Attention MediaWatch: Domain straight back into the lies

And here it is from fake news journo Alexandra Cain:

Adam Guala, 25, doesn’t do things by halves. He’s just emancipated himself from the rental market by buying not one but two properties in Geelong. But he has had a little help.

“I’ve always wanted to buy my own place. But it wasn’t until I moved back to Geelong from Melbourne that I started conversations with agents and mortgage brokers,” he says.

“As a renter I’ve lived in every type of property – terrace house, share house, modern and art deco apartments. Now I can finally make my place my own.”

Pandemic notwithstanding, Guala has bought two properties with his mum’s help in the Ryrie Home property development in Geelong. Aside from parental assistance, the low interest rate environment has also helped him get his foot on the property ladder.

“My options were limited as a young, first-home buyer. So I have bought two off-the-plan apartments with my mum to convert into one larger property. I’ll live in the apartment for now and mum and dad will move in when they downsize and I’ll move on. It’s nice to be able to do this with my mum, who is a keen property investor,” he says.

Ah yes, typical and vanilla Adam. Only he had more than the help of his Mum and the RBA. He works for Franze (directly or otherwise), the developer of Ryrie Home property. Though that was never mentioned in the story. At

No doubt there was some dirty deal done that got Franze paying for ads on Domain with a little editorial thrown in.

Let’s not forget Domain’s recent heartfelt apology for similar fake news:

Dear readers,

At Domain, we strive to be the trusted voice on property. We have always been proud of our editorial heritage and the standards we set out to meet in each article we publish.

Unfortunately, we have discovered we did not meet the high standards we expect of ourselves. We owe you an apology.

We were recently alerted that two lifestyle articles misrepresented someone as a source. When this became clear, we removed these articles and the journalist involved has since left Domain.

Unfortunately, it soon became clear that this was not an isolated incident and the journalist had in fact misrepresented other people and their professions.

For this, we are sorry. We have since commenced a full investigation into all of the journalist’s work. We are committed to investigating this matter and setting the record straight.

I want to express to you, our valued readers, how disappointed we are at this conduct. It goes against everything we value at Domain, and, most importantly, it is a severe breach of the confidence you place in us to bring you trusted and reliable information.

We hold ourselves to extremely high standards to ensure that you receive the most reliable property information in Australia. We can and will do better.


Adrian Lowe

Editorial director

Of course you do, Andrew. Which is why you should resign immediately.

The most aggrieved person here is, in fact, the unnamed sacked fake news journo who was scape-goated when Media Watch recently sniffed around Domain’s bottomless, stinking cesspit of lying:

She was only doing her job.

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  1. darklydrawlMEMBER

    Ha! I read that story yesterday and this bit “Guala has bought two properties with his mum’s help in the Ryrie Home property development in Geelong.” reeked of self promotional piffle. I didn’t bother digging any deeper, but your expose above is exactly what I expected to find. It was painfully obvious that either himself, his Mum, and/or their partners were deeply embedded with the Ryrie Property group. Shameless.

    And I did feel sorry for the Woman they fired. She WAS only doing her job – I have worked in the MSM and editors/producers know EXACTLY what goes into every story published. They are lying to pretend otherwise.

    • Welcome to the world of Australia’s mainstream ‘media’.  Only it isn’t a ‘media’ as the rest of the world has known it in a generation or more.  It has been a completely pawned spuiking outfit for vested interests, with ever diminishing credibility, ever diminishing readership and ever diminishing financial circumstances. 

      NInefax is a Loss Leader for Nine – essentially a corporate entertainment corpse

      News is a Loss Leader for Uncle Rupert – essentially a moral vacuum seeking profits off threatening government policy

      The ABC (which really is about the last vestige of anything approaching ‘journalism’) has its fiscal vitals squeezed by governments acting at the behest of interest groups, whenever it reports anything which they see as threatening their bailiwick.  Consequently it often defaults to slapped up (and cheap) ‘wokeism’ to inflame opinions & broadcast the melee at a national level, while still doing plenty of on the ground reporting at local levels.

      Beyond that there is a motley collection of fronts for property development or super funds, an English interloper in the form of the Guardian which has jumped into the ‘progressive’ grave of the once SMH and Age.

