This is the fear with Joe Biden

It’s real:

Bring on the debates. Faaaark…

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. He and Trump are the pinnacle of American excellence. The best they have to offer.

    The great debate is over who’s least cognitively impaired.

  2. In the blue corner we have 2 rich, arrogant, philandering white guys with dementia. In the red corner we have a sociopathic lifelong dictator bully. Both red and blue have enough nukes to kill all life on earth.

    Australia, place your bets.

    • You could have taken a lay bet on Biden at $1.44 only about a month ago.

      Unbelievably short. I wish I had done it, I could have already doubled my money.

    • Maybe they don’t want to win? By the looks of it, the debt is going parabolic, so currency collapse in the next 4 years? Blame it on Trump mismanagement then, sail in and save the day? That or the institution rotted so throuroghly that it’s kinda bewildering.

    • The killed off every other contender. Just because you wear a blue tie doesn’t make you any less of a washington swamp creature.

    • The Dems wanted a puppet – not someone with their own mind.

      Frankly, I think the plan is he’s a Trojan Horse for Kamala Harris — look into her eyes, she can taste the Presidency.

    • Display NameMEMBER

      Both parties in the US, like the two main ones in Australia are mostly about the acquisition and maintenance of power. There is no policy agenda. They are managers. Preferably just announcement and re-announcement managers. The preservation of the status quo with a few tweaks on the side to look like they are doing something or to keep the key stakeholders happy. The key stakeholders being donors not voters.

      If something goes wrong, call an inquiry and draw it out until the timeline exceeds the public attention span, then release the findings on a Friday, to allow the least chance of any reigniting the issue in the media. Everything decision is politically gamed to the millimeter. All the offices of ministers are full of lifelong political gamers from the public service or a “think tank” that are waiting to be parachuted into a branch stacked safe seat so they can continue this stagnant, do nothing political game.

      After some reflection it is clear our politicians reflect the broader community. StewieGriffen has commented long on this topic. I think we are reaping what we have sown. There is very little community cohesion any more.The common values are not so clear. All values are the same in the mulit-culti. To suggest we value some more than others is verboten.

      • Yep all sounds about right, nice post.

        I think today’s politician’s are just too risk adverse also, and as you just want to hold to power/be re-elected. So rather than introduce anything radical and game changing for the country, it’s just easier to cruise by and become an expert at perception management whilst actually not doing much at all.

      • Nail on the head. The Democrats have not to my knowledge outlined policies they have and will implement to improve the lives of most middle class Americans. The reason they haven’t is because they don’t have a plan. They don’t know what it would even look like they are so disconnected with the needs of the common American. So they are out of touch and can’t relate.

        All they can do is say Orange Man bad, it’s your fault you didn’t vote for us. And I would have won if it wasn’t for those stupid Russians. (Hillary).

        • You wont hear this on Australian sites or MSM but checkout #walkaway
          At DNC more than 25% delegates voted against the party platform, of only 5,000 there.
          AOC even used her alloted time to nominated Bernie Sanders.
          So Dems are massively split and thats why Leaders will not only not disendorse the violence, but have encouraged it since Trump was elected in 2016.

        • Ice Cube (of all people) said it best; Remove Trump. That happens on day 1. Then what?

          Mark my words; this will be blamed on turnout. The Dems will again learn nothing just like in 2016 (that’s if they actually wanted to ride this bomb to ground, a’la Slim Pickens). Besides… money’s easier to raise when you’re in opposition to Trump.

  3. Fark indeed! Seriously, how could an entire left wing political establishment and their media muppets conspire to ensure this guy was the one to take on Trump? Who can blame Biden, the guy doesn’t know where he is half the time.

    I’m personally looking forward to all the introspection that the democratic party will do should it loose this election, wait what? the election wasn’t lost, stollen you say? just like the last one! oh well never mind, carry on then.

      • If Biden wins then it will be obvious after a few months that he is unable to govern. He will be removed from the office and Kamala will become the president. She can then co-opt AOC as the vice-president. Welcome to the Soviet Union of America.

    • “Every popular narrative pushed by the mainstream media is objectively false, until proven otherwise.”

      This video clip comes as an absolute surprise to NO ONE whose ignored the denials of the MSM and turned to other alternate news sources in order to source their information. ZERO SURPRISE.

      That Biden has been displaying overwhelming signs of dementia for months now has been a issue of regular discussion across a broad swath of media sources outside of CNN, MSNBC, and of course our own msm units in Australia being the commercial stations and the ABC and SBS.

