Temporary migrants angry at Australia

A nationwide survey of international students and temporary migrants reveals anger at being excluded from welfare payments like JobKeeper and JobSeeker. Accordingly, many would not recommend Australia as a destination:

A nationwide survey of 6000 visa workers and overseas students found that 70 per cent had lost work during the pandemic and 28 per cent had been unable to pay for meals and food at some period since March.

Three in five said they were less likely or much less likely to recommend Australia due to their experience, the study by two senior academics found, including about three quarters of students from major education markets China and Nepal.

The survey results will fuel fears of a dramatic fall in international enrolments next academic year, even though numbers have so far held up relative to expectations at the start of the pandemic…

UTS Law Associate Professor, and study co-author, Lawrie Berg warned the survey suggested Australia would bear the diplomatic and economic consequences of its policies for decades to come.

One Indian international student said she felt feel the federal government “doesn’t think of temporary visa holders as human beings but merely a money making machine”.

“It’s appalling to see the PM consoling the citizens saying that we are all in this together but at the same time telling migrants to go back home in a pandemic.”

Let’s get back to basics here. The primary initial purpose of Australia’s temporary visa program was to plug “skills shortages” across the economy and to provide flexibility.

That is, the migrant intake would expand when skills are needed, but then in times of economic dislocation and high unemployment those on temporary visas should return to their home countries. In turn, temporary visas were designed to act as a shock absorber for the Australian economy.

Instead, this program has been mercilessly abused by employers to hire low and semi-skilled migrants over locals, and in the case of international education, used as a gateway for backdoor permanent residency.

It is quite frankly absurd that in a country of less than 26 million people, we had well over 2 million temporary visa holders in Australia at the end of 2019, most with work rights:

With the Australian economy facing its biggest contraction since the Great Depression, and labour underutilisation surging, allowing migrants to remain in Australia to compete against locals for scarce jobs would only worsen the unemployment queues and further depress wages, smashing Australia’s working people and households:

Extending welfare support to temporary migrants would also cost Australian taxpayers tens-of-billions of dollars.

If temporary migrants cannot find employment and cannot support themselves, they must return home.

The migrant workforce should never have been allowed to grow so large in the first place. It must be allowed to fall away with the economic cycle.

Temporary visas are precisely that: temporary. It is the obligation of Australian governments to prioritise the welfare of Australian citizens.

Leith van Onselen
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    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      I suspect it’s all the talk of permanent residency that makes them think they are not temporaries.
      Reading some of the threads on Whirlpool about PR, the entitlement is very real.

    • The same part of “property values can also go down” that citizens of this country don’t understand.
      When it’s been a one way bet for so long…..

  1. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    They really need to stop with the idea that they are massive economic contributors to this country and therefore deserve something. They serve a purpose for certain sectors but impose massive costs – direct and indirect – on the citizens of this country who paid for and built all the infrastructure they happily make use of.

    That said we all get the subtext of the threats. Demography being what it is the legacy citizens of Australia should pay up to the new arrivals or watch out. I don’t think they will stop trying to come here in insane numbers regardless though because they and we know full well this country is still far enough above the typical third world that it will remain enticing.

    • Yep. It’s just a negotiating tactic to get more for them – the cost underwritten by existing taxpayers …

    • Yes, they serve an echelon of society, a powerful minority.

      Most people in Australian society are worse off because of them – with reduced amenity, reduced living standards, income not raising, housing rising, reduced social cohesion and trust.

      They need to get over the ‘noble migrant’ myth.

  2. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    “A nationwide survey of international students and temporary migrants reveals anger at being excluded from welfare payments like JobKeeper and JobSeeker. Accordingly, many would not recommend Australia as a destination”

    See how this reads like it should be in the satire piece posted earlier but it’s real…………Gold.

    • Serge UpwardsMEMBER

      I would definitely NOT recommend the sh!t-h0les these people have come from as a destination for anything. Either join the slave labor caste and go and pick fruit OR just F.O. and go home.

    • The normal human response to having entitled grasping anger directed at them is to respond with anger. Great article again. These foreignors are temporary guests, time to go. Regarding the threats we have exceeded our carrying capacity of 22 to 23 million…bought canadian when which is a tell, we could not grow enough for ourselves.

