Fake Green melts down into CCP-Nazi kowtowing

Amazing cognitive dissonance:

No mention of Uyghurs, Tibet, Hong Kong, COVID-19, or the manifold attempts to occupy, manipulate and bully Australia and Chinese Australians. How on earth do we reconcile that with this:

Earlier in her career Jenny worked for a number of years with Amnesty International as a crisis coordinator and campaign manager in London, Hong Kong, and Sydney. At Amnesty International, she oversaw the organisation’s response to the Middle East & North Africa Uprising and worked to protect freedom of expression in the lead up to the 2010 Burma elections.

Right back at ya, Jenny:

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  1. Three muppets who can’t even spell check, let alone think outside their patronage model. Someone remind them of Sinclair Upton’s line – It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

    “…the massive hit our society has taken form the pandemic.”

    That would be the pandemic the Chinese lied about and didn’t give the world a heads up about.

  2. This is exactly what I was pointing out with regards to your (and others here) TDS

    Like the US democrats, they will reflexively oppose anything that Trump does, regardless of their own morals or beliefs

    And change their pre-existing morals/beliefs with regards to

    immigration and detention
    middle east military intervention
    military industrial complex
    now Chinese atrocities

    it is really quite remarkable how demented most of the western world has become

    Even now, I am sure drsmithy has some kind of excuse/justification coming for this
    or else he will just be slowly rocking in a ball

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      No, most of the revile of Trump is based on his weak leadership, self-serving interests, lack of attention to expert information, and general disinterest in being President but for his fragile ego.

      But gaslight everyone as you will.

      • my god you’re stupid

        Did I mention why he was reviled?

        I said that every position he takes is reflexively opposed regardless of its merit

        Can you stop replying to me?

          • As an independent observer my comment is – it is YOU – RobotSensei – that is posting the rubbish

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            TDS is not real
            It is a made-up phenomena to describe why a person is still suitable for leadership despite having more personality holes than a block of Swiss cheese
            But otherwise, thank you umpire.

          • Prettyfly Forawhiteguy

            Robotsensei – you are so stupid it hurts my head reading your comments. I’ll make the proprietors of MB a deal – if you ban Robotsensei I will compensate the site for loss of revenue by taking up a subscription.

          • TDS is not real
            It is a made-up phenomena to describe why a person is still suitable for leadership despite having more personality holes than a block of Swiss cheese

            The point of people screaming “TDS!!!11” is to implicitly label criticism of Trump as irrational, therefore baseless and needing no response.

            It’s basically an ad-hominem fallacy.

          • All hail the dr fallacy!

            TDS is a form of a clear ad-hominem. It is not what is done but whom has done something. It is disregarding anything good (not that theres much of it) and focusing only on bad (actaully much less than each predecessor since Nixon).

          • TDS is a form of a clear ad-hominem. It is not what is done but whom has done something. It is disregarding anything good (not that theres much of it) and focusing only on bad (actaully much less than each predecessor since Nixon).

            You have literally just described it as focusing on the acts or outcomes and not the person. Ie: not an ad hominem.

            It’s also worth pointing out that criticism of character is not inherently ad-hominem, when character is relevant.

            (Of course, since there’s no objective definition of “TDS”, it’s impossible to actually determine whether anyone is engaging in it – but that’s just standard conservative feels over reals.)

          • ” It is not what is done but whom has done something”
            …not the ad-hominem.

            And we just have to find a relevant authority which will decide when character assassination is ad hominem and when it is not (aka “relevant”).

      • People solely informed about Trump via what they have seen in mainstream media have almost zero idea about the man.
        It is only by watching his full speeches and interviews, uncut, that one can begin to understand just how distorted the media’s reporting has been.

        Of course, very few that aren’t well disposed to Trump in the first place do so.. hence the myth of him being a second Hitler, and a buffoon, continue to stand. Given the gulf wars alone, people should know that the media is more than prepared to lie to the people to deliver outcomes that don’t necessarily have truth and the best interests of the people at heart.

        The same leftists who themselves understand the media are liars and apologists for war, suddenly believe everything the media says on Trump.

        Like any politician he undoubtedly has failings, and no politician is ever as good as they need to be given the problems mankind faces, but him being extra especially dross is a media creation.

