Biden wins presidential debate

I didn’t think that there was any clear winner in the debate. But that is a win for Joe Biden given he is comfortably ahead in the polls:

As well, Trump’s childish antics were energetic but not rational. With 200k dead Americans owing to virus mismanagement, it is my view that the polity will be looking for more policy process than shouting buffoon this time around so Trump stunts don’t play well.

A few other points that were questionable Trump tactics:

  • If Russian influence is your worry then does a few bob for Hunter Biden really stack up against Trump’s crew of Putin fanbois?
  • White supremacists should be condemned not weasel-worded.
  • Democracy is the loser when mail-in ballots are questioned.

Finally, Biden’s brain is a bit jumpy but there was nothing to suggest he’s senile.

Markets appear to agree with risk coming off.


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  1. You mean shouty racist fatty didn’t do the most amazing debate ever, better anybody, really tremendous?

    • Biden was clear winner, yes

      Only one contestant ordered the white supremacists to “stand by”. It was not Joe. (look at my avatar … now do you understand it?)

      Trump looked like a petulant child the whole way through, right down to the protuberant lower lip.

      On the environment he was a joke, pants down, little willy swinging in the air.

      Joe came across as a decent, sane, fair-minded person. Trump as an angry, self-absorbed narcissist.

      To me, the battle is over and DJT is history.

      Next week we see Kamala flay the skin off the mannequin Pence.

      Good Times!! 🥳 🎈✨

    • PaddydangerfieldMEMBER

      The whole “White Supremacist” thing is a giant bait and switch by the left. Antifa, BLM and other left wing terrorists have spent 3 months burning, looting and killing Police Officers whilst the left wing media establishment cheer them on. But apparently ” The Proud Boys” are the real danger. LOL The American people are not stupid and will vote accordingly in November. People know that the BLM are a violent group and that the Democrats support them. They are not being fooled by the leftist media machine.

      • Not a Trump voter, no skin in the game or care factor. In my view, wasn’t a debate but more or less an interruption fest and personal attacks. Not that my expectations were high to begin with.

        • I agree with you on that. Interruption and shouting fest. Yes messages were communicated but do we need two petulant children doing that? Sums up the US at the moment really…

          • Only one of them constantly interrupted and set a bad tone for the debate. Even the moderator commented on it.

      • Even the most partisan media outlets are calling it among the worst debates they have witnessed, it was not a good performance all round, no real blows landed aside form Trump’s proud boys dribble.

        And yes, We can all see your avatar, is that supposed to demonstrate some form of humorous insight? It aint humorous and certainly ain’t original, the only thing it reflects is the kind of false equivilancy and hubris that helped Trump to assume office in the first place! If you can’t distinguish between a narcissistic populist and a calculating facist then you should give political commentary a wide brith.

          • Oh you found a random internet reference? Well, I stand corrected…..! Wait, hang on


            Should one stop an analyse such a claim….. maybe it’s a little less black and white that that, maybe far less black and white? Would such an understanding be important to assessing how we got here and where we are going…..Na slinging the mud is far easier, and another arrow in my quiver of virtue.

          • All the signs of proto-fascism are there. That’s why it’s being debated. Can’t be bothered with the 3 blind mice, of which you seem to be a member.

          • Yeah I see, just like you can’t be bothered with analysis, appreciating the important of nuance or detail in general?

            let’s see: Makes grand statement (That Trump has an objective comparability to Adolf Hitler) -> is called out with commentary (including from sources clearly partisan to his cause) which suggests those assertions are clearly debatable, make for great fodder but are unhelpful to the cause -> dismisses as ‘well I’m basically right’ and moves on declaring ‘my intellectual superiority can’t be bothered discussing any further.’

            Im sorry, remind me again, how is someone so very trump….. anti trump?

            As much as I detest Trump, I retain a special reserve of distain for those who continue to assert their moral and intellectual superiority…. despite their continued inability to effectively combat the fool…. driven of course by the fact they are neither of the former, every bit as arrogant. A group that fails to see that Trump exists because of them not despite them, a group “of which you seem to be a member.”

