Biden still comfortably leads Trump

Via News:

A data scientist who correctly predicted Donald Trump’s shock victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016 says the US President is currently on track to win again.

Professor Bela Stantic is the founder and director of Griffith University’s Big Data and Smart Analytics Lab, where he analyses social media data and sentiment to predict voters’ behaviour.

In the past, those predictions have been extraordinarily accurate.

Four years ago, Prof Stantic successfully picked the winner in 49 of the 50 American states. His lab also nailed the result of both the 2016 Brexit referendum and our own federal election last year.

In all three cases, public opinion polling pointed to the opposite result.

At the moment, the polls show Mr Trump trailing his opponent, Joe Biden, by an average of 6.2 per cent at the national level. They’re a bit closer in the key battleground states, where Mr Biden leads by 3.9 per cent.

We shall see. Polling is still strongly behind Biden:

Including battleground states:

Betting markets have gotten over themselves:

It’s the honkies that have bailed on El Trumpo:

For me, it comes down to the old Churchillian adage that the US will always do the right thing after exhausting all other options. This time, that is to vote out the guy that just slaughtered 200k Americans (half the number that died in WWII) through sheer ineptitude.

The scenario that keeps me up at night is the one in which Trump wins on election night but then loses over subsequent weeks as millions of postal votes arrive.

In that case, expect some sort of civil strife.

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  1. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Joe Biden – “I want to tell a Joke”
    CNN – “OK”
    Joe Biden – “How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb”
    CNN – “Don’t know, How Many”?
    Joe Biden – “To get to the other side”
    CNN – “That’s brilliant!,…Long sigh,…Well at least your not Trump!

    • At least Biden will try to do something about the extrajudicial killings of blacks, unlike Trump who cheers them on.

      • Do you have any evidence of extrajudicial killings of blacks?
        Do you have any evidence that Trump cheers them on?
        Do you really think Biden cares about blacks?
        Are you another supporter of the BLM terrorists?

      • The 47 year Democrat ‘do-nuthin’ veteran of US politics who as VP US got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired to protect his son’s earnings, and whose own VP nominee accused him of being racist… is going to ‘persuade’ Blue State Governors to stop siding with police unions, to defund police and this will stop riots??

      • The extra judicial killing of blacks is an emotional narrative, but doesn’t seem to be based on facts. These aren’t my stats, they are from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and Larry Elder a black Conservative commentator cites them often.

        ” According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2015, there were 53.5 million police/civilian contacts. Of those police/civilian interactions, more than 10 million result in arrest and charges. Annually, between 50,000 and 60,000 officers are assaulted. Despite all of these interactions — arrests, charges and officer assaults — only about 1,000 civilians are killed each year by the police. That is .002% of all of the police interactions.”

        Seems more likely you would get struck by lightning. The numbers do show blacks are dis proportionally represented versus the their representation in the population, which is often cited by critics. Elder retorts to this that is because they also dis proportionally commit crimes. Makes sense to me.

        Personally, when i look at most of these incidents, I don’t see racism. I see p*ss poor training, that leads to officers either needing to shoot or having to shoot. There are police forces where the officers reflect the community populace or in places like Baltimore are majority black, and the same stats occur.

        The Chauvin incident also shows poor judgement and training on all officers involved. None of the three other officers (all not white) went over and relieved Chauvin after Floyd had effectively been subdued. The recent incident in Kenosha, again is poor training which led to the officer feeling he needed to shoot. Had they bought the man to ground earlier it wouldn’t have been required. There is videos of police being shot and killed after using a taser and pepper spray on uncooperative suspects in vehicles, who have then used a concealed weapon, so i understand officers shooting first.

  2. Yup, 200k deaths is trump’s fault – not a single mention of the CCP or Winnie the Pooh. Besides, covid is yesterday’s news and Europe is doing even worse on that front. The narrative and 24/7 news cycle has already moved onto SCOTUS and once trump nominates his female conservative no one will be talking about a very bad case of the flu.

