International student crash wildly exaggerated

A new survey shows that, contrary to popular perceptions, international students have been treated well by Australia and it remains the preferred study destination of Indian students:

International students now believe that Australia has done more than other major education destinations to help them during the Covid-19 crisis, a survey suggests.

Respondents to a questionnaire of more than 600 prospective students from India and Nepal ranked Australia ahead of New Zealand and Canada in terms of the steps taken by countries to assist foreign students.

The UK placed fourth, with the US a distant fifth, according to the study by the Association of Australian Education Representatives in India (AAERI)…

[The] newly released figures suggest that Australia’s efforts to help international students have been underrated. The high commissioner to India, former New South Wales premier Barry O’Farrell, said that A$1.3 billion (£720 million) had been “pledged” by governments, education providers and the broader community.

“This includes welfare services, financial assistance, food supply, mental health services and emergency relief initiatives,” he told a virtual AAERI convention…

Meanwhile, developments at the University of Adelaide offer another sign that the Covid-induced crash of Australia’s education has not been as severe as feared.

Interim vice-chancellor Mike Brooks told staff that better than expected international enrolments in semester two had eased anticipated losses by about A$40 million, allowing the university to defer a 3.5 per cent salary cut and shelve the planned cancellation of annual leave loadings.

Professor Brooks said that the increase in overseas enrolments had been influenced by the government’s decision to recognise online study in applications for post-study work visas.

The claim that international student numbers have collapsed is debunked by the latest student visa data from the Department of Home Affairs, which shows that overall visa numbers increased by 0.4% in the year to June 2020, driven by a massive 14.3% rise in students from India:

As noted previously, there have been major concerns with the quality of students arriving from the Indian subcontinent, who often come to Australia for the primary purposes of residency and working, not education.

Thus, Australia’s education industry has reached deep down the quality barrel in order to keep the student-migration ponzi going.

RIP university entry and pedagogical standards.

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  1. “ students have been treated well ..” – off-course they’ve been treated well. Only one has failed a subject and even he decided to sue the Uni as he must have been shocked and knew rest of India will be laughing at him for being the only Indian not getting a pass.
    I dare Unies fail another Indian student.

    • Look at that table. The only non 3rd world sh!tholes are Taiwan and South Korea.

      No one from a first world country wants to come and study at an Australian university. Let that sink in.

      Our uni’s are not “world class”.

      • The Taiwanese & Korean foreign students (70% female) are mostly end of life vice workers who trafficked in, often with their pimps on the partner secondary visa. Ask any Korean or Taiwanese.
        Same with the Japanese & other North & East Asians.

        That’s what our filters are set for in our totally corrupted visa system. A third world intake of slum & rural detritus, misfit and vice workers who can work illegally to repay agent procurer debt & send back remittances.

        They don’t come here for the ‘education’

        Back to the article.

        There are a lot more foreign students in Australia than what’s in the article charts.

        865,000 in fact – up 1% overall year to year.

        Sure some Chinese went back for Chinese New Year & got trapped back in China in their lockdown & then later border closures, but the numbers from India, Nepal and other third world slums more than offset it.

        As the article suggests – the real issue is they are not paying fees.

        The expected fee income was $12.4 billion.
        It’s probably halved.

        No classes, the ‘online learning’ is a joke and many foreign students are taking advantage of the virus impact to pay no fees & now work 100% illegally.
        In breach of their visa and COe.

        Foreign student & partners onshore : June 2020.

        🔹765,000 on a primary visa but only 637,000 have a valid COe – that means the other 125,000 are not even enrolled, their COe or visa has expired, and they are using the virus confusion / ‘no funds and no flights out’ excuse to overstay or else attempting visa churn or protection visas.

        🔹63,000 partners of the foreign student primary visa holder who are always omitted to mask the real number.
        But these so called ‘partners’ are on a secondary visa to the foreign student primary visa holder so must be included in the real number. They are given full work rights & no English test and again many are overstaying even though the primary visa holder is in visa or COe breach / no funds, again taking advantage of the virus confusion.