          • Sorry, your wall-of-text word-soup replies, complete with spelling (“distain”) and grammar errors, are not worthy of further responses. Bye.

          • Hahaha, when in doubt, revert to the grammar police! You’re a classic champ, all the insight of a mamamia blog, delivered like an angry little orange man in a blue tie.

            Bye for now 😉

        • Trump has strong personality-based fascist tendencies; the USA is pre-fascist.

          Trump is stoking the fires as much as he can, and the US, especially amongst his supporters is sliding further to the far-right. Intolerance of opponents, of all sorts, the blaming of ‘others’, excessive and even violent force against their own citizens, especially the ‘others’, and the endorsement and non-condemnation of violence of supporters, extreme partiotism (Nationalism), authoritarian tendencies and expressions, stacking of power bases – these are all present in the current President and many, many of his supporters (I just have to read my Facebook feed, from contacts in the USA, and their hoo-ha, particularly those in the southern states and, yes, mainly white), oligarchical and corporatist interference and support of extermities – these are all too consistent with a pre-fascist state of being to ignore.

          Just because Trump and the US is not actually full fascist yet does not mean people should not be pointing out the warning signs – they are not weak signs.

          And don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying many of these aren’t present in the Dems, so don’t make this out to be a Dems vs GOP partisan issue…the problem is that the US has had a strong penchant for the far right for a long time, so it was never going to be hard for either party to find a strong-man to push that little bit too far…

          My 2c

          • I can see that point of view, but for me it’s the last point that this home, this isn’t a partisan issue, its being framed as a allies vs nazi’s but I would say many of the people in my circles (quite progressive, in govt and corporate roles etc) are basically exhibiting the same ideology and I’m certainly observing it outside as well. “doesn’t matter what we have to do, just win”, “if you don’t agree with my position you are an ” “the govt should step in to stop x,y,z from saying this or promoting that”. Don’t really care about the detail, I’m happy with a echo chamber as long as it’s mine, Its ok for me to exhibit the very facist and/or authoritarian tendencies I’m apparently combating, as long as I am fighting another perceived evil.

            America is loaded with facist tendencies (police force, prison system, domestic surveillance, military recruitment), no argument here, but those have all been created, maintained and expanded by both sides of govts for decades. Election violence is another, does anybody really believe that if Trump where to win again that there will not be mass violence? The entire electorate has been told that any trump victory will be due to foreign influence, legal armies ready to debate any outcome, there is only one reason to tell an electorate that, you want them to respond!

            Despising that system is one thing, but arguing with vigour (contempt or violence) that a vote for swap creature #xxxx and his crew will somehow change it is delusional in my mind, the facist state will roll on, just with a more acceptable and experienced leader, surely that is more dangerous long term than the otherwise ineffective, twitter president?

            But hey, I’ll freely admit its hard not to be pessimistic (and antagonistic) in this political environment

            my 2c

    • Agree – it was like watching Statler and Waldorf arguing over a $5 restaurant bill and whether to tip a dime or a nickle, while you’re just wanting to pay and gtfo of there.

      No real knock outs from either one of them in my point of view – it made for tedious viewing. Trump probably lost only by the fact that Biden didn’t go full Alzheimers.

      • +1

        Moderator lost control early and never really got it back. Both got personal really quick. Wasn’t expecting anything high calibre and wasn’t disappointed. In my view, analysis now seems to be standard partisans on each side interpreting it their way as somehow a win and it’s already over. Still 6 weeks to go plus all the post-election shenanigans either way.

        • Moderator seems to be getting the blame from everyone, I doubt anyone could have handled the situation any better. Trump would not have changed his tactics no matter what. Only way to have pulled him up would have been to threaten to stop the debate and I think he would have ignored that.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Not really. But only because I know that when you hear those two going at it in the balcony seats you secretly yearn to be one of them.

