ScoMo the Impaler about to disembowel economy

Cruelty is a ScoMo specialty. Whether it’s abandoning burning Australians, forcing media shots out of those that hate him to show how compassionate he is, dragging the chain on lifesaving COVID measures, or rescuing Australians stuck overseas amid a once per century shock, there is something missing in this bloke.

And today our psychopathic PM makes it economic cruelty on a scale we have not seen in modern times. We know that there are staggering numbers of Australian unemployed today. If we include, as we should, those doing a few hours for Uber, the real unemployed number is near 23%:

So, how does ScoMo the Impaler respond to this? First, slash JobSeeker to its formerly grotesque poverty level:

Second, add onerous and timewasting conditions, via The Australian:

More than 1.35 million Australians receiving JobSeeker payments will need to actively look for up to eight jobs a month and accept offers of “suitable work”, under new ­responsibilities placed on dole ­recipients to encourage them off welfare and into the workforce.

As the national economy shows signs of recovery and states plan to reopen borders by Christmas, the Morrison government will tighten JobSeeker eligibility from September 28 and restart work-for-the-dole programs.

Stricter rules, suspended in March as millions of Australians were forced onto welfare programs, will mean the return of tougher penalties and income support payment suspensions for jobseekers who fail to look for work.

Third, cut taxes for those that do have jobs. And fourth, gut public investment so there are no jobs to get.

This is a four-legged kick in the nuts for Australian households smashed by a natural disaster. Moreover, it overturns a century of public policy thinking about appropriate stimulus measures, that was superbly illustrated in the GFC by Ken Henry’s phased approach:

  • go households, go early;
  • go quick fire investment;
  • go longer-term infrastructure projects.

Instead, during COVID-19, we have had an income gusher forced out of ScoMo the Impaler, followed by an income cliff forced upon us by ScoMo the Impaler, followed by what will be a double-dip recession as a delayed business restructuring is unleashed with no demand support.

I have no doubt that this is going to backfire on the Morrison Government as the economy stalls. Evidence from the US, where a fiscal shock is already underway and focused on the unemployed, shows what is to come:

There is something missing in ScoMo the Impaler’s personality. Some crucial compassion gene that all public officials require to manifest and modulate utilitarian policy. It is a basic impulse to decency that overrides ideology or politics or personal view. A crucial input into good judgement given humans are on the end of policy changes.

Cruelty is ScoMo the Impaler’s true speciality and now it is going to disembowel the economy.

David Llewellyn-Smith


      • Actually – any EDM probably can’t have the BS word in it (fully articulated) as SPAM filters will bin it…

    • About time we had a revolution party.

      The elites – political class, judiciary, media sycophants to have their assets confiscated and exiled. Put a few heads on pikes if you’re feeling brutal.

      • I Agree but any aspiring statesman would be a fool to waste any political capital until the Sh#t has hit the fan properly. If you managed to be successful you will just get blamed for it. Far better to be the one who comes in to repair the damage than to be the one trying to prevent it..

        While Sun Tzu said “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” he also said… “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight” as well as “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”

      • UrbanWastelandMEMBER

        The revolution is the easy part. The difficult bit is filling the ensuing vacuum with something that isn’t worse.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      Awesome work Gunna, looks like this is getting some legs 🙂

      Do we need to advise our state? If so I’m in one of the plague-affected areas of Vic

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Indeed. You cannot be serious.

      The damage you, and others like you, have unleashed onto the Labor party, and ergo Australia, we will never recover from.

      • Yes!
        Worldwide, the ‘labor’ people have turned their backs on what made them a force.
        Nothing worse than being complicit either and pretending that you’re not!

        • Jumping jack flash

          Its just the New Economy.

          The New Economy stipulates that no work needs to be done anymore. Ever. Only debt is required.

          Some other country can take care of all the work.
          We only need nice, clean, service jobs now, like making coffee. As for the dirty work that can’t be offshored, well, we use foreigners for that now and pay them nothing.

          Now that everyone needs larger and larger amounts of debt to obtain the basic things that used to be able to be obtained by being a Worker with little to no debt, everyone aligns with the political party that is most likely to be able to continue to maintain an environment ripe for debt.

          And that’s not a “workers” party. That’s a “bankers” party.

          • Great Post. Deduct interest on property, tax at marginal rate interest on savings and labour. Debase the currency, watch the property rise. Offshore Industry, sell off assets to mercantilists from offshore. That has got to work..