        🔹37,000 on DFAT / scholarships (granted separately as trade bribes & inducements to the corrupt criminal elites in the third world to get their spawn into Australia as a an anchor for chain migration)

        👉🏾Total = 865,000

        Fact check June 2020
        Austrade – and note the fall in enrolments that is normally a mutiple of actual visa holders (multiple courses enrolled in)

        DHA website TR overall & same pattern.

        Other observations.

        Over half now are not doing ‘higher education’ but instead 8 year old English, 14 year high school courses dressed up as Vet etc.

        In fact only 15% are doing any genuine accredited internationally recognised education.

        And that is rote courses designed to be easily cheated, spread out over years to maximise legal & illegally work.

        75% work illegally (Sydney Uni & UTS study)

        👉🏾The illegally working number would be much higher now.

        But taking the 75% work illegally ratio – that is at least 650,000 Australian Full Time Equivalent jobs stolen.

        With JobSeeker at say $750 a week or $39k a year x 650,000 Australian jobs being stolen by these foreign students working illegally – that is a direct Australian taxpayer cost of over $25 billion.

        So one explicit impact of the foreign students is that the Australian unemployment cost impact they create is 2 times the ‘fees’ the foreign students (are meant) to be paying.

        And given the foreign student enter on ‘self declared’ or easily falsified funds & only pay for the first semester, those fees are all paid from money earned here in stealing Australian jobs.

        👉🏾Not an export at all are they?

        And with 3 million Australians unemployed or living on government handouts, can we really continue to tolerate 865,000 third world unskilled mature age adults as migrant guestworkers on pretext visas?

        Then add on other cost impacts.
        🔻Lower wages for all other Australians.
        Costing tens of billions.

        🔻Degradation of our education system
        as it sells nonsense education itself as a migrant guestworker visa alibi.
        Fallen 10 places globally.
        Costing tens of billions.

        🔻Then add on vice & criminal activity (an estimated 50,000 Asian foreign students have been trafficked in to work in the vice industry – a legal occupation apparently for a foreign student). No health checks, falsified identities & no tax paid.
        Billions more.

        🔻Then add on social impacts like the 150,000 ex Australian dwellings they occupy- the majority now foreign owned and converted to ‘foreign student only cash in hand bunkshare). The Australian tenants kicked out into the street.
        116,000 Australian permanent homeless and 340,000 Australian without affordable housing.
        Costing billions.

        🔻Add on congestion, filth and squalor, overload of public transport & services.
        Again costing billions more.

        All up at least a $30 billion negative social and economic impact to Australia.

        Each foreign student or partner that is allowed in costing an average $35,000 in direct & indirect negative economic and social impact to our society.

        👉🏾Not an export at all.

        When do we see the Royal Commission?

        When do we see the checks on visa & COe compliance, funds compliance and over 800,000 of these faux students & partners have their visas cancelled and the mass deportations begin?

  2. But I think those indian students on visas are going to Singh’s Truck Driving Academy and not to Universities.

    Both the following statements can be true:
    – international student visas are up; and
    – Australian universities are seeing their foreign student enrolments fall.

    I think the issue is we allow dodgy private providers to allow ppl in here on student visas. It would be simple for the govt to just disallow visas for any private provider.

  3. Shades of MessinaMEMBER

    “often” come to Australia for the primary purposes of residency and working, not education.

    “Often” – tee hee hee

  4. I knew a rumor.. once an Indian guy gets a role in the management, there come more Indian coming to work under him and gradually a full Indian team.

    • In our company’s case we found that the Indian manager was getting kickbacks from the salaries of sub-continentals he employed.

  5. Of course it’s the preferred destination of Indian students ! They get the f**k out of that big s**thole India, and get to fraternise with hundreds of thousands of other Indians in a safe, easy-welfare utopia. They don’t even need to be able to speak English beyond standard Uber driver responses.