Trump: “Get rid of ballots and there won’t be a transfer [of power]”


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  1. All this effort to erase Civil War history from public places isn’t going to be a big deal when Civil War 2.0 kicks off and we get a whole new bunch of US “heros” to cast bronze statues of.

      • The nationalists are the constitutionalists.
        The two sides are much more: nationalists vs anti-White, anti-American marxist ideologues.
        i.e. Nationalists vs Communists..

        • Yup.

          Interestingly the deliberate increase in diversity which is directly correlated with the war against white Americans on one side, is likely to reduce the function of a true democracy and increasingly turn the US (and most western nations) into Ethnocracies.

          Steve Sailer reckons that these forces will effectively split the US into a White Republican Party (and those who identify as traditional American values) versus the various ‘Tribal’ coalitions of the DNC on the other hand.

          With the “Democrats” hostility towards a large portion of the white community which they bigotly look down upon both ethnically and culturally, and their stated goals and desires overthrow many of the limitation of the constitution, it could well keep the Republicans in power for another 30 years:

          “…without any patriotic immigration reform at all, the GOP/ GAP (Generic American Party) could still win nationally as late as 2050 simply by driving its white share up to 70%–which it already achieves in several Southern states.”

          The semblance of democracy remains in many of these progressive US states, like Oregon, simply because they are overwhelmingly white, and with generally shared cultural values the white electorate is more democratically split on the traditional political issues surrounding economic policy i.e. right/left.

          As you move to more Southern states where the white majority is reduced, you increase tribal behavior in white voters…. adding diversity doesn’t increase democracy, it increases ethnic voting patters, just like those that exist in multicultural and clan based societies found in the middle east. The peculiar success of democracy is due in no small part to a fairly shared and homogeneous set of cultural values and population group behaviours.

          Long term democracy is not possible in a MultiCult society – the pursuit of a different hierarchy of values between communities, will ensure that the majority of people will end up voting for “core cultural values” over minor differences in economic policy.

          • War against white America? In the USA people of color disproportionately live in poverty, are sent to prison for crimes where whites are afforded leniency and die violent deaths, often from Police who are meant to protect them. And white America is being threatened? Propagating racist tropes that does not recognize white privilege sadly just perpetuates the misery in the USA.

          • In the freest, least rac!st and most egalitarian societies to exist in the planet, at any time on the planets history, where basic social etiquette is so aghast at the possibility of rac!sm that any genuine display of it risks immediate and permanent social ostracism, I think it is particularly weak minded individuals to blame all the differences in life outcome between population groups on some unidentifiable social construct, like institutional or structural racism.

            The reality is that the overwhelmingly driver for the outcomes you describe are the result of natural and intrinsic group population differences. The only Trope in the mainstream media narrative is one of “white privileged” which is just a means to disguise the class war being carried on on mainly working class Americans.

        • Sorry, don’t agree.

          What libertarians and many Americans mistake for Communism is normally so far off the mark of definition, let alone reality.

          Trump is a Nationalist, has fascist tendencies, and has brought the USA to into a pre-Fascist state (they’ve always been close anyway); most of his ardent supporters are Nationalists, as opposed to more moderate patriots (they don’t the difference) – they are concerned with the ‘greatness’ of the USA, as they see it, and not necessarily the Constitution; they are often selective about the parts they prefer, and not interested in defending other parts that other people are interested in, especially if it makes them uncomfortable.

          For example, being really concerned about the 2nd Amendment doesn’t make someone an ‘Constitutionalist’ in the senses that I mean it – most 2nd Amendment fans are concerned with the liberty and sense of personal power and protection.

          We’ll see how many of such people are concerned with the Democracy during and after the election, and if they choose to use their guns to uphold the Constitution OR promote their sense of where the USA ‘needs to go for now’, against the spirit and letter of the Constitution, including protecting the rights of the fellow citizens – despite this being the very purpose of the 2nd Amendment.

          THIS is what I mean by the difference ‘Constitutionalists’ and ‘Nationalists’, and I don’t think your rendering is nearly as good, and if conflationary.

        • The nationalists are the constitutionalists.
          The two sides are much more: nationalists vs anti-White, anti-American marxist ideologues.
          i.e. Nationalists vs Communists..

          That would be much funnier if you weren’t serious.

    • Well, there won’t be too many heroes among the almond-milk latte drinking wokerati, I’m going to guess.

      Guns vs man-bags.

      • For sure it s going to be fun to see all these low testosterone woke vegans going to war LOL.

