Victoria to accelerate reopening

Via News:

Daniel Andrews has just confirmed for the first time that Victoria’s next easing of restrictions on Sunday will go further than the original road map.

With case numbers dropping, Mr Andrews promised a “significant announcement” on Sunday and he was asked this morning whether he was considering going further than originally planned with lifting restrictions.

“Yes, I am,” he said. “But I’m not in a position give you the full list of what we’re looking at. We’re looking at those and they become a detailed and look at what the risk is.”

“We don’t want to do something that might seem quite small but could present a significant challenge to us in a couple of weeks’ time,” he said. “That’s part of the nature of this virus.

Well done, Victorians.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Many are fatigued by the lack of an evidence basis for the lockdown/curfew/jackboots and fines in the first place.
      It is being politically stage-managed first and foremost before it is being managed as a public health matter.

      • There is a very consistent them amongst people who are anti-vaxxers, young earth creationists, global warming denialists, moon landing conspiracists, and covid-19 loons…….its not just that they are spectacularly stupid in the flesh, they are also malignant narcissists registering highly on the Hares psychopathy scale, are exemplars of the Dunning Kruger Effect, and display deep selective bias with an almost total inability to differentiate facts from personal opinion.

        • You mean like all the professors of medicine and epidemiology at oxford, cambridge, UCSF etc etc who have condemned lockdowns as futile and unwarranted?

          Science deniers and stupid, are they?

          • ^ count yourself among the few who actually get it. Here we are continuing to point to the respected proponents of evidence based medicine, yet everyone is shouting that down in favour of policy responses that aren’t backed by anything other than political expediency.

            Karol Sikora interview (1 hour)

        • Anyone who dissents or questions the official response is now labelled as a conspiracy theorist. Brilliant.

          Try stringing a decent sentence together before smearing anyone else with your boring cliches and memes, you ALP dupe.

          And he calls him/herself coup d’e tat.


      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        lack of an evidence basis for the lockdown/curfew/jackboots and fines in the first place.

        Are the diminishing number NOT evidence?

        And successful enough that others are suggesting that it be used:

        (CNN)When Daniel Andrews, premier of the Australian state of Victoria, declared a lockdown over the coronavirus, some detractors on the right labeled him a “dictator” and said he was trying to build “a gulag.”

        But Andrews — a Labor Party politician who has run Australia’s second-largest state since 2014 — has remained popular with Victorians throughout the lockdown, local polls show. And this week, his hardline approach was thoroughly vindicated.

        • Frankly no, it is not. Correlation not equal to causation and all that. You can try to stop the virus but doing so leaves the population susceptible. Better to move across the ledger through infection and into recovered (eg: Sweden and probably UK in time).

          Your reference to “polling” also proves my point. Science does not care for polls or popularity.

      • Forrest GumpMEMBER

        In the words of one of the farkwit journalists
        Daniel Andrews:
        When are you opening Nail salons and hair dressers?
        When can open house inspections & & Auctions recommence?

        Meanwhile back on planet earth:
        Hospitals have recommenced surgeries
        Birthing mothers can now have a partner with them while they give birth
        Children can now go to the zoo and recommence their education
        Those that have lost their jobs can now start looking for a new job
        Grandparents can now hug their grandchildren
        Bushfire season is coming and we need to train up new volunteers

      • “Well done, Victorians.” …. yeah, like we really had any choice in the matter?

        They better open the hairdressers/barbers before I start looking like the Tom Hanks character in Castaway.

        If only one client is allowed in a premises per hairdresser/barber along with social distancing, washing/disinfecting of hands and wearing of masks while all others waiting do so outside or in their vehicles and notified when they can come in via phone or text, then surely the risk is minimal.
        After all, the vast majority of cases are happening in Aged Care and Hospitals aren’t they?

        I’m not too bothered about the curfew.

        What really irks me is not being able to get a haircut and not even being able to wash my car at the self-service car wash.
        After all, a self-service car wash is no different from a petrol station … and how many cases of Covid19 have been the result of filling cars with petrol?

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      I despise the istandwithdanners more than anyone could possibly know.

      I think most people are not actually ‘istandwithdanners’ in the sense that people think. It is not ‘with him at all costs’ . They (including me) are AGAINST the constant bashing from ‘murdoch/Karens/QAnon/Stokes/LNP’ that is trying to undermine the public health messaging that would worsen the impact of Covid.

      • Have you ever seen Dan with a mask or confined to his house? Yet it’s people like you that allow that jerk to say with a straight face “they wont the there forever but they’ll be there as long as its needed plus it’s easy on the pigs so shut up slave”


        • TheLambKingMEMBER

          Have you ever seen Dan with a mask


          Every single day at his press conference you see him come in with a mask, take it off when he gets to the podium, then put it back on when he steps off the podium.

  1. Is Bill Lawry a member ? “ We got him !! Brilliant play ! he’s a Victorian this kid !! bloody beauty yes a victorian !! “

  2. Loved seeing the look on Dans face the other day when asked if he was concerned about all the people leaving the state atmo and planning to, a shocked stammering response. I cant see much new money coming into the economy from overseas either.
    Game over Vic

  3. Good. To think the Dan Andrews government might give us some of the rights we enjoyed just 9 months ago.

    I know I should be on my stomach, grovelling, knows I’m not worthy to stanwithdan, bit I just can’t help but flip the bird to every VocPolitical car / van that drives by and feel a stomach burning rage every time I see that cants face.

    I’ll get an ulcer thinking about how Dan will get off Scott free from all the death and economic destruction he’s caused.

    Hell can freeze over and I’ll still not good victorian Labor.

    Victorians can enjoy the woke nirvana the govt they voted for has given then. The other states should flat out say no to giving Victoria a cent more in GST and federal grants. I’m sick of seeing poor performance rewarded.

    I say this as someone who was stoopid enough to move to Melbourne 3 years ago. I’m seriously looking to leave hellburn once the dictator decides it’s no longer illegal to go for more than an hour from my home in a straight line.