Jobs ads continue to firm

Some good news here:

Without a tsunami of workers sourced overseas, job ads might rise faster than expected…

Then again, fiscal, mortgage and super cliff imminent.

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  1. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    Imagine if a number of locals manage to get their foot in the door of business and show what they can do? Nah, let’s bring in people who have no understanding of what is acceptable (both legally and culturally) and even if they are borderline useless, at least they are cheap!

    • Most people in business look at short terms costs. Not long term. In many cases cutting costs in short term, leads to longer term larger costs being worn. Still they do it anyway. Gut local IT staff and programmers and farm out to the third world? But it’s cheap they say! Then they get hobbled together code put together by snippets from stackoverflow etc..

  2. Governments at all levels have betrayed the citizens of this country at every turn both by not pushing back and/or being complicit in the lies from corporate Australia about skill shortages. Its been a lie and con on a grand scale to provide profits for wealthy leeches at the expense of community stability and success of real Australians. There needs to be an equivalent of a war crimes tribunal to bring all these complicit betrayers of this nation to account.

  3. In my regional city a lot of businesses are finding it hard to get workers. The employment agency we deal with said that most of their workers have told them not to bother them with any jobs, unless it is well above the dole rate. Would be interesting to see what would happen to wages if the dole did manage to stay at the current rate.

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