        I hope they will not ban tiktok yet, I love to see libs crying/raging on it

      • I see this as such as straw-man, honestly, and happily reject it.

        Anyone can dig deep when they need to; I’d want to be with a group of cautious, intelligent (‘woke’ and associated steroetype) soldiers any day over redneck and ‘jock’ soldiers pumped up on chargin and ammo (a stereotype, yes).

        Generally the latter sort are skin deep in their character and convictions, and compensating for a lack of internal depth, and for internal insecurities – whilst this is true for everyone, jocks and the like are not nearly as tough and militarily competent as they like to project. Give me sense and intelligence in soldiers any day, and they will win over the alternative – and, yes, this applies more to one ‘side’ than the ‘other’….and, I say this as someone who has more in common with the ‘conservative side’ in many ways.

        • Honestly Burb, it’s a bit of banter, nothing more.

          There won’t be a civil war and the subject isn’t worth discussing – at least not seriously 😉

        • All that being said – remember Hitler was a vegetarian – they’re not all thoughtful in the way you think. Strangely when serum cholesterol levels get too low, one characteristic behaviour is violence. Just food for thought for the jocks.

    • I think Trumpollini will have a crack at a third term – either a third 4 years, or a long third term…

      I think his Blackshirts will be happy to assist; they’ve already started shooting people that disagree with their Nationalistic preferences, or a agrieved with the status quo – ‘Democracy is for when we’ve got things right again’, or something like that.

      • Now that the GOP will have strong majority at the SC, I hope they at least copy Xi for life mandate.Trump deserves it

        • Trump will strongly consider going for it whether he’s worthy or not – personalities like that, with flaws like that, are self-referencing in their assessment of worthiness, and their strongest supporters see much of themselves in such a personality, and are happy to live out their fantasies through him.

      • I look at that job and I think to myself: who would want it for more than two terms. It’s so intense and requires so much energy. And it’s mostly bullsh*t from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

        I remember Obama taking the reins and how youthful he looked. By the time he left, he was greying and looked a shell of the person he was.

        • Trump is a power and ego person. It is typical of the flaws of his personality type (Doer-Feeler / Choleric-Sanguine type).

          He wants the power for the self-validation, and the sense of vision and accomplishment it provides – some is never enough. He needs to achieve things in his power, of greatness, and of adulation. Some power is not enough; only more power is enough, and then it is not.

        • Yeah but Obama worked at the job, and worried about it. Whereas Trump is just naturally better at anything he does than anybody. He can run the world from his golf course, that’s how good he is. The only thing aging him is burgers. As long as he stays President no one can drag him into court for anything. He’s not worried. He’s even been able to send out men with hoods and kidnap people into unmarked vans and no one stopped him. Yep. Four more years is my prediction.

          • Funnily enough, Obama played a lot of golf while Pres. I’m not taking sides but he was constantly pulled up by the media for playing golf when more pressing matters attended. Perhaps Obama and Trump can be besties when Trump hangs up his presidential shoes. 😉

        • I look at that job and I think to myself: who would want it for more than two terms. It’s so intense and requires so much energy.

          Only if you’re actually doing anything and are vested in the outcome, which Trump quite clearly is not.

          If you’re just in it for yourself and your buddies, and you don’t give a sh!t about collateral damage, then it’s probably quite invigorating.

          I’d wager a study of CEOs would find the same thing – the most stressed ones are the ones trying to do the best thing for the company, and the least stressed are the ones trying to do the best thing for themselves.

    • When you look up the definition of ‘corruption’ in the English Oxford dictionary it says simply: Clintons

  2. Oh dear.

    (1) He just can’t back down when he’s challenged.
    (2) I suspect he meant to say get rid of the rigged ballots and I will win a fair election.

    But I agree the words he actually said are just dreadful.

    • Of course he meant the rigged ballots but It s much more entertaining to pretend he just want to be a dictator.Bias is just a detail

      • Why don’t we all express ourselves with perfect clarity 100% of the time?

        I’m being kind, but I suspect he’s constantly immersed in discussions about election-rigging and he’s just started taking it for granted that any talk of ballots is a discussion of illegal, fraudulent attempts to boot him out. So instead of “rigged ballots” he just says “ballots”.

        • You are talking about a guy who pondered on the possibilities of injecting disinfectant, and argued about the various types of per capita, and whose every recent interview has been a display of blithering bullshit so yes, I suspect you’re being very kind.

        • You’re definitely right – the United States president should never use precise and carefully considered language.

          Unless of course there is malintent behind the choice of words.

          Or he’s an imbecile.

          Or incapable.

          Or all three.

