Overseas Aussie rage grows as Lord Sugar jets in

The Australian Psycho had better do something about this other than palm it to the states or it’s going to turn toxic leading into Xmas, not least since he keeps whining about state borders, via Domain:

Alan Sugar, a British Lord, revealed on Twitter that he had secured one of the estimated 30 seats on an Emirates flight from London to Sydney this week.

He subsequently announced he had been announced as the host of Celebrity Apprentice Australia, a reality show being produced by Warner Bros for the Nine Network.

…Passengers have repeatedly complained of being bumped from flights at the last-minute for those paying higher fares or other priority.

Opposition foreign affairs spokesperson Senator Penny Wong questioned the government priorities in light of the exception for Sugar.

…Sugar’s case is the latest in a string of high-profile exemptions granted to sporting figures and celebrities who have been able to travel in and out of Australia despite the bans and caps causing chaos and misery for tens of thousands of citizens and their families.

There is something very important missing from the personality of Scott Morisson. An empathy for, and understanding of, his obligations to Australians as PM.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • That he could do from a remote studio….. its not like he needs to touch the contestants…..he just needs to read the script….

      • darklydrawlMEMBER

        Exactly. This can be done seamlessly. TV production companies have had the technology to do this for decades. What a crock!

    • It’s all about ratcheting down the screws.

      Been watching how the immigration program morphed form easy in & easy does it to, do a few years here, then pay a bucket more to do a few more years on temporary visas there, to then wait till the PR application right eventually comes into view?

      Citizenship is a hop, step, and jump (with triple twist and perfect landing) away for most.

      This is all about creating a third class in Australia – based on immigration status.

      3. temporary resident (however defined, such as seasonal fruit picker, working holiday visa, student, first stage partner visa holder and associated bridging visas) then;

      2. permanent residents, who can still be exported even after living in Oz since infancy, then,

      1. citizens (conditional, see below)

      Recently laws allowing cancellation of citizenship for “dual-citizens” are enacted. The dual citizenship bit, might also in clude potential dual citizenship.

      That new-born child made very big decisions very early, Hey!

  1. WTF is Celebrity Apprentice? I get Celebrity Chef as even celebrities may need to cook, or Celebrity Survivor as there are lots of them I would prefer didnt survive….

    What is this? You call a plumber to repair your over flowing toilet and he informs you he needs to dig up the pipes and will send the apprentices around….. in walks Liam Hemsworth and Cate Blanchett with a shovel …..

    That would be a hoot…

    • Its Donald Trump’s reality series. They are apprentice business people/entrepreneurs. The winner used to get a job within the Trump organisation. But now its about celebrities competing for charity money.

  2. Live overseas and am a aussie, never bothered to try and come back as its a complete joke…my passport I thought would always be my Alamo in case of emergency but instead is basically useless….maybe it might be quicker to enroll in a uni…!

  3. Scott Morisson does not need to serve Australians. He only needs a majority of votes and he takes those voters for granted.

    Why is this?
    Because the voters (in this case Liberal Lifetime Voters – LLVs) have indeed granted their lifetime vote to Scott Morrison. Why would he then do anything to get these votes? He already has them.

    Why would he not do whatever he likes and do things to please his mates instead of voters?

    Perhaps a better question then is why would a commentator continue to complain about Scott Morisson’s completely understandable behaviour, when the really inexplicable behaviour is that of the LLVs.

    Who is my real enemy, Scott Morisson or the Liberal voter who powers him?

  4. Remember everyone. “We’re all in this together.” No -really..

    Alan Sugar, a British Lord, revealed on Twitter that he had secured one of the estimated 30 seats on an Emirates flight from London to Sydney this week.

  5. “his obligations to Australians as PM.”
    No hun. He does not work for Australia. It’s Australians that need to add value to HIM. Basically, we have a PM that is running the country as if it was a company aimed at increasing shareholder value..

  6. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Is ‘Smug Billionaire’ now on the skills shortage list? Surely we have our own…and don’t lie to me, I’ve seen them on the news…

  7. And yet folk fail to see the covid farce & continue to mask up & lock down meanwhile footy players their peers & betters move freely about the world:)

  8. You don’t get it: an Aussie PM is for Australia, not Australians…get the subtle difference?

    Australia is the aggregate entity; Australians are just individuals who don’t actually matter that much.

    • Yes there is footage his swearing in where he appears to to say … Your Managesty… hilarious & no doubt doctored, CGI, hoax news, faek news put out by tin hat foil wearing, one percenter nutter who hates being guverned:))