  1. We all knew about ScumMo’s true, rotten nature before the last election but Australians still voted for him in droves. His cruelty is not the bug but the feature. What is laughable is that he calls himself a Christian. MB exposed this bloke but the electorate did not want to listen and now they will pay.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Professed happy clappies are totally without scruples, based on my dealings with a few of them.

    • This is rubbish, people dont vote for the PM, they vote for a local member, and the last election, like many other elections over the last 40 years was not a vote for someone, it was a vote for ‘not any of the other alternatives’

        • Sure, every ballot paper had Morrisons name on it… Voters generally do know who their local members are, but they rarely now more than what party they are a member of.

          • Mark HeydonMEMBER

            Nah. Handing out how-to-vote cards at an election it becomes clear that almost no one knows who their local member is, few know how the electoral system works and many would struggle to name the PM. They are almost all voting based on Red, Blue or Green party.

    • Um….what % of the population reads MB or thinks like MB (actually, probably more than we think, but what is the alternative, or was the alternative – Labor and their bring in all the migrant’s parents policy?)

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      They didn’t really vote for him in droves. Around 1/3 voted liberal, 1/3 Labor, 1/10 Green and 1/20 National.

      3.5 in 10 Australians did not vote for either LNP or Labor.

      • They voted for Clive Palmer and Pauline in QLD thinking it was a protest vote BUT those votes went to LNP as preferences.
        This government is in power today because of Palmer.

        • Alternative would have been worse.
          Labor 2019 were miles too woke, and are unelectable until they change.
          Australian workers need to be the priority, not foreigners, migrants, refugees, LGBTQ’s and migrant workers.

    • “What is laughable is that he calls himself a Christian.”

      Nah, par for the course. Happy clappys have no moral compass so have to club together with empathetically devoid others for both safety in numbers and to disguise their narcissism.

      • He is a christian If the definition is ” someone who hides behind the notion that they are morally superior to everyone else because they claim to believe in the same amorphous deity, while using the ‘correct’ name for that deity and using the same collective set of rules to judge those who dont believe”

    • This is rubbish
      Was it not labor that wished to increase capital gains tax, and gut frankincense credits. Geez boy change your optics

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        The capital gains tax discount rate and the “refund” of excess franking credits for zero taxpayers (ie a “refund” of tax they never paid) are two of the greatest “gifts that keep on giving” that John Howard made a specialty of and for which other taxpayers will now forever be paying. Howard’s gift for franking credits cost the budget ~$0.5bn pa when he implemented the policy in the early 2000s (no other country ever had such a “refund” policy and very few even have franking credit offsets any more) and now costs ~$6+bn pa.

  2. Failed Baby BoomerMEMBER

    Well stated! There was no discussion on alternative strategies and we seem to be stuck in this quasi-elimination scenario with no alternative.

    • Mate – like every single Liberal Prime Minister in history. I am yet to meet a person who votes Liberal who actually understands their policies or platforms. The only ones who DO are powerful industry figures.

      Members of my own close family ties are some of the biggest Liberal donors in the country – regularly host their fundraisers type – some of the biggest real estate players in Asia. They laugh at the idea of what people “think” the Liberals are. Its honestly just crazy how deluded people are as to what they are their role on the global political corporate landscape is.

      The LNP work entirely for foreign corporate / sovereign interests. They always have. They are literally an extension of the British soft power from colonial days with Governors. Its exactly what Scomo is – Arthur Phillip looking after Anglo/American corporate interests – same as every single LNP leader / minister in their sordid history.

      Its embarrassing the lack of insight Australians have into the LNP and their role subverting Australias interests for foreign powers. Incredible stuff.

      • It’s a sad assessment, the LNP let foreign and vested interests in through the front door and the only other choice under our two party system ensures the election of a party that will happily let them in via the back door. Just like the blue vs red debate in the US, as much as one can hate the latter, the former is often just as detestable, mainly on account of eventually acting in the exact fashion but with the added insult of constantly reminding you of their moral superiority while doing so.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        What’s happening is 100% logical.

        Australians aren’t voting LNP. Australians are voting AGAINST Labor.

        • Nah, like you they are sucked in by our 99% Murdoch owned media whose sole purpose is to sprout anti- ALP propaganda all day.

          People like yourself are just so blatantly Murdoch Press readers, everyone in the room can tell.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            I doubt much of what I say reflects Murdoch.

            My motives are saving my country, and all my thoughts are my own.

            Murdoch’s thoughts are based on money for Murdoch.

