Gottiboff rides to the CCP rescue

This is so bad it is not easy to know where to look. Via Gottiboff today:

…today I want to simply describe the Chinese offer, mindful that we are dealing with a very different and tougher China to the nation of five years ago.

…The trigger for the deepening dispute was Australia’s call for an inquiry into the origins of the virus.

…The Chinese anger with Australia stems back to former prime minister Kevin Rudd who spoke in Mandarin to Beijing University criticising China. Our foreign affairs department, led by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, has been a regular critic of the Chinese political system and human rights. This made the Chinese very angry.

Accordingly, the China peace plan as set out by Wang starts with these words: “We should respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and refrain from interfering in other’s internal affairs. We should respect each other’s choice of social and political system and mode of development, and refrain from imposing one’s own idea onto the other. We should respect each other’s legal system and rule of law and refrain from interrupting the other’s legal proceedings and undertakings.

“China does not interfere in Australia’s internal affairs. Nor do we have any intention to change Australia’s political and social culture … … China expects reciprocity in terms of respect, which I believe should arise from better mutual understanding”.

Australia’s problem is that we have a department of foreign affairs that sees imposing Australia’s views on China as our right. If we want a trade peace we must stop. In recent tines events in Hong Kong and the South China sea have inflamed opinions and made any peace process much harder.

Lordy. Is Gottiboff straight off the phone to the embassy?

Australians are realist enough to know that we have no power to stop China doing whatever it likes to its immediate neighbours. Hence the collapse of Tibetan and other struggles in the Australian consciousness.  Whether we openly protest it is up to the community. My guess is the violent absorption of Hong Kong has alarmed many. Time will tell.

But this is not what has turned Australians angry about China. That has happened because the CCP brought dirty tricks here:

  • COVID-19 came out of China, cut life-expectancies, killed 600 elderly and wrecked livelihoods. The CCP has denied it from the get-go, demanded we keep borders open to catch it and siphoned off PPE while doing so.
  • CCP influences in our universities have shut down the local right to protest against China, which is totally unacceptable in every conceivable way.
  • CCP influence in our parliament damn near took over the joint with dirty money and spies.
  • CCP influence in the Chinese diaspora is toxic and very much directed at getting CCP-sympathetic candidates elected. It only takes a few seats and your democracy is in Beijing’s hands.
  • CCP influence in business likewise (see Gotti).

All of this is about one thing and one thing only. The CCP planned to quietly buy Australia so that it could secure commodity supply chains and end ANZUS. It aimed to supplant the US liberal hegemon with itself. It overreached and Australians pushed back.

That’s when the CCP grew angry and the diplomatic and trade reprisals started.

Gottiboff”s total misrepresentation of these historical facts and community sentiment aims to bury the fact that there is only one way to placate the CCP and it is impossible for honest, democratic Australians to do it.

Freedom has never appealed much to the corporate Gottiboff.

David Llewellyn-Smith


    • UpperWestsideMEMBER

      Shipping raw saw logs offshore – just daft.
      No chance the Unions could get with the picture and block the exports at the ports.

      • It follows the trend of shipping raw iron ore offshore to be later bought back as a finished product – with appropriate markup.

          • It’s f*ckn disgraceful. You would think a ‘clever’ country would have policies in place to stop / discourage this sort of behaviour.
            We ship raw minerals, livestock and now logs – all unprocessed ie. no value add – talk about dumb and economically myopic.

  1. I'll have anotherMEMBER

    After reading the comments in the Australian, I can say that most of the readers are as confused as all of us by this article.

    What rock has Gobby been living under exactly?

  2. “China does not interfere in Australia’s internal affairs all the time. We have Nor do we have any every intention to change Australia’s political and social culture … … China expects reciprocity in terms of respect Australians to STFU, bend over and take it up the date without benefit of lube or even a reach-around, while kow-towing to the Chinese overlords, which I believe should arise from better mutual understanding”.

    Fixed it for him.

    Oh…and Gotty needs cleaning out with a wire brush and Dettol.

  3. Oh yeah, Tibet. I remember in the 90’s when the left were outraged and protesting outside the Chinese embassy. And rightly so, the CCP were absolutely horrific toward the Tibetans.

    Where are they now?

    Being the useful idiots for the likes of Gottiboff and our million dollar Virus Chancellors, sitting around drinking lattes while having a circle jerk about how great they are at fighting for the rights of six year old boys to become girls or some other nonsense.

    Woke left = the left that totally lost the plot.

    • adelaide_economistMEMBER

      Sign of the times. I remember all the VWs and old Volvos around the university campus back in the 90s where ‘free Tibet’ stickers were basically a given. The equivalent today will have some sort of race based political statement. We’ve really fallen in so many ways.

      • German cars with slogans attacking the Chinese. That campus must have been awash with closet Nazis!!!!

      • Free East Timor. Free West Papua.

        Indonesia just as bad and closer to home.

        (I am also against the excesses of the CCP, just adding a few other things we used to and should continue to protest for)

        • Agree. The only difference from an AU perspective is that Indo is not directly attacking Australia. Because of this we STFU and let them get away with murder, literally murder.

          Australia has so many blind spots to our “standards”. Either stand up for all issues or STFU.

        • The human rights situation in Papua could be a lot better however its not comparable to china on multiple levels not least the threat they pose to Australia , there are shades of grey in this world.
          Its important to note what “free” papua across the eastern border looks like, for the average person it is far more violent and dangerous than Indonesian papua.
          East timor was freed, only to be re-colonised by mestizo emigres from portugal, who promptly changed the national language to portugese, locking 90 % of the population out of government.
          FWIW i have worked in all of the places mentioned above and am still in contact with people who work in them now.

  4. What does the security of Australia matter to Gottiboff and Triguboff? If SHTF they can always retreat to Israel, which has an apologetically robust foreign policy, and no qualms about imposing its views in the ME.

  5. The only take away from this article is that Harry T is getting anxious about the return of Chinese international students to rent and buy his flats.