Dan Andrews’ lies exposed on live TV

Sky News’ Peta Credlin did a great job yesterday confronting Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews on his web of lies surrounding his government’s decisions to use untrained private security instead of Victorian Police or Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel for hotel quarantine:

In the video above, you witness Daniel Andrews turn beetroot red and resort to gaslighting as he dodges Peta Credlin’s questions surrounding Andrews’ lie that ADF support was not offered by the Victorian Government (among other things):

Ms Credlin said Victoria, NSW and Queensland were offered ADF support by the Morrison government in March.

“It’s a statement of fact that the chief of the defence force allocated Victoria 100 personnel on Friday the 27th of March,” she said.

However, Mr Andrews dodged her questions saying that fact, which is included in evidence to the hotel quarantine inquiry, was “absolutely incorrect”.

“I left the National Cabinet with no expectation whatsoever there would be ADF support.”

“To assert otherwise is simply inaccurate.”

However, Ms Credlin pushed back saying Mr Andrews had acknowledged in a press release that ADF would be engaged in supporting hotel quarantine arrangements.

It’s a must-watch video to see the extent to which Daniel Andrews bullies, lies and obfuscates issues to avoid accountability for decisions that has left Victorians in hard lockdown for three months and killed more than 700 people.

Last night, Peta Credlin returned and forensically analysed the day’s questioning. Even the most rusted on Labor supporters cannot rebuke the arguments provided by Credlin showing the chicanery on display by Daniel Andrews, as well as the malfeasance from the Victorian Government:

Just to set the record straight about the offer of ADF support, here is Daniel Andrews’ statement to August’s parliamentary inquiry into Victoria’s bungled COVID-19 response:

Liberal MP: “So my question is: Why did you choose to use private security guards rather than police or ADF?:

Dan Andrews: “I’m glad you mentioned the use of ADF. I don’t believe ADF support was on offer. ADF support has been provided in very limited circumstances in NSW. Not to provide security as such, but to provide transportation from the airport to hotels. So again, I think it is fundamentally incorrect to assert that their was hundreds of ADF staff on offer, and somehow someone said no”.

Here’s Daniel Andrews explicitly thanking Prime Minister Scott Morrison for offering ADF personnel for hotel quarantine on 28 March (video here):

Reporter: “Premier, in terms of keeping people in these hotel quarantine hotel rooms, how will that work? Will there be guards at the doors stopping people?”

Daniel Andrews: “We will utilise private security, we will also utilise members of the Victorian Police, and I am very grateful to the Prime Minister for his offer of support from the Australian Defence Force”.

And here’s Daniel Andrews’ own media release on 27 March acknowledging ADF support:

Following agreement by the National Cabinet, all travellers returning from overseas to Victoria will be placed in enforced quarantine for a self-isolation period of 14-days to slow the spread of coronavirus…

The new measures will be operational from 11.59pm on Saturday 28 March, with the Victorian Government already securing 5000 hotel rooms…

It has also been agreed that the Australian Defence Force will be engaged to support the implementation of these arrangements.

The Australian Defence Minister and the ADF itself have also acknowledged the offer of support.

Daniel Andrews unambiguously lied to August’s parliamentary inquiry, yet he continues to gaslight the public and media into believing they are wrong and are, in fact, the ones lying.

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    • peterbruceMEMBER

      Yeah, hardly a blush at all. She seems to think she has some sort of special status, and he put her straight about that. He ran rings around her IMHO.

      • Duke_WellingtonMEMBER

        The man is in a corner and using every trick in the empty-man playbook to fightback. I am no fan of Peta Credlin, but she is sure doing a service here.

  1. Sky News’ ideological positions and all that aside, credit where credit is due.

    She has him absolutely cornered and deservedly so. I would lol if she plays the mansplaining card and he loses his sht.

    • Nah, his generalizations on ADF for a variety of roles seems lost on her. She badgered to hard, that behaviour won’t change the community support. Its clear in all the records and transcripts I’ve seen that general ADF support was offered. He kept his language loose for a reason. He may struggle if Sutton departs but given the Maguire situation unraveling maybe the former Fed Immigration minister has issues closer to home to worry about which will allow enough time to pass for this to go quietly away.

      • Less Woke More Bloke

        can you expand on the reference to the ICAC/Maguire unravelling and the fed immigration minister

        • Watch this mornings session of ICAC, a phone number was brought up among other things in a private session yesterday afternoon, that session didn’t relate to Maguires and Gladys relationship which was the initial intention of the closed session. It was leaked, then quickly jumped on, and it seems to have been worked and whatever gossip was involved has been kept hidden. At the same time Scomo abandoned national cabinet with a dog eat my homework excuse, he was Immigration Minister at the time and we are dealing with a cash for visas rort. He seems to corrupt as all hell but It may be nothing but I doubt it.

          • Less Woke More Bloke

            The delaying of cabinet was due to a technical issue with his plane, apparently

            Bit hard to speculate on the content of the mistakenly released ICAC transcript without seeing it. Just gossip / idle speculation without seeing it

            In these troubled times it seems it’s easy to see a conspiracy everywhere including why Woolworths never have my favourite Turkish rolls at 8am recently

            Not a shot at you by the way

          • Totally agree, I just find it amazing that we spend hours going through transcripts for a bungled hotel quarantine program with no obvious corrupt activities, yet completely ignore the Liberals bringing in the CCP with a cash for visa scheme for 5 years. Given visas are federal don’t you find it interesting none of the MSM are joining the dots with Maguire and ScoMo? Just like they failed to find any issues in any of the obvious corrupt acts we’ve seen the Feds make in the last 7 years.