          • “Nah, like you they are sucked in by our 99% Murdoch owned media whose sole purpose is to sprout anti- ALP propaganda all day. People like yourself are just so blatantly Murdoch Press readers, everyone in the room can tell.”

            Labor are unelectable and are just as globalist orientated as the LNP, with the added slap in the face of pretending they are for Australian workers, taking oxygen away from any party that might take their place and genuinely commit to delivering for the nation and its workers – which would require an anti-globalist stance.

            Murdoch too is globalist. As is the ABC and SBS (and I consume far more of the latter than the former).
            There are no (major) media “for this country and for its people”. So get off your high horse.
            ABC/SBS/the Guardian, work in lockstep with Labor and the Greens to corral the left into pro-globalist leftism.
            The Murdoch press and Liberals work in lockstep to corral the right into pro-globalist conservatism.
            WE get screwed, and leftist minded people harping on about the bias of one side, and not seeing the issues with their own are a large part of the reason we aren’t escaping the picture.

          • regurgitators… indeed. and yes, everyone can see the unemancipated. lol “my thoughts are my own” the fact you need to state this is troublesome. Bernays begs to differ.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            There are1000 miles between my thoughts and Murdoch. Anyone who understands what’s ACTUALLY going on knows that.

            Today is the last time I reply to a non member.

          • Regardless of your political views, when the media fails to report policy correctly it don’t matter if you’re left or right you’re being lied to and we can’t have an honest discussion. The biggest failing of the 2019 election was that the MSM refused to report correctly on the ALP policies, while spruiking for the LNP. I contacted several journalists in major mastheads personally and pointed out that “franking credits” does not equal “cash rebate”. A few journalists corrected their pieces online, but a lot did not. Even if the online edition was corrected it didn’t help the fact that the print edition would have still had the errors. Given that a lot of people were scared into voting LNP over ALP policies that simply didn’t exist our MSM has a lot to answer for. The Twitterarti also seem to have missed this and keep shooting own goals whenever they talk about “getting rid of franking credits”.

            This misrepresentation was pointed out on Q&A on the 31/8 ( around the 17:50 mark. Jillian Broadbent was pointing out that the bulk of the returns over the last few decades have gone to the capital class, not the labour class and you need policy to offset that inequality. Hamish MacDonald almost incredulously tried to dismiss her by claiming that the ALP went to the 2019 election with policies to shift that dynamic and that “Australia voted against them”. Broadbent’s retort was genuinely wonderful and response from MacDonald and his attempt to quickly move on showed the capturing and corruption of our MSM in a single moment. He’s clearly been in his little bubble for too long

      • Its embarrassing the lack of insight Australians have into the LNP

        Exactly the same thing is happening in the US, where the lumpenproles still inexplicably queue to vote for a billionaire who would gladly trample them into the mud, and whose every move is calculated to advance the interests of the richest segment.

        • “Exactly the same thing is happening in the US, where the lumpenproles still inexplicably queue to vote for a billionaire who would gladly trample them into the mud, and whose every move is calculated to advance the interests of the richest segment.”

          Typical “you know better” elitism.
          Could it be you are actually out of touch or dismissive of what the people you look down upon are actually voting for?
          Perhaps the things you value, they don’t, and they are not mistaken about what they are voting for, but it is you who are mistaken in thinking you know what is best for them, or the ‘right’ way for them to vote.

      • Great and acurate comment. + 100000000000
        Even the Oath of Office the federal members voice at their swearing in gives it away
        (from memory)
        I do solemnly swear to up hold the rights and priveleges of Queen Victoria and her heirs and successors.

      • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

        Coup, your observation misses the mark and is shallow in approach. Firstly the rise of independents and some critical media and websites like MB shows many Australians are trying to break the stranglehold of the two dominant parties and to force true representation if they cant. Second, even if one suspects or assumes foreign control and influence as I do, its very hard to identify or evidence sufficently to explain to other citizens and to point to exactly who and how the influence is exercised other than by keen observation of outcomes.

        What’s needed is Australians with particular insights like yourself to brief others on what you understand to be the control and influence system which then lets other citizens absorb, research or add to those insights and build a proper political dialogue through the country. Instead you slag off at your fellow citizens with arrogance and bad punctuation, that we’re dumb because those with the know dont tell.

        Really like your points and insight. Hate the way you deliver it.

  3. I’m tired of this anti-morrison crusade, he is a man of god, a man of Hillsong, a man of the people. Yeah, bs.

    I hate him more than JWH, which is really saying something and I think he’s dangerous.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      +1 Exactly my thinking also. JWH left us with so many bad legacies that we will be paying for ever for.