        The reality is Trump is the best president in 50 years, even if only for the fact that he’s taken trust in mainstream media down 20 points amongst the conservative minded.. who for too long gave a pass to the lying-press, to talk the West into endless horrific dead ends: globalism, outsourcing, mass migration & wars in the middle east.

        With trust in the press busted, maybe we’ll eventually be able to talk our way out of such things.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          So which propaganda network should I be watching to get a better understanding of a man whose legacy will be failing to mitigate the greatest economic and healthcare crisis America has experienced since WWII? Genuinely curious, I’ll give it a whirl and report back.

          • “So which propaganda network should I be watching to get a better understanding”

            You prove the point.
            First try to go use primary sources for information, not “networks”.
            Another approach you may find useful is to use a service such as Feedly to hoover up 20~30 true alternate media minnows that present counter cases to your usual sources (if stuck you could start with adding MacroBusiness and see what it suggests based on that addition) , and then FACT CHECK with primary sources every time the two are in disagreement.

            You’ll likely be very surprised at how much your regular sources of information have been lying to you.

            Note I am not saying accept ‘alternate’ views and sources on argument alone. Verify when primary sources are available. Use your own intelligence. ABC, the Guardian, CNN, SBS etc are so regularly wrong on issues/events these days they are effectively useless as a means of being informed. They are all using Reuters and AP Newswire services rather than first hand reporting so when the source lies and misrepresents..

            On CNN/ABC.. see a distorted completely misrepresented 10 second snapshot (all other evidence censored).
            On Youtube see a distorted 30 second snapshot (all other evidence censored)..
            On Bitchute see an uncut 10 minute feed from 4 different angles, uncensored.

            Welcome to the censored world where the aim is not to inform, but control.

        • The anti-China gush being posted here is 100% part of Donald Trumps fascist agenda. Anyone who doesn’t understand the basics, the absolute minimum of how “strong men” work can see what he is doing with China.

          What is so laughable about this “blog” is the constant attempts to self promote itself as some sort of amateur sleuth on International Relations and Global Politics with references to Francis Fukuyama, Jacksonian policy, Monroe Doctrine etc – and yet while they are rabidly anti-Trump – fall lock step in the “Strong Man” tactic of creating a fearsome enemy to cower the polity into conformity – CHINA has been the most constant tool of the state fear mongering apparatus for centuries.

          The term Occidental was specifically created to highlight people like this blog who use fear mongering of China to feed their agendas – its just shocking to see people so utterly ignorant of history, politics and philosophy falling for this most tiresome trope. But even worse when those same gullible fools are proclaiming themselves to be some sort of repository of political wisdom – the irony is off the charts – talk about Dunning Kruger – just no idea how little idea they actually have.

          CHYNA CHYNA CHYNA – its Donalds main propaganda weapon – repeated ad Nauseum by the far right wing around the world and specifically – on this blog.

          84% of all posts on this website according to its submissions to Google Search meta data contain something about China – for an economics blog on housing – its pretty damned clear just how agenda driven “SOMEONE” is.

          At least there are people who know what you are doing.


          • Like mentioning Hitler to ‘win’ an argument, my finding is that the first to bring up Dunning Kruger, is almost always the kind of person the term is meant to refer to.

            Anyone who sees China as benevolent need only ask a Filipino, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Indian, or Laotian for their opinion. When a nation’s nearest neighbours almost uniformly see a nation as a threat, belligerent and a bully.. it likely is.

            And again, you can play, well held to the same standard so is.. “x”, and that would be fair, but denying China isn’t those things would not be.

            Australia’s interests are not China’s, and won’t be while Australians are not Chinese. We’ve all got our own interests, and we’ve all got a right to protect them. Economic gains are not (generally) worth a subservient role.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Nah, I’d sign up and read his blog where he spends 28 hours a day sifting through the volcano-spew of fringe news sites and tries to distill it all down into some fanciful alternate reality. It must be a dream when I see all the reporters at press conferences asking questions and quoting things verbatim. They couldn’t be primary sources; it’s all a mirage.
            But I might check out Feedly.

          • It seems neither of you understand what a ‘primary source’ is.
            E.g. If a video of what someone said is referenced, go and find the full video and watch it, unedited.
            If something like “White replacement myth” is referenced, go check population stats, by year, at the census bureau.
            If a news report says that certain migrant groups being vastly over-represented in crime is a racist myth, go and check racial offender data reported by the police department, cross reference with census data.