    • i had a similar thought… “the drugs killed the rape victim, not the horrendous psychological effects caused by rapist…” I wouldn’t pay much attention to MB’s political calls… they were late to the party on MT, they were late to the party of Morrison and the ineptitude of Labor (due to ties to China), they were late on Trump vs. Hilary… They’re pretty good re: AUD/USD, but even that has an 18 month time horizon.

    • Trump hasn’t handled Covid well at all and that showed in poll numbers weeks and months ago, but to think it would have been handled better by Democrats is laughable. Joe Biden and Pelosi were calling him a racist when he moved to close borders and Pelosi marched in China town in her district in response, as some silly form of “solidarity” . The Dems also encouraged BLM marches and riots whilst simultaneously pushing lock downs on business owners and households.

      The USA is far too big and complicated for one man to direct the states, especially when they are being wholly uncooperative. New York seeded the virus to the rest of the USA. Who controls New York?

      I’d take Trump over Biden/Harris any day. Why?

      – First President in 60 years NOT to start a new war. LET THAT SINK IN!!!
      – Peace deals in the Mid East. Not one, but two, with virtually no recognition in Democrat press. Rapprochement between Serbia and Kosovo.
      – First Step Act. Why didn’t Obama or Biden or any Democrat do this? This frees non-violent offenders who have sickeningly long sentences imposed on them, from policies enacted by people like Clinton (3 strikes) and Harris.
      – Guaranteed Funding increases for HBCU’s

      The last two alone are more than Biden/Clinton or Obama did for the black community combined. There is plenty more. Stuff like pricing transparency in Medical and lower drug prices and actual funding for mentally and physically scarred Veterans of US wars.

      As a President, i’m a fan. He is a MAN! He speaks his mind and does not apologise for it and importantly he has actually tried to keep his pre election promises, good and bad.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Pity the first female President isn’t going to be “President elect”.
      There is no way Biden will serve a full term and so Kamala Harris is looking like taking the Gerald Ford award sometime over the next few Years.
      “The Gerald Ford”, the American equivalent of “doing a Bradbury”

      • No chance im afraid. Ronald Reagan was senile whilst president based on multiple first hand accounts. In the last year of his presidency it was his staff and wife handling affairs of state. So even if Biden does win, and even if he is incapacitated during his term we will likely never hear about it till well after the fact.

        Also biden will not win. Another 4 years of Trump weather we like it or not.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          It was easier to keep Ronald Reagan’s conditions low key in the world before mobile phone video cameras and social media.
          If he wins he will make a laughing stock of the DNC and himself.
          Still better than Trump IMHO but only barley so.
          His choice as candidate by the DNC, like President Trump himself exemplifies just how broken American “Democracy” is.
          It’s all very depressing.

  3. COVID tax on over 65's

    No-one believes polls any more.

    Life is going back to normal in the US. Mexico is open to tourists with few restrictions.

  4. “the guy that just slaughtered 200k Americans (half the number that died in WWII) through sheer ineptitude.”

    Shame to see this journalisming from MB. And it is incoherent. As well as behind on the news, as others have commented.

    • As history will show, Trump fumbled the ball on CV-19 and tens of thousands died unnecessarily as a result. That’s plain for all to see. The man is immune to facts, immune to science, a danger to America and the world.

      • He’s been incompetent, but a virus ripping through the population isn’t the same thing as sending young men into armed conflict.

        • He’s been incompetent

          Yes, and that disqualifies him from any further role in the most powerful position in the world.

          Glad we agree.


          Should note also that the virus has only just started. Only 5% of seppos have had/have/or dead from it. Lot of dry tinder still to rip thru. The orange maniac happy to let it rip while he extracts more goodies for his family and his elite buddies (open up a few more national parks to yer mining mates ect.) as he bankrupts a nation.. Ie. Doing what he’s good at. True Mafioso. America. Built by winners, for the winners.

      • COVID tax on over 65's

        Where’s the criticism of basically every leader in Europe, every leader in South America?