    • I hate him more than JWH, which is really saying something and I think he’s dangerous.

      Dutton is the real danger.

      Just like Trump, the risk with Scomo is more the people he enables than the man himself.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Trump is a great man (some sarcasm present), but you are right the best thing about him is those who he’s opened the door to. National self interest has proven to have been a winner among Americans – who would have thought?

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            The hilarious thing is thinking that ScoMo in anyway compares to Trump as an agent of change or likely to risk raising the slightest hint of nationalist fervour. For all his many, many faults at least Trump is his own man, as opposed to an inept janitor desperately trying to channel the spirit of JWH.

        • Stewie, if I though Trump had a true national interest at heart, I’d applaud that, but I just don’t see it. The man is seriously self-interested in every respect. If there is any policy he enacts that has a benefit to the US, that will be a collateral impact.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Oh I don’t doubt for a second that Trump is in it primarily for himself and that he’s using national self interest as a means to an ends…. but he’s at least responding to it and acknowledging that it exists. Regardless of what we think of Trump, I think even less of ScoMo, who has about as much substance as one of Trumps used prophylactics.

      • True drsmithy, but Dutton is nothing by himself, he’s incapable of hiding his true nature. Most people know him as he is, not really so with morrison.

      • I’d take Dutto over Scummo in a heart beat.
        I don’t think Dutto is a dangerous psycopath. Scummo on the other hand.

  4. I’m really not sure what the point of this post is. Its like saying “oh my god, surgeons cut people with knives, footballers kick footballs, cars……drive”

    How on EARTH is this Scomo ? Its got nothing to do with ScoMo – this is conservative right wing politics the entire planet all over. This is the LNP. This has ALWAYS been the Liberal Party. Its honestly really weird.

    I honestly believe there are some people out there who think the the “Liberal” in Liberal party actually stands for some sort of social liberalism – I really do think people have fallen for it – like the old “Peoples Republic” of North Korea.

    The “LIBERAL” in the Liberal Party stand specifcally for “ECONOMIC LIBERALISM” – absolutely NOT social liberalism. Never has and absolutely never will.

    The opportunity to CRUSH the working class, unions, public in general into subservience to those rightfully in charge, who KNOW BEST is the single greatest moment in their entire lives.

    Why would they throw the best thing that has ever happened to them in the bin by doing the one thing they hate more than anything – helping the poor / public.

    They are operate entirely in the interests of corporations with zero consideration for Australia or its people – those corporations are generally British and American. We always have been and will always be a colonial outpost of the Anglo/American empire and the only time that changes it the “horrific” moments when the ALP is elected for its boderline communist intentions of helping the “people”.

    Time to wake up to what the LNP really are – British American governors of a colonial outpost for powerful Anglo/American corporate interests. Nothing less, nothing more – always have been – nothing ever changed.

      • Our commodities are 86% foreign owned by Anglo/American interests. Our public sector is controlled and run by them, our former PM is even working for the UK now – almost every single former LNP minister works for a US or UK owned company from Cargill Group to Peabody, Accenture to Rio.

        But yeah – its my handle thats the problem not the blatant deflection going on here.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Who could have guessed the result of Labor losing control of borders, ber, batts, topboxes, reneging on Wilkies pokies reform, Rudd and Gillard, Wong and Plibersek on QandA, Marles, Bourke, big Australia Chalmers, and going to the election promoting near open borders would result in another LNP government?

      Labor are Australia’s problem. Resulting in perpetual LNP government.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      “for its boderline communist intentions of helping the “people”

      Helping the people? Labor wants to help ALL THE WORLDS PEOPLE, meaning we all lose.

      Do you seriously wonder why they’re in opposition again?

      • 90% of the rampant population growth over the last 20 years has been due to the LNP – you know, since they have been in power all that time.

        But yeah – as the LNP have said for 20 years “Labours Fault”

        How does your brain even work ? LNP have been stuffing our country full of migrants – and you blame the party not even in power…ok…seems legit.

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          Im not going to waste my time explaining something so astoundingly obvious.

          Some people eventually get it. You’re not going to.

        • True, but it wouldn’t have been different under Labor. CFMEU-riddled union/Labor movement would support mass immigration so that more stuff is built. Labor would go with it because it’s lazy economic management and gives you pretty GDP numbers.