        Like me.
        (and I don’t mean Trump or Biden!)

  2. Yeah unfortunately I think this time Trump is toast, he was the only one who had to win clearly, the Biden fall over did not happen.This covid really threw a spanner in his re-election.

      • Without covid, it would have been perfectly fine, the opposite teams are just a bunch of woke/identity politics/obama staff morons.

        • Okay so now we see the way the Right will deflect Trump’s disastrous loss: “It was the Covid!”

          Whatever floats your boat, champ

          • Personally, I’m looking forward to a Trump loss, just for everyone to think they are free of it…. for a whole 2 weeks before the next 4 years kicks off with nothing but recriminations and a singular excuse repeated ad nauseam for why the Biden/Harris administration has achieved zero ‘oh, well its Trump you see’.

            The swap remains strong with Trump and will remain as deap as ever with the next generation of pond scum.

          • Given its still 2020, I am waiting for the next disaster to show up. It could still be Trump stealing the election. Could be the election prompting white supremacist violence as Biden wins in a slow count. Or could be La Nina floods in Australia. Its 2020 … who knows.

          • I'll have anotherMEMBER

            Look at the chart at the top of this very article.

            No one with a shred of cred would argue Biden would have beaten Trump this election without Covid. Now you’re just spouting BS.

          • Look at the chart at the top of this very article.

            Ah. So you’re saying that Biden is beating Trump just because Trump totally fcuked up the way he approached the covid problem. I guess I partially agree with that. But Biden was ahead anyway, as the graphs show.

  3. All Biden had to do was appear the more rationale out of the two. The electorate is picking between Trump and Trump Lite policy wise.

      • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

        strange comment, yes new M3 is a disaster (weighs 1730kgs by the way) but completely wrong about previous M3’s and also about the long geared laggy 4.0 cayman

        • no, Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 (yes, it’s now better than 911, cos manual). Yes bimmers are ALL too heavy, even the M1 @ 1500kgs is a pig, gimme an Lotus Elan Sprint all day.

          • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

            You can get a 911 manual any day, I think your just trolling

            And it’s a 1M, I had one for 5 years

  4. If such a rude, arrogant pig as Trump can win a second term, I think that says worlds about the US people. If they can look up to that sort of ghastly character and see a role model, they must be rotten to the core, delusional, or thoroughly ignorant of reality.


      • Perhaps you’d like to borrow something from my extensive antique monocle collection to get a better look at just how spiffy a stereotypical demigod I am indeed am? Cash for the deposit will do nicely, and sign away here at the bottom. No need to read the document; it’s all in order.

          • Don’t worry, old bean. I’m sure you’ll find a sense of humour going cheap at a garage or car boot sale one of these days…

          • i’d suggest most americans don’t give a fig about how polite someone appears to be, when most americans live hand to mouth

            Your white privilege is on stark display

            Continue to clutch your pearls, darling

          • is that a chinese massage joint?

            Doesn’t look like travelling to Melbourne is in my immediate future unfortunately

          • Geez , Migtronix . I just google Earthed your address. That’s in the core of the heart of it all. Do you like it there ? Do you live there voluntarily or is your circumstance dictated by work requirement ?

        • A bit of biffo at 1.5 m while wearing surgical masks. Here, ladies and gentlemen, we have a new form of Melbourne street artist! The mimes are going to be gutted. 🤣🤣🤣

          • I’m
            Concerned for Mig

            He keeps throwing down

            And obviously hates Melbourne

            We could find him something nice and wellnessy in Byron eh!?

    • Entitled to your opinion like everyone. But in my view, the anti-American bigotry is the last acceptable cultural practice in this country.

      Plenty to solve here without pointing out others faults and getting super triggered when our own shortcomings are revealed.

        • I’ve lived there too – so what? Outraged? Nope.

          My comment was purely making an observation about Australian cultural prejudices towards the US and Geordie’s comment. Disagree? Cool, you’re entitled to without the need to get personal.