            Your media lies to you. You wish to believe it doesn’t. If you don’t check, well you will go on believing increasingly, in a world that does not exist – manoeuvred to support outcomes and opinions you otherwise might not.

            I’d put 100 crowd sourced articles mainstream media report, a primary source check, against relying on the mainstream media alone. If you wouldn’t.. you are a fool.

            It’s the media themselves, and their bias and lack of integrity that has made “casting a broad net” in search of the truth a requirement. Incorrect headlines get oodles of front page copy, retractions get a few words in fine print months past anyone caring (if that).

          • @ Luke
            It is futile to make anyone see what they don’t want to see. Cognitive (filter) bubbles are bliss.

        • The reality is Trump is the best president in 50 years, even if only for the fact that he’s taken trust in mainstream media down 20 points amongst the conservative minded.. who for too long gave a pass to the lying-press, to talk the West into endless horrific dead ends: globalism, outsourcing, mass migration & wars in the middle east.

          Trust in media was already at historical lows before Trump was elected. He doesn’t appear to have changed the overall decades-long trend much.

        • Display NameMEMBER

          I have tried but he cannot complete a sentence. If you listen to Trump 20 years ago, it is a *very* different story. Much more articulate, able to hold a train of thought through a series of arguments. Not that I agreed with him then. But today he is steps aware from where Biden is in terms of losing mental capacity. He was not particularly bright to start with; and is clearly impaired now.

          His “speeches” border on nonsensical. Third order digressions.Inventing facts and words when he loses his path. If he could read maybe he could stick to a tele prompter. But maybe that is why he cant. Cannot focus on an idea for more than seconds at a time

      • Let’s be frank – if Trump rescued a small child from drowning he’d be castigated in the press for doing so (CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, HuffPo, Atlantic. NYT and other drivel-manufacturing outlets.)

        They would argue the child wasn’t actually drowning and that it had been harmed irreparably by the rescue.

        • Propaganda just in. Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. Surprisingly his foreign policy accomplishments have actually been quite good. Ironically Trump’s undoing of the rubbish Iran deal was only made possible by his predecessor who hatched it.
          R u ok day @robotsensei @drsmithy

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Haha. Those power-hitters in the Norwegian far-right politico maybe have some backwater channel to Stockholm to give him a shot. Anyway we’ll see what the judges scorecards yield.
            I’m doing alright today maddz, hope you’re keeping it together as well.

          • Noice @robotsensei. Me.. I’ve taken myself off coffee and feeling it. WfH coffee at own leisure is crazy stupid.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            But… but… why? Like I can understand political differences but changing a routine that works… heresy!

          • Changing up the routine to keep me fresh. What good are great coffee beans if my tastes dull to the flavour. Besides, to WFH is a changed up routine I didn’t choose.

    • Sounds like a croc to me — it almost reads as if demand for any of this stuff solely comes from China. No one else use bauxite? Where will China go for its bauxite not straya. The market for commodities is global (even for a lot of perishable goods these days).

  3. Uyghur issue been shown over and over again to be an education facility for the most impoverished minorities in all of Asia. It is politicized by the UK / US for political gain via Epoch Times, Voice of Asia and other various propaganda groups.


    Tibet was always part of China until the British tried to invade it and steal it as part of their relentless wars against China – this failed but the British decided to just declare it an independent state from there on. Its the most absurd claim ever made – Principality of Hutt River has more legitimacy in claiming all of Western Australia for the Mongolians than Tibet is an independent state. Even the most cursory understanding of history would inform the most ignorant of this simple fact.

    Hong Kong always was also part of China – despite yet ANOTHER British war of aggression stealing it from China – the protests fueled by relentless western agitation were short and brief and the repeal of the extradition laws quelled the unrest. From that point on the protests were portrayed as a large scale uprising when fewer than a thousand people were marching. More people were marching in any single city in France on a daily basis than the entirety of Hong Kong after the repeal.

    Covid-19 – yes lets blame Africans for Ebola, English for the Cold and the French for Cancer – because why not – seems a genuine thing to do to blame and entire country for a medical disease and virus. Pure insanity and outright racism of the most extreme kind.

