We’re all Drew Pavlou now

No, I’m Drew Pavlou! No, I’m Drew Pavlou! No, I’m Drew Pavlou!

We’re all Drew Pavlou now. Help him get re-elected to the UQ senate by donating to the Drew Pavlou Fighting Fund here.

We can all aid him in his fight to purge UQ of CCP corruption.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Interesting that when fresh in the job ABC chief Ita Buttrose claimed that PC had got too far and even said that we need to:

    “… bring back the larrikin element of Australia”.


    So where are you Ita? What happened? Has your lisp returned?

    Drew is one of the biggest and best political larrikins we have seen since for 30 years – and he has a genuine Aussie cause with a vast number of people behind him. He even ticks all the PC boxes – son of a Greek fruitier talking about democracy.

    So, has the PC cat your tongue Ita? Or have you sprouted some new trans balls to be held tightly by the ABC corporation?

    That the ABC has refused to cover Drew Pavlou much speaks volumes for the timid PC and Big Australia agenda that has suffocated the National Broadcaster.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      It’s still far more independent than the Rupert/LNP view shoved down your throat by AJ, Credlin, Akerman, Benson, Kelly, Bolt and Murray at NewsCorp/Sky after Dark?

        • happy valleyMEMBER

          Barrie Cassidy was excellent and balanced. Speers is not a patch on him and when you have the likes of Benson (one of Rupert’s most biased mouthpieces) yesterday sprouting his Rupert/LNP views on the ABC you know the ABC is giving equal opportunity.

          • The Speers interview with Morrison was weak. Speers tried to ask good questions, but he was too gently and ScottyFromMarketing brushed it aside with spin while thinking he’s one of country’s greatest thinkers, while contradicting himself. Speers should have gone hard on two points

            1. How will the “gas led recovery” lead to cheaper prices. Do not get off the “how”. None of this “gas has chosen itself” bollocks. <JerryMcGuire>Give me the details!</JerryMcGuire>
            2. Why is Michael Sukkar still in your ministry? Again go hard on the hypocrisy of Morrison on this issue.

            Oh and don’t pretape the interview. It destroys serious credibility in the program because we don’t know what was edited. If Scotty can be bothered giving an interview on the weekend then tough.

      • Depends on how one defines as independent.
        The Murdoch papers have gone hard on the negative issues from migration. They’ve gone super hard on inappropriate Chinese links with Australia.
        As for the ABC, they’re way too politically correct to go into the former, and only tread lightly on the latter.
        Give me Murdoch anytime.

  2. Given what happened in the movie (Spartacus),I expect all the Drew Pavlov.to be expelled from UQ.

  3. Just slung the kid a pineapple – I like the cut of his jib.

    I’d love to see a cheeky $500 from MacroBusiness on the donation list.

  4. Lawyers have okayed it. Nice. Like his mate. Don’t know what the two Drew’s are studying, perfect law move. I have a NDA for one.