      • Facts are US is a Federal-State model, and assigning blame as you @revert2mean want to just doesn’t fit reality.
        But you’d argue the same OrangeManBad whatever the facts a/were cause it suits your narrative.

      • So even as you @rever2mean describe it, it doesn’t sound like a ‘slaughter’ does it. 2mean that would imply genocide.
        Leaving aside other rubbish about purported responsibility.

      • Trump has done an outstanding job. Blame the governors for the deaths. Governor Cuomo killed thousands of old people by dumping infected patients into NY nursing homes.

  5. “This time, that is to vote out the guy that just slaughtered 200k Americans (half the number that died in WWII) through sheer ineptitude.”

    It never ceases to amaze me that educated people trot out this fantasy line, as though Trump were personally responsible for the deaths of 200,000 Americans and yet if Obama had still been President and bowed to the concerned anti-rac!sts by keeping the borders open to China, probably allowing an even greater initial diffusion of cases throughout the US, it would have simply been a national tragedy.

    Some deaths from a pandemic are impossible to avoid, and then there is the flaky US death toll of 200,000 where any death, including motorcycle accidents, where the victim has been Covid positive are still recorded as a Covid death:

    EVERY mainstream media narrative is false until proven otherwise – Trump will win.

      • He’s been incompetent, but a virus ripping through the population isn’t the same thing as sending young men into armed conflict.

        I’d agree with all of that.

        Still a good chance he may lose too, but if forced to bet I’d still take the opposite view atm if only due to my thesis on msm opposites.

    • So your points in summary are:

      * Trump played down CV-19 and in so doing caused the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands, but Obama would have been worse because you speculate he would have failed to recognize the threat of travelers from China, i.e. ignoring his scientific advisers just like Trump did, and caused and even worse pandemic

      * Some deaths could not be avoided, so that absolves Trump from not taking action until a massive death toll was assured

      * A couple of non-CV-19 deaths were attributed mistakenly to CV-19, so all stats are lies. You do not mention all the CV-19 deaths that were NOT attributed to CV-19

      * Mainstream media is all fake news, you believe only Trump, who never lies, and he will win.

      Thanks for letting us know exactly how you “think” 🙄

          • “Cogitation”

            Is that what that sound was? I thought it was the neighbour trying to get his rust bucket VW beetle in gear.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            So if you don’t mind me asking Stewie, given that America’s infection and mortality rate is lapping the field at present, what part of Trump’s response to this pandemic did you find most inspiring? Was it the daily reassurance the virus would disappear, the advice on self-administering bleach to kill it, or his inability to issue any decree that wearing a mask or social distancing might help decrease it’s spread? Because literally every other nation on earth has faced the same challenges the US has, and the only one who has done nearly as badly has been Brazil, run by a similarly self-aggrandizing head of state.

          • RobotSensei, just to correct you the only other nation to face a comparative set of circumstances similar to the US was the UK.

            Both NY and London are major global travel hubs and were the primary receiving points into their respective countries. It is arguable that more could have been done initially in both, but no other Western countries has global airport hub cities like NY or London that effectively seeded the rest of their nations with Covid than the UK and the US.

            Now what do we find when we check the best statistic associated with relative performance, deaths per million, what do we find?


            Wow – the UK actually has a higher death rate per million that the US. In fact the US comes in on number 9 on the list, just behind the UK and a head of…. Italy…. another Western nation that was heavily seeded with Covid early in its outbreak.

            As to your criticisms of Trump all perfectly valid – I’m not going to criticise or object to you holding those views, they are perfectly valid on the spectrum of possible interpretations. My own personal view echos Kodiak’s:

            He’s been incompetent, but a virus ripping through the population isn’t the same thing as sending young men into armed conflict.

            I think his trying to talk down the severity of the virus at the start was due to a desire to avoid panic, but it was the wrong thing to do.

            The advice to inject bleach was so completely prepostrous that I barely believe you have trotted it out. Trump had just sat through a presentation by a scientific advisor and his reaction and out of context comments were more the reaction of a child who’d just learn’t an amazing fact and was trying to make sense of it. His views on masks are foolish and ill-informed, but no less so than many other supposedly learned people in the US as this ridiculous debate about the effectiveness of masks and freedoms takes place…. but all of this makes him personally responsible for the deaths of 200,000 people?.