      Joe Rogan for example was mentioning it as far back as April:

      The biggest bias that MB has is that it doesn’t assign enough skepticism to ALL mainstream media narratives – they seem to think that the only harmful lies the media and Corporate Govt complex feeds us has to do with economic issues, like gas, and yet every other social narrative the msm choose to push is of course objective and unbiased, and in our best interests.

      Approaching the subject with a skerrick of skepticism, instead of faithfully assuming it was a conspiracy theory as was the popular MSM narrative, would have quickly revealed this troubling fact months ago.

      Orange man bad, BLM good, Peaceful riots…

      • “The biggest bias that MB has is that it doesn’t assign enough skepticism to ALL mainstream media narratives – they seem to think that the only harmful lies the media and Corporate Govt complex feeds us has to do with economic issues, like gas, and yet every other social narrative the msm choose to push is of course objective and unbiased, and in our best interests.”

        I can only assume you’re referring to the COVID lockdowns…

        • EVERY mainstream narrative, economic or social, they are all BS.

          re Covid – I suspect MB at least doubt the official narrative, but know that the second order economic effects in terms of destroying the immigration economy is worth it in its own right.

      • Man spot on, David Llewellyn-Smith and MB co. please please don’t discount this mans advice.
        – coming from an MB fund investor

      • +1000… The starting point on one’s BS meter when consuming certain MSM content should be set to high from the onset and toned down accordingly.

  4. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Meh. This election will be a rejection of Trump rather than an endorsement of Biden. Mailout ballots kick off in a week. Election will be over before it begins. Trump doesn’t have it in him to keep his foot out of his mouth.

      • RobotSenseiMEMBER

        Not really, this is just what we all know about this election. Dems have put up the least controversial character they have in the hope of claiming the middle, counting on a Trump implosion. They don’t want to win; they want to not lose. Might work, might not. We will see.

        • Jumping jack flash

          The problem is anyone who isn’t ambivalent is angry and Trump plays on that.
          The ambivalent don’t usually vote either.

        • ‘…we all know about this election…’
          ‘We’, that is where you are inaccurate, speak for yourself.

  5. Narapoia451MEMBER

    That is not good. How on earth does he end up the candidate in any functioning democracy (asked and answered)

    Ironically though, that’s about as much sense as George Bush Jnr made in any number of public appearances and half the country was right behind that halfwit.

  6. Can’t wait to see these lefties start loosing the plot again…imagine if you had to be the retard communicator that does all those hand signal stuff…reckon they wud just make new hand signal stuff up when biden goes off…

  7. Not cognitively impaired. It’s just his method of overcoming a stutter – he tries to find another way to say something to work around a word that has temporarily become a block.

    He needs to talk more about this as it presents very poorly.

    • It never seemed to affect him when he was younger, and running for VP. Go look at his old speeches.

        • Bugger off with the fondling young girls thing! He’s not a pussy grabber, or a pedo. Don’t vomit up your zerohedge bile here.

          • Chill. It’s all over the internet and various media outlets have raised the issue too. It’s well and truly mainstream.

            In any event it won’t matter – Trump’s got this.

          • It’s mainstream in the right wing blogosphere, your natural habitat. Trump’s going to be resoundingly defeated. You heard it from me, now remember it, ’cause I’m going to kick your butt with it in the future. 👹

    • Yeah, a way that involves forgetting (1) the thought he was pursuing, (2) the facts of the matter at hand. Plus he doesn’t seem to know where he is. But sure, it’s a stutter.

    • Biden campaign would absolutely not communicate about a stutter and let him look like a babbling dementia patient who has lost all contact with reality.
      In a US Presidential campaign such nuances can be easily overlooked.

    • Substituting a troublemsome word here and there is not the same as being lost in the wilderness. Biden doesn’t even seem to know what he wants to say.

  8. Oh I don’t know. Biden’s gaffes are far more harmless than other Antifa Democrat twitter feeds I see.
    Here’s a transcript from other one in Portland…. “There a Trumper. Let’s get him.” [BANG, BANG]
    Actually it is pretty serious out there MB.

    • Yeah funny we haven’t heard much about that in the msm (or MB really, I’m sure becker will have a ‘meme’ ready soon just for balance, because, you know, he doesn’t care either way) yet plenty about ‘firey but mostly peacful protests’.