            The MSM and LNP are in bed together plain and simple. We go back to the cliche if you dont read the news your uninformed and if you read it your misinformed. Its All BS!

  2. holy cr ap i just watched the whole credlin monologue and if i was chairman Dan i would be shi tting myself

  3. Apart from Sky News, the rest of the main stream media is missing in action.
    The main stream media again demonstrates that they have zero credibility.

    • Duke_WellingtonMEMBER

      Sky News IS mainstream media you chud. Its just the rest are letting ideology cloud journalistic instinct, if any is left.

      • Can you read English? I said “Apart from Sky News, the rest of the main stream media is missing in action.”
        I didn’t say Sky News is not mainstream media. They are the only main stream media not following the covid narrative at the moment for some reason.
        I suggest you learn English before you start abusing people.

    • Sky News is the Fed propaganda arm. Everyone else is ignoring it as we’ve already had 1 minister and 4 or so public servants resign or move jobs over it. Its old news and while its an effective method of destablising a government in crisis its not in the public interest to do so. It achieves nothing, will Merlino do a better job? Common sense tells you continuity and stability is more important than chaos.

      I generally have a golden rule, disagree with Murdoch and you cant go wrong. His interests are seldom the same as ours.

      • Duke_WellingtonMEMBER

        Great thinking there, disregard all possible sources of information out of hand due to your own prejudices.
        View all sources with scepticism, ignore nothing if possible.
        You would have to be a blind ideologue to see this is uncomfortable with him and his sidestepping of the detail is hard to defend. Fan of Credlin or not.

        • All sources no, I just weight them and try and understand the context, who says them and why. Whats their history, do they have an agenda? Not sure if you were born yesterday but Murdoch has a 40 year history that defines his place in the world and what hes trying to achieve. Others would argue hes single handily destroyed journalism in the modern age, I think hes in good company.

          Most people have no idea about being open minded, or having a critical way of engaging the world around them. This goes back to how Propaganda, PR and advertising work. Edward Bernays has alot to answer for. The conditioning and control of Overton’s window is the point. Where by dominating the discourse, the topics are locked in, assumptions created, repeated and internalised as truth. Whether its tough on immigration while simultaneously doubling it or that Europe is a cancer to the UK. Where meanings of words drift and are co opted. Woke comes to mind as the most recent. Its rather Orwellian really.

          • Duke_WellingtonMEMBER

            Of course there is bias from Murdoch press, but that doesn’t mean they are always wrong. It seems clear to me that this time they are asking the right questions when everyone else is rushing to give him a pass. Personally I do not care if this is born from political bias, as long as it gets to the truth. on another story at another time, you would well be correct. For this one, I don’t think there is much to his defense.

        • sorry I didn’t answer your point, obviously its uncomfortable for him, its well and truly his achilles heel. As gifted as he is at this game he may still lose and he knows it. I just don’t agree that Credlins 15min interrogation was effective. Everyone I’ve spoken to found her far to aggressive and as Abbots staffer people felt there was an agenda, I guess only turning up 3 months down the track and not caring a hoot about Victoria resolving its crisis before that, then asking questions about something historical ain’t going to beholden you to the mob even if they are tired AF of a 3 month+ lockdown. It will further the rwnj’s thoughts on her but like the trumpians and fox news, they’re virtually in their own sky after dark bubble now anyway and won’t listen to anyone else anyway.

      • In general I do disagree with Murdoch, but in this case Sky News are the only ones questioning the official narrative on covid.

      • “Common sense tells you continuity and stability is more important than chaos”
        The CCP agrees with this statement of yours.

  4. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Did LNPeta admit she’s getting information from the National Cabinet meetings? You know, the stuff that’s supposed to be kept secret. The same meetings that are delayed because Scummo doesn’t know how to zoom.

    The PMO must have got bored with texting questions to the Baxendale lass.

  5. The fact that pollies are willing to lie so readily and with such quality acting suggests that they have done it many times before. The fact that they don’t apologise or resign is on us.

  6. If Credlin was on the right side of politics her performance would be shouted from the roof tops.

  7. Is LVO running this series of flattering New Corp tributes because he’s angling for a gig amongst their cavalcade of ‘stars’?

  8. Ahhh ….. a veritable Gillard moment on misogamy … in the public eye …. after years of serving corporate masters [revolving door thingy] all whilst she pumps her life raft up out of the public eye …

    Remind me who see works for again – ?????

    Not that she worked for the Howard administration [our Raygun], then Nelson, and on his advice joined Turnbull, and then when he was on the outs joined Abbott, after all that she joined Sky news [Murdoch].

    Lmmao at a Flexian spotted in the wild …

    • Once again, skippy non-member plays the (wo)man not the ball. Maybe just maybe even a hardened neocon sits at the dinner table of a friend that has lost her 17 year old son and thinks a funeral with more than 10 people in a country town should be a simple ask. Maybe things are not right.
      Also I don’t tick the notification button so won’t see your witty non- member response.

      • Membership is indicative of what exactly … higher IQ and social status – ????

        Emotive special pleas are what form of logic again in lieu of a substantiated argument, but yeah the mic drop drive by speaks to the whomever you think your speaking for – when its just you. Please don’t speak for others and do own your own perspective and all that comes with it – we call this responsibility for oneself … try it one day …