        • His problem is, he doesn’t do diplomacy. He just says what he thinks outright. And that’s confronting for many people.

          Some find it shocking, others refreshing. The former prefer to be lied to — it makes them feel more comfortable.

          • In accordance with the flaws of his personality type, his says what he needs to come out on top at the time, with minimal planning, mainly just bluster, confidence and bravado; truth is not important at any given point in time, only getting what you want and being seen to win at any given point in time, in order to not cede any credibility and power to an opponent, in order to keep doing what you want and getting what you want. This is common in normal life for such personalties, and just as true for Trump.

      • He did. The media repeatedly edit his words to remove context (i.e. what he said immediately prior to their cut, and immediately after). Any watch of his full speeches and responses, for just about any incident he has been accused of in the media, attests to this. The press are not good people folks.

      • If he meant to say something else… why doesn’t he just say that other thing?

        I still remain 50/50 whether it’s because his brain is on the way out, or if it’s a deliberate ploy to minimise and obfuscate any actual information about the administration without explicitly refusing to face questions at all.


      Like that time he said nuking a hurricane was maybe a good idea, or raking leaves to prevent wildfires, or injecting bleach to kill diseases – im sure he just meant some other, less insane thing.

    • NO, votes against Trump = Corruption….

      Having spent time accusing the Democrats of not wanting to accept the results before the last election despite there being little talk of that being an issue,, then being accused of benefiting due to external influences on the results, it is amusing to see him claiming the election is going to be rigged…

      Classic Narcissist behaviour…. Accuse others of something, cry foul when the spot light gets turned on you and then do exactly what you claimed the others were doing previously.

      • What ?

        It was Hillary who was telling Trump he would have to accept the election results – and the Democrats have simply REFUSED to do so with THREE attempts at subverting that election result. 4 if you include the Democrat led riots across the USA.

        Hillary is once again leading the charge, with Pelosi in refusing to accept the results.

        What was that about Narcissist ?

        • It was Hillary who was telling Trump he would have to accept the election results – and the Democrats have simply REFUSED to do so with THREE attempts at subverting that election result. 4 if you include the Democrat led riots across the USA.

          This sort of hysteria is what “Trump Derangement Syndrome” actually looks like.

    • Absentee ballots require people to request a ballot paper, mail ins are just sent out to anyone of voting age within a state – so anyone who has died, moved house, or anything else will have a ballot which can be used.

      The idea that it is remotely reasonable to have an election with mail in ballots beggars belief.

      • Are you trying to imply that they dont check the details of those who voted in mail in ballots ( which have been a part of their system for a very long time ) but they thoroughly scrutinise the voting integrity of ballot box votes..?

        Considering the number of people turned away from the booths at each election because they dont meet arbitrary rules thats a bit of a stretch.

        Again, In a system where the electoral college votes for the president and does not have to follow the actual voting results of the states it is ridiculous to claim that mail in votes = CORRUPTION.

      • The idea that it is remotely reasonable to have an election with mail in ballots beggars belief.

        Yet until now has never been a cause for concern. 🙄

  3. Trump’s position is fair enough.
    Mandate ID for voting at a registered voting site, add a facial scan of the voter to be stored and cross checked against a database of all voters, life imprisonment for vote fraud, and no mail in ballots… and we’ll be able to trust results.
    Same for Australia.

    • LOL.

      Apparently the results of basically every election held in a western country ever haven’t been trustworthy.

    • > add a facial scan of the voter to be stored and cross checked against a database of all voters

      Now that’s a serious reason to not trust the government as opposed to the usual reasons people complain.

  4. What a beat up. Another daft article for narrow-minded for Strayans to display their ignorance.
    Integrity of votes and identity of voters is fundamental to a democracy. Formerly, a couple of years ago Dems said so too. Now they just want to blow everything up. Dems are a classic greek tragedy happening now.

    • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

      The depth of ignorance, narrow-mindedness and lack of insight of my blinkered fellow citizens is despairing. This thread as a prime example.

      • Biden's teleprompter

        The more concerning thing for mine is the conga line of fools talking of forming a political party.
        God help us all.
        It will always be the same. The sheep don’t even know that they are sheep. How can they awaken?

  5. Life over the past 4 years has really underlined the importance and truth in Mark Twain’s words…

    Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

    • Say whatever needs to be said at the time to ‘win’ the engagement; in their mind, only ‘winning’/power matters, and truth is sometimes useful and sometimes not…

  6. It amazes me, four years on, that anyone still:
    a) expects a coherent answer to any question;
    b) tries to make sense of the gibberish they get