More lies revealed about Melbourne’s hotel quarantine

The stars are aligning for Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos to become the scapegoat for Melbourne’s hotel quarantine disaster after she was caught lying to the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry yesterday:

Victoria’s Health Minister Jenny Mikakos appears to have misled the inquiry into the botched hotel quarantine program after claiming the first she learnt of the involvement of private security guards was in May.

But more than a month earlier, on March 29, Ms Mikakos stood alongside Jobs Minister Martin Pakula at a press conference when he confirmed that private security would be patrolling hotels housing returned travellers.

“All of those passengers returning will now undergo mandatory two-week quarantine at those Melbourne hotels with security guards in place,” Mr Pakula said at the press conference.

Ms Mikakos was asked by the inquiry yesterday: “When were you first aware of a decision to engage private security contractors as part of the HQP [hotel quarantine program]?”

“I believe I first became aware of the use of private security guards contracted by DJPR [Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions] in the HQP after the Rydges [hotel] outbreak occurred in late May 2020,” her written response said.

Her evidence has left some Labor MPs furious, who say they were briefed in April about the use of private security guards.

The only thing we’ve gotten out of this Inquiry is buck-passing, lies and obfuscation. The entire government and bureaucracy needs a clean-out.

Leith van Onselen
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  1. happy valleyMEMBER

    “The only thing we’ve gotten out of this Inquiry is buck-passing, lies and obfuscation. The entire government and bureaucracy needs a clean-out.”

    Without question, the same applies to the federal gubmint and probably, most other gubmints in Straya if you scratch the surface a bit?

    • The lies on the ADF are fantastic. This is the first time I’ve seen this email….. (email to Eccles offering ADF)
      Cant’t remember discussion with Scomo for quarantine noted in email (Eccles a party).
      No idea who made the decision on Private security!!!!!!!!!!
      700 people have died because of these cowards.

    • They don’t respect the people who are dead, their families, the people of Victoria or the people of Australia. Ministers have resigned because of whiteboards and Paddington Bears, 700 deaths appears to be not quite enough incompetence.

  2. Don’t forget, along with Mikakos, are Ms Peake and Ms Skilbeck of DHHS (also having no technical or operational experience), who booted Sutton from his nominated role.
    Female career bureaucrats have destroyed the state!

    • Females instituted and forwarded the neoliberal economic paradigm … Nobel prizes [door] does not reflect that belief …

    • ignoratio elenchiMEMBER

      Far be it from me to say that the gender of the bureaucrat is irrelevant. What is illuminating about this inquiry is the ‘faceless men’ are being named, interviewed, and we see their faces. Also illuminating is the amount of people re-assigned but still attached to the department. (has anyone seen Sutton since he told the truth?)
      One thing I know about the government is that nothing happens without half a dozen signatures.

    Four Covid-19 sniffer dogs have begun work at Helsinki airport in a state-funded pilot scheme that Finnish researchers hope will provide a cheap, fast and effective alternative method of testing people for the virus.

    A dog is capable of detecting the presence of the coronavirus within 10 seconds and the entire process takes less than a minute to complete, according to Anna Hielm-Björkman of the University of Helsinki, who is overseeing the trial.

    Maybe we need sniffer dogs to sniff out the lies.