        • I think that point is well understood here, as is the fact that the rampant population growth and the economic exploitation it allows is a completely BIPARTISAN policy. Just like the vocational education scandals, both parties rolling in the filth. All the current major parties (Green’s included) are ‘for’ whatever or whom ever grants them power and that certainly ain’t ‘the people’.

    • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

      Oh ok, you’ve got a liberal vs labor bias, I though you had insights to how both sides act on behalf of foreign influence and controllers.

      On one the purposes I understand of the Oxford Rhodes Scholarship was to bring in young men with potential from the empire, particularly poorer less connected, to indoctinate them and send them back to their countrys with patronage to bring them through their careers and ensure loyalty to their backers. Often apprentice them through british or american banks like rothschild or goldmansachs or consulting firms like Mckinsey.

      Of the top of my head Rhodes scholar PMs were the reforming Hawke, Turnbull, Abbott . Angus Taylor as a current minister. Whould be interesting to analyse these sort of conections for those who rise to the top.

      Labor anecdotally seem to have been more infiltrated by China as a competing foreign power (or is it).

      But both sides appear to be instruments of foreign control or big business.

    • In principle, it’s not.

      But when there’s (whatever the number is) 16 people for every job, all you’re doing is creating busywork for the employers.

      Advertise, for example, a warehouse job. 200 applicants. Have fun going through those. And what is the real prospect for the applicants.

      Having been there – thankfully for a short period only – it’s literally hundreds of applications.

      I suspect that most people on Newstart would prefer to be gainfully employed in a full time job. Contrary to the prevailing belief of some MBers, I am going to state that most Newstart recipients do not want to be on Newstart. Why would you.

      There’s got to be a better way, starting with an RCA. Paging MikeMB……

      • Agree. We’re social creatures with an overriding need to be included. Those on welfare and unemployed are social and economic untouchables, universally shunned.

        The real problem is the hierarchical structure of mega complex societies where whoever rises to the topmost level becomes corrupted by the power they wield.

        We didn’t evolve to become this – the human zoo incarnate.

      • But Swampster, what is the answer here? When governments create jobs, they create BS ditch-digging jobs – by definition, because they’re creating jobs for the sake of it. It is literally impossible to create a genuinely meaningful job – unless there’s a genuine need for a person or persons to perform a particular role, in which case the job has created itself. And then there’s qualifications / experience. An unemployed laborer cannot hope to be employed as a pediatric nurse. And so on.

        I’m not saying action shouldn’t be taken but the answer is definitely not for the State to directly intervene. The answer is for the State to create the right ‘environment’ for job creation.

      • Advertise, for example, a warehouse job. 200 applicants.

        It’d be 200 after the first few culls had knocked it back from a few thousand, I’d wager. And probably 25% of them will be from people who aren’t even in the country.

        • darklydrawlMEMBER

          Whilst a different job skills set, this have been our experience with job adverts. Hundreds of applications of which maybe 10% actually read what is required to fullfill the role. Many of them are hopelessly unsuited and just apply to met the jobseeker requirement I suspect.

          • Not that I have looked into it, though I suspect there must be some form of job board ‘auto apply’ bots/apps available to punters these days. The last 2 occasions that I advertised for analyst roles we literally had 30 applications within minutes of the job listing going live! And as per the above comments, all of them completely suited for the role with backgrounds and educations not even remotely close to what was requested in the job description and yes, 25 of those 30 clearly foreign workers/students.

    • You can’t apply for a job as a fork lift driver if you don’t have a license, or are in a wheel chair.

      So its not like you can apply for every job. You can only apply for what you are qualified to do, what is reasonably “near” enough to you, and you are physically able to do.

      With no jobs out there now – imagine when things go pear shaped in a few months – there literally wont be any jobs you can reasonably apply for. And you will be kicked off the dole.

      And if you just start applying randomly to jobs that are not realistic – kicked off the dole.

      The entire system is designed to punish people – not sure how that has escaped your attention.

      • If it helps you understand my point – and I’m incredibly clear that the system is now focussed on punishment, let me disabuse you of that notion right now – forget the warehouse example – though many such jobs probably don’t need an FL license. Choose something generic. Bunnings. Stacking shelves, whatever, I don’t care. The point is still apt.

        Can you point me to the legislation where it says you can only apply for jobs you’re “qualified” for? As I understand it, as long as you meet the criteria in terms of the number of applications you make, etc etc, you receive Newstart.

        Obviously there are exceptions eg medical areas, teacher etc, but in terms of qualification, there are plenty of jobs I’m not “qualified” to do but which I could apply for.

