ASX bath of blood flows over as Europe mulls lockdown

The Australian dollar is weak again this morning amid its bearish declining triangle is intact:

Bonds are bid:

Stocks have opened lower again:

Big Iron has broken support with RIO and BHP in technical freefall:

Big Oil is similar:

Big Gold has a bid just because:

Big Banks have joined the selling as the yield curve collapses:

The driver is the virus. US numbers are climbing fast still with hospitalisations leading deaths higher:

And Europe is so rife with it that both Germany and France are mulling full-blown national lockdowns again, knocking the EUR:

Remember that AUD is little more than EUR with an amplifier attached. If EUR falls then the entire knock-on effect to a rising DXY and falling everything else in risk, commodities and EM is assured.

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  1. happy valleyMEMBER

    “And Europe is so rife with it that both Germany and France are mulling full-blown national lockdowns again, knocking the EUR”

    Get Credlin on the case, but she’ll only do over Labour-type gubmints – so all good.

      • It proves that Sweden has no excess deaths this year therefore not locking down has made zero difference to the average number of deaths.
        A few 80 years have died of/with Covid and not of/with flu.
        Are you incapable of understanding that?

          • So we have determined that approximately the same amount of people died this year as last and the year before that in a country with no lockdown.
            Not only can we conclude that lockdowns make NO difference to the amount of people who die each year but neither does Covid.
            Yet, you still seem to insist lockdowns are good.
            You seriously need to brush up on your analytical abilities and turn off the TV.

          • It’s not my logic, it’s just the facts displayed in a simple chart form that even a moron can understand.
            You explain it, you’re the lock us down psycho who wants to lock everyone up for, well, what reason?

        • No, your selection of “data” states that having cv is better for a country as there are total lower deaths, so don’t try and worm your way out of it, idiot.

          lololol Have you informed all the CHOs around the world of your news?

          I’m guessing you’re Scumo’s CV19 Adviser.

  2. About 2,600 people die every *day* in Germany, from any cause.
    Only need to code a fraction of them as COVID.

    What matters is excess mortality and annual mortality, which is flat. Sweden annual deaths tracking at merely 2.4% above 2018, and even then entirely explained by a weak 2019 flu season.

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