ASX thinks it’s Wall St, but it looks like Japan

You’ve got to love the lure of QE. AUD is down this morning:

Bond yields are hammered:

XJO has taken off on the sniff of QE:

Big Iron is up despite clearly rising risk in China:

Big Gas is up despite oil being fooked:

Big Gold is up despite DXY threatening:

Big Banks are flying despite their margins being crushed by the move into ZIRP:

XJO is now trading close to its highest ever valuation at 21x NTM with zero profits growth ahead and recent earnings suggesting -20% on 2019 for the year ahead is about right.

Can the ASX become the new QE bubble like the US or will it be the deflated balloon that is Japan?

I wouldn’t bet on the former!

David Llewellyn-Smith


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