        • Most rules are not codified in the legislation they are made by the department. As I said – no you can’t just apply for anything. If you hand your forms into your employment agency with applications to “head of surgery at Royal Melbourne” – you will lose your dole.

          Got it?

          Good. It’s really clear how draconian it is, it has been documented over and over and over again. Instead of refusing to look at this wealth of information because it challenges your firmly held beliefs, perhaps just once – take a peek out from under the blanket.

      • It is these poor sods who will form the neucleus of Gunna’s BSParty.
        We do not have ,atm, angry downtrodden masses, but after JS and JK are reduced and cut we will have.

    • Its not, its unreasonable to expect 30 people to apply for that 1 job that is advertised that they are not qualified for. It wastes the employers time, wastes the unemployed persons time and possibly costs them money trying to attend. All it serves is to tick a box so the government can claim they are cracking down on lazy welfare cheats….

      • I said that the notion of applying for jobs if one was unemployed, and then accepting a job if it was offered, was entirely reasonable. Do you disagree?

        If I am unemployed, I am looking for a job, pronto. And I get offered one I applied for, I am probably taking it, if I am able to.

        I don’t think that is unreasonable expectation, in principle.

        However, in practice, I agree that the system at large is unreasonable.

        Let me be clear.

        I was describing what actually happens re: the number of applicants often way outweighing the number of positions on offer.

        I agree with you 100% its perverse. But it is what happens.

        Bunnings advertises a job in the current climate. How many people do you reckon apply? Lots.

        The whole thing is entirely unreasonable, I get that. All because of some (mostly incorrect) notion there is an army of dole cheats out there. I suspect the problem of dole cheats is vanishingly small compared to the other stuff going on – corp tax avoidance etc etc etc. Easy target.

        • I never said you did, I started replying before your comment came in. My issue is that its based on the idea that those on welfare cant be bothered to try and take a job because its so comfortable on the dole and is merely designed to make life harder for them and for the employers who do need people while helping nothing change.

        • The whole thing is entirely unreasonable, I get that. All because of some (mostly incorrect) notion there is an army of dole cheats out there. I suspect the problem of dole cheats is vanishingly small compared to the other stuff going on – corp tax avoidance etc etc etc. Easy target.

          Every Conservative Government in the history of forever has gone looking for widespread, systemic abuse of the social security system. They’ve never found it – because being poor is sh!t – but much like electoral fraud they insist it’s rife.

          Just the usual feels over reals.

          • Could also be a case of pointing at the poor to distract from their own looting of the coffers….

          • That’s an interesting call? putting aside the other arguments above, what evidence is there that widespread rotting of the welfare system has never been found? quoted numbers for welfare fraud don’t seem to haven fallen to my knowledge? Entire govt departments dedicated to it? Now large chunks of that fraud is perpetuated by individuals whom aren’t actually poor (like those gainfully employed or those lovely individuals running syndicate like scams to rake in millions, subsequently blaming ‘cultural misunderstandings’ when caught.)

            I would also happily agree that systemic rotting of other systems and programs would far outweigh that of Newstart, especially in dollar terms (can’t wait for the JobKeeper washout). All probabilities (if not evidence) suggests that Australia’s army of self employed (tradespeople in particular) are responsible for the lions share of lost revenue via tax fraud, and those individuals certainly aint the poor sods on newstart! But there is no way either party is going after that golden goose, that would be attacking a large portion of the individuals they need to assume a position of power!

            But whats the point of this discussion, are you suggesting that rocking up to a voting both next election and ticking a red box will move the dial on that? And that anyone whom disagrees with that is just a product of propaganda? All these discussions (if you can even calling a slinging match that) are based on the premise that there is a valid alternative? I feel many voters, those that have not adopted the currently in vogue, evangelistic view of 1 party vs another don’t actually believe there is. I watched Plibersek literally dribble freshly brewed s**t from her month on an ABC interview yesterday, even the ABC host was agitated with her. You can’t spend that many years in a swamp without becoming a swamp creature, it’s that simple. These people might not be cut from the same cloth, but they all end up in the same garment eventually, with the peasant class forever debating who throws them the best scraps.

    • Why is it unreasonable to look for a job and accept one if it is offered?

      That’s not the point of the system.

      The point of the system is to degrade and punish job-seekers, and prop up job provider mates like Sarina Russo.

      • I’ll put this here for anyone who is unwillingly out of work.
        Back in the 1990’s down turn I was unemployed, my wife worked so I was not entitled to he dole, and becuase I was not on the dole I was not eligable for any “help” from the Russo’s of the world.
        So I went door to door around the industrial estates around Lismore .
        The most common respose was ” Nobody does that any more.”
        It worked, I was given a truck driving delivery job for a steel company.

