Australian iron ore dependence at record high

At around one-third of total exports, iron ore is not quite Chile’s copper or Norways’s oil at roughly half their exports, but it’s mighty big:

It gets close to half if you add coking coal, which is the same trade.

Given everything else to China is going to shrink hence, the steel bulk commodity’s share may remain uncomfortably high too.

Rent tax and sovereign wealth fund anyone?

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. And our glorious PM wants WA borders to open to interstate and international travel?!? What a f’n troglodyte he is!

    Can you imagine the consequences of a lockdown in WA port towns if Covid runs away up there? Mining can’t even continue if that happens as there is very limited capacity to stockpile ore. Once all active pits are laden with blasted stocks, that is it. We come to a complete halt.


    • The fed broke it. Now, they own it.MEMBER

      Can’t open international borders until all state borders are open.

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      Are the consequences that Gina, Twiggy and the 80% foreign shareholders don’t get dividends ?.

      Might also put a halt on French CEO’s and London-based boards blowing up sacred sites in outback Australia with narry a care.

  2. ApotheoticMalaise

    Australia also exported about $50 billion of natural gas in 2019-20 (almost as much as coal), yet we dont charge royalties for the privilege granted to Santos and co for making bank off our natural resources. It’s a multi-billion dollar heist.

    There’s a reason why Norway and Qatar etc are far more wealthy than Australians are, or have vastly superior services. They don’t let multinationals pilfer their resources. They certainly don’t celebrate it like Australians seems to.
    Why do we have local gas shortages? Why are we not taxing these multinational companies appropriately? We could probably halve income taxes if we did it correctly.