            Does that assist you in clarrifying my position on Trump and is culpability in regards to Covid?

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            I don’t think it’s fair to pin every single case of Covid-19 on The Bleach King, but let’s be honest: he is the president. It’s his job to lead. Like it or not, that’s your job. Your job isn’t to downplay a pandemic, tell everyone that it will get better, or muse on about the powerful effects of hypochlorite when administered to humans. (Without wanting to know, if he doesn’t understand something, maybe he should just keep his mouth shut on the issue when he’s addressing, oh I don’t know, the entire nation?)
            The least he could have done was some basic mitigation strategy, both words and actions: masks/distancing, a central purchasing repository for equipment such as PPE and ventilators so the states weren’t out-bidding each other on medical eBay, etc. Not “oh well, this is your problem, good luck fixing it” whilst he has control of the nation’s borders.
            Trump isn’t interested in leading the US through a pandemic. He should come out on debate #1 and just say it: “If you vote me in, I will leave the pandemic to the states. I have no interest in running the response.”
            The bleach comment is entirely indicative of the man; rather than having the intellect to understand what was being said, or having the insight to defer to their knowledge, instead he displays all of his key “I’m-the-smartest-guy-in-the-room” traits by offering – to a medical expert – advice on how to cure it, like a little-league batter in the pros telling everyone how he’s going to hit a home run. From the bleach comment to the “Operation Warp Speed” to the plasma treatment, he is going for the killshot without doing the basics to play the role of national hero.
            He cannot manage a pandemic. He doesn’t have it in him. To think this is the guy who is best placed to lead America for another four years of the same mess he has overseen so far without any success brings thoughts to that quote by Einstein on insanity. And yet everyone seems to be queuing up for the man; a man who’d throw you under the bus if there was something in it for him. I really don’t see what anyone else sees in him from a leadership point of view, particularly when it involves a nation’s health or economic recovery – the two are intertwined.

          • All true RS, but would it have really made much of a difference?


            The US sits squarely in between the only two other western nations that were as extensively seeded with Covid relatively early in the initial outbreak of the global pandemic.

            The media’s intense desire to lay blame, especially against politicians that they despise, is imho a far bigger factor in the hysteria around Trump and the US’s relative performance, than honest analysis and comparisons. The closest two western nations to the US in terms of early and extensive exposure, were the Italy and the UK (especially as a global travel hub), and the US sits smack in the middle of them.

            Could things have been done better? Undoubtedly. Would have it ultimately made much of a material difference if someone else was in charge? Probably not.

            IMHO – the popular media narrative on Trump, the US and relative Covid performance is objectively false.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Sure, but the key difference between the UK, Italy, and the US is the timing – Italy got hit hard in late Feb/early March and the UK shortly thereafter. That was the wake-up call for everyone else in the world that, whatever the heck happened in China (with all those hospitals being constructed post-haste in Wuhan) was now happening in a Western country, and could be expected to happen again. There was a window of a good few weeks to a month in March for things to be done. When Italy happened, then the UK happened, Trump should have shut the borders then.
            But Trump completely misread the tea leaves. He has to own it. He’s the boss.
            Ultimately, the infections/million people isn’t the best datapoint. There isn’t one. Each country has unique geography and population density. If you want to labor the point, the UK as roughly 8x higher population density than the US. And this pandemic is ongoing. The UK is on the precipice of locking down again. The US probably won’t. Let’s see how the numbers look after winter given these differences in approach.

        • So what you’re saying is….

          It never ceases to amaze me that educated people trot out this fantasy line, as though Trump were personally responsible for the deaths of 200,000 Americans and yet if Obama had still been President and bowed to the concerned anti-rac!sts by keeping the borders open to China, probably allowing an even greater initial diffusion of cases throughout the US, it would have simply been a national tragedy.