  5. Labor pretends to be your friend, however they are a Marxist socialist organization hell bent on totalitarian control. If you have any doubt whatsoever about this, look at Dictator Dan, give him an opportunity and he will deny you basic human rights, tell you that your problem is you want these human rights.

    • I know someone who thinks like you, we had an intervention and advised him to stop eating the cat scat from the sand pit and avoid eating clag.

      Best we could do for him.

      • Must be scraping the bottom of the barrel today, why don’t you run back to the we love Dan groups where you can get some love.

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          Why don’t you explain what you would do? What would you do and how would you implement a better system, with the current limitations on governance and resources?

          (The Victorian Labor party are Marxists!? They have fooled a lot of people eh! Read some Marx and have a chat to your local Labor member. About as closely aligned to Marx as Lord Nigel Lawson 🙂 )

          • I would look at the actual data around this issue, its been downgraded by the CDC to an outbreak, the WHO has revised the mortality rate to .06% IF you catch it, however this is often factored into having other pre-existing condition, ie you died WITH Covid, not FROM covid. Open the economy up while protecting those most at risk. However all things being equal most people seem to recover from it with no adverse side effects.

            The biggest issue with this is the hysterical fear propaganda being driven and forced lockdown along with the changing narrative. If you feel unsafe and want to quarantine, then do so, if you dont want to and want get back to life, then do so. Why should a bunch of old fearful people force the rest of us to isolate and lockdown, why cant they just do it themselves. This is the selfishness of the baby boomers and other older generation. What is even worse is you cannot convince them of any other facts unless they see it on ACA or 60 minutes. It shows just how brainwashed and suceptable they are to propoganda.

          • (The Victorian Labor party are Marxists!? They have fooled a lot of people eh! Read some Marx and have a chat to your local Labor member. About as closely aligned to Marx as Lord Nigel Lawson 🙂 )

            Most people using words like “socialism!” and “Marxism!” as epithets rarely know, let alone understand, what the actual meanings of those words are. They may as well just be writing “boogeyman”.

            Even the ones who do, are typically using them disingenuously (read “The Destruction of Language” section of this).

          • Not too dissimilar to those throwing around the terms ‘Fascist ‘, ‘racist’, ‘xenophobe’ etc etc. genuine meaning to all those terms has been lost. Simply a case of pick your mud for the headline slinging contest.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Nah, Labs are simply Lib Lites with maybe very slightly Marxist undertones.
      More to the point is why would anyone still vote for them? Why does anyone need to vote for them?

      There are no Workers anymore, everyone is now a Quiet Australian who lives for debt, and votes Libs, the bank whisperers, deliverers of easy debt, and provider of lower interest rates.
      Hippies vote Green.
      Crazy right-wingers vote for Katter or Hanson.

      Labor is simply irrelevent. They’ve lost their niche since the New Economy.

        • You are dumber than you appear if you think they are not pursuing a social goal. They are attempting to wipe out small business and self employed in Victoria. The facts are there, you just need to look.

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            My small business hasn’t been collectivised, yet. 😉

            I’m not denying running a business is not hard at the moment. It’s really tough, and many of us are hanging on by our fingernails, and struggling to make payroll.

            What I am arguing is all governments have limited options based on there public service structure, tax system, policing, culture, class structure etc, etc.

            I have a sibling in LA, and LA’s economy is down 30% with everything open and the virus ripping through the community. Hollywood is pretty much shut down. So what to do?

  6. Not sure why Libs haven’t just scrapped the dole and make everyone just sign up to the Army Reserve.

  7. truthisfashionable

    1. That graph of Newstart vs the poverty line is a national disgrace. Interestingly, I would say it also tracks the decline in ‘Mateship’ perfectly.

    2. “More than 1.35 million Australians receiving JobSeeker payments will need to actively look for up to eight jobs a month and accept offers of “suitable work”, under new ­responsibilities placed on dole ­recipients to encourage them off welfare and into the workforce.”
    Recruiters and Talent partners are dreading this. With high unemployment they were already receiving far more applications per role than previously and this is just going to escalate it to include applications not even close to being qualified.
    I am hearing that NSW Gov roles have been receiving 5x more applications per role over the past 6 months, that is a huge amount of cover letters and selection criteria to wade through, further slowing an already slow recruitment process.