      • I don’t even know where to start with the sheer number of assumptions and assertions being made.

        If you think Trump is of decent character and deserves the respect he assumes he’s worthy off I’d be interested to hear it. I do not. His personal conduct, endless lies, baseless discrediting of all and sundry, and manipulative and divisive mode of business make a strong case to the contrary.

        If this character is respect by enough people to get him elected for a second term, either that means the other candidate is materially worse, or is a reflecting of the segment of the US population that is inclined to vote. To me, that is quite a disturbing prospect.

        I certainly hope I’m not being a bigot, and am definitely not implying that Australia is better, worse or otherwise; I’m only commenting on how I perceive the politics at play in the US. If you don’t like or disagree with my opinion, ignore me, or if I’m factually wrong, correct me.

        Whatever you do don’t take it personally or assume my opinion via comment carry any weight whatsoever.

        And, so coming can get another little hit…


      • Huh ?

        It’s still open season on the Aussie blue collar worker and those at the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum as long as they’ve got a predilection for Australian culture.

        Not many people get pulled up for slagging off at bogans or tradies.

        Not a problem to publicly slag a pissed young Aussie for messily trolling through the streets of Kuta but I’d be careful to whom you mention your distaste at seeing oblivious Chinese tourists spitting on the floor at an alfresco dining area in the same precinct.

    • @Geordie with your “Ghastly” comment – it’s more complex than that. Most working class people saw Trump as the only candidate listening to their plight.

      • For round one, yes, I agree entirely. They’ve now got four years, and a hellish six months, to back an informed decision. Interesting times.

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          Ah. I see where you’ve gone wrong and confused yourself (and everyone else) now. If I may… two separate, but equally important points: 1. Voters making an informed decision – yes, well, there does have to be a first time… The Libs getting reelected with Scomo at the helm might have been one… this US election isn’t going to be an example of that. Can’t think of a US one that was… maybe Bush Jr winning (the second time)? 2. The voter base knew everything they needed to know about Trump to be swayed to vote the other way on character grounds alone at the FIRST election. They didn’t. Can’t see why, on that basis, that if that wasn’t a issue for a voter earlier that it would be now.

          • Yup, I agree, but only if the actions of his first term was on par with expectations of him when elected. He has been far worse on almost every front save push-back against China.

      • Narapoia451MEMBER

        The tragedy is that they believed it – despite him lying constantly every day. Despite him never once in his whole life doing anything that wasn’t for the direct benefit of himself or his immediate family and certainly not for losers that work for a living – they believed him.

        Either they are stupid – and these are the same people that re-elected Bush Jr so there is form. Or they were happy to overlook his obvious lies and unsuitability for the job because they agreed with the dog whistling he employed to rally them to his cause. What does that make them?

        Meanwhile in power he had accelerated the of transfer of wealth away from the people that voted for him. Just like the republicans do every time they are in power. Voting for the republicans and believing them if they tell you they are going to improve things for people outside the top 5-15% is full fvckn tropic thunder.

  5. Trump destroyed Biden. I liked the way Trump went after Biden’s loser son, who collected $3.5 million from Russia. And I liked the way he went after Biden for his role in the attempted coup over the Russia collusion hoax.

    Biden was pathetic. He just repeated media lies and conspiracies and took cheap shots. He called Trump names. Called him a clown and a racist and Wallace let him get away with it. Biden blamed Trump for the all the Covid deaths when Trump shut the borders early and Biden didn’t even mention China.

    And Biden’s energy policy will destroy the entire fossil fuel industry. He said renewables will pay for themselves. Yep, just like Solyindra. The guy’s on another planet.

    Wallace was a disgrace and I’ll be surprised if he ever hosts another debate. He kept trying to corner Trump by bringing up white supremacists who have nothing to do with the riots. Biden meanwhile, refused to condemn thugs like Antifa and was weak on law and order.