      Australia’s only real journalism in this day and age is websites such as Macrobusiness, and Michael West and a range of often single subject blogs mainly run by almost unpaid geeks and nerds who want (and work towards) change and public information.

      Australia doesnt do media anymore – not the way the mainly ABC or ABC trained legends of Australian journalism did in the post 1960 era once did.

      Yes those editors know exactly what goes into each piece and they have managers always keen to ensure their organisations are ‘on song’ and have the ‘right values’ and are staffed by those with the ‘right attributes’ and demonstrating the ‘right behaviours’.

      • ‘The person fired made up quotes. 

        ….and right there my friend is where the demise of journalism fits right in with the era of alternative facts and utter contempt for people.

        The actual sitting down and chatting with people and getting their experiences and opinions was once the core skill of a journalist.  It was the basic skill.  What happened, when or over what period, who was involved, where did it happen – and then onto how did you think it happened, and from there into why?

        But that isn’t what we get anymore.  Journalists aren’t told that anymore.  They see opinions as plentiful as grains of sand in the desert, and as meaningless too.  They know that in an age of everyone having an opinion (on almost everything) and having a range of avenues (Twitter and Facebook for starters) to air that opinion, that all reportage has to have an opinion in it, but equally there will be an opinion supporting every angle and that all they need to do is find it.  And if they can’t find it – time being short and all, and the next piece needing some work – then either simply making it up becomes quite plausible, or simply taking someone expressing the opinion needed at face value, and never once questioning logic, benefit, implication or ethics, or anything other than slipping a piece into the public domain as quickly and expeditiously as possible, is the order of the day.

        The mindset is lazy. The thinking is ‘Someone will have that opinion, so it doesnt really matter if I make it up’…………and from there it is a short leap to ‘nobody will probably pay much attention to the quote i make up if I do, so it doesnt really matter’

  2. I’m just a regular Adam with a regular job
    I’m your average white suburbanite slob
    I like AFL andgayp0rno and books about doors
    I’ve got an average apartment with a ‘timber-look’ vinyl floor
    My Mum and my job, my morals that scar
    My feet on my table, and a Cuban cigar

    I’m an a$$hole (He’s an a$$hole, what an a$$hole)
    I’m an a$$hole (He’s an a$$hole, such an a$$hole)

  3. I feel sorry for anyone buying OTP in Geetroit, Parramumbai or pretty much anywhere in Australia.

    Good luck with your idea of buying 2 units in what will be a marginal quality dogbox development and thinking it will be strong enough to allow a major internal renovation to combine them.
    Moreso with getting strata and planning approval.
    More Moreso with the chance that a major services riser will not appear between the 2 units even though not shown on the plans that are being used to separate you from your parents’ money.

    The days of being able to do this kind of thing finished with the antiquated concept of building unit blocks to a reasonable structural quality i.e. in about 1980.

    God knows how much life savings of the parents will be incinerated in this scheme.

    Or this even a real transaction at all – or just a story to lure dumb punters?

    • Plus it sounds like these are tiny dogboxes if just one or two people requires two units joined together to live properly. What if you want kids? Just buy a third unit for yet another $800k and pay builders to join it up like Lego.

  4. Heyyy, where’s my credit for breaking this story at 1:56am in today’s links?!
    A simple “hat tip to Aaron” would have been nice.

    Just to add that this development is in the main street of Geelong. It is currently a vacant block with no signs of construction.
    The article here suggests the prices start at $785k

    If he’s bought TWO apartments off-the-plan an intends to combine them I’m not sure how that works with stamp duty. Perhaps it is his intention to just “flip” or assign these prior to settlement. Definitely something stinky about it. I hope the prick gets financially crushed.

    • Good stuff. Have often shared links which end up as separate articles later – usually it’s LvO, but to me it shows they do read the comments.

      Domain and REA does this all the time with “genuine” buyers. I guess they couldn’t find some retired property investor turned buyers advocate (to help everyone out of the goodness of their heart) willing to pony up the cash to promote their own business this time.

  5. The ‘reach’ factor by Domain is directly proportional to their desperation.
    Am enjoying the theatrics and suspect that their absurd and stress-related concoctions will naturally spill over into completely illegal activity that will have dire consequences.

    Nice work Aaron!