    • Some of these organisation make more money from the work that the welfare recipients they “‘help” sending them to work they are qualified for but is only short term, they get their payment and then get more when the job runs dry….

      Maybe if they got rid of the penalties that are imposed when you go back on the dole people would consider taking these shorter term gigs but when you have to wait 12 weeks to get the dole again after you lose work you end up worse off for having taken it on.

    • A “mateship” society is incompatible with the bipartisan endorsement of diversity.
      We get Brazil/Yugoslavia, not Star Trek Utopia.
      Willingness to sacrifice decreases, willingness to ‘get’ selfishly increases.
      ‘Mateship’ requires societal cohesion, which correlates with high IQ homogeneity, and North/Western European cultural groups, not diversity.

      And so all we are left with is pretence on the left, “we are for mateship AND diversity”, any failure to achieve this belongs to XYZ…
      ..never will they dare to admit, even to themselves, that they have selected mutually exclusive goals.
      And so the circus must continue.

    • And corresponds with an uptick in the influence of the dog-eat-dog cultures of Asia – Hindus with their notions of superiority and stuff everyone else based on supposedly being descended from someone special, and Buddhist with their we all suffer and will continue to suffer so you may as well get what you can get, stuff everyone else.

  8. Scuzmo and his motley crue of RWNJ grifters have decided 6 months of largess for the broke lazy jobless gits is more than enough; now well deserved tax cuts (in perpetuity) will be brought forward to balance the ledger. It’s the prosperity doctrine writ large- Medicare co payments and opt in superannuation will be next.

    • Its hardly surprising when 6 members of the current parliament are members of a cult that has an underlying doctrine that “bad fortune befalls the sinner” and that any intervention in this bad fortune is interfering in gods will……

        • Can’t say…. But the names were listed in the media a few months back…trying to find the other name
          wrens week

          Stuart robert
          Steve Irons
          Andrew Hastie
          Ian Goodenough

          • Thanks. I didn’t know about Goodenough but he probably doesn’t matter if not in Cabinet or outer ministry.. Hastie I think manages to keep religion out of politics but must be hard to do. The others, well, what can one say. All are in positions of some power, Morrison especially obviously.

          • Don’t forget Shady Sukkar who’s on a mission from God to “reform” the Vic Libs, to crush the termites and who has his eyes on the top job.

            It amazes me that Sukkar manages to fly under the radar for so many people.

          • Most of them are religious, but I only mentioned those I know are pentacostal… They are all nut jobs….

  9. Shorten and Bowen (Mr “If you don’t like our policy, don’t vote for us”) have a lot to answer for with their stoopid franking credits and neg gearing policies. Idiots. Could have done some of it after getting elected, but no, instead we get ScoMo and Albo. Fair country ruined.

  10. On the positive side, the withdrawal of government largesse can only hasten the collapse that will reset property prices. That has to garner some votes here …. no?

    • Thats why I agree with it.

      Also will peel back peoples eyes to why we introduced the safety net and just how horrific dog eat dog LNP policy is. People might actually engage in nation building rather than sovereign asset stripping.

  11. What is the theory that says that some jobs attract the exact type of person not suited for the position, politics being one of them.

  12. I call you to introspection, David Llewellyn-Smith.

    The fear and hysteria and flawed positions (like believing eradication is viable, Fortress Australia style) that YOU have been promoting has led to stupid and draconian policies which have played a large role causing in the economic devastation that you are referring to.

    I’m no Scomo fanboy, but Scomo wouldn’t have to be making these decisions if you and the rest of the herd didn’t pull the roof down on us all with your hysterical and flawed lockdown and eradication ideas.

    It’s more than ironic that Macrobusiness started because the founders saw that the herd economic narrative was full of holes, and but when it comes to COVID19 you’re trotting along in the middle of the herd screaming “lock it down”.

    A key metric in any new hiring decisions at our firm will be to go through the applicants’ social media history to see if they joined the hysterical covid herd, and if they did they get immediately dropped from our list.

    • The media has a lot to be responsible for given the hysteria they feed for the sales of eyeballs and clicks. Leaders should have not responded to the media and take a more commonsense approach to dealing with the issue at hand, not responding to the hysteria.

      • Agreed. MacroBusiness is part of “the media”. But, granted, there are other media outlets that are more culpable because they were pumping the hysteria and flawed policies harder than MB.

  13. Wouldn’t say cruel, maybe the dumbest sack of sh1t God ever put breath into where cruelty is a by product of someone with a skull cavity full of cats p1ss.