Drew Pavlou pwns Labor’s CCP useful idiots


David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. IMO he may not be the right one, but he’s the necessary one on this issue.

    More stones than most politically. And Kim Carr’s a useless grey beard kent.

  2. So before he entered politics he was a school teacher and political staffer. Yep that about sums up the perfect credentials to being a Labor MP; ie to have absolutely no contact with the real world. I doubt if the guy has ever got his hands dirty.

    • Kim Carr was an ex teacher hey? One wonders what his record on bullying was? McCarthyism? What a joke!

      Because what is this twit Carr going to call a student being beaten up by CCP thugs on a university campus? Academic freedom? The guys a clown.

      In The Guardian article:

      “The Labor party should be particularly concerned about what the implications are of that sort of cold war mentality,” he said. “No one has declared any breaches of the existing regulatory framework for science and research.”

      Oh, really? Now, where have we heard this before?

      Is that like the old ALP interpretation that concerns for the welfare of children in Rotherham were racist attacks on “British Asians” that were then found to be responsible for 1400 rapes?:


      That grew to an estimate of 19,000 children:


      And then to half a million children:


      And what might the connection between the two be? Simply that someone bothered to remove the ideological blinkers and layers of BS and do their frigging job protecting youth in their own country i.e. what they are paid to do.

      When the surface is scratched it will be amazing how the ALP’s old truth will leave them exposed as people who have assisted the rape Australia’s integrity by looking away.

      • Luca BiasonMEMBER

        “No one has declared any breaches of the existing regulatory framework for science and research.”

        That does not necessarily means that there is none. It just means that no one has truly looked into it to that level of detail. A good forensic audit here and there would do wonders.

        Also re the tripe that it was the government pushing unis to resort to those means: yes successive policies re funding research have been counterproductive for Australia, however last time I checked unis were asked to foster international collaborations in a transparent manner and in compliance with laws, regulations and policies, let alone be value-based and in the national interest.

        If anyone has articulated in writing that they were supposed to do it surreptitiously and potentially break the law in the process then I’d be keen to see that advice.

        My question to those who have been repeating the ‘strong frameworks in place – nothing to see here’ soundbite for a tad too long would be the following: when institutions cannot even monitor and enforce provisions in their contracts of employment – let alone in their non-existent conflict of interest policies – how are they supposed to provide assurances around research collaborations and engagements that they don’t even know exist?

        I am ready to bet that Harvard itself was adamant it had everything under control prior to the Lieber case.

  3. I can tell you for a fact that large chunks of the ALP refer to the senator as Kim il Carr (after Kim Jong Un’s late grandfather) and have done so for at least 30 years (over which time Carr has been gonad crusher in chief of the Victorian Left)

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    When is Drew entering politics? At least he won’t need his degree now so that expulsion cloud had a silver lining. At the very least he should monetise his social media presence. Hmmm. Influencer or politician? Career decisions to be made. Or why not both?

    • Neither.
      Haven’t we got enough examples of what too much money does to a young man?
      There’s a price for everything – everything.