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    • Trump to white supremacists: “Stand back and stand by”

      That says it all. That will be his epitaph. Black people heard that loud and clear.

      • You never change do you mig. You’re like smithy. Incapable of independent thought and when someone challenges your thoughts you start name calling.

        Grow up huh!!!!

    • This is weird but i gots to tell ya.

      I loathe the ALP too (more often than not)……

      But i have noticed that on another post you have loaded up three seperate comments essentially doing nothing but slagging the ALP, then seen this one here doing likewise…… which in some respects i buy fine.

      But in other respects i tend to the view that all this is actually doing is shoring up sentiment for the ScoMo government – which i actually rate as about the worst government in Australian history, which is now 7 years into providing 3 successive candidates for worst government in Australian history, and still has people questioning what it has actually achieved in those 7 years.

      So i have to ask – Are you a big Torynuff?

      Do you think the current ALP opposition or the current L-NP government represents a bigger threat to most Australians and their qualities of life? Like I wouldnt vote for either but if you are concerned about working Australians wouldnt taking a shot at the government be more in order than just slagging off the ALP? (great frauds that they are – I completely agree)

      Or do you really think the Torynuffs are the superior political mainstream offering?

      • My love and loyalty is to my kids, Australia, the environment, Australians, and working Australians.

        LNP have NEVER valued any of that.

        I agree with you, LNP are as bad as I’ve ever seen. LNP are in power because Australia won’t vote Labor. Labor have lost the plot and are destroying our country vicariously through LNP.

        My message is 100% consistent, and 100% logical. Labor are the problem that keeps giving us LNP. I hate Labor with a passion for their betrayal of everything I love.

        Defending Labor is indefensible. They are a disgrace.

        Let them be honest about who they now represent. Come out and say workers, the environment, and the relative equality we have today, will be destroyed under Labor’s big Australia ideals.

        How are you doing anyone any favours allowing Labor to misrepresent who they are?

  1. Love how Biden blames Trump for the recession when it was crazy Democrat Governors locking people up in their homes and tearing up the constitution…

    • borderline for now. he is fighting back. he touched on very sensitive issue about shutting down and I think public opinion changes and more and more people start to feel it’s not good idea about shutting. Not saying it’s right..

      and Joe has just been been told he’s talking nonsense as he was talking something totally irrelevant to the question. lol

  2. Biden has been very well coached – ‘sincere’ looks at camera, “he has no plan” – holding together surprisingly well so far

    IMHO Trump needs to up his performance at this stage …..

  3. Wait till winter they will have to shut down again . Trump is digging a hole for himself, the virus could spike substantially before the vote.

  4. “I’ve done more in 47 months than you have done in 47 years Joe” …. good point – bit of attention needed on Biden’s record and especially Obama/Biden 8 years …

  5. lol, Biden didn’t go there. even anecdotally I know WB was involved with early Kek memes (warner music is owned by russian aluminium oligarchs).

  6. Both of them won’t call out the far right or left .. says it all doesn’t ..they want anarchy the pricks.

  7. Hanno Son of Bomilcar

    old honky losers debate over who loves black ppl more meanwhile chinese are building 500000 gw electric dams

  8. I think the BabylonBee sums it up best “Broadcast Signal Accidentally Picks Up Two Old Men Yelling At Each Other Instead Of Presidential Debate”

    No real knock outs from either one of them in my point of view, tedious viewing – like watching Statler and Waldorf arguing over a $5 restaurant bill and whether to tip a dime or a nickle. Trump probably lost only by the fact that Biden didn’t go full Alzheimers.

  9. Can see why he is called sleepy Joe.At times he really seems a step away from narcolepsy.He also muddles alot.However they have clearly spent hours training him
    As a final note the commentator is clearly biased

  10. why gold hasn’t spiked to $4k?
    If Trump wins he will need to do massive stimulus to restart the economy.
    If Biden wins he will need to do massive stimulus to restart the economy.
    If Civil war then USD will collapse and whoever takes over later will need massive stimulus to restart the economy.

    What am I missing?