Tiny, random security firm appointed VIC virus guardian

Boy, was VIC quarantine ever designed to fail, at the Herald Sun:

The security company paid $44 million to guard Victoria’s quarantine hotels says it does not know why it scored the lion’s share of the work as part of the botched scheme.

Unified Security had just 89 permanent staff in March but ended up employing 1759 people, almost all through subcontractors.

It won the majority of the security work, despite not being on the state government’s preferred supplier list.

The bureaucrat who first approached Unified, Katrina Currie, revealed in emails one consideration was that Unified was indigenous-owned, making it suitable under the ­Andrews government’s ­inclusion policies.

Unified’s Victorian manager Nigel Coppick told the hotel quarantine inquiry on Thursday that he did not know why the company was awarded substantially more than other key contractors Wilson and MSS.

“I was contacted and I was asked if we could support,’’ he told counsel assisting the inquiry, Rachel Ellyard.

This one decision should cost the Andrews Government office. It is a failure of judgment so complete that it should never be trusted with a decision of gravity again.

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    • The idea that you have a list of companies that are “preferred” and your restricted to only dealing with them is crazy, its not how open markets work and does not guarantee any quality of delivery.

      But even when you do have a preferred supplier list you have to pretend to be balanced by getting quotes off a number of them, run back and forward making them feel like you were not biased in your decisions. None of this process is designed to increase quality of procurement, only to increase funnelling of work through a small set of “happy” vendors and providing probity insurance to the purchaser.

      They went the indigenous way for expediency, Indigenous companies are a procurement loophole that doesnt require the same level of negotiation and paperwork completion. In the federal space, you dont even need to be indigenous owned, only have to have a “relationship” with an indigenous owned company.

      They dont have to do any of the probity with the indigenous supply route, they can ask how much and have a contract signed in 24hrs, this would take a minimum of 2 weeks using the other approach.

      • This is right where ‘white guilt’ gets you.

        When you apply for a Govt job these days the guidelines state quite explicitly that credible candidates of indigenous backgrounds get precedence followed by the various other identity groups. And if you’re a white male you had better be the best candidate to stand a chance.

        Govt ‘righting’ wrongs, picking winners and losers. But I’m sure, operating as efficiently as ever.

      • Kind of interesting that Unified is as indigenous as Mr Trunzo, who owns 49% of the business:

        “On its website, Unified describes itself as “wholly Australian and Indigenous- owned.” Mr Trunzo was born in NSW. His parents are from Italy.”

        In Italy Unified might get away with playing that race card. In Australia, the Andrew’s government has been played by a crook for crooked reasons. This isn’t just woke, its a fabricated diversity scam to catch the terminally stupid on a woke hook. The joke’s on Australia – Dan’s woke warriors jumped right on. Who’s the biggest victim now?

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      I did chuckle when I read about the “diversity training” for these contractors taking priority over any actual instruction/training vis a vis infection control. I would have thought some up-skilling in negotiation techniques and psychology would have been more useful. *shrugs*

  1. Donate to Ken Phillips’ campaign at Self Employed Australia for Andrews and his fascist left thugs and incompetents to be sued under his own OH and S legislation. Then the punishment would be similar to that meted out to a small business proprietor taken to court under OH and S for an accident on business premises. Give them justice under their own draconian legislation.

  2. Arthur Schopenhauer

    That’s the loss of Public Sevice capacity right there. With just about everything outsourced, there is no-one left who can competently plan and execute on anything more than trivial run of the mill tasks.

    Or, it’s corruption. Looks more like the former.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Yes. The hyperbole knows no bounds, ya commie-green-georgist-chartist-chicago-school-trotsky-neo-liberal-fascist!

      Go for a surf why don’t ya? And catch a wave for all us fkn shut-ins! ‘Cause we sure as hll can’t in South-North-Korea! 🙂

    • Has been heading increasingly downhill for years. I’ve pretty much given up.

      I was just trawling through some old posts from ca. 2013-15 and it’s staggering how much more sensible the comments section was.

  3. Its an indigenous owned company.
    It does not matter if billions of dollars are spent or thousands of non indigenous lives are lost.
    The important thing is and always will be that the woke brigade be satisfied.

  4. DHSS was just following the example of Border Protection for the Manus Island Facility security.
    Contract given to a no-track record shelf company with head office in a shack on Kangaroo Island who paid off the PNG government to be allowed to work. Not even woke if that makes it better.
    I think the two directors are arguing about the split of $40 mill in profit. On the ground performance as bad or worse than Vic quarantine.

  5. The Federal government’s pending ‘Virus Hotspots’ regulation is going to break the States & Territory’s current control of what are ‘State borders’.

    For example the Federal Government can define freedom of movement or not – across States by declaring ‘national virus hotspot’ zones.