  9. Jumping jack flash

    Banks are in charge of anything that matters. These guys are just figureheads. It doesn’t really matter who is in the seat.
    Same goes for Australian politics.
    Both our major parties are basically the same – they need to perform the same bidding of the same set of banks, and to a lesser extent other vested interests such as the business lobby, so it stands to reason.

    • True, but you would like your puppet to be able to at least string a few words together. Preferably in the right order.

    • Nope. Trump still sounds worse.

      But hey it worked with Hillary, so let’s do it again huh Trump cultists?

    • I have a sneaky fiver on each of Kamala and MO’B as president – very handsome returns
      More handsome than the 4 numbers and the powerball last week. Div 6/$70 WTF!

      And of course a tenner on The Donald.

  10. All you boomer commentators above have just fallen for a fake video – watch it again – watch his lips.

      • Thanks for the link. He sounded pretty good I thought for the balance of the speech. I would be more concerned about the riots were I a voter.

        • “Mostly peaceful protests” according to the ABC. Yesterday the ABC was blaming Trump – who else? – for the murder of a Trump supporter in Portland. Never mind the antifa types who actually killed him.

          • Do you have a link to that ABC article? I do enjoy a good dose of lying by omission that ABC tends to produce these days.

          • It was an ABC 7pm news report by Kathryn Diss:


            No mention of antifa. No mention of those who actually committed the murder. Instead, the report sympathetically echoes the Democrat claim that Trump is somehow to blame for the chaos unfolding in Portland and other Democrat-run cities and states across the country.

            Diss even still refers to the riots and carnage as “protests”.

          • Thanks for that. What shockingly one-sided coverage, I agree, and it entirely depicts the issue being Trump, and is probably an example of Trump Derangement Syndrome in practice yet again. I want to go back and find that story on Facebook now, and watch the comments tear the story apart, as is more and more the case these days with the ABC.

            The funniest part of that video is, if you pause it on the Facebook comments shown, the commentators were all referring to the opinions/facts that the reporter entirely neglected to verbalise. It’s like they had to sneak them in to provide a visual semblance of balance, but they couldn’t utter the words from the opposing perspective. Hilarious.

            It’s also amusing that whenever a black person over there is shot, the media immediately qualifies the facts with (victim) ‘who was black.’ Yet here because the victim was white, and it doesn’t fit into the apologist lefty narrative that only people of colour who are shot is bad, that fact was omitted entirely. Just shocking.

  11. if you saw the 2018 movie VICE; it appeared that Vice President Dick Cheney ran the country (or at least made most of the important decisions) while halfwit George Bush Jnr. was the President.
    Maybe the democrats are trying to pull off something similar?

  12. Anyone remember Reagan? Lucky he wasn’t a Democrat. I guess Republicans don’t get dementia.

    • Bad comparison. Reagan was sharp when he was first elected and throughout most of his presidency.

      Reagan directly negotiated arms reduction with Gorbachev. Do you honestly think Biden in his current state could manage that?

  13. Is that real? I’ve seen elsewhere it’s not, I dunno what to believe any more after seeing some movie deep fakes recently.

    • No need to compromise, I’m sure Albo can be relied upon to display symptoms of dementia and inject himself with bleach. In Australia we have higher expectations of our politicians.

  14. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to say that this pandemic has taken more lives then any pandemic before it in the last 100 years.

    Is it true no fucking idea, is he better then Trump. 100%.

  15. Pffft. He has cognitive issues. Even Liberal pundits were mentioning it before he looked the likely candidate. Now we have the Dems willing to break with norms to try to protect him from debates.

    I hate Trump but don’t try to gaslight people. The Dems would rather try to pull a Weekend at Bernies than field a leftwing candidate

  16. This video has obviously been doctored. It took me about 30 seconds to find the original CNN clip. That clip was an abridged version, the MB clip seemed to start when the CNN clip finished. It then took me another 30 seconds to find a full clip. The NY Times ran the full 23 minute clip. Link below. It is a fine speech, well delivered. The actual speech bears no, absolutely no resemblance to the doctored clip that MB put up.
    MB a needs to sit back and take a deep breath, it needs to decide whether it wants to play an informative role in investment and strategy or whether it wants to just generate clicks by posting rubbish. Posting this type of garbage makes MB part of the problem not the solution.
    For a start they should post the full original clip and apologise to its subscribers for its lack of due diligence. They should then ask reflect on where they picked up the clip.