    • Yes indeedy. I’m a citizen and I have to admit that I’m also currently feeling a significant amount of displeasure with how the great Australian nation is being run.

  3. “Three in five said they were less likely or much less likely to recommend Australia due to their experience”


  4. The migrant entitlement and woke outrage has been empowered by Australia’s own easy going attitude. We made this mess and it never have been allowed to get so far out of hand.

    AU never promised you work, AU merely gave you rights to work. You claimed you could support yourself, it appears you lied. Who is in the wrong here? If you love Australia and want the benefits it brings then renounce citizenship elsewhere, do the work and pass the requirements to become a citizen

    Majority of migrants are from India, China and NZ. The only country of those 3 where an Australian has any hope of being treated reasonably during a global depression would be NZ. Migrants throw stones but fail to realise how generous our conditions have been relative to their home countries if the shoe was on the other foot.

    As per the survey results, majority of Australians support your decision not to recommend Australia as a place to visit, study or live.

    The rats that sold out Australia allowing this situation should be shot.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      I did post a comment in that section about how hard it is getting to actual write satire as reality is often outrageous enough at the moment. This is one of those moments for sure.

  5. Gee, they’re angry? Imagine how people like me whose descendants came here in the 1860s feel when we’re told that we are ineligible for jobkeeper (unis don’t get it) and jobseeker (yeah like I trust these f#[email protected] to not have all of my personal information stolen or sold or used against me one day, and to have to apply for x amount of jobs all for 250 bucks a week!).

    And while I continue to rent a-holes out there are getting home renovations subsidised and tax benefits for their shares and housing portfolios.

  6. The vast majority of the 2.6 million TR / SCV are in visa breach.
    Living & working illegally
    No classes
    No funds (almost all are falsified)
    No skilled job
    No valid protection claim
    Falsified foreign doctor health check
    Fake identities
    Labor rings / ABN fraud

    And they are the virus incubation hub and transmission vector – as we see in Melbourne.

    Living working illegally, spreading their virus contagion into our community and killing our elderly.
    Evading quarantine
    Evading contact tracing (as they are living and working illegally)

    🔻Cancel all their visas
    🔻Deport them
    🔻All 2 million or so

    200 per plane / back to their third world slums
    100 planes a day (well within our airport & spaces place capacity)
    For 100 days / 3 months

    👉🏾Exit these 2 million parasites.

    Australians – it is time to stand up and demand that our government get rid of this third world migrant guestworker overshoot.

    They are a long standing economic, social and now major bio security threat.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      Yes talk is cheap. The again we probably shouldn’t be surprised at the calibre of entitled lazy whiny aholes we attract given our world class visa distribution centres and their socially responsible and progressive low barriers to entry.

  7. I particularly liked the ….

    ‘One Indian international student said she felt feel the federal government “doesn’t think of temporary visa holders as human beings but merely a money making machine”.’

    Well you guys finally figured it out eh? Welcome to Australia!!!!

  8. The fed broke it. Now, they own it.MEMBER

    In my uni days during the 80s, overseas students were from SE Asia and all returned home to work in Singapore or family-run businesses. The selling point was the quality of Australian education and not a Visa.

  9. Just keep this up and I might consider studying in my own country, and staying there to support the economic development of my native land.

    • It would be the same outcome – working here to pay for a service here, just as the international students do.

  10. Please do the needful and get on your WhatsApp and WeChat to let their friends and family to consider the US, UK or Canada instead of Australia.


  11. If think there is some reporting by the ABC to make some of the migrants look bad. It flies under the radar, but does work to make more people feel less likely to feel sorry or support certain migrants.

  12. The survey was probably intended to drum up a sense of shame that Australia hasn’t adequately supported temporary visa holders. I suspect the survey questions guide the participants to give the responses the survey holders want. In my experience with political surveys that is usual. Anger would be better directed at government for allowing so many temporary visa holders entry rather than at the visa holders. They are just taking advantage of an available offer. I think if I was in their position I would want to do the same.