

          Maybe the next Presidential debate could be carried out on Twitter?

      • Assuming it’s real if it doesn’t kill him then you would be fairly reasonable in thinking that he’ll get very sick.

        • Will be interesting to hear if he goes back on the Chloroquine – it was never meant to be used as a prophylactic but as a treatment along with vitamin D I believe.


          Mmm. Could be very sick on election day. BoJO sick. Going to be a very interesting couple months.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        I look forward to Trump claiming that media reports of his death are just “fake news”.

  3. As I said earlier this might be contrived to get him out of having the debates ..wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Explains why he talked over everyone so much during the debate – he was trying to spread it to Biden.

    • Out of debates???

      Sleepy Joe will not live through another coke and MTMA or other performance enhancement substances for another debate. Teump can only dream televised debates.
      This is direct from the texbook of influencers and other media trolls to use the empathy of commons

    • I have just driven home while cogitating on how this affects the US Presidential election…….

      My first thought was about how it takes the debates off the table for at least a week or so. I actually reckon that will help Trump in some ways because although he seems to have copped flack after his last outing against Biden, I suspect his supporter base quite like the the full rant, and it quite likely gees them up.

      My guess is that he has a couple of weeks in one of his resorts somewhere and comes back in looking uber tanned and healthy (assuming that plenty of medical money will be made available to make sure he doesnt die from the virus) and possibly hyper manic and aggressive in in a fortnight and have his rusted on nutjobs looking for a ‘knockout blow’ (which if the polls keep strong for Biden he may well desperately need by then) and an almost Adolphesque ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ moment for electoral death or glory, which could make riveting viewing for the rest of us..

      That would actually leave Joe having to make some running with policy, while presumably Trump lays a touch lower for a couple of weeks – though I have no doubt he would be in full twitter rant mode much of the time. If we assume he doesnt get wiped out by the virus there could even be some sort of faux attempt top paint him as having ‘beaten’ the virus.

      He will need to put some of those rallies on hold – for his safety and his supporters. And two weeks out of the flesh pressing scene may start to diminish his morale. Of course the other angle to think about is the heightened risk of an end to the Trump Presidency may well have assorted children and friends and sundry hangers on shredding documentation like there was no tomorrow

      Of course if he does get seriously unwell then the next step would be for moment by moment vigils and reports from the room outside wherever he is laid up. Does it give him an honourable ‘out’ if he is obviously going down?……’My fellow Americans, I am withdrawing my nomination for the US Presidency because my doctors advise me that my health has been irreparably damaged by this Wuhan flu’ – could he pull the pin?

      ……and what does the nation do if – god forbid – coronavirus nails him? Would a state funeral for Trumpy go down well with the punterariat in the US?

      This era couldnt possibly get any more surreal. I just cant wait until this level of surrealism envelopes Australian politics too.

      • Lots of possibilities and things could transpire if Trump ends up like BoJo and one could be that Xi might have a go at Taiwan?? At least poke it a bit more than encroaching on their airspace.

        As you said Gunna this year is getting more surreal by the minute.

  4. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    Makes the Mem from yesterday even funnier which showed him throwing faeces at Biden……

    Oh my GOD you can’t write this stuff…….Markets hate the news!
    ASX down almost a hunji and Dow futures down over 400!

  5. bought BBUS @ 204 and 20min later futures stated tanking.. then saw it on Reuters. Sold already and bit too early perhaps.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      If I’m Biden, I’m doing no more debates. Republicans might plant people in the audience with Covid to try and give it to him.

  6. Before betting on Betfair was suspended, Trump had blown out to 2.98 and Pence into 36s (from 1000). Biden was 1.56.

  7. Right now Republicans and Trump cultists are furiously working out how best to spin this.
    So many possibilities.
    – that’s why he was such a pig in the debate
    – get the violins out..let’s hit that sympathy card hard
    – he’ll need to delay the election now
    Etc, etc …

    • Just surviving ain’t enough.

      Large proportion of survivors suffer long trtm serious complications.

      Multiple organ failure or diminished function is not uncommon, but my favourite is a common post-recovery syndrome called as “brain fog” which is described as “an inability to think clearly and make decisions ” rather reminiscent of severe dementia.

      Actually I think that describes El Trumpos performance to date.

      Imagine how the condition could enhance his current failings.

      • I’ll add that I hope it’s a frightening death for him, I wish for him to be very fearful, and aware, when his time comes.

      • You know those loons who said Obama was a Muslim, literally working for Al Qaeda – worse than Bin Laden. The ones who said he should die.

        Thats just how you come across. There is absolutely no difference.

        I’m a fairly central person – so the freaks who are out of their minds on both sides stand out. You’re one of them.

        And they never, EVER see things in any rational intelligent way – but they are always absolutely positive they are right – no matter how wrong they are.

        I would seriously HATE to be like you. Intelligent left leaning progressive liberal people like myself want nothing to do with your insane rantings, while right wing conservatives are genuinely laughing.

        You’re “that guy” at the BBQ.

          • I thought Casus Belli made an interesting point but your riposte cleverly countered him.
            Will you do the videoing too?

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          I don’t recall Obama ever treating a fellow human the same way Trump has. Surely you understand where some of those desires for Trump’s future health manifest from? Or do despots turn into top blokes after death?

        • You’re a illogical nut, nothing else. Trump will not hesitate to let people die from civil unrest if the election goes against him by a margin that allows him to believe the result is disputable, nor has he given a damn about the people who have died needlessly from cv, nor has he hesitated to dogwhistle his supporter base into violence. I’m not suggesting assassination or anything like that, I just hope he dies horribly, so he can experience the fear that others have because of his inaction for his own political and financial interests. I don’t believe he’s deserving of any sympathy or concern as he’s shown absolutely none.