          That’s some top-shelf hypocrisy, right there.

      • Trump did not play it down. He closed the borders with China when Fauci and others were saying this virus was nothing to be overly concerned about. Biden even called him a racist. Trump made sure the states had everything they needed including ventilators and PPE. Fauci himself has said that the President has followed the science. Not sure what else all the Trump haters think he could have done. He doesn’t run the hospitals or the age care homes. That”s up the to Governors.

        And BTW, the CDC recently admitted that only about 6% of Covid deaths were actually caused by Covid so that 200,000 dead number is way off.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Trump could have gotten on the microphone to warn America that the pandemic was coming, that it would probably kill people, and then defer to the best medical advice that was available. That’s what you have experts for. Unless you are a god-emperor and you know everything. Which he is now proving unequivocally false.

          • Trump did listen to the experts. Dr Anthony Fauci himself said that Trump followed the science. As for getting on a microphone and warning that a deadly pandemic was coming, that would be have been nonsense. Nobody at that time knew enough about the virus to say such a thing. But he did close the borders with China early on regardless so for that he should be credited.

    • Not to mention that the President has no power to order States to shut down, or reopen. That power resides solely with State Governors. If 200,000 people died, blame the Governors of the States that allowed them to. 8 out of the top 10 States with the worst death tolls are Democrat run.

      • That’s a new one, the “Trump could not have done anything” argument. It’s more incoherent than most.

          • I have advanced college degrees. I guarantee I read more than you do

            …and yet it hasn’t lent one iota to your ability to construct an argument any better than a goat bleating to be milked.

        • COVID tax on over 65's

          Trump couldn’t do anything at the end of the day to control the population in order to eliminate the virus.

          Many cities couldn’t stop domestic terrorists burning, looting, murdering over the accidental death of a high as a kite recidivist criminal.

          Good luck trying to enforce 6 week lockdowns…

        • Wow. R2M demonstrating absolute naivety.

          I’m Australian but lived in the USA for 7 years (2 at grad school and then working in NY).

          The US was perfectly set up for the China Virus – they are the most freedom loving people in the world. To the extent the sheep of Australia (c’mon, with the exception of a few we gladly accept the govt telling us what to do ALL the time).

          And the OP is right – most of the issues in the US – from bad covid response to police brutality – are issues in Democrat cities and states. Power is devolved much more than in Australia.

          Working in NYC you pay Federal income tax, State income tax and City income tax. States provide a lot of services but the cities even provide their own policing!!

        • That’s a new one, the “Trump could not have done anything” argument. It’s more incoherent than most.

          Typically rolled out by the same people who attribute everything they like happening in America to him.

    • Where was the early ban of Europe which is where most of the cases were coming from that led to the mess in NY?
      Trump was happy to ban China but slow off the mark for Europe and even when he banned Europe he also allowed flights via the UK for a couple of days…

      Doesn’t matter how much you ban once the virus from overseas if you can’t test as the US found out.

      • RobotSenseiMEMBER

        And this is the great tragedy of it all. Doesn’t mitigate, doesn’t test, doesn’t protect, doesn’t care. Once again those who are poorly positioned to protect themselves from a healthcare and/or economic point-of-view – the elderly, co-morbid, casually employed, indebted, etc – are the great losers in the pandemic.
        A country so rich, with so much going for it, falling apart when it’s every-man-for-themselves.

  6. Trump will win with a moderate margin on election night….. as the mail votes come in the margin will get squeezed…. but he will still win by the smallest of margins.

    • A most likely scenario in my view.
      Sleepy Joe is less electable than Hitlery RC.
      If they went with anyone else, Clinton included, Trump would be toasted.

  7. “In that case, expect some sort of civil strife.” – and my investment in popcorn to pay off.
    On more serious note, US does have issues with votes being manipulated and we slightly saw something similar here during last Fed elections.
    If such scenario plays out it will be very interesting if NSA and CIA and parts of FBI all take opposite sides. As long as military does not split US will be fine but if the Military command structure falls apart then god help us all.
    Not in a mood to start learning Mandarin at my age.