    And Biden was pushing for mail-in-voting which is a sham and lied by saying that all ballots will be received before election day. If you can go out and buy bread, you can go out and vote.

    Trump defeated both Biden and Wallace tonight despite what the news pundits say.

        • Nor a many religiously based terror groups? ISIS for example morphed into an organised group and then fell apart, but the primary membership was and remains to an idea, agree with the mantra, out on the uniform, go forth and spread the word and violence. If you find a group of like minded individuals who can create local support and logistics frameworks, all the better.

          The same applies to white supremacy? The is no single ‘organisation’, it’s an idea, that countless individuals and multiple groups, (some with organisation structures) have adopted in whole or in part, the KKK was simply the largest and most well known ‘organisation’. That the fact the FBI designates it as more of an idea/ideology does not dismiss any concerns around the ideology itself, how many people subscribe to it and what activities individuals whom subscribed to it are undertaking.

          To do so would be to suggest that one can only be a white supremacists or an islamist if they are a member of a recognised, formal organisation. Clearly not so.

      • Yeah – everyone has seen Antifa’s antics last several months. Law and order means Trump takes it in a landslide. The left tried this in the 60’s and 80’s, and both Nixon and Reagan got massive landslides as a result. Trump will do the same.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      And Biden was pushing for mail-in-voting which is a sham
      Yep, so much of a sham that Trump has used it repeatedly etc etc etc.

    • Wallace tried to run a structured debate where he eads the discussion through the agenda of subjects and each side gets the same air time.
      He failed because Trump lacked the discipline to do so and tried to hijack it at every opportunity to focus on what he wanted to say.
      Which is why he interrupted Trump so many more times than Biden … Trump kept breaking the debate rules that both sides had agreed to beforehand.
      Perversely Trump hurt himself that way … he needed to give Biden time to talk through his policies and hang himself in front of the voters …. by always interrupting he put himself between the voters and Biden’s weaknesses. You can be assured Biden will not be distracting voters from Trump’s.
      Finally I note the NYT story on Trump taxes and paying none. Reminds me of Alan Bond. Didnt pay tax because he didnt make money but was outstanding at persuading bankers to lend to him until the house of cards fell over. Trump looks the same breed of cat but bigger because US bigger than WA.
      Oh and Bond started from nothing and Trump inherited … but otherwise similar breed of cat

    • Agree…..Trump won the debate. Thought Chris Wallace controlled the difficult sparing moments effectively without preventing obvious spontaneous tension… Spontaneity always wins over another fake Obama production. But Americans seem to prefer fake political-productions; political-reality would begin to address the seriousness of their country’s issues. Hadn’t noticed before, but I counted at least 3 “micro-blackouts” from Biden….bit of a concern!

    • Not sure he destroyed him, but certainly the better of the 2. Lets see what hapoens with a more balanced moderator, Wallace was terrible.

  6. It’s hard to have a solid game of chess when the orange pigeon knocks all the pieces off the board, sh8ts on it and then struts around arguing with the moderator….

  7. Levy on over 70's super to pay for COVID

    DLS would have said Biden no matter what happened.

    Trump hasn’t killed 200k people.

    Virus has spread throughout Europe but no-one is pinning all those deaths on their leaders, just Trump.

    It’s a global pandemic America had no chance of suppressing.

    Cities and states couldn’t stop people from burning, looting and murdering after George Floyd died so how would they have enforced social distancing and 6 weeks lockdowns. Was never going to happen.

    The good news is the virus isn’t that deadly.

    • It’s a global pandemic America had no chance of suppressing.

      I think you need to contact state leaders in Oz and let them know that they have no chance of suppressing C19. It will cause a few laughs.

      • Levy on over 70's super to pay for COVID

        We’re a small country with about 5 international entry points. Virus broke out during the end of summer, start of autumn.

        Much easier to contain.

          • Are you serisouly suggesting that an island nation with less than 1/10 of the population is not at an advantage in viral containment to Europe and the US? Putting aside the objectively poor handling of COVID by Trump, that is partisan dribble at it’s finest.