          Btw, just to let you know, I don’t gaf for you opinion.

          Edit: btw, I think you have too high opinion of yourself: “Intelligent left leaning progressive liberal people like myself….” Someone get me a bucket.

        • I have to concur…This type of talk of wishing people dead, is just not on.End of story.
          Australians wishing people were dead…
          Shakes head, walk away Jigga, just walk away…

        • You know those loons who said Obama was a Muslim, literally working for Al Qaeda – worse than Bin Laden. The ones who said he should die.

          If you’re “intelligent” you should be able to understand why this is a false equivalence.

      • And the right isn’t? Trump, a serial sexual assaulter, compulsive liar, fraudster and cheat with not a moral fibre in his body and a VP who is escorted when other women are to be present, what a team! Supported by so called christians who obviously lack ANY integrity. You must be very proud.

      • The oh-so-compassionate lefty types celebrating Trump’s diagnosis don’t realise how deranged they appear to normal people who aren’t totally consumed by hate of the orange man. They’ve turned Trump into their Emmanuel Goldstein lol.

        • Do you actually think about what you’ve written; have you made any negative comments about the number of ACTUAL deaths your Dear Leader is personally responsible for because of his deliberate lack of action? No, yet you carp on about peoples wishful thinking that has no impact whatsoever on the outcome.

          Your support of him doesn’t reflect well on you.

      • The left are twisted


        You don’t see this sort of hopeful enjoyment about other people’s suffering from the right.

        At least, not more than a few times a day.

    • Given that he has willingly contributed to the spread, and put people at greater risk, then it’s karma in action. Plus a worthy contender for the Darwin Awards. I reckon Joe Biden is in trouble though. Trump could do a Chyna and spread it to Biden (USA) and then recover and watch Biden go down the tubes.

  8. A great tweet
    In the beautiful Covid test, I have the most Coronavirus, of anyone ever taking a Coronavirus test. The doctor’s said they had to call it COVID-20, because I had too much Coronavirus to just beCOVID-19. They’ve never seen anything like it.

  9. finally Trump’s fake news and alt-reality bubble collide with the real world (if he has it for real me still no sure need 3rd party confirmation)

  10. The future prospects of the free world just got a hellava lot brighter… so why would the Dow future lose 400 points?

    • They don’t like any change. Biden will be bad for stocks initially, then he’ll boost them. I agree with DLS on this.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      The future of all remaining life on Earth just got a bit broghter,
      another Trump term will be terminal for the rst of us.

  11. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Can we place bets on which crackpot treatment therapy he should try first?
    HCQ, bleach, ivermectin, Vit C + zinc , Sarin gas, novichok… so many options!

    • Hahahahahahaha….. You won’t see any of his idiotic treatments that he espouses being tried….shit this is now for real and it’s himself. Nah, what you’ll see is the adherence to the best medical science they have! All that other crap is for his dumb supporters to die from, not him.

    • Now it would be funny if his treating doctor arrived pushing a trolley full of crackpot treatments into Donny’s bedroom.
      “So Donald would you like to start with a swig of bleach or a UV tube jammed up your crack?”

    • lolol you’re not getting the love that you deserve for this. Every time I read that I wet myself.

  12. its fantastic this, this covid, unbelievable really how good it is ……. a great many people have been saying the same thing, no really !
    its really the best thing to happen to our great, great country !

  13. Biden will be relieved he wont get smashed in another debate, has a get out clause now. Trump is a healthy guy, suspect it wont slow him down. Trump landslide methinks.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      I believe we’ve just recently established that no matter how unclear it is whose fault it is before there’s a finding of whose fault it is, that it’s the Health Minister’s fault. If you’re a Victorian.

      (other than that, LOLd, thank you)


    It’s quite a long list isn’t it. All the VIPs who have COVID. very few of them became seriously ill however.

    Now you could suppose that VIPs were unlucky to get COVID, but then somehow lucky as they didn’t seem to have a 3-4% chance of dying.

    Or, you could suppose that VIPs are able to get a test even if they don’t meet all the criteria. Who is going to tell Prince Charles or Tom Hanks they don’t qualify for a test. So testing in VIOs was finding all the milder infections which were missed in the general population. In Italy, you had to be quite sick to get a test, and so Italian cases seemed to have a high mortality.

    This trend became evident around April, and was a pointer that the real IFR was much lower than the apparent CFR at that time.

    • Yep. I think there is a .04pct chance of this going bad for trump. In 2 weeks his cpvid argument will be proven and covid ceases to be an issue for the election.

  15. You know how there are people you know who just seem to breeze through life with one lucky event after another and you are stick in the grind no matter how hard you try. Well that guy is trump. Wanna bet he will breeze through this with no symptoms and come out the other side saying .. see nothing to it.

  16. AirForceOneMEMBER

    POTUS & FLOTUS to publicly beat this will HCQ and then take 2020 in a Trump/Republican House/Republican Senate victory.

  17. A lot of commenters on here are saying some pretty ugly things that say a lot more about themselves than it does about Trump. Some real sick and fascistic comments. There is a US election coming up, you know the sort you get in a democracy. Rather than wishing someone with a different political slant to your own die how about wishing for free and fair elections that allow the American people to decide who they want to be president and respecting the outcome.

    • Just checking, are we talking about the same Trump that won’t accept the American people decision if he loses and will use white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys to intimidate the people?

  18. So do all the anti-Trumpers actually believe Biden will be better for America and the world than Trump?
    Clearly they do.

    • Bernie Sanders defintely. Biden just isn’t a nut job like Trump. It’s amazing how you can look back in time and see things so differently; George W Bush now seems like a very intelligent candidate for President in comparison to Trump.