    • Democrat Tulsi Gabbard says voter fraud ‘serious threat,’ seeks to outlaw ballot harvesting

      Most Democrats have been dismissing President Trump’s warnings about voter fraud. But not Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), the former presidential candidate with a penchant for challenging her party’s positions.

      Gabbard is sponsoring a new House bill called the Election Fraud Prevention Act that seeks to outlaw the practice of ballot harvesting, a growing practices especially among Democrats in which third parties distribute and collect ballots in an effort to grow the vote.

      The functioning of the US democracy was served a huge injustice with the media conspiring with the DNC to freeze Tulsi out.

  8. Trump will win because of that last scenario – the death of RBG all but ensures a repeat of the 2000 Bush v Gore Supreme Court challenge. The Democrats are sh#tting bricks for that reason, they know the election is over as the court gets stacked.
    And another 200K Americans will die by the time Trump is sworn in again in January.
    And the Trumpists here won’t care. Or about any meaningful global leadership on climate change, as it gets setback another 10 years or more.
    But at least the mirage that was “American democracy” or exceptionalism will finally disappear.

    • You should be writing for Pearls and Giggles. You have never had anything meaningful to say about US or global politics that I have ever seen. I’ve seen DLS accused of being anti-American by Aussie punters on here. I think DLS is pretty balanced. Gunna and Leith, too. You are an irredeemably bigoted pig of a man. The “EU is Greece to the US’s Rome”. FFS.

      • Funny, I’m an actual US citizen and I agree with Becker, even though we don’t get on at all on other issues.

      • Heh, thanks Kodiak for your insight.
        You know I’m half American with family in the ‘States (but I’m not allowed to use that card apparently, just like I’m not allowed to criticise the concept of American exceptionalism), nor are my repeated advocacy and pointing out of US global leadership through the 20th century, or how I keep stating that 70% plus of Americans are extremely decent, rational, good people (i.e the vast majority who didn’t vote for Trump and the Trump regreters who rejoined that fold) yet I’m an “irredeemable bigoted pig of a man” for pointing out the obvious things that need pointing out. Like, the populists and nationalists are in charge.
        There’s no conservatives anymore either, they’re gone too. Well Romney is still hanging around I guess.
        Oh well, better get my application in to Pearls and Swine…
        Oh and yes R2M, you’re quite correct – although my only only piece of advice is don’t waste your time trying to argue with a Trumpist. Some of them are redeemable, but they have to work it out themselves, just like any juvenile that has to grow up one day…well you hope they do. Probably too late for the rest of us.

        • @ChrisBecker rather than tarring everyone you don’t care to engage with a Trumpist – why not self-reflect on why you aren’t more curious about another viewpoint? Who, for example, do you consider has a robust, credible viewpoint that counters your vision of the world? And are you actually listening to that different point of view? Cause in essence that’s my criticism. Your sense of balance isn’t coming through at all. I don’t see your curiosity – just arrogance. Neither is it for DLS.

        • Oh and yes R2M, you’re quite correct – although my only only piece of advice is don’t waste your time trying to argue with a Trumpist.

          To be fair, kodiak isn’t a “Trumpist”, he just has a Pavlovian response to any criticism of the USA.

    • > And the Trumpists here won’t care.

      Because I’m not American, I really don’t give a crap how bad their internal mess is. Trump’s so far met the main metric I care about: foreign wars. He’s faced huge resistance to stopping the wars, but to his credit, he hasn’t started a new one.

      From a utilitarian point of view, their immense internal stupidity at every level resulting in so many deaths balanced against the lack of new wars is probably a net saving of lives globally.

      > Or about any meaningful global leadership on climate change, as it gets setback another 10 years or more.

      At this point, economics are dictating the course. Policy would be icing, but the cake is baked.

      • “Trump’s so far met the main metric I care about: foreign wars. He’s faced huge resistance to stopping the wars, but to his credit, he hasn’t started a new one. ” – no one can deny Trump avoided war (wars) despite all the efforts of everyone else.