          • The containment principles used here were NEVER applied in the US (contact tracing etc), so we’ll never know. Was it feasible? Yes, of course, if done in time.

        • US has two quite large oceans to act as a virus defense but it was simply not quick enough to do so. Yes Trump closed border with China but did nothing for 6 weeks in which time the virus lapped the world and came in from Europe. He did close border to Europe but too slow.

    • Well, you’re completely wrong about no one blaming their leader. Haven’t you heard about Boris Johnson’s rapid plummet to ignominy, shame and falling behind Labour in the polls?

  8. bruh, you guys need to chill. Why does Trump get people so excited on both sides?

    It’s just another administration, they all do mostly the same thing. Relax!

    • Political commentary is todays primary vehicle for broadcasting your own virtue or disproving that of others. All from the comfort of a keyboard.

      I’m with you Guy, fascinating how the entire world is fixated on nothing but political theatre. At the end of the day, it’s like debating whether to step in shit with your left foot or right.

  9. I’d say Trump has done very well in the debate if there was no clear winner. And his voters never cared about his personality and narcissism. Trump in a landslide!

  10. Trump told the militant white supremacists to
    “Stand back and stand by”
    That’s the death knell for his presidency and a phrase that will live in infamy forever.

    This is the same as Hitler nodding and winking to his Schutzstaffel. Nobody missed the significance, except all the sleepy dopes who comment here (notable exception: Mig).


    • And just before the last election day that video came out where Trump said he liked to grab women’s pussies. I thought the pussy grabbing video was the death knell. And he was still elected.

      • This is much MUCH more serious than boasting about female pudenda. This denotes fascism, racism and a horrible lurch to the right that the USA will reject.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      R2M i remember when brexit happened and your head nearly exploded, then Trumpo won and i think it did as you predicted the end of life on earth and then disappeared for ages, i hope for your sake trumpo loses or you’ll be in the safe place forever

      • Brexit not done yet, you watch them back out mate… just watch them… lol. EU will cancel ALL freedom of movement for UK citizen and the UK will FOLD (not enough poor uneducated whites to override those needing to get actual work).

  11. Where were Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian), Howie Hawkins (Green) and Kanye West (Independent)? The addition of others would have made the event far more palatable.

  12. If Trump had just shut up and let Biden ramble on, Biden would have revealed himself as someone with no real policies, no plans, and only capable of trotting out his pre-prepared talking notes while staring down the camera and avoiding answering the actual questions. Sometimes you gotta just sit back and let the opposition kick an own goal.

    • Nah – no one would have believed it, and Trump would have been seen as weak. I think that is being saved up for later debates. No disaster from Biden, and Trump is keeping his cards close.

      I’m not entirely sure how many undecideds there are anyways. Hoping for more fireworks in the next debates. This feels like round 1.

    • If Trump had just shut up and let Biden ramble on, Biden would have revealed himself as someone with no real policies, no plans, and only capable of trotting out his pre-prepared talking notes while staring down the camera and avoiding answering the actual questions.

      So… Best result would be a draw ?

      • Love the way you dissect comments and turn them back on themselves, Smithy. It’s like verbal judo. 👍🏼

  13. I just like the fact when Trump said something, Biden didn’t say “When he goes low I’m going to stay high”
    Hillary was just pathetic

  14. I think trump won. Joe looked dottery tbh.

    Most of the left and media doing their best to get biden over the line

  15. Teflon Don strikes again. Such a shame Sanders wasn’t up there. He would have called out his BS better and destroyed him with facts.

  16. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Nothing new in either candidate. Biden with enough functioning neurons not to get dragged into the pit; Trump twirling all limbs in all directions without hitting the target. Biden clearly rehearsed his comment aimed at the margins of America reminding them all Trump paid $750 in tax. Nobody delivered a knock out blow. Biden showed enough to allay any fears on D1 in office. I don’t see the point in 2nd and 3rd debates; they’re not going to reveal anything new we don’t already know.