    Eg: Albury Vic / Wodonga NSW a Virus hotspot;
    Or say Gold Coast QLD / Tweeds Heads a virus zone – but say Rural QLD/ NSW / SA zone are not.

    Each State’s police & other authorities will then have to work to Federal instructions in these cross border virus zones in say lockdown, checkpoints, forced identification checks, forced testing and detainment.

    👉🏾That means a national or federal identification & virus status passport system.

    An Australian identity card that defines your virus status and what federal (across state boundaries) and location zone you will be permitted into.

    The many current State based identifiers such as drivers licences, or car Rego are duplicated or only partial cover everyone.
    The federal identity systems – myGov, ATO TFN, Medicare or Centrelink also don’t cover everyone or are completely corrupted.

    We also have 4.4 million non Australian non citizens onshore – many with missing or falsified identification.

    🔻1.9 million foreign nationals migrants on PR
    🔻2.5 million foreign nationals as TR / SCV

    Many who are working illegally or cash in hand in the vast foreign criminal run migrant black economy.
    🔻False identities
    🔻Refusing identification
    🔻Refusing any virus testing
    🔻Refusing to obey lockdown and quarantine
    🔻Hiding behind ‘no English’ or ‘cultural & ethnic’ special needs, aided and abetted by the left wing open borders crowd & migrant lobbyists.

    Fact / The Melbourne outbreak was spread by infected overseas migrants and travellers spreading the disease to migrant guestworker ‘security guards’ hired on Wechat.
    Who then spread the virus into their migrant communities.
    Who then spread the virus as service staff, cleaners etc into our aged care and hospitals.
    Infecting and killing our Australians elderly.

    And that migrant guestworker borne outbreak has cost Australians billions.

    Sure – blame Chairman Dan for using shonky labour hire and no name fake ID migrant guestworkers as so called security guards..

    But the vast pool of migrant guestworkers with false identities & working cash in hand or via labour hire rings were just as culpable.

    Using false identities
    Defying quarantine rules
    Defying contact tracing
    Lying cheating in both stealing Australian jobs & housing in the first place – and then lying and evading any attempt by authorities to prevent the virus outbreak.
    And becoming the incubation hub and transmission vector to then infect and kill Australians.

    So it’s going to need a national approach in an Australian identity card and one that cover everyone including the 4.4 million non Australian foreign nationals.

    The vast migrant guestworkers in the slums of Melbourne and Sydney have to be the first to be ringfenced by police checkpoints under federal instructions.

    Then a street by street, grimy tower block by tower block inspection- lifting the lid on our vast dirty migrant slums. Everyone inside the locked down migrant zone having a full identification & health check.
    Sanitation crews Ryde to cleanse the fetid overcrowded migrant slumshare dwellings & disinfect them

    Forced testing of everyone in these migrant zones.
    Detainment of the migrant guestworker virus spreaders.

    Just like Singapore did with its migrant guestworker dormitory lockdown – except our migrant guestworker dormitories are our ex Australian Melbourne and Sydney low end housing suburbs now converted into migrant only slum dormitories.

    Most of the 2.5 million TR migrant guestworkers are also in breach of their visas & COe.

    👉🏾False visa pretext, no classes or ‘skilled job’ anymore.
    👉🏾No funds.
    👉🏾Working & living illegally.

    Not only are they an existing economic and social risk but also a real and present danger as a bio security risk to all Australians.
    They will also be the epicentre of the virus outbreaks and will overload our healthcare.

    Most aren’t paying tax and have no medical cover.

    They are foreign nationals, most in visa breach.

    They are not our problem, they are here illegally, working and living illegally and they should be returned back to their third world country of origin.

    So along the way in the migrant slum lockdowns, forced identification and testing – all their visa, COe & funds checked as well as sourced of (illegal) income need to be re validated.

    And those who are in visa, COe or funds breach, which will be most of them, need to have their visas cancelled, rounded up and to be deported.

    And that’s say 2 million or so.
    100 flights a day x 200 third world migrant guestworkers on each plane – sent back to their third world country of origin.

    Well within our airport and spare airplane capacity.

    👉🏾100 days would then clear out the migrant guestworker burden and virus risk to our society.

  6. happy valleyMEMBER

    “This one decision should cost the Andrews Government office. It is a failure of judgment so complete that it should never be trusted with a decision of gravity again.”

    But in terms of failure of judgement, this does not even come remotely close to the gift bestowed on Paladin by the federal Dept of Home Affairs for the offshore detention centre contract – ~$20m a month for nearly 2 years (?) where Paladin’s monthly costs were what …? ~$2 million at most? How good is the federal LNP.

  7. Imagine Nigel must have thought the gravy train had well and truly arrived when invoicing went from 89 to 1759 bodies. If those stupid whiteys wanna pay, they pay alright !!! buda bing, buda boom !!

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