    The good thing is that outside the feckless stupidity of Australia no one is buying this utter tripe. No citizens of any country are dumb enough to take Donald Trumps Campaign fear mongering as actual state foreign policy – except Australia – where we have decided to eviscerate our entire economic future, gut our well being and destroy our livlihoods based on the re-election lies of Donald Trump.

    Congratulations DLS – seriously mate – dumb as dog sh1t. Ban away – its the only way you even know how to communicate – you’d do well in Bahrain.

      • Australian security does not work for LEFT or RIGHT – it works to maintain the best interests of Australia domestic and foreign.

        When people are actively working to undermine the economic well being of Australia for foreign interests – people take note.

        Maybe some people should take note of who is taking note. Since this blog relies on IP addresses to ban people – maybe for once they should look at where those IP’s are originating from……

    • Boulder Dash is an appropriate name for the pro-genocidal propaganda you spout here.

      A key ingredient missing from your analysis in claims such “Tibet was always part of China” is first, its historical inaccuracy, and second the CONSENT of the people within such places to be ruled by modern China… with the same going for Hong-Kong, inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Taiwan etc.

      Arguably the right to self-determination is the most fundamental of all human rights, as without it goes any chance of meaningfully offering input into what other rights can be realised.

      Your treatise on the legitimacy of denying such fundamental human rights is a disgrace.

      You can play an argument of “well if China is held to that standard others should be too”, that would be fair enough, but talking down the rights of Tibetans, Uighur etc is not.

    • Appropriately named, I must say!

      Those silly Uyghurs are just bloody unappreciative of what the Han are trying to do to benefit them. They deserve internment for such a response.

    • So, Tibet was ALWAYS part of China historically you claim; how far back in history are you going?

      I refute your historical claim, go back in the past and look at “countries” and their boundaries and the compare them to the ethnic makeup, those that move outside that have down so by force. The Han over thousands of yrs have progressively taken over sections of what is now termed China that were in no way ethnically “Chinese”, which means Han Chinese.

    • A link to an ideological blog site is always a convincing reference – it just adds lashings of credibility.

      “Uyghur issue been shown over and over again to be an education facility”

      Yes, a 5 star resort with hot and cold running surveillance. Because the social credit system and surveillance state is also made up isn’t it?


      And you forgot to say that Cassy O’Connor of The Tasmanian Greens is a dead set racist – pure and simple. I call that diversity:


      “Covid-19 – yes lets blame Africans for Ebola, English for the Cold and the French for Cancer”

      Call me silly, but I’d rather look at the immune experience, cultural factors and environmental disturbance behind emerging diseases that don’t have anything to do with your brand of race politics – unless immune systems are also socially constructed? One imagines that you think this is the case?


      If you like to blame the Spanish for smallpox that devastated the indigenous S Americans you might be onto something. Now if the Spanish did it again and tried to cover it up and suppress knowledge and coordinated action, allowing smallpox to spread and kill millions, yeah, let’s condemn them in the strongest possible terms:


      In summary – Supporting human rights of Uyghurs is racist. Historical injustices are live moral issues in the here and now that justify anything. Science is racist. Jenny Leong is a genius. A link to a blog is evidence and someone who does not agree with you is “dumb as dog sh1t”.

      Bingo! Woke retard!

    • While living in BJ I bought a book which detailed how Tibet had always been a part if China. I figured I should understand the Chinese side.

      OMFG. Chinese propaganda speak in English is migraine inducing. Anyway it wasn’t a very lengthy book but I could not finish it. The funny thing was I couldn’t understand their Chinese side for Tibet having always been an intrinsic part of China, but apparently it was. There were quite a contradictions, a Chinese princess marriage to a Tibet king was mentioned, but they forgot to mention the same bloke’s Nepalese princess wife. Anyway I did my best to understand it, but I couldn’t. History is written by the victors but any smart person knows there is a lot of grey involved and nothing is clear cut.

  4. Why isn’t Pearls & Irritations copping it as well? The weekly if not daily postings there on ‘China is wonderful’ and badly misunderstood with nary a mention of the abuses that occur is just gobsmacking?

  5. Love Jenny’s skills in debate. It’s like the other Greensters that turn their back in ‘protest’ in the Senate – you’re paid good money to actually listen and debate, not be silent.

  6. What a fantastic site this is becoming, its like going back to the 80s with open racism, delusions of Anglo superiority, complete lack of self awareness as in batting for the Uyghurs from a conquered/stolen land, go you beauties

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