        “From a utilitarian point of view, their immense internal stupidity at every level resulting in so many deaths is probably a net saving of lives globally. ” – correct too. Pompeo has been very quiet lately with his push for regime changes. He knows people at home will revolt when they are told there is no money to feed them but plenty to bring “democracy” in some distant foreign land.

        • Trump developed “bone spurs” when called upon to lead the biggest war of all, our battle to stop global warming. He should be dismissed without delay.

          • I don’t blame anyone who managed to avoid that utterly pointless meat grinder for whatever excuse they could muster.

            It doesn’t matter if it’s Muhammad Ali or Captain Bone Spurs. Avoiding it was the right thing to do morally.

          • Sorry, read that somehow as though you were talking about Vietnam. Hence that reply.

            As I said, economics is driving that shift at the moment – and the rest of the world is free to take the lead. We’re certainly not, so how can we point fingers?

      • Trump has well and truly presided over the Yemen War – sorry but I agree that he is anti-war. But his position on Syria, Yemen and Palestine is gross.

      • +1 This is honestly a much under appreciated fact, and imho the source of much of the establishments fury with him.

    • I still think there are some good people left there but it will all depends who takes charge of the army. I am highly critical of US but US still offers best opportunity to build true democratic societies around the world. But first US has to become one instead of pretending to be one.
      Going into Syria as if they want to install democracy while arming and protecting the worst of the worst on the planet in Saudi Arabia is too much of a hypocrisy for my tastes.

      • United States has been the single most powerful anti-democratic force in human history – its laughable to think otherwise, it truly is.

        They have single handedly propped up almost every single brutal dictator – from the Shah, Pinochet, Noriega, Hussein, Gaddaffi, Suharto to name a few. The had an entire university dedicated to training and then installing brutal dictators. The “School of the Americas” as it was formerly known – replaced by Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.

        Those countries where dictators were not simply installed, and democracy flourished and nationalism rose – were simply invaded and occupied or outright destroyed.

        US has invaded overtly or covertly over 100 sovereign nations in less than a century…. Democracy LMFAO !

    • If you think climate change needs action then 200,000 less Americans would help no?

      I get it – you’re anti trump but the arguments are disconnected.

  9. “This time, that is to vote out the guy that just slaughtered 200k Americans (half the number that died in WWII) through sheer ineptitude.”

    For a group of people that KNOW the media constantly lies about demographic change and immigration, and their effects on house prices, quality of life etc, it is amazing how much credit you give the media on issues such as covid-19, and coverage of Trump. In my books, a group that unfailingly lies at every opportunity about one issue, can’t be trusted on any others either.

    And no running to “expert opinion” as a defence. On both covid-19 and Trump, “experts” have a range of opinions that run the gamut from one extreme to the other.. just like the public. Sometimes an omniscient view is just not possible.. but it is funny how many pretend such a view is.

      • Assigning blame to Trump for what are 100% state based issues in the Federation is absolutely a media beat up.

        How states dealt with the pandemic in the USA was an entirely a state issue, its VERY different to Australia. If Trump had even tried to do what we did here he would have been castrated.

        Guy is an idiot, failed miserably in his leadership duty but blaming him for the states responses is just utterly ridiculous.

        • I think you’ll find that the majority of Americans disagree with you. Let the election be a referendum on the issue

  10. I cannot believe how many thick right wingers have signed up here. I kinda wonder if it’s a deliberate tactic to disrupt a site that has become a trenchant critic of a number of racketeers and cartels. They have sent in the Trojan horses, DLS

    • COVID tax on over 65's

      I don’t care about 200k people dying in the US. No more than I care about 500k dying from malaria around the world. You don’t care either. Many people dying of COVID had poor quality lives and would have died of other diseases.

      When I’m 85 I hope the world doesn’t become hysterical about saving my life no matter the cost and making the young generations foot the bill.

      Every year in the US:

      Number of deaths: 2,813,503
      Death rate: 863.8 deaths per 100,000 population

      Old people die and we’re going to have more of them dying than usual.

