The end point is you, Mr Raby

Former China ambassador, Geoff Raby, into the whaaambulance again:

We now await the Australian government’s next act of retaliation. Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Marise Payne has needlessly warned that all Australians in China are at risk. It is not hard to imagine how Beijing will react.

The trouble with the simple-minded “let’s get tough on China approach” is that it is a policy without any strategy, a triumph of tactics. The end point is not known. Nor when victory will be declared – or when the cost of pursuing tit for tat becomes so heavy that a change of course becomes inevitable.

Unfortunately, Australia these days has a complaisant and supine opposition that avoids challenging the government or asking questions about ASIO’s behaviour and the spreading secrecy that surrounds its activities.

I agree that the Morrison Government is yet to fully grasp the extent of the China push-back plan it has deployed. But that does not mean that it is pointless, nor without goals.

The objective is pretty darn clear: to end CCP violations of Australian sovereignty and expose foreign influence detrimental to the Australian national interest. It does so by bringing sunshine to the shadowy business dealings that often empower both.

The point is to shine a light on you, Mr Raby.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    It seems like a good majority of the loudest ‘voices’ in Australian politics, business and media have been completely co-opted by the Chicoms. He talks about ASIO as if they are a foreign agency and the CCP as if they are Father Xmas. The ‘spreading secrecy’ of ASIO? LOL. As distinct from the open, democratic and tolerant CCP power structure? This country has some serious restructuring of its power elite well overdue.

  2. happy valleyMEMBER

    Wikipedia on our Geoff:

    Career in the private sector
    Since retiring as Ambassador to China, Raby has founded the consulting firm Geoff Raby & Associates, a business advisory firm promoting successful business operations that span national borders, and working to influence both public and private policy makers. His client list includes Queensland Investment Corporation.,[10]

    Raby was appointed as the Beijing-based Executive Director of Riverstone Advisory Pty Ltd,[6] an adviser to law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth and Co-Chair of the firm’s China practice,[2] and a Vice-Chancellor’s Professorial Fellow at Monash University.[5] OceanaGold,[11] and SmartTrans Holdings Ltd. He is also a senior advisor to strategic communications firm Kreab Gavin Anderson.[12]

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        KRudd is a bit like our Skip.
        In spite of their contempt for the average pleb, lack of social skills and know it all arrogance Both of them are pretty well read, highly intelligent Fellas who say what they think and don’t give a Fk if you don’t like it.
        I can’t help liking people like that,…even when they are giving me the sh!ts.

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          Rudd often comes across as ‘Intellectual yet Idiot’. In interviews he spends so much time proving to himself he is smart and important, it gets in the way of actually being smart and important.

          • I’m with Nassim on this — there are too many preening fools out there who think they’re better than they really are.

            Oh, look at my large bank balance – it must mean I’m successful and smart
            I’ve been asked to appear on TeeVee – I must be good looking and smart
            That journalist wrote some flattering things about me – I must be highly intelligent

            And so on …

            And then Taleb comes along and calls them out for the pompous cretins they are and the liberal media outlets (Guardian etc) that spend so much time fawning over these bell-ends, shrilly attack Taleb for daring to question the carefully crafted narrative they’ve created. How disappointing it must be to have your bubble burst — and by somebody brown and intellectually advanced. Surely some mistake?? (*blows gasket*)

    • Even James Laurenceson is throwing in the towel………

      Why the Australia-China relationship is unravelling faster than we could have imagined

      This unwillingness to depart from the official line stems from the heightened censorship and illiberal turn China has taken in recent years. This has been instigated by the Chinese Communist Party — and in particular, President Xi Jinping — as they have become increasingly paranoid their grip on power is under attack.

      A prominent Chinese government narrative now alleges “black hands” connected to “foreign forces” are at work trying to undermine the country’s leadership.

      Australia considered foreign policy implications of move on Chinese journalists

      Professor Laurenceson said after months of escalating tensions with Beijing, culminating in Birtles and Smith rushing out of the country after fears for their safety, he understood China was the main driver behind the fracturing of the Australia-China relationship.

  3. To give the guy credit : ScoMo is living in a fantasy that somehow it can escalate without affecting trade with China. The ‘end point’ for the US is to isolate China like Iran and North Korea.

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