  17. They are both idiots. The voters will lose regardless who wins.
    But i think everyone keeps making the same mistake in assuming the voters are rational and will make the same rational decisions that the observers assume they will make.

    Im still predicting a Trump win. I dont believe people who will vote for trump answer polls honestly anyways.
    But they know who and what he is and they dont care. they will vote for him because of his immigration and anti the china policies and his push back against the woke idiotic elite who look down on average people as being less than.

    • Im still predicting a Trump win.

      Well that’s a relief. I don’t want MB’s contrarian indicators to go bad on me now.

    • They are both idiots. The voters will lose regardless who wins.

      Right on Angry. I don’t know who will win, I though in 2016 Hilary was going to be thrown well over the, you have the majority, line.

      I will add this here, if you want to pin white supremacy, or racism, on any party or individual, if you haven’t seen this documentary by Netflix before, take a look at this.

      13TH | FULL FEATURE | Netflix

      A real eye opener when it comes to racism in the U.S.

  18. Rorke's DriftMEMBER

    Im going to try and catch a replay of the debate tonight. But just reading these comments is really disheartening for our society, with so many naive, progressive, lost fellow citizens you just have to despair. I had to wade through about 75% of the comments before I found the few supportive of Trump.
    My view going into the debates: Biden is an empty suit, picked by a criminal class because of their ability to control him. With another 4years, Trump will end up the greatest President since Lincoln and will save the republic and the world.
    I’ll see if watching this debate changes my mind.

      • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

        No Jim, it didn’t change my mind.
        I did conclude though that this debate was a waste of time and doubt they changed anyone’s view of anything nor did it shed light on anything we didn’t already know. It’s just theatre.

  19. Dominic
    My $20 on trump and pot on Harris looks pretty ok

    Still time

    Man Chris Wallace sounds like Seinfeld’s Steinbrenner I was in stitches , STITCHES.

    MB would REALLY benefit from an MB forum Maybe limited to members with up vote down vote and ignore

    If Demonland can manage it for nearly free I am sure MB could

    Would clean the articles up for more general consumption and promulgation of MBs message and dare o say it policy platform

    Fun times

  20. Trump is obviously a terrible personality to have as a president. His policies on the other hand are pretty standard republican fare but withou the endless war mongering. There is nothing fascist about trumps tilt towards libertarianism, quite the opposite. Biden is a terrible candidate and should never have been put forward as the Democrat nominee. Trump won’t win this election because he is trump, everyone sees trump for what he is but many have decided that he is simply preferable to the alternative. The unruly BLM, defund, antifa mobs behaviour that the Democrats endorse only hardens most non far lefties into voting trump because of the chaos they are creating. America has a democracy, the left should use it wisely. Instead they are destroying their chances of winning the election by their own actions. 2020 is Trumps to lose but only when a half decent alternative is put up as a contender and the extreme actions of both left and right factions are acknowledged as being ludicrous and discouraged. Trump will win because the Democrats will lose it for themselves by putting up a poor choice of candidate and allowing themselves to be represented by the extreme left. There are plenty of quiet centrists and undecideds That are not big Trump fans but will simply vote NOT BIDEN and Trump wins by default.

  21. Trump will romp it in. No enthusiasm for Biden at his campaign event speaks volumes, Americans will not get out to elect someone who has decided to hide in his basement, particularly one that seems to be perfectly happy to have BLM/Antifa destroy the place. And you want to talk about white supremacy and other nonsense?
    Whats going to happen with the unhinged left with 4 more years of President Trump is anybodys guess.

  22. I was hoping for a rerun of the Trump vs Hillary debates (that belonged on a Jerry Springer show) – that was fun to watch.
    This one was straight from the grump old men movie – you can decide who was Jack Lemmon or Walter Matthau. Pretty sad that people over there may simply turn away and not vote for either.