      They should sell up and go buy a place in the country if they a scared of a virus.

      If we don’t get a repeat of the scenes in Milan in the northern winter, then we just live with the virus and the possibility of dying earlier than we otherwise would have.

      The virus is easy to avoid if you take sensible precautions.

      • You don’t care either

        Speak for yourself. I am an American and I know people who have died and others who have lost family members

        • COVID tax on over 65's

          People die. Especially when they’re old or fat. Much of western Europe has a far higher death rate than the US.

          If you’re terrified of death from a virus go buy a place in the country.

        • Ah, that’s why you @revert2mean are so proud of your advanced college degrees. Based on your contributions here I thought you’d successfully completed year 13.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      If Trump pulled the same game here as he does in the US, this comments section would light up with anger faster than a P-plater on a Saturday night, but because it’s America all is forgiven. It’s negligent, it’s corrupt, it’s nepotistic, it’s anti-science, it’s build on a foundation of fake money and the deluded idea America can return to the 1960’s.
      And boy do they struggle to build a bridge over the abortion issue.

      • Australians don’t understand there is a massive difference between the US system and Australias – seems like you are one of them – the Covid outbreak in the US was almost entirely a states based response. Had Trump dealt with it under national disaster / security measures and rolled out federal troops the country would have burned to the ground and you know that – just federal police at Federal buildings during riots almost caused a constitutional crisis.


        You are the one being dishonest.

    • I’m far left wing – but I am an ardent believer in speaking the truth – an awful lot of propaganda gets pushed out by the USA on BOTH sides of the aisle and makes its way into Australia as fact.

      The absolute worst of it comes in the form of absolutism.

      Trump is an idiot no doubt, was a poor leader on Covid – but the responses to it were an issue for the states – no ifs or buts on that, simply can not be argued. Its like blaming the EU for Spain or Frances approach.

      Australia is an entirely different political union should not be compared – people just do not understand the branches of the US government properly – the distinctions between Presidential, executive, congress, etc.


      I think they all want Trump to win cos he’s a China shill and taking the US down from the inside out.

      The people love a winner. Trump acts like he is one, even though he’s a 6 time loser. Yanks love a salesman. The joints falling apart, but they might get what they want.

  11. Trump will decide the SCOTUS makeup. SCOTUS will decide the next POTUS. Trump will win. The USD will crumble. The world will lose the leading example of democracy and the rule of law. Thus we see the results of electing a carnival clown to the worlds highest office. Sad.

  12. Im hoping most americans can see that antifa and blm terrorism will be the most obvious beneficiaries of a democrat victory. But judging by the numerous failed cities that have had democrats in charge for decades who knows? The msm are still able to brainwash the victims of democrat policies and altermative opinion via social media has been well suppressed by the faangs. Im still hopeful though. Maga 2020.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Antifa? Tick.
      BLM “terrorists”? Tick.
      “Failed” cities with democrat mayors? Tick.
      MSM brainwashing? Tick.
      FAANGS? Tick.
      MAGA? Tick.


  13. I think that the US has been a stabilising force in many ways. It is very disappointing to see it decline. It wasn’t all Tump’s fault but he certainly accelerated the trend. Losing credibility in the Middle East will be hard to come back from. Another four years of this approach to Government will really cause Australia problems because we are so attached to the US coattails. I don’t say four more years of Trump, because I smile at the comments regarding Biden’s longevity. At least he hasn’t had mini strokes.

    Nevertheless, I think there is a serious underestimate of the absolute determination of Trump aligned forces to win this election at any cost. Trump himself needs continued immunity from prosecution, and there are many that have benefited from corruption. For example one of the Koch brothers with an income of $100M a year but doesn’t pay any tax, and Trump stopped the IRS investigation. I expect armed ‘concerned citizens’ checking eligibility to vote (every Democrat voter would be wise to wear a MAGA hat, even if it does boost China’s income). In a fair election in different times, maybe the Democrats would get up. I’m expecting a Trump win.